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Tampering with New England’s Slave Trade

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Much of Britain’s difficulty with its American colonies came from New England smuggling and dependence upon French West Indies molasses which it distilled into rum, which in turn fueled its slave trade. In his last years, Boston’s John Adams “saw the Revolution, at least in part, as a struggle over molasses. He said “I know not why we should blush to confess that molasses was an essential ingredient in American independence.
It takes no great imagination to conclude that without British and New England populating the American colonies with African slaves, and perpetuating this into the mid-nineteenth century, the war which destroyed the American republic in 1861 might not have occurred.
www.Circa1865.org  The Great American Political Divide

Tampering with New England’s Slave Trade

“[The Molasses Act of 1733 enacted by the British Parliament] was introduced as a result of complaints from the British islands in the West Indies, whose economy was based on the production of sugar, against the competition of the French sugar islands – St. Dominique, Guadeloupe and Martinique. The British West Indies – Antigua, Barbados, Jamaica, Monserrat and St. Christopher – were such an immense source of wealth that they were considered at the time to be more important to the empire than the North American colonies.

Molasses, a by-product of the islands’ sugar mills, was turned into rum in New England. There were so many distilleries in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut that they were known as the Rum Coast. Rum, to a degree hard to believe in a later and much different world, was essential to the New England economy.

It was one of the main means of profitable exchange for furs from the Indians and slaves and ivory from Africa. Some of the greatest early New England fortunes were based on the rum trade, most of which was carried on illegally. Boston alone was said to have about fifty distilling houses. Nothing could set off a panic in New England more surely than tampering with this trade.

The trouble arose because the British islands could not supply all the molasses needed by the North American distilleries or supply them as cheaply as the French islands. The French West Indian molasses manufacture and the New England rum production were as if made for each other. By [Sir Robert] Walpole’s time, an immensely important trade had developed between the French islands and the New England colonies. Everyone benefited, except the British sugar islands.

The result was the Molasses Act, which was designed to cut off the [French-New England] trade by putting a 100 percent duty upon non-British sugar. The agent of Massachusetts and Connecticut in London foretold funereally that the act was bound to ruin “many thousand families there.” Richard Partridge, the New York agent in London, brought up the argument of nonrepresentation in Parliament to denounce the act . . .”

By passing the act, [Walpole] legally appeased the British East West Indian planters. By doing little or nothing to enforce it, he appeased New England rum merchants. Smuggling was not a particularly American vice. Even when Secretary at War he had been engaged in smuggling his wines up the Thames.”

(The Struggle for Power: The American Revolution, Theodore Draper, Vintage Books, 1997, excerpts pp. 95-96)

Ode to the Confederate Dead

Row after row with strict impunity
The headstones yield their names to the element,
The wind whirrs without recollection;
In the riven troughs the splayed leaves
Pile up, of nature the casual sacrament
To the seasonal eternity of death;
Then driven by the fierce scrutiny
Of heaven to their election in the vast breath,
They sough the rumour of mortality.

Autumn is desolation in the plot
Of a thousand acres where these memories grow
From the inexhaustible bodies that are not
Dead, but feed the grass row after rich row.
Think of the autumns that have come and gone!–
Ambitious November with the humors of the year,
With a particular zeal for every slab,
Staining the uncomfortable angels that rot
On the slabs, a wing chipped here, an arm there:
The brute curiosity of an angel’s stare
Turns you, like them, to stone,
Transforms the heaving air
Till plunged to a heavier world below
You shift your sea-space blindly
Heaving, turning like the blind crab.

          Dazed by the wind, only the wind
          The leaves flying, plunge

You know who have waited by the wall
The twilight certainty of an animal,
Those midnight restitutions of the blood
You know–the immitigable pines, the smoky frieze
Of the sky, the sudden call: you know the rage,
The cold pool left by the mounting flood,
Of muted Zeno and Parmenides.
You who have waited for the angry resolution
Of those desires that should be yours tomorrow,
You know the unimportant shrift of death
And praise the vision
And praise the arrogant circumstance
Of those who fall
Rank upon rank, hurried beyond decision–
Here by the sagging gate, stopped by the wall.

         Seeing, seeing only the leaves
         Flying, plunge and expire

Turn your eyes to the immoderate past,
Turn to the inscrutable infantry rising
Demons out of the earth they will not last.
Stonewall, Stonewall, and the sunken fields of hemp,
Shiloh, Antietam, Malvern Hill, Bull Run.
Lost in that orient of the thick and fast
You will curse the setting sun.

         Cursing only the leaves crying
         Like an old man in a storm

You hear the shout, the crazy hemlocks point
With troubled fingers to the silence which
Smothers you, a mummy, in time.

The hound bitch
Toothless and dying, in a musty cellar
Hears the wind only.

 Now that the salt of their blood
Stiffens the saltier oblivion of the sea,
Seals the malignant purity of the flood,
What shall we who count our days and bow
Our heads with a commemorial woe
In the ribboned coats of grim felicity,
What shall we say of the bones, unclean,
Whose verdurous anonymity will grow?
The ragged arms, the ragged heads and eyes
Lost in these acres of the insane green?
The gray lean spiders come, they come and go;
In a tangle of willows without light
The singular screech-owl’s tight
Invisible lyric seeds the mind
With the furious murmur of their chivalry.

         We shall say only the leaves
         Flying, plunge and expire

We shall say only the leaves whispering
In the improbable mist of nightfall
That flies on multiple wing:
Night is the beginning and the end
And in between the ends of distraction
Waits mute speculation, the patient curse
That stones the eyes, or like the jaguar leaps
For his own image in a jungle pool, his victim.

What shall we say who have knowledge
Carried to the heart? Shall we take the act
To the grave? Shall we, more hopeful, set up the grave
In the house? The ravenous grave?

 Leave now
The shut gate and the decomposing wall:
The gentle serpent, green in the mulberry bush,
Riots with his tongue through the hush–
Sentinel of the grave who counts us all!

Communist Public Execution for Theft Saigon, July 26, 1975

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Memorial to American and Vietnamese Soldiers Little Saigon, Westminster 30/4

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Trump sues Deutsche Bank, Capital One to block House subpoenas which in some cases include grandchildren

President Donald Trump, Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr.

No grounds exist to establish any purpose other than a political one.”

President Donald Trump and his family are suing Deutsche Bank and Capital One to block subpoenas issued by House Democrats seeking Trump’s financial records.

In the federal lawsuit filed Monday in New York, Trump’s lawyers argued that the subpoenas serve “no legitimate or lawful purpose.”


Kevin Shipp, Former CIA Officer – Arm Yourself, Dark Left Violence is Coming

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Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp says, “The danger for ‘We the People’ is the Dark Left and Dark Left violence.  As these indictments begin to come out, and as the players are called out, the violence on what I call the Dark Left, the violence is going to increase to the point where it’s going to be very, very bad.  There are going to be beatings and probably shootings, and shooting at police. . . . There is going to be a lot of violence coming from the Left in the next year or two.  This is one of the reasons you need to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights . . . because of what the Left is going to do with these findings and what is going to be the death knell for the Democrat Party and the death knell for taking over our Constitution and culture.  They will exponentially bring up their violence, and Americans need to arm themselves and protect themselves against that.”

Brigitte Gabriel Reads the Muslim Brotherhood Plan for America


‘I Wish We Had Trump’: Britons Angry Over Lack Of Brexit Plan

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Brexit Letters and British Flag

In 2016, voters in the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. Now, nearly three years later, citizens are still waiting for a plan from their government.

The break was formally set to happen on March 29, but now, a month later, there is still no deal, and lawmakers are discussing a second referendum.

Robert Perry told the Los Angeles Times’ special correspondent in London that he would lose votes in the Conservative Party if they can’t deliver on Brexit, and wishes U.S. President Donald Trump was leading Great Britain.

“The country has been shafted,” Perry said. “If we had Trump, he would have said: ‘Take it or leave it.’ I wish we had Trump right now.”

Pompeo: Maduro's airplane was ready to leave this morning — then Russia stopped him

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, speaking to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on “The Situation Room” just moments ago, claimed that Nicolás Maduro was preparing to leave Venezuela "this morning" but was talked out of it by the Russians.

“We’ve watched throughout the day, it’s been a long time since anyone’s seen Maduro,” Pompeo said. “He had an airplane on the tarmac, he was ready to leave this morning as we understand it and the Russians indicated he should stay.”

Pompeo later added, "He was headed for Havana."

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There are hundreds and hundreds of articles on survival, in many different books and magazines and such....for many different conditions. Many of these are adaptable to hunting....many are not. Where we hunt, how we are going to hunt, who we are going to be with or even alone, the weather, terrain, our own physical condition...and mayhaps another hundred things come into play, when talking of survival and hunting. I don’t want to write a book on the subject, though one for hunters is badly needed. With real examples, not a lot of logical but untried facts and advice. This is a general article with TRIED and proven facts.....unfortunately I had to try and prove some of them my own self, in a number of places in the world....but once the price is paid, the lessons are priceless.

**** He was a nice old gent...he’s gone home to his reward now, and it was well earned, because he was a friend and teacher of small boys, boys who had little, except a huge but a yearning thirst to learn about everything hunting.

My young friend Rusty and I first met this grizzled old man when he was coming out of the wilderness...At least we thought of him ‘old’ back then...but he must have been in his fifties. Since we were very pre-teens he was ‘old and grizzled.’ I don’t think he ever shaved, but cut his whiskers with a scissors as close as patience let him on any particular day. He was tall to us...and thin as a rail. But he was one of the strongest men I knew in my youth. I saw him smash open the top on a wooden nail keg with his bare fist once. Back in the 1940s after the WW2, you could still buy nails by the keg...20 pound/40 pound etc. Most folks would break knuckles trying that.

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FBI Investigating Antifa For Plotting To ‘Stage An Armed Rebellion’ With Guns Purchased From Mexican Cartel

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The San Diego Union-Tribune received the unclassified FBI report from a source wishing to remain anonymous. The paper confirmed the investigation is ongoing with two additional law enforcement sources.

The investigation stems from a December 2018 scheme by the cartel to sell the weapons to activists. The man at the center of the investigation is Ivan Riebeling, described in the report as a “Mexico-based cartel associate known as Cobra Commander.” The report claimed the activists sought to “stage an armed rebellion at the border,” the paper reported.

These activists “planned to disrupt U.S. law enforcement and military security operations at the US/Mexican border,” according to the report.

Re-Post: 30/4 or the Fall of Saigon

By noon on March 16, a mass of humanity; troops, dependents and civilians was clogging the old road. Some 400,000 civilians, 60,000 ARVN, and 7,000 Rangers began the attempted escape to the sea.29

By the time that the last straggling men, women, and children had reached Tuy Hoa on the coast; 

300,000 civilians, 40,000 ARVN, and 6,300 Rangers were missing, never to be accounted for.


Vietnam Babylift, My Story

141 Pictures Of The Vietnam War

VC Dead & VNCH Graves

How Well I Remember: 700 Million For SV in 1975

Joe Biden voted to give Robert E. Lee his US citizenship before using him to slander Trump

Joe Biden, who last week blasted President Trump over a protest to bring down a statue of Robert E. Lee, voted to restore the Confederate general's citizenship early in his Senate career.

In 1975, Biden joined a unanimous Senate vote to restore citizenship to Lee, 110 years after the Virginian surrendered his Army of Northern Virginia to the Union general and future President Ulysses S. Grant. There were 10 dissenters in the House of Representatives, among them Rep. John Conyers Jr., a black Democrat from Michigan, who scoffed that the resolution was “Bicentennial fluff." Conyers retired in 2017.

There are many “American” Flags

Image result for the damned battle flags of the confederacy, Richard Rollins,

The wide range of what can be referred to as “American” flags is seen in all Territorial & State flags, as well as the Bennington, Betsy Ross, Gadsden, Texas Republic, California Bear, Maine Pine and Star, Bonnie Blue – and all flags of the American Confederacy, 1861-1865. The Stars & Stripes is one of the “American” flags noted above, but not the only one. It is properly referred to as the flag of the United States.

The Gen. Wm. J. Hardee headquarters flag, dark blue with a large white circle is an “American” flag. So is Gen. Robert E. Lee’s headquarters flag, and North Carolina Republic flag of 1861.

What are called “Confederate” flags include not only the First National, which is the actual Stars & Bars, but also the Second and Third National, as well as regimental and unit flags – all “American” flags. It is noteworthy that the “X” pattern of the Battle Flag is drawn from St. Andrews Cross, which makes the Second and Third National flags of the American Confederacy the only national flags in the Western Hemisphere to incorporate a Christian symbol.

To Southern soldiers 1861-1865, their flags symbolized all the reasons they fought: defense of their families, home, community, and their efforts to preserve a heritage of liberty they traced back to their forefathers and the American Revolution.

Especially in the South, the unit flags were sewn by the mothers, aunts, daughters and sisters of those who went off to defend their country. Consider this from the presentation of the Desoto Rifle’s unit flag in 1861 New Orleans:

“Receive from your mothers and sisters, from those whose affections greet you, these colors woven by our feeble but reliant hands; and when this bright flag shall float before you on the battlefield, let it not only inspire you with the patriotic ambition of a soldier aspiring to his own and his country’s honor and glory, but also may it be a sign that cherished ones appeal to you to save them from a heartless and fanatical foe.”

What those mothers and sisters spoke of as they presented the colors to their men is best captured by Brigadier-General Lewis Armistead as his 53rd Virginia Regiment began the long walk toward enemy lines on Gettysburg’s third day:

“Men, remember your wives, your mothers, your sisters and your sweethearts! Armistead walked down the line to the men of the Fifty-seventh Virginia, to whom he yelled:

“Remember men, what you are fighting for. Remember your homes and firesides, your mothers and wives and sisters and your sweethearts.”

All was nearly ready now. He walked a bit farther down the line, and called out: “Men, remember what you are fighting for! Your homes, your firesides, your sweethearts! *Follow me.”

(Sources: The Returned Battle Flags, Richard Rollins, editor, 1995; The Damned Flags of the Rebellion, Richard Rollins, 1997. Rank and File Publications)

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President Trump Is Right — Robert E. Lee Was A Great General

I was talking about people that went because they felt very strongly about the monument to Robert E. Lee, a great general. Whether you like it or not, he was one of the great generals. I have spoken to many generals here, right at the White House, and many people thought — of the generals, they think that he was maybe their favorite general.

Trump is, of course, completely correct. Robert E. Lee has always been regarded as a military genius, and for good reason. This is not controversial to anyone with a sixth grade education in American history. But surveys show that many Americans don't even know when the Civil War took place, and a sizable number think Lincoln led the Allied Forces rather than the Union Army, so it's no surprise that basic statements of historical fact have become contentious in our age of aggressive stupidity.

"The ball is in Trump’s court: ‘Nobody Will Go Back’: Christians Flee Middle East After Fall of Islamic State

Iranian Christian worshippers attend the Christmas mass at the Saint Joseph Chaldean-Assyrian Catholic church, in Tehran, Iran, Monday, Dec. 25, 2017. Iranian Christians are a minority and recognized by the constitution in the Muslim country and are represented in the parliament. (AP Photo/Vahid Salemi) 
The experts conceded that the Trump administration had done more to help Middle East Christians than his predecessor, but they argued that Christians are far from protected and more can be done.
The number of Christians in the birthplace of their faith, the greater Middle East, continues to plummet months after the Islamic State, which waged a genocidal campaign against Christians, lost its “caliphate” in Iraq and Syria, Breitbart News learned from various experts, including an archbishop.

“Unfortunately, it can be stated that the Islamic State group’s anti-Christian campaign was very successful in Iraq, and to a certain extent, successful in Syria,” John Hajjar, the co-chair of the American Mideast Coalition for Democracy (AMCD) and co-director of the Middle East Christian Committee (MECHRIC), told Breitbart News.

More @ Breitbart

Charlottesville Judge Rules Lee, Jackson Statues are War Memorials

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Two statues of Confederate Army generals are memorials to war veterans, according to a Charlottesville Circuit Court judge.

Judge Richard Moore ruled Monday, April 29, that the statues of General Robert E. Lee and General Thomas Johnathan "Stonewall" Jackson are war memorials. Moore's ruling favors plaintiffs who had filed a lawsuit in February 2017 to stop a decision by then-members of Charlottesville City Council to remove the two statues from Market Street Park and Court Square Park, respectively.

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Vietnam's Snail Restaurants Are Worth Traveling For

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Image result for Vietnam's Snail Restaurants Are Worth Traveling For

It's a Saturday night in Ho Chi Minh City Saigon, Vietnam, and I’m at my dream restaurant, Oc Oanh. Under a broad awning that stretches across the sidewalk, my friends and I sit on blue plastic chairs at a low metal table, sipping mugs of Saigon beer on ice while around us swirls a carefully choreographed chaos. A grill sends fragrant smoke into the air. Customers loudly toast one another: mot, hai, ba, vo! (one, two, three, cheers!)

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Tan Son Nhut Airbase 04:00, April 29, 1975 (The last two fixed wing aircraft out of TSN.)

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We were decisively winning the war in Vietnam because President Richard Nixon started bombing Hanoi and Haiphong and forced the North Vietnamese back to the negotiating table. We had a victorious end to the war. The Paris Peace Accords promised that should the North continue it’s aggression, we would replace all hardware the RVN lost defending themselves on a piece by piece basis.

Then came Watergate and President Nixon was forced to resign in August of 1974 followed by the November election of the 94th US Congress with it’s landslide Democrat victory. The new congress wasted no time stabbing our South Vietnamese allies in the back by canceling all military aid. The communists tested us over and over by driving deeper and deeper into the South.

John Wilkes Booth may have 'gotten away with assassinating Abraham Lincoln by evading capture and living nearly four decades under assumed identities'

Image result for John Wilkes Booth may have 'gotten away with assassinating Abraham Lincoln by evading capture and living nearly four decades under assumed identities'

John Wilkes Booth assassinated President Lincoln at Ford's Theatre in April 1865 

It is widely believed that he was tracked down and killed days later in Virginia

But new facial recognition technology says he may have lived long after 

Software analyzed faces of Booth, John St. Helen, and David E. George

It found there is a strong likelihood that these three men are the same person 

More @ Daily Mail

New immigrant holding facility could be operational in El Paso by May 1, CBP says

Well, if they are now "immigrants" (as described by the El Paso Times), what do we call those foreigners who wait for years, pay the fees, and enter OUR country with permission, and who are NOT immediately eligible for welfare like these thumb-in-your-eye border-jumpers?
(Took 12 years for my last wife's brother and sister to come here legally and we are responsible for any government aid they receive for 10  years and the way it should be.)
This situation at the border has become an archetypal example of why Democrats cannot be allowed to retain power in any part of the federal government.) 

Never forget, Nancy Pelosi is personally responsible for this mess because she has the wherewithal to end this problem in an afternoon.  Because she refuses to lift a legislative finger to stop this, Fancy Nancy is a literal accomplice to crime; every person killed, raped, assaulted, injured, dies of dehydration or exhaustion at the border  -- is aided and abetted by her and her merry band of rabid anti-Americans in the House of Representatives.


A new temporary holding site for immigrants in El Paso is expected to be operational by May 1, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said in a news release.

CBP awarded a contract Thursday to Deployed Resources LLC of Rome, N.Y., to build what the federal agency calls “soft-sided temporary facilities in El Paso and Donna, Texas.”

Best 22 MAG Ammo

While the .22 LR is undoubtedly the most common caliber in the world, it does leave something to be desired in terms of effectiveness on anything beyond, say, soup cans and cottontail rabbits. Is it a deadly caliber? You bet it is. There is, however, a distinction between shear lethality and the ability to do so efficiently with rimfire ammunition.

The .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire (WMR) was designed for just this purpose: provide a hard-hitting .22 using a standard weight .22 LR bullet, and the results have been impressive.

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Media Darling Buttigieg Accused of Sexual Assault

The mayor of South Bend, Indiana and an upstart 2020 presidential candidate has been accused of sexual assault.

“My name is Hunter Kelly. I am 21 years old. This is by far the hardest thing I have ever had to do. For the past three nights, I have not slept even a single hour. I have vomited eight times,” Kelly said in a Medium blog post.

He continued:

I was sexually assaulted by Mayor Pete Buttigieg. I didn’t know who he was back in February, only that he told me he was an important politician. When I started seeing him on television three weeks ago as a Presidential candidate, I thought about coming forward.

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California Teaching Pedophilia as a Sexual Orientation

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Why in the world would you ever teach pedophilia as a sexual orientation when pedophilia is illegal in all 50 states?? (57 states, if you’re Obama) I can only think of one reason.

They want to normalize the practice by teaching the young and impressionable that it’s a perfectly acceptable practice. Once they do that, they can pass a law legalizing pedophilia. That’s all we need is hundreds of thousands of pregnant 4th and 5th graders and boys who are traumatized by their physical education teacher or scoutmaster with nothing to stop the practice.

1st Step to Building on Mars

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Irises from Dixieland

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What I Saw at Middlebury College

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Never in my life have I witnessed so many arrogant, needy, spoiled brats on parade. And it is shocking to see these specimens presume to lecture the adults who run their school—and to do so successfully.

 “At a meeting last week at Middlebury College, students upset and angry that conservative Ryszard Legutko had been invited to speak on campus were calmed and reassured by three administrators who apologized to the students for their feelings of discomfort, agreed that they had every right to feel aggrieved, and assured them there’s steps underway to ensure controversial right-wing speakers are not easily invited to campus in the future,” reported Jennifer Kabbany of The College Fix this week. “That according to a 40-minute recording of the meeting recorded surreptitiously by a student in the room…who said the three administrators at the meeting were Sujata Moorti, the incoming dean of the faculty, as well as Dean of Students, Baishakhi Taylor, and Renee Wells, director of education for equity and inclusion.”

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Sri Lanka Bans Burqas and Niqabs One Week After Easter Bombings

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Image result for Sri Lanka Bans Burqas and Niqabs One Week After Easter Bombings

One week after the Easter bombings in Sri Lanka that killed over 250 people, the government has banned all face coverings including burqas and niqabs.

Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena announced on Sunday that the ban will go into effect the following day.

Emancipator and Confederate Naval Officer

Image result for (High Seas Confederate: The Life and Times of John Newland Maffitt, Royce Shingleton,

The Wilmington Journal editorialized on 25 September 1863 that: “It is a curious fact, for those who maintain the civil war in America is founded upon the slave question, that [John Newland Maffitt] should be the very man who has distinguished himself actively against the slave trade.”

Maffitt, born of Irish parents at sea on the Atlantic on 22 February 1819, was said to be “born to command a ship.” He was “cultivated and gentlemanly,” blessed with a magnetic personality, and his seagoing exploits during the war are legendary.

The slave ship Echo noted below was originally built and registered in Baltimore in 1845 as the Putnam, for the New York City merchants Everett and Brown. The latter sold the ship in 1857 to “New York slave traders.” The newly purchased Putnam was sent on its first slaving voyage in 1857, the first of fifteen to leave New York City docks in that year alone.

New York City at the time “proved to be an ideal port for launching illegal slave voyages at this time: it boasted an abundance of available vessels and seafarers, it was overseen by overstretched and often corrupt port officials, and it even offered a legitimate trade in West African palm oil that could serve as a legitimate cover for illegal human trafficking.”
www.Circa1865.org  The Great American Political Divide

Emancipator and Confederate Naval Officer

“Maffitt had captured a beautiful clipper named Echo, originally from Baltimore. It had a crew of eighteen, several of whom were Americans. It carried – stowed in a false lower deck only forty-four inches high – some three hundred African slaves. They were separated by sex and almost entirely naked. Maffitt ordered [two officers with a prize crew] to sail the Echo to Charleston to be turned over to the US marshal for disposition in court.

From orders dated 11 June 1859, he learned his new command was to be the USS Crusader [to be used] again cruising for slavers. (His earlier capture of the Echo had touched off great interest in the enterprise and led to a series of captures by other US naval vessels).

[On May 23rd, 1860] off the northern coast of Cuba [Maffitt stopped and boarded a suspicious square-rigger flying a French flag]. At this moment, hundreds of blacks broke open the hatches and, with a great shout, swarmed on board. When they saw the American flag over the Crusader, they became frantic with joy. The men danced, shouted, and climbed into the rigging. The women’s behavior was quite different. Totally nude, and some with babies in their arms, they withdrew to sit upon the deck, silent tears of appreciation in their eyes.

The crew of the slaver . . . stated their ship had no name, but it subsequently was found to be the bark Bogota out of New York. The cargo master spoke English and “might be taken for a Yankee galvanized into a Frenchman or Spaniard, as circumstances might dictate.”

Maffitt escorted the Bogota to Key West. The blacks, between four and five hundred of them, had been on passage in the Bogota for forty-five days from Ouida, a slave trading base in the People’s Republic of Benin (Kingdom of Dahomey). They, like many others, had been prisoners of war sold by the king.

At Key West, the blacks joined others who had been recaptured by the navy. Buildings had been erected to house them at Whitehead Point. At the time, there were some fourteen hundred Africans in the complex awaiting government disposition.”

(High Seas Confederate: The Life and Times of John Newland Maffitt, Royce Shingleton, University of South Carolina Press, 1994, excerpts pp. 26-30)

Targeting Key West Civilians

Image result for Key West, Images of the Past,

The State of Florida withdrew from the Union on January 10, 1861 – three days afterward a US Army captain moved his troops into the nearly-complete Fort Zachary Taylor at Key West, a fortress built specifically to protect the city and State from invasion.

Though then-President James Buchanan admitted no authority to wage war against a State — which was the very definition of treason in Article III, Section 3 – his actions with regard to reinforcing US forts were viewed as hostile and intended to precipitate a conflict.

*The economic reality of an industrial North seeking protectionist tariffs and an agricultural South seeking the opposite would eventually lead to separation. A local newspaper had editorialized its concern over Northern sectionalism in 1832 during the heat of the discussion over the National Tariff Act of that year. It read:
*My G, G Grandfather - Tariff Must Be Reduced

“We have always thought that the value of the union consisted in affording equal rights and equal protection to every citizen; when, therefore, its objects are so perverted as to become a means of impoverishment to one section, whilst it aggrandizes another, when it becomes necessary to sacrifice one portion of the States for the good of the rest, the Union has lost its value to us; and we are bound, by a recurrence to first principles, to maintain our rights and defend our lives and property.”
www.Circa1865.org  The Great American Political Divide

Targeting Key West Civilians

“Construction of Fort [Zachary] Taylor [at Key West] was nearly complete when Florida seceded from the Union. On the night of January 13, 1861, Capt. [John] Brannan marched his [44] men from the barracks to Fort Taylor – taking possession of the fort while the city slept.

While the majority of the citizenry was for the Confederacy, there were some Union supporters on the island. Throughout the war, pro-Union supporters, white and black, tattled on the doings of their pro-Confederate neighbors, but island life in general remained calm.

One incident in February 1863, however, united all the residents against the Union army. The commander of the fort was ordered to round up “all persons who have husbands, brothers or sons in Rebel employment, and all other persons who have at any time declined to take the oath of allegiance, or who have uttered a single disloyal word, in order that they may all be placed within the Rebel lines.”

Six hundred citizens, including some staunch Union supporters whose sons had joined the Confederate army, fell into these categories. They were ordered to pack up and board ships that would take them to Hilton Head, S.C. According to one citizen:

“. . . The town has been in the utmost state of excitement. Men sacrificing their property, selling off their all, getting ready to be shipped off; women and children crying at the thought of being sent off among the Rebels. It was impossible for any good citizen to remain quiet and unconcerned at such a time.”

At the last moment, orders arrived superseding the operation. The protests of the “good citizens” had been heard.”

(Key West, Images of the Past, Joan & Wright Langley, Belland & Swift Publishers, 1982, excerpts pp. 20-21)

Sheridan the War Criminal

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Clifford Dowdey, in his book The History of the Confederacy 1832-1865  had some commentary about the subject of this article, Philip H. Sheridan and it was not particularly complementary. Mr. Dowdey noted of Sheridan that he “…was an undersized man (five feet three) with an oversized head, in all ways…But Grant perceived in the man a quality he wanted in his all-out, no-holds-barred war of total conquest. The Sheridans, Milroys, and Hunters had a different kind of arrogance from the neo-princelings of the Cotton South. They had the arrogance of unrestrained might. Without regard for rights–of belligerants or fellow citizens or even of the so-called ‘human rights,’ let alone of the Union–these bully boys had a lust for physical violence and wanton destruction.”

Trinity College Professor: “Whiteness Is Terrorism”

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A professor at Trinity College tweeted out that ‘whiteness is terrorism.’

Johnny Eric Williams, a sociology professor at Trinity College in Connecticut, is refusing to apologize for his racist tweet that said ‘whiteness is terrorism.’

Williams posted another tweet in which he claimed all white people were “invested in and collude with systemic white racism and white supremacy.”

Job Growth

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Christchurch meme
All of this was part of the end goals and desires of the Christchurch shooter. In his manifesto he specifically wanted governments and regulators to escalate censorship to the point of creating civil unrest. His main goal was to accelerate a civil race war via inciting governments enact policies that would create national division in certain regions.
Sharing video footage or the shooter’s manifesto of the Christchurch, New Zealand massacre is outlawed in New Zealand. Not only that, but even making memes using still images, photos, or video footage is also illegal in the region.

ABC News is reporting that at least six people have been charged with “illegally” sharing the video contents with other people. 44-year-old Philip Arps pleaded guilty to two counts of distributing the video of the mosque massacre and will remain in jail until June 14th, where he could face up to 14-years in prison for sharing the video with over 30 people.

Venezuela's economic crisis fuels sex trade

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