Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Fox Meet St. Nicholas (Uncle Remus)

Appropriate as my Nephew Bill gave me the CD below for Christmas.  I'm sure it will be wonderful and runs almost 6 hours.
Image result for uncle remus his songs and sayings mission audio 


On one fine evening, in which winter’s chill hung in the air and the stars sparkled merrily in the heavens above, a happy song of the season could be heard faintly weaving it’s way through the trees and rolling hills surrounding the humble home of Uncle Remus.

“Ho my Riley, in this happy Christmas time, the black folks shake their clothes, a hunting for a dime. Hi my rinktum! And then they shake their feet, and grease der se’f with the good ham meat. Ho my Riley! They eat and they cram, And by-and-by old Miss will be a’sending out the dram!”

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