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1. The second amendment was not for hunting bears, it was meant for defending against the weasles in Washington D.C. that the founding fathers knew were coming long after their deaths.

2. What was one of the first things that both Chairman Mao and Adolf Hitler did when they came to power? They both had book burning parties. They both burned history books, science books, spiritual books and classical fiction. So it will be with Obama’s so-called internet taxing and regulation and the fairness in media that will be Obama’s digital book burning.

3. If you think you can operate the Constitution without the first or second amendments, try promoting freedom of the press without the right to bear arms for defense and see how far that gets you. They both are connected together for a reason.

4. I have been accused of being a robot to the so-called evil lords of the conservative talk show media (by my mother of all people). Let me ask you this… If this is true, then why do I have a library of many different books and listen to more than just Rush and Glenn? There are plenty of different voices and views out there (thank you Terresa – love you bunches). If you want robots, look at the communist connections in history of both the so-called peace movement of the 1960s, the so-called anti-nuke crowd of the 1980s and the radical Occupy movement that’s been penetrated by both the Communist Party USA and elements of the Muslim Brotherhood. These dunderheads are the prime examples of the useful idiots that Karl Marx always talked about.

5. It’s been two years since I have been on my reading and research journey and along the way I have helped homeschool children, helped a college student with a term paper, had a short-lived American history internet radio show, got to know some great people like Terresa Monroe-Hamilton and T.F. Stern and this journey has changed me on the inside in the way I observe history, the way I write and has changed my thinking on a lot of subjects. All I can say is… thank you Glenn Beck. It is all your fault… heh, heh, heh.

6. Our government has to stop paying for friendships with bribes to countries that hate us and that are abusive to their own people. They plan for America’s destrution on a daily basis. I mean really guys! This goes for BOTH sides of the aisle… did buying a bully off in 3rd grade work or did he just want more of your lunch money and then turn around and punch you out anyway? NOT giving them money would help with the budget too, duh! Now that’s a V8 moment.

Holster Set-up for the Competitive Draw or?


Inclement weather date: May 19, 2012
Your family is most welcome. My 15 year old daughter Dixie will be there and gets along well with younger children.

When: Saturday April 28, 2012
Time: 1-5
Where: Eastern NC on 6 acres of private land
Catered Pig Pickin' at around $11.00 if enough interest. If not, then I'll ask all to bring a folding chair and a cooler with food and drink.

Pig via Cousin John;)

A slideshow of our yearly reunion at Dixieland.

Please respond to if interested and comment on the Pig Pickin'. You are welcome to camp Friday and Saturday nights if you wish. By the end of March, I would like the snail mail address of those who plan on attending, so I can send invitations. Please bring these with you. The main focus of this event will be the meeting of kindred souls and the III Percent Patriots 2012 Political Platform.

Black History Month Spotlight -- James Weldon Johnson

James Weldon Johnson: NAACP Director, Garland Fund Director

Born in Jacksonville, Florida, James Weldon Johnson (1871-1938), was a musician, attorney and political agitator with the NAACP. He entered Atlanta University in 1897, left in 1894 to become a school principal in Jacksonville, and in 1901 became the first black to be admitted to the Florida bar.

In Jacksonville he founded a short-lived newspaper called The Daily American in 1895, and for ten years wrote editorials for the black newspaper “New York Age.” He formed a music association with younger brother J. Rosamond and they moved to New York to perform. They collaborated on a self-styled black national anthem called “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” an Afro-centric piece encouraging blacks to be “true to our God, true to our native land.” Johnson ironically would soon embrace communism which was a godless political theory and hostile toward religion.

Johnson obtained a Republican patronage position as consul to Venezuela through friend Booker T. Washington, and in 1909 was sent to Nicaragua, then to the Azores in 1913.

With the election of Democrat Woodrow Wilson and the end of black favoritism in government appointments, Johnson left the State Department claiming racism in Wilson’s policies.

In 1911 he had published an autobiographical novel entitled “The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man” in which he espoused his views of race in America. Johnson held a personal contempt for white Americans, referring to them as “The White Witch,” his poem of the same name was a militant call for a black-centered consciousness and resistance to authority.

After Washington’s death in 1915 he joined with the NAACP and fell under the tutelage of black communist and “The Crisis” editor WEB DuBois. In 1916 he became a director (later executive secretary) of the NAACP and organized mass public disruption activities by blacks in both north and south. He was instrumental in bringing Walter White into the NAACP organization. White, along with New York black communist Manning Johnson and Howard University faculty would create the CPUSA subsidiary National Negro Congress (NNC) in the mid-1930’s.

Johnson coined the term “Red Summer” to describe the influence of the communists in the labor and race riots of the summer and fall of 1919 in America. The Party targeted blacks laborers for union recruitment during this time, with the NAACP falling under their influence as well.

Johnson was appointed to the board of the Garland Fund, and source of funding for militant labor and communist organizations and brainchild of Charles Garland, an eccentric, 21-year-old Harvard dropout. Johnson’s fellow directors represented a Who's Who of the radical Left: William Z. Foster, Roger Baldwin, Norman Thomas, Scott Nearing, Benjamin Gitlow, Scott Nearing, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, and Robert W. Dunn. The Garland Fund directors provided the NAACP with appropriations of $31,552 (1925-28), $7,365 (1923-24), and $5,000 (1929-30) in support of their operations.

Black poet and communist Langston Hughes thoroughly admired Johnson and admitted being influenced by his writings---Hughes would be awarded the NAACP’s “Spingarn Medal.” Black communist and mass public-disruption organizer Bayard Rustin claimed a close friendship with both DuBois and Johnson. Rustin organized the marches of A. Phillip Randolph and M.L. King.

As a close associate of WEB DuBois and his fellow directors in the Garland Fund, Johnson was enamored of the Soviet Union and communist political theory. He believed that Soviet-style collectivism would solve the racial problems in America and wrote that:

“I hold no brief against communism as a theory of government. I hope that the Soviet experiment will be completely successful. I know that it is having a strong influence on the principal nations of the world, including ours…the oppression and repression of the Jews has been greatly abated or wiped out by communism. Such an argument goes to prove the possibility that communism in the United States would wipe out oppression and repression of Negro Americans and give them a status of equality.

I grant the possibility---that if America should turn truly communistic (by which I mean, that we should adopt and practice communism without reservation, and not to adapt is as it has adapted democracy and Christianity so as to allow every degree of inequality and cruelty to be practiced under them); that if the capitalistic system should be abolished and the dictatorship of the proletariat established, with the Negro aligned, as he naturally ought to be, with the proletariat, race discriminations would be officially banned and the reasons and feelings back of them would finally disappear” (Byrd).

In the 1930’s Johnson was referred to as an “elder statesman” of the communist-based civil rights movement and like DuBois, was immersed in a Soviet-style solution to what they viewed as a racist America. Johnson died violently in a car-train collision in Maine in 1938.


The Essential Writings of James Weldon Johnson, Rudolph P. Byrd, editor, Modern Library, pp. 274-275

Wikipedia online

The Red Network, Elizabeth Dillings, 1934

National Stop Sign Campaign

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The president is giving away free bumper stickers for his 2012 re-election campaign.

Per a comment on the original post, an idea for a national campaign to send a message to Washington is shown below. Since the Obama campaign is giving them away, what better way to spend those illegal Muslim Brotherhood donations to Obama than attaching them to STOP signs around the country.

Spread the word. At least until this becomes a terrorist offense under the NDAA.

David DeGerolamo

Honor Killings

1 Year to Change Your Morals

Urgent: Harry Reid Bringing Another Anti-gun Obama Nominee to Senate Floor Soon

Gun Owners of America

There is probably no federal district court in the country which is more important than the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, in downtown Manhattan.

So when a nominee with a real anti-gun history is nominated for that court, gun owners need to sit up and take notice.

In particular, on Friday morning, February 17, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will force a vote on the nomination of Jesse M. Furman to a lifetime appointment on the Southern District court.

Furman has all of the usual liberal views that frequently go hand-in-hand with advocacy of gun control.

But what caught our attention was an article he wrote, admittedly when he was younger, entitled “Bang bang you’re dead. The NRA supplied the lead.”


Let us entertain you with some of Furman’s views, stated in that article:

“Probably the best explanation for the amount of violent crime in the United States is its fascination with guns.”

“A second pressing issue is related to semiautomatic weapons – military assault guns [sic] that are easily converted to automatic fully automatic weapons [sic].”

“There is no reason that gun owners should not be required to register their guns.”


We find it hard to believe that, once on the bench for a lifetime appointment, Furman would not attempt to achieve gun bans and gun registration by judicial fiat.

Well, says Furman, he was young and stupid when he wrote that article. And we certainly agree with that.

But there is not a scintilla of evidence that Furman’s views have changed over the years.

We have dealt with judicial nominees before (like Sonia Sotomayor) who argue that their writings are not reflective of their views. And, once confirmed, they always return to their previously-held positions.

Contact your Senator. Ask him or her to vote against the nomination of Jesse Furman to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Georgia Appeal Has Been Filed (despite roadblocks)

The Georgia Superior Court tried to pull a fast one. They initially refused to file our Petition for Appeal. They claimed that our papers lacked two dollars for the two motions that were included along with our petition. We DID include the $213.50 filing fee for the petition, but they were going to sit on our documents and not file any of them, in part because of the missing $2.

The Superior Court’s clerk’s office made several other excuses as to why our petition couldn’t be filed. I won’t bore you with the details. Suffice to say they tried several excuses, none of which reflect normal operating procedures for any court I’ve heard of. Each time I explained why their reason didn’t make any sense under the law or court rules, they moved on to another excuse. After being transferred, placed on hold, hung up on, and argued with, they finally agreed to file the petition, but still refused to file the motions until they got their $2. In my experience as an attorney, including being temporarily admitted in 4 states outside Tennessee, and admitted to practice at every level of Federal and State courts, this is unheard of.

To top off our little story, the Georgia Superior Court didn’t contact our office to tell us that there was a problem with our filing. They just sat on our petition and emergency motion. Had we not called to verify that our petition was filed we would have missed tomorrow’s filing deadline. (This is why we call to verify filings.) The $2 was personally delivered today and the emergency motions are now filed.

One of those motions is an Emergency Motion for Stay and Preliminary Injunction prohibiting the Georgia Secretary of State from including candidate Barack Obama on the Georgia Presidential Primary ballot. Read the filing on our website. Quoting from the motion,

"should this Court incorrectly deny this motion it would confirm that the judicial branch is now unwilling to enforce the clearest and most basic requirements of the U.S. Constitution. Harm to Petitioner that would result from such incorrect refusal to grant this motion represents nothing less than the loss of our constitutional form of government for all Americans."

Our 15 page Appeal, available on our website, argues that the decision of the OSAH court:

violated Rules of Constitutional Construction,
misapplied Minor v. Happersett,
ignored the clear definition and precedential status of Natural Born Citizen in Minor,
ignored the Minor Court’s discussion of other categories of citizens,
ignored the Minor Court holding that the 14th Amendment “Did Not Add to the Privileges and Immunities of a Citizen”,
applied dicta from Wong Kim Ark instead of precedent from Minor, and
relied upon the severely flawed Indiana state court ruling, Arkeny v. Governor.

The OSAH decision concludes that any person born within the United States, regardless of the citizenship or legal status of their parents, is a “natural born citizen” under Article II of the United States Constitution. This conclusion runs contrary to common sense, violates venerable rules of Constitutional Construction followed by the U.S. Supreme Court since its inception, and violates the explicit holding of the Supreme Court case relied upon.

Had the drafters of the Constitution intended all people born in the U.S. to be considered natural born citizens, the 14th Amendment would not have been necessary. Had the drafters of the 14th Amendment intended that Amendment to alter the Article II definition of natural born citizen, they would have clearly stated so. Yet the term “natural born citizen” is not found anywhere within the 14th Amendment. The Amendment also makes no reference to Article II. The OSAH ruling, therefore, violates rules of construction that the OSAH had itself relied upon just days earlier in the same litigation. Quoting Judge Malihi,

"When the Court construes a constitutional or statutory provision, the 'first step…is to examine the plain statutory language.' [T]his Court is not authorized either to read into or to read out that which would add to or change its meaning.”

The OSAH decision ignores a precedential holding from the U.S. Supreme Court in favor of dicta from a later Supreme Court case. This issue was presented at length to the OSAH at oral arguments and in written submissions, yet the OSAH chose to completely ignore this issue in its decision.

That the OSAH decision relies upon a non-binding opinion from an Indiana State Appellate Court to support its conclusion further illustrates their failure to follow venerable rules of construction and judicial restraint. In Arkeny v. Governor, the Indiana opinion relied upon was litigated by pro-se citizens of Indiana against the Governor of that state. The Indiana court reached its holding via an issue that did not require interpretation of the U.S. Constitution, yet that court then proceeded to construe the U.S. Constitution anyway. The Indiana court‟s decision to construe the U.S. Constitution without need to do so represents an overreaching Judiciary and violates a doctrine of judicial restraint established by the Supreme Court over 150 years ago. The OSAH’s reliance upon the Indiana court’s opinion, rather than follow a precedential holding of the U.S. Supreme Court, further demonstrates the OSAH’s errors of law.

So now our case is in the hands of the Georgia Superior Court. We will continue to pursue the vindication of our Constitution from this outrageous ruling. Thank you for standing with us and supporting Liberty Legal Foundation in this important effort.

In Liberty,

Van Irion, Founder


Beer Bust Tour

$50.00 for all you can drink and eat in 6 hours.

IRS Won’t Grant Richmond Tea Party Tax Exempt Status

The Richmond Tea Party group is blasting the IRS for allegedly failing to grant tax exempt status to the pro-limited government organization. “The Internal Revenue Service has served Richmond Tea Party (RTP) with unreasonable requests to obtain a tax-exempt status, fitting the pattern of the Federal Government’s forcing liberty groups to spend inordinate time and money complying with their demands during this critical 2012 election year,” RTP claims in a press release.

According to the Richmond Tea Party, here’s the process that led to the “unreasonable documentation requests” from the IRS:

On December 28, 2009, RTP applied to become a 501(c)(4) organization. After nearly ten months, the IRS finally responded with a letter (dated September 17, 2010), requesting detailed documentation to satisfy 17 questions, giving RTP only a two-week window in which to finish. (As the response was curiously due on the opening day of the inaugural Virginia Tea Party Convention, for which RTP was a central organizer, we requested and received a two-week extension.) We fully complied, providing over 500 pages of documentation. We received no response for over a year. Eventually the IRS sent a letter dated January 9, 2012, thanking us for our “complete and thorough responses” from the first request, but then asking us to answer 12 additional questions in 53 separate parts, including the totally inappropriate request for a full list of our donors and volunteers. We were given the same two-week timeframe for completion. It should be noted that this most recent letter was issued on the same day that the IRS issued a new 45-section bulletin regarding applications for tax-exempt status.


Dumping Treasurys

This is what 'dumping' US Treasurys looks like.
- It's NOT talked about much by the teleprompter readers and talking heads, in fact it's almost as big an open secret as the FED buying most of the US debt these days to compensate for the shrinking foreign demand for Treasurys/Bonds [read: debt].

The Chinese and Russians are NOT stupid people.

Obama media begin the faking of Obama poll numbers

In order to sway the vast majority and growing number of Americans who have finally faced up to the fact that Obama is purposefully trying to destroy the United States of America, the Obama Media have begun their side of the Obama syndicate's overall strategy of lying to us. Polls now show 50% of voters would vote for Obama. Intelligent people — even those few on the Left — know this is a lie. But, it's what all third-world countries have done for since their inception.

This is what we said would happen, at least a year ago. This is what is happening now. The polls are being used to convince the more uninformed amongst us that there is no real hope of regaining our country and we'd better get used to submitting to the dictator already in office. Obama does not intend to leave — under any circumstances — so we may as well accept our enslavement as the good sheeple Obama plans to herd off the cliff. Obama has told us via his actions over and over again that he will decimate our country and we can do nothing about it.

Note: As there are now myriad Marxist-plants in the Republicans Party (we who have actually followed their shenanigans for years know who they are) the Marxist-Dems have pretty much all of the support they need to pass one unconstitutional bill after another. And — if by some miracle these bills do not pass — they still have Obama who will unconstitutionally and therefore illegally issue an Executive Order for anything he wants. As I've mentioned before, we're already living under a dictatorship.

Budget Explained in Simple English

Slow and Not-So-Furious Time-to-crime statistics cast doubt on DOJ gun trafficking claims, document reveals


An ATF document obtained by the Washington Free Beacon reveals 19,600 guns were recovered from crime scenes in Mexico and traced back to the U.S. between 2006 and 2010. Of those, 15,995 had a “time-to-crime” of three or more years, with an average of 15.

“Time-to-crime” is the period between a firearm’s retail sale and law enforcement’s recovery of the firearm in connection with a crime. For comparison, the U.S. average time-to-crime over the same period was 10.5 years. The time-to-crime average provides information about how quickly guns are getting from U.S. gun stores and into the hands of cartels, an indicator of how pervasive trafficking is.

The lengthy interval between guns being registered and recovered suggests that the Obama administration’s claims that illegally purchased American guns are fueling violence in Mexico’s drug war are overblown.


Science engineering

Vox Popoli
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Sierra snowfall consistent over 130 years

Snowfall in the Sierra Nevada has remained consistent for 130 years, with no evidence that anything has changed as a result of climate change, according to a study released Tuesday. The analysis of snowfall data in the Sierra going back to 1878 found no more or less snow overall - a result that, on the surface, appears to contradict aspects of recent climate change models.

John Christy, the Alabama state climatologist who authored the study, said the amount of snow in the mountains has not decreased in the past 50 years, a period when greenhouse gases were supposed to have increased the effects of global warming.
As I have previously noted, the death of global warming also puts a bullet in the head of the concept of "scientific consensus". Global Warming fabulists can either a) admit that they were lying and there never was any scientific consensus, or b) scientific consensus that differs from mainstream consensus is no more intrinsically reliable than astrology.

There is a word we use when science reaches the point of reliability. That word is "engineering".

Look who 'has stolen IDs, fake tax returns'

Making fraudulent loans to corporate accounts that existed in name only was a key part of an alleged money-laundering scheme by the global bank HSBC, according to a whistleblower who has provided WND with more than 1,000 pages of evidence.

The evidence includes customer account ledgers for dozens of companies through which the financial institution was laundering money each month, charges John Cruz, a former relationship manager for the bank’s southern New York region.

“A bank employee would first set up a bogus corporate account using a stolen corporate identification and the required personal identification to set up the account,” the whistleblower explained. “The loan request would go to HSBC underwriting in Buffalo and the loan would get approved, often on the basis of fraudulent tax returns and fraudulent documentation to support the loan.”


Printing Drones by the Sheet (or how we get to tens of billions of drones by 2020)

Pratheev Sreetharan on the old way of making micro-drones: "You'd take a very fine tungsten wire and dip it in a little bit of superglue. Then, with that tiny ball of glue, you'd go in under a microscope like an arthroscopic surgeon and try to stick it in the right place."

The FAA currently estimates that there will be 30,000 drones licensed to operate in US skies by 2020. It's a misleading estimate.


It only counts large, professional drones (and even that estimate is low). It doesn't count all of the small/micro drones operating below ~400ft and at slower airspeeds. How many micro-drones will there be by 2020?

Tens of millions (tens of billions if there is warfare or repression driving it -- and given the problems we are facing, there will be) and they will look something like this (depicted: The Mobee):


Dan Savage asked me to speak up against hate–so I am

Sock it to him.:)

Cry Beloved Country
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Meet Dan Savage. He’s Editorial Director at the Seattle alternative weekly newspaper The Stranger, and author of The Stranger’s syndicated sex advice column, “Savage Love.” He’s also co-founder of the It Gets Better Project, a website aimed at reducing LGBT teen suicide by getting LGBT adults to post videos giving LGBT teens hope that life will get better as they get older. It Gets Better also encourages site visitors to take a pledge to speak up against hate, intolerance and bullying “whenever I see it.”

I do pledge that. And I hope you do, too.

But hold onto your hats, folks. Because this is where things start getting really ironic really fast.

  • This is the Dan Savage who, in 2000, wrote (“Germ Warfare“) about volunteering at presidential candidate Gary Bauer’s Des Moines, Iowa office–while he had the flu. Savage wrote that he went around licking doorknobs, phones, keyboards and clean coffee cups in an attempt to sicken staffers and other volunteers. He even licked a pen that he later handed Bauer. While Bauer didn’t catch the flu, his Iowa campaign manager did.

(Savage, by the way, although a Washington State resident, also illegally registered for and participated in an Iowa caucus. He plea bargained the felony voter fraud charge down to a misdemeanor, for which he was fined $750 and sentenced to a year’s probation and 50 hours of community service.)

  • This is the Dan Savage, who, in 2003, chose to oppose Senator Rick Santorum’s position on homosexuality by using his column to start a contest to invent a definition for the word “santorum” that tied it to some sex act. Savage took the contest-winning definition and started a website to promote it. Until very recently, it was the top website that came up in a Google search of Santorum’s name.
  • This is the Dan Savage, who, in a video interview in 2006, suggested that Pennsylvania Green Party Senate candidate Carl Romanelli “should be dragged behind a pickup truck until there’s nothing left but the rope,” and that, if Romanelli was successful in getting his name back on the ballot, ”someone should run him over with a truck.”
  • This is the Dan Savage, who said last year in an HBO “Real Time” interview with Bill Maher, “I sometimes think about fucking the shit out of Rick Santorum. Because I think he needs it. So it’s not, it’s not just women we’re talking about fucking. [Comedian Marc Maron had just volunteered that he had fantasized about raping Michele Bachmann.] Like, let’s bone that Santorum boy.”
  • And this is the Dan Savage who, last week in a speech in Dallas, said, “Every time LGBT bullying kills a kid, [Family Research Council President] Tony Perkins gets up from his desk and dances a jig. . . . Every LGBT youth suicide for them is a victory, a rhetorical and moral victory.”

After Bauer’s Iowa campaign called for charges to be pressed over the germ warfare incident, Savage claimed he hadn’t actually licked the office–just given the pen to Bauer. And he did apologize later for suggesting that a candidate for Senate should be dragged to death behind a pickup. He has not apologized for any of the other stuff.

Although Savage’s hate-filled rants have been reported extensively, and approvingly, in the gay media, mainstream outlets haven’t picked up on them.

Why do you suppose that is?

But Dan Savage asked me to speak up against hate, intolerance and bullying wherever I see it.

And I just did.

Hate, intolerance and bullying of LGBT teens is evil. So is hate, intolerance and bullying of anyone. If you agree, please email Savage at and let him know that this isn’t love: It’s just savage. Or, if you’re on Facebook, click on this link to his column, then click on the Facebook button to the right of his column title, and you can post on his Facebook page. And, of course, you could always do an end run around the mainstream media and share this post with a few dozen of your closest friends! (A tip of the hat to fellow Northwest blogger Kyle Pratt at Ruminations Blog for a heads-up on the latest Savage outburst.)

52% Say It’s Better for GOP To Work With Obama Than Stand on Principle

The last days of the Roman Empire.

Most voters still think Republicans and Democrats in Congress are out of touch with their respective party bases but now believe it’s more important for the GOP to work with President Obama than to fight him. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 52% of Likely U.S. Voters now feel that, looking to the future, it’s more important for the Republican Party to work with the president rather than stand for what it believes in.

Forty-four percent (44%) disagree and think standing for what the party believes in is more important. (To see survey question wording, click here.) The survey of 1,000 Likely U.S. Voters was conducted on February 12-13, 2012 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. Field work for all Rasmussen Reports surveys is conducted by Pulse Opinion Research, LLC. See methodology.

NC Sen. Goolsby files for reelection Wednesday, Feb. 22 at 1 p.m.

Promises kept with work to be done

Main Content Inline Small

The American Conservative Union gave me their ‘Defender of Liberty’ award with a 100% rating of my first-term voting record. I also received a perfect score for pro-business and jobs votes from The North Carolina Free Enterprise Foundation. I return these recognitions to the residents of New Hanover County who elected me to enact real reform.


$2.8 million in drugs, cash seized in Alpharetta

Who would have thunk'.........?

Via Tom

A traffic stop in north Fulton County led to the seizure of $2.8 million worth of cocaine, methamphetamine and cash, police said Wednesday.

Georgia state troopers stopped a brown Honda Accord on Jan. 26 within the Alpharetta city limits and arrested the driver, Ignacio Abarca Pineda, 27, who had only a Mexican driver's license and no proof of ownership for the car, George Gordon, Alpharetta police spokesman, said Wednesday.

Inside the car, investigators found 87 kilograms of cocaine, one kilogram of methamphetamine and four large bags of U.S. currency in excess of $130,000 dollars, Gordon said. The total value of the seized narcotics and currency is estimated at $2.8 million dollars, police said.

SC bill would make home invasion a specific crime

Post & Courier
Verbatim Post

A new bill up for debate by a South Carolina Senate panel would add a new crime to the list of offenses eligible for the death penalty.

The Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday is set to debate the bill that would create a new crime of home invasion in South Carolina, punishable by a prison sentence of 20 years to life.

The bill would also make someone convicted of committing a murder during a home invasion eligible for a death sentence.

The bill is called the Home Invasion Protection Act.

Aesop's Fables

I can hear my mother's words, still.

"A wild boar stood under a tree, and rubbed his tusks against the trunk. A fox passing by asked him why he thus sharpened his teeth when there was no danger threatening from either huntsman or hound. He replied, 'I do it advisedly; for it would never do to have to sharpen my weapons just at the time I ought to be using them.' To be well prepared for war is the best guarantee of peace."