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Rock Beats Scissors, Shotgun Beats Hammer

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elgin shooting

If you’re going to break into a jewelry story, make certain that the owner isn’t there, especially if he happens to be pretty handy with a shotgun:
A jewelry store owner shoots and kills a suspected thief breaking in Monday morning. Just before 1 a.m. police say Robert Trevino, 41, broke the glass door of Harper’s Fine Jewelry with a hammer.

Elgin Police Chief Chris Bratton says the owner, Juan Torres, happened to be in the back of the store.

“The owner was in the back room when the suspect broke out the front door using a hammer and was attempting to go through the jewelry cases,” said Bratton.

Torres fired a 12-gauge shotgun hitting Trevino in the neck. He died inside the store. 
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Helpful Yankee Artillerist

The North had a very large population of foreign-born (nearly 3.4 million compared to 233,650 in the South) to draw bounty-enriched recruits from -- and the language of virtually every European country was heard in Northern army camps. Native-born Northerner soldiers often derided them as being the off-scouring of Europe rather than Americans.
Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"Unsurpassed Valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty"
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Helpful Yankee Artillerist

“As a result of [General Matthew C.] Butler’s scouting report, [General Wade] Hampton noted that [the enemy’s] left flank was “in the air.” He suggested that if the infantry attacked the Yankees from the west, holding them in position at Ream’s Station, he could come up from the south to drive the Federals away from the and back to their lines.  [General Robert E.] Lee agreed with the plan.

The next morning, shortly after sunrise . . . Butler drove the Yankee skirmishers back toward their lines, then waited for the infantry attack.  The enemy, of course, was uncomfortable with Butler on their flank, so they opened an artillery barrage toward his ranks. “They are disposed to be rather familiar this morning,” Butler observed calmly to [General Thomas] Rosser. 

[After Gen. A.P. Hill’s assault about 3PM], Butler dismounted his men . . . to approach his adversary from the rear.  “The enemy, taken on the front and flank, fell back pell mell,” one stated, “through trees cut down, fence rails, breastworks of every kind . . . thrown up as a defense against us.”

The Rebels captured the [enemy] artillery, but no one knew how to fire the pieces. An enemy prisoner saw the problem. “If you boys will allow me,” he called, “I can mow those Yankees down.”

The astonished Confederates moved aside, and the Union gunner quickly opened a devastating fire on his former friends (many of whom were foreigners who did not speak English, some of whom had only recently arrived from overseas). “[He] seems to enjoy the sport very much,” one of [Butler’s] men recalled.”

(Southern Hero, Matthew Calbraith Butler, Samuel J. Martin, Stackpole Book, 2001, pp. 109-110)

BEHIND ENEMY LINES: Hi-Res Images of BLM War Zone Exposes Fed’s Military Fiasco at Bundy Ranch

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 SEE PART 2: BEHIND THE LINES – Photos of ‘DC Federales’ Preparing to Shoot Americans


21st Century Wire

New images of cattle rancher Cliven Bundy’s tense standoff with the Federal Bureau of Land Mangement (BLM) on Saturday afternoon  reveal how the armed agency’s military operation configured to forcefully engage Bundy cowboys and their supporters who sought to liberate federally confiscated cattle over the weekend.

These exclusive images were taken by a GMN photographer positioned right above the action on the Southbound side of Interstate 15 near Bunkerville, Nevada.

Despite the BLM being instructed to leave the Bundy Ranch and Gold Butte area earlier that morning, the agency still insisted had a legal right to be there and that it would not let go of hundreds of cows it had already taken away from the Bundy Family. Critics are asking if that ‘legal right’ also includes stationing a federal military force in Bunkerville.

Prior to this standoff, the special agent in charge of BLM’s ground operations, Daniel P. Love, had issued a warning that any one who crosses the federal line in order to free the seized cattle – will be arrested. Love went on boasting his agency’s advantage over Bundy supporters when saying, “I’ve seen your numbers right now, you’d better hope that 10,000 show up.”

Alabama Rep. Alvin Holmes says men should be allowed to marry mules

 Alvin Holmes

Alabama State Rep. Alvin Holmes, D-Montgomery, has been in the news a lot lately for his bigoted comments on everything from Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to interracial adoption, but nothing can compare to what Holmes said on the radio last week when presented with the opportunity to clarify his position on marriage.

“Now, I’m for interracial marriage,” Holmes said after a long diatribe claiming most white Alabamians are not. “I’m for same-sex marriage. I’m the one that introduced the bill to have same-sex marriage. I don’t care who marry who. If a man meet a little mule and he wanna get married to the little mule, as long as he and the little mule get along all right, that’s fine with me. It doesn’t bother me any kind of way.”

Does Cliven Bundy Have Something Called “Prescriptive Rights”, Why The BLM May Be Afraid To Go To Court

 Got his Constitution ready for a quick draw!:)

In this ongoing story surrounding cattle rancher Cliven Bundy, there are a series of questions media has ignored. For instance, in the 20 years Bundy hasn’t been paying his fees, why hasn’t he been taken to court? Why this year, spend nearly $1,000,000 of taxpayer money to round up 400 cattle that ultimately have to be returned? Why didn’t the BLM just place a lien on the cattle rather than attempting to take them by force and then auction them off? The Bureau of Land Management has suffered a huge black eye this week because of their response to the Bundy situation. Perhaps though, there is a reason the BLM chose force over the courts.

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Raid on brass processor attributed to lack of subservience to government

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Is "brass" more descriptive of an attitude with some regulators demanding fealty than anything else?

 You peasants shall bow down........

A late March raid on a Bozeman, Montana ammunition case processor was due more to the company not showing proper deference to government regulators than it was about lack of compliance with environmental rules, the head a statewide gun rights group charged in a press release Tuesday.

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IRS documents show Lois Lerner wanted to sic the Justice Department on targeted conservative groups

Judicial Watch has been chipping away at the IRS stonewall with Freedom of Information Act requests, and just released some new emails that show Tax Exempt Organizations director Lois Lerner was talking to the Justice Department about criminal prosecutions for the groups targeted by her organization.  She was also trying to get the Federal Elections Commission – where she used to work, under similar suspicions of politicized abuse of her authority – involved in the witch hunt.

 Judicial Watch previously discovered that the IRS handed tax returns for conservative groups over to the FEC, an action of both questionable utility and dubious legality.

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Feds accused of leaving trail of wreckage after Nevada ranch standoff

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The federal agency that backed down over the weekend in a tense standoff with a Nevada rancher is being accused of leaving a trail of wreckage behind.

Fox News toured the damage -- allegedly caused by the Bureau of Land Management -- which included holes in water tanks and destroyed water lines and fences. According to family friends, the bureau's hired "cowboys" also killed two prize bulls.

"They had total control of this land for one week, and look at the destruction they did in one week," said Corey Houston, friend of rancher Cliven Bundy and his family. "So why would you trust somebody like that? And how does that show that they're a better steward?"

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Ukraine: Armored group 25th airmobile brigade goes over to "separatists." +

Ukrainian soldiers stand on an airborne combat vehicle in Kramatorsk

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RIA Novosti. Four militiamen were killed and two were injured during the assault Ukrainian army airfield near Kramatorsk, told RIA Novosti source in the People's Self-Defense.


BUT DOES IT TASTE LIKE CHICKEN? Two Idiots Arrested After Microwaving A Kel-Tec Handgun Until It Exploded

 kel-tec pf9

I’ve heard that smoking marijuana can give people a craving for junk food, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how high you must be, or what drugs you must be on, to consider microwaving a handgun.

Commander Charles Heseltine of the Andover Police Department said officers were first called to the hotel around 1 p.m. on a report from hotel management that there was smoke in one of the rooms.

Inside, police found a microwave that had exploded and caught fire. Inside the destroyed oven, police found melted pieces of a Kel-Tec 9-mm handgun. Scattered around the room and on the carpet near the microwave police also found other pieces of the gun, including springs, spent shell casings and shards of plastic. They also found broken glass and the metal frame of the microwave on the floor.

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Update from the Bundy Ranch


First, at the moment things are quiet here.   99% of the rumors on the internet are either blatantly false or wildly inaccurate.  No strong presence of federal agents has been seen. Remnants of BLM's recent sojourn here are still present, such as the lights they had put up at their "field-headquarters" and no doubt we are under surveillance of all kinds, but there is no overt, visible massing of federal law enforcement.

We are, however concerned that the domestic enemies of the Constitution that infest the federal government might try to take advantage of folks going home, and attempt to make a move on the Bundy family. We feel certain that they will want to try again at some point, perhaps in a different way, even perhaps by executing a dynamic entry raid to attempt to arrest the Bundys.  And we have heard that this is being discussed, though I have not been able to directly confirm it.  But it is a real risk.

Therefore, to prevent such a raid, or to at least throw a monkey wrench into any such plans and make it more difficult for them, we're doing the following:   

Maybe the Cowboys and the Confederates ought to get together or “Dirty Harry” Won’t Get Mad–He’ll Get Even!

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Anyone remember the Sagebrush Rebellion back in the 1970s and 80s? In thirteen Western states the federal government controlls between 30% and 75-80% of the land, depending on which state you are in.

Although I don’t always believe everything Wikipedia says, by any means, once in awhile they get it right, and awhile back  said of the Sagebrush Rebellion that it was: “An extension of the older controversy of state vs. federal powers, Sagebrush Rebels wanted the federal government to give more control of federally owned Western lands to state and local authorities. This was meant to increase the growth of Western economies.” As for the current regime in Washington, the last thing in the world they are concerned about is the growth of Western economies–unless that “growth” is administered by their friends who will make sweetheart deals with countries hostile to the US, so that both hostile countries and politicians can make big bucks selling off US sovereignty and helping to destroy the middle class. That’s what Marxism/corporate fascism is really all about, and our “public servants”  today abound in it!

Bunkerville song - written and performed by Wayne and Paula Carson


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Operation Outreach

Harry Reid says that "it's not over" at the Bundy Ranch. Truer words were never spoken, thanks for the heads-up Harry. We know how these Marxists ghouls operate: it is never about the issues up front; it is about sheer, raw force and right now little Harry feels a bit impotent and chagrined at having been caught pulling a fast one. Harry isn't used to having his dirty little deals exposed for the world to see. I suppose he got a few phone calls over the Bundy Ranch affair and feels the need to make a point, which is always the same. You heard it from J. Paul Vance in Connecticut: "I am the master." What then does that make of us...slaves?

Yes, that is exactly who we are and the government has thousands of overseers with whips and rifles to make sure we never forget it. They ride herd with all the power and all the advantages a wealthy nation can provide. To them, we are but livestock being herded through life to serve them and provide for them...and to kneel before them.

NC: NewSong - What A Wonderful World: Featuring Louis Armstrong recording

Satchmo II.  Wow!