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Legendary New Orleans 50 Year Meteorologist Nash Roberts Dies At 92

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Tiny (Key Chain) Split Pea Lighter


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Day By Day


Armstrong Whitworth Argosy: British Three-Engined Biplane Airliner

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Biography in "Corner of the sky"

Christmas Message From Mike Smith, President Of HSLDA - 2010

Greetings From Patrick Henry College

Northern Officers And Body-Servants


Though many black men followed their Southern friends into the military due to them being together since boyhood, many Northern officers ensured that black servants were around for menial work and labor. Also, it should be noted from the passage below that only the State legislatures and governors are empowered by the Constitution, not Congress, to “federalize” State militia. The Northern States helped destroy the Founders’ Constitution by giving a president autocratic power over their individual militias to do with as he pleased. By supporting an American Caesar, they brought and end to the republic.

Bernhard Thuersam, Director
Cape Fear Historical Institute

Northern Officers and Body-Servants:

“The young, inexperienced recruits at Elmira and other military depots were destined to march into battle poorly trained, and at best partially prepared. In July 1861 a caustic William Tecumseh Sherman (then a Union colonel) noted: “Our men are not good soldiers. They brag, but don’t perform, complain sadly if they don’t get everything they want, and a march of a few miles uses them up.”

In early June…the 770-man 19th New York (known as the “Cayugas”) boarded a special train on the Elmira and Williamsport line. The 19th’s officers did not leave Elmira without the luxury of ancillary assistance. Reflecting the racial attitudes of the day, the New York World reported: “A recruiting agent succeeded during the last day in enlisting from the Brainard House and other hotels a corps of body-servants (colored) for the officers. These fellows had a farewell celebration of their own…and were petted, caressed, gifted and bussed by a large and well-dressed delegation of ace-of-spade negroes, mulattoes, and quadroons.”

The village…[of Elmira] served as a State military depot until July 1863 when it became a federal draft rendezvous. With the number of volunteers dwindling, Congress passed an ambiguous bill in July 1862 that empowered President Lincoln to call the militia of the respective States into federal service. Referring to the law as one “of dubious legality and confusing arithmetic,” historian James M. McPherson has concluded: “The government did not hesitate to use this power to reach across the State boundaries and institute a quasi-draft.”

This was followed by Congress’s passing, and Lincoln’s signing, the Enrollment Act on March 3, 1863. This law established a draft that “commuted” those who could either send a substitute or pay $300 cash to the federal government. Obviously more wealthy Americans could take advantage of “commutation.” In New York State this meant that lower class, working class Irish and Germans would form a significant percentage of drafted men.”

(Elmira: Death Camp of the North, Michael Horigan, Stackpole Books, 2002, pp. 10-13)


Elmira, The Death Camp Of The North (My Great Uncle)

Elmira POW Prison, NY

Northern Officers And Body-Servants

Original Intent: Do The States Or The Federal Government Have Ultimate authority?

Cover of: A brief enquiry into the true nature and character of our federal government by A. P. UpshurView Image
"In a book entitled A Brief Enquiy into the Nature of the federal Government , written in 1840, Abel P. Upshur, a lawyer, judge, Virginia state politician, (who would become the 15th Secretary of State under Tyler, be one of the primary movers in bringing Texas into the Union, and 13th Secretary of the Navy), refutes the National Theory of the nature of the Federal government, as expounded by Daniel Webster and Joseph Story, who claimed that the Federal government was created as a national entity by a unified single people, not as an agent for the States and the people."

Was General George S. Patton Assassinated Sixty-Five Years Ago Today?

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Douglas Bazata was the first of these two witnesses to go public. An Office of Strategic Services (OSS) “Jedburgh” in World War II, the forerunners of the US Special Forces, he claimed that as an OSS assassin, he was asked to kill Patton by OSS chief Gen. William“Wild Bill” Donovan. The order was the culmination of a long-running plot during the war that had started as a non-lethal “stop Patton” plan. Later, in interviews with me, he enlarged that scenario, claiming that he, along with an NKVD (Russian military intelligence) accomplice, set up the December 9 “accident,” and that others – he believed the Soviets – had completed the task in the hospital.

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Mainstream Media: The Southern Poverty Law Center’s Partner In Slime

If that isn’t ridiculous enough, consider that Richard Cohen, SPLC president even wrote a letter to CNN’s president, last year, asking that newscaster Lou Dobbs be ‘removed’ from the airwaves, because Dobbs was promoting “racist conspiracy theories” (i.e. daring to have an open discussion about President Obama’s citizenship bonafides).

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America In Revolt

The Revolt of Islam

" If the Second Amendment does not allow for gun laws, you must find anyone charged with one innocent. "But, what if an armed robber is charged with unlawful possession of a firearm?" You must find the robber innocent of that charge, but you can still find the robber guilty of robbery, of aggravated robbery, of malicious intent, or whatever, just not the charge of unlawful possession of a firearm. This is how the innocent owners of firearms, charged with no other offense, are rightfully set free"

Issue Resolved Involving Christmas Phrases And Images At Kansas Reserve Bank


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Diversity Is Not Our Strength: Amen

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Hon. James David Manning, PhD speaks about Christine Quinn’s “Diversity is our Strength” campaign and says we have strength in unity not diversity.

Generals, Diplomats Warn Of New START As Senate Moves Toward Ratification

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Vallely was among more than 30 former defense officials and diplomats who issued an open letter to the Senate Monday expressing their “professional judgment” that New START, “is not consistent with the national security interests of the United States,” and “should be rejected by the U.S. Senate,” which is considering it now.

The Year 2010 In 11 Photos

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Terror In A Handful Of Pork

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"Washington spends a lot of money studying things: three million bucks to study the way people interact with online games like World of Warcraft, a quarter million to study “how Americans use the Internet to find love,” twenty thousand dollars to help the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms learn the identity of a 2,500-year-old mummy, $800,000 to study the effects of a genital washing program in South Africa, $66,000 to study political talk shows."

9 Reasons You Should Not Support The Patriot Post:)

The Boys Behind The Gun

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Are Lame Duck Sessions Of Congress Unconstitutional?

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In 1933, historians say, the country ratified a constitutional amendment intended to kill off sessions like this - in which defeated legislators return to legislate. The headline in The Washington Post at the time was "Present Lame Duck Session Will Be Last."

Testing The Trophy Tank Defense System - With People In The Tank!

"But if we are to be told by a foreign power ... what we shall do, and what we shall not do, we have independence yet to seek, and have contended hitherto for very little."
--George Washington, letter to Alexander Hamilton, 1796

"Both the battalion commander and I held our breath when the missile was shot during the demonstration," Col. Shalev said during an interview with Army Radio.

Victory! NJ Man To Be Freed After Gov. Christie Commutes Gun-Possession Sentence

"Brian Aitken sits in prison soon to be a free man.

Monday evening New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed off on commuting the 27-year-olds seven year prison sentence to the great relief of Aitken’s family.

The family was told Brian should be home before Christmas."

Ayn Rand - Liberty vs Socialism

"The difference between treason and patriotism is only a matter of dates."
— Alexandre Dumas (The Count of Monte Cristo)

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UN Home Security

"We'll never know the worth of water till the well goes dry."
-- Scottish Proverb