Monday, April 29, 2019

New immigrant holding facility could be operational in El Paso by May 1, CBP says

Well, if they are now "immigrants" (as described by the El Paso Times), what do we call those foreigners who wait for years, pay the fees, and enter OUR country with permission, and who are NOT immediately eligible for welfare like these thumb-in-your-eye border-jumpers?
(Took 12 years for my last wife's brother and sister to come here legally and we are responsible for any government aid they receive for 10  years and the way it should be.)
This situation at the border has become an archetypal example of why Democrats cannot be allowed to retain power in any part of the federal government.) 

Never forget, Nancy Pelosi is personally responsible for this mess because she has the wherewithal to end this problem in an afternoon.  Because she refuses to lift a legislative finger to stop this, Fancy Nancy is a literal accomplice to crime; every person killed, raped, assaulted, injured, dies of dehydration or exhaustion at the border  -- is aided and abetted by her and her merry band of rabid anti-Americans in the House of Representatives.


A new temporary holding site for immigrants in El Paso is expected to be operational by May 1, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said in a news release.

CBP awarded a contract Thursday to Deployed Resources LLC of Rome, N.Y., to build what the federal agency calls “soft-sided temporary facilities in El Paso and Donna, Texas.”