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Revealed: Dream Democrat Agenda Includes Reparations

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Behind closed doors, wealthy liberal donors plot universal healthcare, free college, and reparations

A wealthy Democratic donor club plotting the future of the liberal movement hopes to be fighting for reparations by 2022, according to a document obtained by the Washington Free Beacon from the Democracy Alliance's spring conference this week in Atlanta.

The desire was stated in the invitation for a Monday reception during the annual spring gathering, which was attended by top Democratic Party officials such as DNC chairman Tom Perez, former Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe, and Reps. Raul Grijalva (Ariz.) and Mark Pocan (Wis.).

How do civil wars happen?

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53rd North Carolina, Fort Mahone/ "Fort Damnation" Petersburg, Virginia
 Requiem Aeternam - Eternal Rest Grant unto Them
 My great grandfather and great uncle know all the men in the "Civil War Requiem" video as they were part of the 53rd NC which was the sole unit defending Fort Mahone.


 Two or more sides disagree on who runs the country. And they can’t settle the question through elections because they don’t even agree that elections are how you decide who’s in charge.

That’s the basic issue here. Who decides who runs the country? When you hate each other but accept the election results, you have a country. When you stop accepting election results, you have a countdown to a civil war.

The Mueller investigation is about removing President Trump from office and overturning the results of an election. We all know that.

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Judicial Watch: Documents Reveal Obama State Department Provided Classified Records to Sen. Ben Cardin to Undermine President Trump

 Image result for Judicial Watch: Documents Reveal Obama State Department Provided Classified Records to Sen. Ben Cardin to Undermine President Trump
‘The Obama administration was attempting to disseminate that material widely across the government in order to aid in future investigations’ – The Baltimore Sun 

Judicial Watch today released 42 pages of heavily redacted State Department documents containing classified information that was provided to Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD), top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and outspoken critic of President Donald Trump. The documents show Russian political interference in elections and politics in countries across Europe.

According to a March 2017 report in the Baltimore Sun:Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin received classified information about Russia’s involvement in elections when the Obama administration was attempting to disseminate that material widely across the government in order to aid in future investigations, according to a report Wednesday … Obama officials were concerned, according to the report [in The New York Times, below], that the Trump administration would cover up intelligence once power changed hands.”

CDC, in Surveys It Never Bothered Making Public, Provides More Evidence that Plenty of Americans Innocently Defend Themselves with Guns

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CDC surveys in the 1990s, never publicly reported, indicate nearly 2.5 million defensive uses of guns a year. That matches the results of Gary Kleck's controversial surveys, and it indicates more defensive than offensive uses of guns.

Many people who support gun control are angry that the federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are not legally allowed to use money from Congress to do research whose purpose is "to advocate or promote gun control." (This is not the same as doing no research into gun violence, though it seems to discourage many potential recipients of CDC money.)

But in the 1990s, the CDC itself did look into one of the more controversial questions in gun social science: How often do innocent Americans use guns in self-defense, and how does that compare to the harms guns can cause in the hands of violent criminals?

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Kanye West Praises Conservative Firebrand Candace Owens

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Hip-hop megastar and fashion mogul Kanye West took to Twitter on Saturday and declared his “love” for conservative YouTube star turned grassroots activist Candace Owens.

“I love the way Candace Owens thinks,” West wrote in a rare message to his 11 million-plus Twitter followers.

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Back Into The Backyard Workshop.

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Some three decades ago I was finishing up a ten year stint at a large valve manufacturer and my employer made a gift to me of a surplus 8" x 16" sch. 80 pipe reducer along with an 8" sch. 80 pipe end cap. My intent at the time was to weld them together and make a large bell. This was something I had done a few times before on a smaller scale.

This 4" x 8" sch. 80 bell presently hangs on the side of my work shop. It is in need of some sanding and a new coat of paint but that will have to wait until other things are finished.

I also did a larger 6" x 12" sch. 40 that was donated to the church I was attending at the time and is used as the call to service bell. But as the old saying goes, life is what happens when you're planning to do other things and these parts languished in my storage building until last year when this project finally began.

Neo-Confederates Plan to Organize in Chicago this Weekend. Protesters Plan to Meet Them.

 The monument at Confederate Mound.

"My Son’s and I will be there tomorrow."Your Northern Copperhead friend. Greg  

 Deep inside Oak Woods Cemetery in Chicago’s predominantly African-American Grand Crossing neighborhood, a 40 foot–tall monument looms over a grave of Southern rebels. The bronze likeness of a nameless soldier marks Confederate Mound, the South Side resting place of more than 6,000 Confederate fighters who died at Camp Douglas, a Civil War military prison that stood in present-day Bronzeville.

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Happy Birthday William Gilmore Simms


“To write from a people is to write a people—to make them live—to endow them with a life and a name—to preserve them with a history forever.”
–W.G. Simms

The great Southern writer William Gilmore Simms was born on this day in 1806. Unlike the more famous Southern writer, the short-lived Edgar Allen Poe, Simms wrote voluminously and in every literary form: short story, novel, poetry, criticism, essay, history, and biography. Though his work has sometimes been considered uneven in quality, he often wrote superbly. Poe said that Simms was one of the best American writers of the time and that if he had had the self-promotion machinery of the New England literati his name would be a household word. Although he was widely read and admired in his time in Europe and the North, Simms was for a long time after the War between the States dismissed as a mere Southern and second-rate writer; he remains today unrepresented in “mainstream” anthologies of the best American literature. Interestingly, in his own time the Northeastern critics who have dominated American literary discussion considered Simms to be distastefully racy and realistic. Later, when “realism” became the fashion, they labeled him as too romantic and “genteel.” In recent years, a handful of devoted and talented scholars have been forcing out a more just recognition of Simms’s stature and achievements. The ignoring and downplaying of Simms’s stature in American literature has been referred to as “intellectual murder.”

Lincoln's New Frame of Mind

 Image result for (Philosophical Melancholy and Delirium, Hume’s Pathology of Philosophy, Donald W. Livingston,

Allan Ramsey was a court painter to George III as well as a published political theorist, who argued, regarding the American revolutionists, that “should the people remain obstinate, their scorched and impoverished land could be occupied by loyal immigrants.” As he saw the inhabitants of British America as bidding defiance to the Crown and in a state of war with the King’s forces, they should expect no mercy and the hard hand of total war.
Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

Lincoln’s New Frame of Mind

“We have here the germ of the twentieth-century rationale for total war: war aimed at the people of a nation, scorched-earth strategy, the bombing of civilian populations, massive deportations of people, and the enslavement of the vanquished. Total war is not unique to the twentieth century, nor is it due to “technology,” which has merely made its implementation more practicable and terrible.

Modern total war is possible only among “civilized” nations. It is shaped and legitimated by an act of reflection, a way of thinking about the world whereby an entire people become the enemy. This requires a prior act of total criticism, which is the characteristic mark of the philosophical act.

The concept of civilized warfare is unique to Europe and lasted about two centuries, roughly from the beginning of the eighteenth century until World War I. Civilized war was to be between combatants only and could not be directed against civilians as part of a strategy for victory.

The most important part of this system consisted of the rules for ending a war and establishing and equitable peace. The vanquished were to be treated with respect. Compensation to the victor was not to be conceived as punishment but as the cost of defeat in an honorable contest of arms. The idea of demanding unconditional surrender was out of the question. Such a demand denies the nation the right to exist and so would destroy the principle of the comity of nations.

The distinguished military historian B.H. Liddell Hart judged that the first break in the system came not from Europe but from America, when Lincoln shocked European opinion by directing war against the civilian population of the eleven American States that in State conventions (the same legal instrument that had authorized the State’s entrance into the union) had voted to withdraw from the federation and form a union of their own.

Lincoln’s scorched-earth policy and demand for unconditional surrender exhibited a new frame of mind that only eighty years later would reveal itself in the terror-bombing of Dresden and Hiroshima . . . it has been estimated that more than 135,000 perished in the British and American bombing of Dresden, carried out within three months of the end of the war, when the defeat of Germany was certain.

Dresden was a city of no military value and known to be packed with refugees, mostly women and children fleeing from the Soviet armies in the east.

[America entered World War I in 1917] and rather than [seek] a negotiated settlement . . . Social progressives now spiritualized the war into a holy crusade to restructure all of Europe, to abolish autocracy, and to establish universal democracy. The war was transformed by the language of totality. It was now the war to make the world safe for democracy, and the war to end all wars. The concept of the final war, the philosophically reflexive war, is perhaps the ultimate in the barbarism of refinement.”

(Philosophical Melancholy and Delirium, Hume’s Pathology of Philosophy, Donald W. Livingston, University of Chicago Press, 1998, excerpts pp. 297-299)

CNN Reporter Calls North Korea Announcement a ‘Huge Win For President Trump’

U.S. President Donald Trump departs the White House for a trip to Lewisburg, West Virginia, in Washington D.C., U.S. April 5, 2018. REUTERS/Carlos Barria - RC13D66EE3C0

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s surprising Friday announcement that his country will suspend nuclear and missile tests stunned at least one CNN reporter enough to give President Trump some serious credit.

“The nuclear test and the intercontinental ballistic missile test will be discontinued,” reported the Korean Central News Agency on Friday. “North Korea’s nuclear test center will be discarded in order to ensure the transparency of the suspension of the nuclear test.”

CNN’s Will Ripley told host Wolf Blitzer via phone that the development was “frankly a huge win for President Trump.”

The DoJ 'probes James Comey for leaking classified information' in memos about Trump - and the President hints he will use the investigation to FIRE Robert Mueller

 Trump tweeted late Friday: ¿James Comey illegally leaked classified documents to the press in order to generate a Special Council[sic]? Therefore, the Special Council [sic] was established based on an illegal act? Really, does everybody know what that means?¿ 

The Department of Justice's internal watchdog is investigating James Comey for leaking classified information by sharing memos about his meetings with Trump with a friend, it has been reported. 

On Friday, The Wall Street Journal reported that the infamous memos and how the ousted FBI director leaked them were part of an ongoing probe by the inspector general. 

Comey's treatment of them, including him giving them to the media, is part of the investigation,  it was reported. 

The revelation prompted a tweet from the president, who previously dubbed Comey a 'leaker and a liar'.  

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Fresno State prof blasts farmers as 'stupid' Trump supporters in video rife with F-bombs

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A video posted online this week includes profanity-laced clips from past interviews and speeches by embattled, Bush-bashing Fresno State professor Randa Jarrar, in which she says farmers who support President Donald Trump are "just f---ing stupid."

The nearly 4-minute YouTube video, published Wednesday under the username Vigilante Goose, was emailed Friday to university officials -- including university President Joseph Castro, the Fresno Bee reported.

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Media war on Trump continues around the clock, and other proof of media bias

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 Image result for Media war on Trump continues around the clock, and other proof of media bias

The media war against President Trump continues without stop. Every hour of every day, somewhere a major media outlet is attacking the president. It might be with a news show. It might be on an entertainment program. It might even be a Pulitzer Prize-winning hip hop album that was chosen because it bashes Trump.

The American media are still angry they didn’t get to pick the president in 2016 and are doing their best to overturn the decision of voters.

This past week, in the midst of the media’s Comet Comey, there was still time for news outlets to bash Trump – whether it was CNN fixated on fired FBI Director James Comey’s prostitute allegations or journalists obsessed with President Trump’s use of the term “Mission Accomplished” for the U.S. strike against Syria.

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Vietnam: Some Great Shots - 2 Pages


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Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna of Imperial Russia, third daughter of Czar Nicholas II

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Simply beautiful.

Flashback: Vice President Joe Biden: No improper motive by feds at Waco, the Davidians “committed suicide”

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  Image result for waco deathe fire
Liberty Fight – by Martin Hill, May 31, 2010

Vice president of the United States Joe Biden, who proudly announced “I am a zionist” before taking office, blamed the Branch Davidians in Texas for the fire that took the lives of 76 men, women and children. In reviewing the excellent 1997 documentary  Waco: The Rules of Engagement last month on the 17th anniversary of the federal government orchestrated  massacre near Waco Texas, the final minutes of the film reveal Congressional testimony from the hearings on Waco in which Biden and a gaggle of other disgusting government apologists pronounce that the government was blameless in the entire ordeal. This despite the fact that the Davidian survivors who were charged with murder of federal agents afterwards were acquitted of all charges.

Identified on screen ‘Joseph R. Biden- U.S. Delaware’ , the current Vice President definitively stated “The record of the Waco incident documents mistakes. What the record from Waco does not evidence, however, is any improper motive or intent on the part of law enforcement. David Koresh and the Davidians set fire to themselves and committed suicide.The government -DID NOT- DO THAT”.

North Korea says it has suspended missile tests, will close nuclear test site

 North Korea missiles on parade (File)

In a startling development, North Korea said it has suspended nuclear and long-range missile tests and plans to close its nuclear test site.

The North's official Korean Central News Agency said the suspension of nuclear and ICBM tests went into effect Saturday.

The country says it's making the move to shift its national focus and improve its economy.

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Assange has ‘physical proof’ Russia didn’t hack DNC – Congressman

 Assange has ‘physical proof’ Russia didn’t hack DNC – Congressman
Russia did not provide WikiLeaks with Democratic National Committee emails during the 2016 US presidential campaign and Julian Assange has physical evidence to prove it, says a Republican congressman who met with him. 
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-California) visited the Ecuadorian embassy in London in August 2017 and met with Assange. He brought up that meeting on Wednesday evening’s episode of Breitbart Radio.

“By now, everybody knows that this idea that Trump was colluding with the Russians in order to get them to do things like steal the DNC emails and then release them through WikiLeaks, the public knows that’s just total baloney,” Rohrabacher said. “I knew the one man who could prove that it was all baloney was Assange. So I went to see him in London, and he confirmed for me that the Russians did not give him the DNC emails.”

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Poll: Hillary Clinton’s Popularity Has Plummeted Since Election

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 How fast the fall.

Hillary Clinton’s popularity has taken a sharp downward turn since the 2016 election, according to a poll released this week by The Wall Street Journal and NBC News.

The poll indicates that only 27 percent of those asked viewed her somewhat favorably — compared to 30 percent last August. An average of polls rated her favorability at 42.3 percent in November of 2016.

(William Mayo) Pippen House – New Price!

Pippen House – New Price!

The grand interior of this 5 bedroom, two-story Victorian home has spacious rooms, marble and slate fireplaces, beautiful moldings, heart pine floors, period light fixtures/chandeliers, built-ins, sunroom, 4 covered porches, patio, and fenced backyard on an 0.86 acre landscaped lot. This property is ready for you to move into and apply your personal touches at your own pace.

The Pippen House, also known locally as the Pippen-Staton House, is without question the finest example of post-Civil War Victorian Italianate architecture in Tarboro and the surrounding region.

Built by William Mayo Pippen (1830-1889), this large old mansion, unofficially known locally as “Pippen’s Palace”, sits on an unusually large lot which originally encompassed the entire block. Its elaborate design and similarities to the few other comparable North Carolina houses, especially in Raleigh, strongly suggest that G.S.H. Appleget was the architect and builder. He was one of North Carolina’s leading architects just after the Civil War, having moved to the state in 1869 after a successful career designing buildings in New York, Philadelphia and other large northern cities.

Appleget houses, if they still remain, are often the largest and finest of the Victorian houses in the older, wealthier towns and cities of central and eastern North Carolina.

How the EU could change the world through Data Asylum

 Image result for Facebook, and other tech companies, set up a fake International Head Quarters in Ireland to avoid paying US taxes.

Here's an interesting though(t) experiment.

The EU's new data privacy law is just about to come into effect (May 25th).

That law makes it very hard for Facebook and other services to collect data on individuals because it has a very high privacy standard.

That's a problem for Facebook and many other Internet companies. 

Facebook, and other tech companies, set up a fake International Head Quarters in Ireland to avoid paying US taxes.

However, since Ireland is part of the EU, all two billion plus Facebook users now fall under the EU's new data protection law (GDPR). 

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Sweden: To Be or Not To Be? Secular humanism, socialism and multiculturalism: The Swedish establishment’s war against Sweden


One of America’s favorite hymns was written by a Swedish pastor, Carl Gustaf Boberg, after witnessing an awesome thunder storm in 1886. We know that hymn, O Store Gud (O, Mighty God) as How Great Thou Art. Ninety years ago, in the late 1920’s, when the Swedish State Lutheran Church had begun losing its spiritual and moral influence because of advancing theological liberalism within, the “evangelical free churches” in Sweden were both numerically strong and influential. The evangelical free churches were vibrant, growing, and having a political and social impact as well as moral and spiritual influence. In the late 1920’s approximately 23 percent of the members of the Riksdag (Swedish National Parliament) were members of these evangelical free churches. Usually, the members of the evangelical free churches retained nominal membership in the Swedish State Lutheran Church. The modern and increasingly liberal Church of Sweden (Svenska Kyrkan), although no longer a state church, remains an important social and political force in Sweden.

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The pilot who landed the stricken Southwest flight had "nerves of steel."



New emails bolster GOP claims of FBI, DOJ 'coordination' on Clinton case response

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Image result for New emails bolster GOP claims of FBI, DOJ 'coordination' on Clinton case response

Emails reviewed by Fox News from February 2016 suggest the FBI and DOJ worked together to craft a response to a key development in the Hillary Clinton email investigation, amid newly raised Republican concerns about a “concerning level of coordination” between the two agencies during the probe.

The emails concern the period after 22 messages with "Top Secret" information were found on the former secretary of state's personal email server.

Republican Rep. Mark Meadows cited them in a letter earlier this week claiming former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony to Congress – in which he downplayed FBI-DOJ coordination on the Clinton case – may be at odds with documents suggesting “frequent” coordination.

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Flashback: McCabe Threatened to Take Everyone Down With Him If Charged.

Flashback: McCabe Threatened to Take Everyone Down With Him If Charged

 McCabe likely faces charges, may take Comey down with him
Ex-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe threatened to take down everyone else involved in FBI and DOJ corruption – including perhaps even ex-FBI Director James Comey – if he faces criminal charges, as Infowars reported in March.

That might happen very soon, as media outlets just reported that the Justice Dept. has sent a criminal referral regarding McCabe to the US attorney’s office.

Look back at our article from March 17, 2018:

Recently fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe said if he faces criminal prosecution, he’s going to take down everyone else involved in FBI and DoJ wrongdoing related to the Hillary Clinton email probe with him, according to reporter Sarah Carter.

More @ Infowars

The Marseillaise of the South Plays On, For Now


As the 2018 legislative session was winding down in Annapolis, the Senate passed a bill retiring the Old Line State’s Confederate call to arms, but that bill was to die in committee in the House of Delegates. So, once again, though “Carry Me Back to Old Virginny” has been archived, “My Old Kentucky Home,” “updated,” “Maryland! My Maryland!”—some would say miraculously—has been preserved verbatim despite the decades-long war that has been waged against it.

DOJ Inspector General Refers Andrew McCabe for Criminal Prosecution

 cting FBI Director Andrew McCabe testifies before the Senate Intelligence Committee with the other heads of the U.S. intelligence agencies in the Hart Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill May 11, 2017 in Washington, DC. The intelligence officials were questioned by the committee during the annual hearing about world wide threats to United States' security. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

The Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) has referred fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia for criminal prosecution, multiple reports indicated Thursday.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s investigation of McCabe’s involvement in leaks to the media concluded last month. The final report indicated three instances in which McCabe lied to investigators, prompting Attorney General Jeff Sessions to fire McCabe even before the report was released.

On Thursday, multiple outlets reported that Horowitz’s office also made a criminal referral based on McCabe’s conduct outlined in the report to the office of U.S. attorney Jessie Liu, the top federal prosecutor in the nation’s capital. In contrast to the headline-grabbing criminal referrals made by members of Congress, this type of referral is part of the DOJ’s standard operating procedure and stands a much better chance of resulting in actual criminal charges against McCabe.

It is unclear exactly when the referral was made, exactly which charges were recommended, or how it was received by Liu and her office.

After his firing, McCabe, making frequent appeals to President Trump’s opponents, managed to raise more than $400,000 for his legal defense fund, perhaps in anticipation of criminal prosecution.

The prospect of criminal prosecution for McCabe’s alleged “lack of candor” raises the prospect of a further showdown over the credibility of McCabe’s former boss, fired FBI Director James Comey.

The OIG reports that conclusions against McCabe rest largely on the two men’s designations of each other as liars based on how they relayed their discussions of the leak.

McCabe attorney, Michael Bromwich, has made it clear his defense will be based on calling into question the accuracy of Comey’s account. If McCabe is tried, Comey would likely be a material witness to his alleged crimes, creating the possibility the men’s dispute will have to play out in a court of law.

SIG Sauer P320 RX Unboxed at the Gun Counter

Ammo: Ignorance is bliss

 Conservatives piled on to Rep. Diana DeGette after she made a statement Tuesday that appeared to show a misunderstanding of how gun magazines work.



“What’s the efficacy of banning these magazine clips? I will tell you… these are ammunition, they’re bullets. So the people who have those now, they’re going to shoot them, so if you ban them in the future, the number of these high capacity magazines is going to decrease dramatically over time because the bullets will have been shot and there won’t be any more available.”
– Diana DeGette (Colorado Democrat Rep. )

Poll: White evangelical support for Trump at record high

Poll: White evangelical support for Trump at record high

White evangelical support for President Trump has reached a record high, according to a new poll by the Public Religion Research Institute.

Seventy-five percent of white evangelical respondents in the poll said they view Trump favorably, while just 22 percent said they view him unfavorably.

That marks a significant gap of more than 30 percentage points more than Trump’s favorability among the general population, which the survey found was at 42 percent.

More @ The Hill

Soros in Retreat: Billionaire’s University to Move from Budapest to Vienna

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After a sustained campaign against the influence of left-wing billionaire George Soros by the Hungarian government, Soros’s Central European University has announced its plans to move from Budapest to Vienna.

The Central European University (CEU) has come under fire from the Hungarian government which had previously claimed it was unfair that the institution was allowed to give out both Hungarian and U.S. diplomas while not operating a campus in the USA.

Now, the university has announced that it has plans to leave Budapest and move to neighbouring Austria where a new campus will be set up, Swedish radio broadcaster Sveriges Radio reports.

More @ Breitbart

Members Of Congress Call For Criminal Investigation Into Comey, Hillary, Lynch


On Wednesday, 11 members of Congress signed a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, FBI Director Chris Wray, and U.S. attorney John Huber asking them to conduct a criminal investigation into multiple members of the Obama administration.

"In doing so, we are especially mindful of the dissimilar degrees of zealousness that has marked the investigations into Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the presidential campaign of Donald Trump," the lawmakers wrote in a letter released by Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL).

A Conversation on Race

  Image result for A Conversation on Race — Paul Craig Roberts

I hope to take a few days off until next week, assuming Washington can refrain for a few days from orchestrating another fake or false flag event in order to justify another Washington war crime against Syria and another dangerous accusation against Russia or Iran. 

We often hear that we need a conversation on race. Considering that Americans are a brainwashed people living in a false history, such a conversation would resemble the one the Russians were expected to have with the British in regard to the Skripal poisoning: “Yes, we are guilty. We will pay reparations. Where would you like us to send Putin for trial?” In other words, the only acceptable race conversation in the US is one in which white people accept the accusation that they are racist and offer to make amends.

Considering that the only slavery experienced by any living black or white person is income tax slavery, race is an issue only because it has been orchestrated as an issue along with gender and sexual preference. These divisive issues are the products of Identity Politics spawned by cultural Marxism.

Farage: Soros, Blair attempt to force a second referendum has run into the ground


Nigel Farage has used his latest speech in the European Parliament to highlight his concern over the Brexit deal from a British perspective – but also to express his view that the attempt by George Soros, Tony Blair and others to make the British people vote again “has now run into the ground”.

Speaking in Strasbourg, Farage said: “The George Soros-funded attempt, headed up by Tony Blair and others, to get the British to have a second referendum, you know the old trick that was tried on Denmark and Ireland in the past, that has now run into the ground. There isn’t gonna be a second referendum and we are going to leave on the 29th March next year. The historic break is coming and once we’re a sovereign country once again we will be able to unpick this mess.

“So there’s more good news than bad news.”

More @ Westmonster

Mainstream Media Cuts General’s Mic As He Tells the Truth On Syrian Gas Attack


When a military general began asking why Syrian President Assad would intentionally attack his own people when the "Civil War" in his country is ending, his interview was abruptly cut short.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Modern Heresy


This case involves the alleged forcible rape by a slave of a white female. It should be kept in mind that the slave’s counsel were white trial lawyers, tried by white judges, and heard by white jurors. This case, which is not the exception in the South, puts to the lie the common narrative that slaves so accused would have been summarily lynched by a white mob. The trial judge’s instructions to the jury, in part, reads:
“It is true that the prisoner is of the African race and a slave, but, so far as this trial is concerned, he has the same rights as a white man. All the rules of law which would apply to a white man, if put upon his trial for the crime of rape, must apply in this case. The laws of this State affix the death penalty to the crime of rape, whether it be committed by a freeman or a slave, and the evidence which has been placed before you has been brought to the test of the same legal principles and submitted to you under the same rules of evidence as would be invoked and applied if a white man were upon his trial.”
These instructions dispel reams of academic lies that slaves were chattel property on the same level of livestock, without legal rights.

Essayist William Deresiewicz recently lamented that modern college students, and college life in general, have become “profoundly unintellectual.” The “snowflake” generation is the byproduct of educational institutionalization. Will this be on the test, and will I get a study guide? Deresiewicz should also indict the faculty and administration who encourage this “unintellectual” environment.

This results in a crop of students who know little more than platitudes, slogans, and chants, and who seek “safe spaces” to be free from ideas or subjects that may cause them “harm.” It might be easy to make fun of these snowflakes, but they have become emboldened by the academy itself and have taken aim at anyone who refuses to toe the modern politically correct line.

Marshall DeRosa has come under attack for doing just that.

Google Lawsuit: Hispanic Engineer Claims Company ‘Blacklisted’ Him for Political Views & 3 New Plaintiffs Join James Damore’s Discrimination Lawsuit Against Google

former Google employee Manuel Amador

Google Lawsuit: Hispanic Engineer Claims Company ‘Blacklisted’ Him for Political Views


Attorney General Josh Hawley of the state of Missouri issued an investigative subpoena to determine whether Google's actions violated state antitrust and consumer protection laws

Three New Plaintiffs Join James Damore’s Discrimination Lawsuit Against Google

Rep. Rokita Pushes to End Citibank’s Federal Contract After Finance Giant Pushes Corporate Gun Control

 New York City police officers stand guard outside a Citibank branch as protestors associated with the Occupy Wall Street movement march in midtown Manhattan to deliver letters to bank CEOs at their corporate headquarters, Friday, Oct. 28, 2011, in New York. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Rep. Todd Rokita (R-IN) is pushing to end Citibank’s federal contract after the finance giant adopted new gun policies that do not respect the Second Amendment.

Citibank currently enjoys a $700 billion contract with the General Services Administration (GSA), and Rokita is seeking to have that contract terminated.

More @ Breitbart

Nikki Haley’s Deputy Ambassador Led ‘Never Trump’ Movement, Launched Zuckerberg’s Open Borders Group


United Nations (U.N.) Deputy Ambassador Jon Lerner has deep ties to not only his longtime colleague and boss, U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, but also Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the failed “Never Trump” movement, and the pro-mass immigration billionaire GOP mega-donors the Koch brothers.

Lerner, 49, withdrew from consideration to become Vice President Mike Pence’s national security adviser after news broke that President Trump was reportedly livid that a key member of the Never Trump movement would be joining his White House.

Still, Lerner has squeezed his way into the administration he avidly fought against despite having no foreign policy experience, with a source telling the New York Times that the consultant will informally advise the White House on national security.

Nikki Haley and Never Trump Ties

More @ Breitbart

Mexico Agrees To Pay for Wall – Offering Emergency Deal To Close NAFTA Tariff Loophole…


Allow me to introduce:”SUPER-MAGA-NAFTA-WINNING

 This Reuters article is framed around Mexico making a surprise announcement they will support the U.S. steel tariff against China by shutting down the NAFTA back door on that specific trade segment….  However, the bigger story is Mexico’s admission/concession to the U.S. trade position that Canada and Mexico structure access to the U.S. market inside their trade deals with other nations.

With a Marxist about to win the July 1st election; and with certain nationalization of private industry soon to follow; and with free capital markets anticipating and responding by shifting investment into the U.S.; Mexico proposes to close the fatal flaw in NAFTA.


 Hunted, fished and worked with my 1st Cousin's Frankie and his brother James many a time.

TOWNSEND, Mr. John Franklin "Frankie" Jr., of King William, passed away Tuesday, April 17, 2018. Born on January 11, 1943, Frankie was a graduate of Ferrum College and attended Virginia Tech. He returned home to *Pampatike Farm , Inc., as owner/manage of the dairy farm.

*(The quote took place as Lee was leaving his first cousin's farm, Pampatike, Manquin, Virginia after a visit. He was responding to a question as to whether he should use whites or blacks as laborers. The farm has been in the Townsend family for over 100 years, and is currently owned by my Cousin Frankie. BT) 
I have always observed that wherever you find the Negro, everything is going down around him, and wherever you find the white man, you see everything around him improving."
to fellow Virginian Col. Thomas H. Carter, June, 1865

Society of Independent Southern Historians: Free Booklet: Understanding the War Between the States

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Google " Broward  County Promise Program " there's the problem 

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Wallet Raping Day - er, Tax Filing Deadline

To all you Leftist vermin who think that taxes should go up, how about - instead - you haul out your checkbooks and write a check:

Gifts to the United States
U.S. Department of the Treasury
Funds Management Branch
P.O. Box 1328
Parkersburg, WV 26106-1328
 And let me keep my damned money.  So I can buy more ammo against the day my Prophecy from Star Trek's Omega Glory turns into reality.

And I'm going to end every post with this from now on.  It's a do-or-die message.

I do not coexist with cancer; I do not find common ground with gangrene.  The Left must be fought and destroyed, or America dies.

Starbucks and the Race-Hustlers

 Via comment by Badger on Eric Holder to Help Starbucks Train Employees For ...


Another day, another boycott of Starbucks.  The coffee company has been singled out for everything from its "no firearms in the store" request to its support of redefining marriage to its declaration it would hire 10,000 "refugees" in response to President Trump's immigration agenda.

Unfortunately for Starbucks, its politically correct, feel-good social justice policies have hit a snag.  The corporation's liberal-leaning initiatives are not enough to keep Black Lives Matter agitators at bay.

NJ Sheriff and Former Chief Show Contempt for Oaths with 2nd Amendment Infringements


Extensive quotes from two New Jersey law enforcement officials leave little doubt that they would gladly support any and all citizen disarmament edicts. Opinions expressed by Bergen County Sheriff Michael Saudino and former Tenafly Police Chief Michael Bruno in Monday’s Pascack Press appear representative of predominant command attitudes in the Garden State. (Note the story is not online so there is no link to offer—I was sent a photo of the April 16 page 3 story “Mental health ‘highest priority’ for public, school safety” written by Michael Olohan. I have not received a response from the paper to an inquiry I sent them yesterday. This post will be updated if a link becomes available. )

Sheriff Saudino says it’s “fortunate” that New Jersey has draconian infringements and hopes to see them become a “model” for the rest of the country. And naturally, he repeats the same lie many prominent gun-grabbers offer while they’re doing the direct opposite of what they say.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

72 years after the ink dried on the parchment, the grandsons of the framers of the Constitution were shooting each other down


A review of Nullification and Secession in Modern Constitutional Thought. Sanford Levinson, ed. Lawrence, KS: University of Kansas Press, 2016.

The undead walk among us still, or so asserts Sanford Levinson, the editor of an important collection of essays on nullification and secession.  Levinson and company are as mainstream a group political scientists, law professors, and historians as one might wish for, and thus the importance of this collection.  For decades, nay more than a century, the respectable members of the academy assured the public that such heresies as nullification and secession were long ago consigned to the dustbin of history, forever buried with the appropriate wooden stake through the heart via Lee’s surrender at Appomattox.  Not so, say our contributors, and not just in these United States.  It seems that the forces and proponents of political consolidation throughout the globe are meeting with resistance, non-cooperation, material nullification, and even secession.  The contributors to this volume are to be commended for attempting to understand these phenomena, both historic and contemporary, with detachment and fairness, and all the more since it is clear few if any of the contributors have much sympathy with nullification, secession, or its modern day proponents. Furthermore, the essays contain many fine insights into some of the more problematic aspects of the American political order.

Rand Paul Says Syrian Gas Attack Was False Flag, or Assad is Dumbest Dictator on the Planet

Goodies From Ol' Remus


Wim Aalast explains Leighton's "God Speed" at The Epoch Times, 2012:
"In the scene, a knight clad in armor and ready to depart to war is leaving his beloved. She ties a red sash around his arm, which he is meant to return. This medieval custom—a superstition if you will—assured both parties that they would be reunited, alive and well. A griffin, symbol of strength and military courage, adorns the banister of the stairs that separate the couple".
Leighton was 47 when he painted God Speed, perhaps the best known of his medieval themed works. He lived until 1922. 


Francis Porretto offers this, in his essay, From The “You Will Be Made To Care” Files, at Liberty's Torch:
Leyden and Teixeira might eventually regret having stated their core position... It’s time we took them at their word. We in the Right must resolve to fight as they do: a outrance. There are no longer any rules. There certainly isn’t a threshold of incivility or cruelty that anyone need respect.
Vox Popoli takes a wider view in his essay, Physiognomy is more than real, at his blog:
So many people fail to understand that when I say the Alt-Right is inevitable, I am not merely engaging in rhetoric. I mean that quite literally and I am speaking in unvarnished dialectic. Just as communism is unviable because it denies economics and feminism is unviable because it denies biology, conservatism is unviable because it denies inequality. All of these unviable political identities have set themselves against science, history, and observable reality. Remember, the red pill is reality.

  All Outdoor - Incredible Anti-Gun Bill Introduced in Minnesota

Regents Park Police - These items were found during a #weaponSweep near #MackworthHouse #AugustasSt during #OpSceptre. Safely disposed and taken off the streets
art-remus-ident-04.jpg This is an actual police photo from a real police department in England. Not satire. Real.

 Greenfield, Front Page - Political operatives have now seized privileged communications between the President of the United States and his lawyer. Despite fairy tales about a clean process, these communications will be harvested by the counterparts of Peter Strzok, who unlike him are still on the case at the FBI, some of it will appear in the Washington Post and the New York Times, and some will be passed along to other political allies. The DOJ is the bluntest weapon in the D.C. arsenal and for the first time it’s been completely unleashed to undo the results of a presidential election. When control of the DOJ and FBI matters more than elections, then voters will be irrelevant and the Praetorian of D.C. will rule.