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Memorial Day


A few goodies from Ol' Remus

1936. Migrant peafield workers on the road in California.
Migrant field hands typically made *two to two and a half dollars a day, about forty bucks in 2013 dollars. Said another way, a family of four able hands made around eight hundred dollars, equivalent, for five day's work.
*Daddy paid $5 for an average field hand per day and $6 for the best around 1961. I received $6, so I was kidded that I was only worth $5, but since I was Dr. T's son, I got $6!:) $5 then is worth $39
and $6 = $47 today.


 art-link-symbol-small-rev01.jpg The notion that the government is entitled to a certain portion of your wages before you even receive your paycheck is a direct contradiction of the most basic tenet of liberty: private property.  It is no exaggeration to say that once Congress was granted the power to levy an unlimited tax upon incomes, its members assumed the power to render every American under absolute tyranny, says Todd Keister in this article, The IRS: Destroying Liberty Since before You Were Born, at American Thinker.

Bystander in Chief Obama - His brief legislative career was about voting "present" because he prefers to be absent when accountability knocks... He reemerges only after the shooting stops and the smoke clears: gnosis personified, here to diagnose our failings. He is not a commander-in-chief for the battle but the armchair general of the post mortem.
Andrew McCarthy at 

 Suddenly, the same mainstream press that for a half-decade had served as Barack Obama’s hagiographers, water carriers, bootlickers, lawn jockeys, shoeshine boys, livery drivers, toadies, stooges, and secret election committee…the same ones who’d dismissed all criticism of their big-eared saint as smelly hillbilly racism…the same ones who’d previously scoffed at the New Black Panthers case, Fast and Furious, and Benghazi as Republican-manufactured piffle…suddenly, it seemed as if Obama had flashed his fangs and bit them on the buttocks, leading them to act like teenage girls whose lover had cheated on them.
Takimag at 

In the end, the Soviet economy was so utterly fraudulent that the final breakdown of the system came as a complete surprise to many in political and economic fields of the era.  This is what happens when governments control all source data for financial statistics; transparency dies and collapse creeps in.
Brandon Smith at

40 'Frightening' Facts On The Fall Of The US Economy

Via NC Renegade

 National Debt

If you know someone that actually believes that the U.S. economy is in good shape, just show them the statistics in this article.  When you step back and look at the long-term trends, it is undeniable what is happening to us.  We are in the midst of a horrifying economic decline that is the result of decades of very bad decisions.  30 years ago, the U.S. national debt was about one trillion dollars. 

Today, it is almost 17 trillion dollars.  40 years ago, the total amount of debt in the United States was about 2 trillion dollars.  Today, it is more than 56 trillion dollars.  At the same time that we have been running up all of this debt, our economic infrastructure and our ability to produce wealth has been absolutely gutted.  Since 2001, the United States has lost more than 56,000 manufacturing facilities and millions of good jobs have been shipped overseas.  Our share of global GDP declined from 31.8 percent in 2001 to 21.6 percent in 2011.  The percentage of Americans that are self-employed is at a record low, and the percentage of Americans that are dependent on the government is at a record high.  The U.S. economy is a complete and total mess, and it is time that we faced the truth.

The following are 40 statistics about the fall of the U.S. economy that are almost too crazy to believe...

#1 Back in 1980, the U.S. national debt was less than one trillion dollars.  Today, it is rapidly approaching 17 trillion dollars...

More @ Zero Hedge

“They whipped mrs. R”


North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial
“The Official Website of the North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission”

“they whipped mrs. r”

Chester, South Carolina, [February]. 27, 1865

“My Darling Sister,  I am so rejoiced to be able to once more write you though it is more than probable this letter may never reach its destination. Every day we were in hourly expectation of a visit from Sherman’s troops. When Columbia was evacuated they sent all the Government stores to this place….The Treasury Department went through to Charlotte. I saw a good many of the girls….only stayed a few hours and were very anxious for me to go to North Carolina….. 

I must tell you some of the outrages the Yankees have committed around here. An old man by the name of Brice lived in Fairfield District….The Yankees hung him because he would not tell where he had hid his money and silver.  They robbed every house they passed, burnt a great many.  They have burnt Tom Boulware’s and some houses near there, burnt Mary S. DeG’s gin house, cribs, etc., and took two watches and some other things from here. 

They stripped old Mrs. R., Kate’s mother, and whipped her, destroyed everything Mrs. N. Beckham had to eat and the Boulware’s and Watson’s, I hear, are living off the  corn left by our cavalry men in the woods.  It has been some time since I have had as comfortable a night’s rest as I had last night….

Wheeler’s men killed sixteen Yanks I hear in retaliation for whipping Mrs. R.  Oh Ann, I do think the idea of a Lady’s being stripped and whipped by those villains is outrageous, the most awful thing I have heard of.  Oh Annie, is it not awful to see the way our people are suffering and the sin that is committed…..I just know people cannot die from fear…..” 

(When Sherman Came: Southern Women and the “Great March,” Katherine M. Jones, Bobbs-Merrill, 1964, pp. 229-230) 


St. George Tucker, Who Wrote the First Commentary on the Constitution in 1803, Gave this Explanation of Nullification:

“The Federal Government is the creature of the States.  It is not a party to the Constitution, but the result of it – the creation of that agreement which was made by the States as parties.  It is a mere agent, entrusted with limited powers for certain objects; which powers and objects are enumerated in the Constitution.  Shall the agent be permitted to judge of the extent of his own powers, without reference to his constituent?”
Nullification was viewed by those who wrote our Constitution as the final resort and rightful remedy of the States and their citizens to prevent the federal government from exceeding the limits of its constitutionally-mandated power and, thereby, stealing our rights and our freedoms.”  
--Mike Maharrey, “The Rightful Remedy and Our Last Hope”

Labors of love, Confederate that is
Hey Brock,
Pam and I just finished the annual Memorial day place new flags on CSA vets here in the county. We have always been aware that Confederate Memorial Day isn't "Memorial Day" proper, but, since the late great Mayor here Eddie Ryan proclaimed May to always  be Confederate Memorial Month back in  2002, Pam and I just always place them on Memorial weekend. More folks get to see  them and you get the chance to educate some people now and then.
We were please to see that flags we placed just before winter(we try and keep the graves flagged all year round as you know) were still on the graves. A few years back that would not been the case. 
We did find one stone toppled over but with the aid of a Swiss army knife, a short board, and the scissor  jack from the van, Pam and I  managed to right it and reset it in just over an hour. Not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination  and had we known it had been tipped over we would have taken proper tools. But, we agreed Confederate Injunutiy  (spelled wrong purposely) was equal or better than damnyankee ingenuity, and we stuck with it and got it set right.
I  am ashamed to say that some person or persons unknown had toppled at least 25 other headstones as well. Some people have no respect for the living or the dead.
We did miss one CSA vets grave simply because of back waters still being out and we couldn’t get to it. We will get one on his grave when water allows.
So here is the list of venerable vets here in this county Kindness of Gale Red past division Cmdr SCV IL Div.
With warmest regards, still stuck behind enemy lines in illannoy,
T Pam, and Mayme

Charlottesville Cemetery, RR#3 Lawrenceville:

MATTHEWS, James A., Pvt., Co. B 1st Bolter’s KY Cavalry, CSA, b. 22 Sep 1844 (KY), d. Oct 1920, G 2, East part, GHS

Derr Cemetery, Pinkstaff:

MEDLIN, John, Pvt., No company shown, 23rd NC Infantry, b. 15 Jul 1839 (NC), d. 26 Feb 1874

MEDLIN, Joseph Ashley, Pvt., Co. A, 48th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 1 Oct 1841 (NC), d. 26 Oct 1874

LEWIS, David, Probably – Pvt. Co. C, Ist Battalion TN Infantry, b. 7 Sep 1847 (IL), d. 14 Mar 1925, (Brother Francis Marion Lewis was Pvt. Co. C, 63rd IL Inf.)

Lawrenceville Cemetery, Lawrenceville:

GLENN, Robert A., 2Lt., Co. I, 22nd NC Infantry, CSA, b.12 Aug 1842 (KY), d. 3 Jun 1928
(Enlisted from Randolph Co., NC 5 Jun 1861 – captured at Fredricksburg, VA 13 Dec 1862 – Subsequently exchanged and promoted to LT . 1 Aug 1863. Captured again at Jericho Mills, VA 23 May 1864.)

MURRAY, John, Army, Conf., (no dates or other information)

(Sand Ridge) May Chapel Cemetery, Lawrenceville:

EAGLE, James C., Corp., Co. B, 21st Battalion VA Infantry, CSA, b. 9 Jun 1837, d. 7 May 1918
(21st and 29th VA Infantry Battalions formed the 64th Regt. VA Mounted Infantry)

HARVEY, Prior, Pvt., Co. C, 12th (Day’s) TN Cavalry Battalion, CSA, b. 1836 (TN), d. 23 Mar 1879

Pollard Cemetery, RR#3 Lawrenceville:

PORTER, Zenas Gilliam, Pvt., Co. K, 48th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 1842 (NC), d. 1885, East Side Old Part (Enlisted on 8 Aug 1862 at Davidson Co., NC where he was a farmer. He was captured near Petersburg, VA on 27 Oct 1864, and was released at Point Lookout, VA on May 15 1865.)

Price Cemetery, Russellville:

HALL, Thomas, Pvt., Co. E, 2nd Reg. KY Infantry, CSA, b. Oct 1844 (KY), d. btw. 1900-1910

MCCARTER, Alexander Hamilton, Pvt., Co. D 2nd TX Cavalry, b. 7 Aug 1834 (IL), d. 1 Aug 1935

Sand Ridge Cemetery, (Mefford family farm), Lawrenceville:

MEFFORD, George Washington, Pvt., Co. E, 5th KY Cavalry, b. 7 May 1843 (KY), d. 8 Oct 1896 (Flat Rock)

Bridgeport City Cemetery, Bridgeport::

JENNER, Edward J., physician, , Army, Conf., b. 6 Jan 1846 (IL), d. 22 Mar 1907

Sumner City Cemetery, Sumner:

GARY, Andrew J., Pvt., Co. I, 18thTX Infantry (Ochiltree’s), CSA, b. 2 Sep 1844, d. 16 Aug. 193

Oh, goodie: McCain Makes Secret Trip to Syria to Visit Rebels

 Image: McCain Makes Secret Trip to Syria to Visit Rebels

As least he will do less damage here while he is gone.  Here we go again, putting our noses in other people's business.

Republican Sen. John McCain has quietly slipped into Syria for a meeting with Syrian rebels.

Spokeswoman Rachel Dean confirms the Arizona Republican made the visit after it was reported by The Daily Beast. She declined further comment about the trip.

The visit took place amid meetings in Paris involving efforts to secure participation of Syria's fractured opposition in an international peace conference in Geneva.

Two years of violence in Syria has killed more than 70,000 people. President Barack Obama has demanded that Syrian President Bashar Assad leave power, while Russia has stood by Syria, its closest ally in the Arab world.

McCain has been a leading proponent of arming the rebels and other aggressive military steps against the Assad regime. He has criticized Obama administration policy there while stopping short of backing U.S. ground troops in Syria.

McCain met with leaders of Free Syrian Army units, who called on the United States to step up its support for the opposition. The rebels asked for “heavy weapons, a no-fly zone, and airstrikes on the Syrian regime and the forces of Hezbollah,” The Daily Beast reported.

More @ Newsmax

War memorial vandalised, mosque firebombed and ugly clashes on the street: Tensions rise after slaughter of British soldier

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 Message: This image shows the word 'Islam' daubed on the Animals In War Memorial, but police are not sure if it was carried out by Muslim protesters or far-right groups trying to stir up trouble

  • Help for Heroes rejects money raised for it by English Defence League
  • Said it did not want the charity to be used for 'political purposes'
  • Thugs sprayed the word 'Islam' across two war memorials
  • Bomber Command Memorial and Animals In War Memorial vandalised
  • Mosque fire-bombed in wake of Lee Rigby's execution in Woolwich
  • 1,000 EDL chant, sing and march from Trafalgar Square to Downing Street 
  •  Thugs sprayed the word ‘Islam’ across two war memorials in a provocative vandalism attack yesterday.

    Memorials to members of RAF Bomber Command and animals killed at war were targeted in London, as police forces across the country dealt with a spate of ugly attacks fuelled by hatred after soldier Lee Rigby’s murder.

    One charity claimed that more than 200 attacks on Muslims had been reported to police since the brutal killing, while Help for Heroes said it would not accept any money raised for it by the English Defence League, saying it did not want to be used for ‘political purposes’.
  • More @ Daily Mail
  • Body in N.C. motel linked to Texas shooting spree; Marine involved


    A body found in a North Carolina motel has been linked to a shooting spree across two Texas counties that ended with a woman dead, five people injured and the gunman killed in a firefight, authorities said Monday.

    Texas police identified the suspect as a 23-year-old North Carolina resident, but did not release his name. A spokesman for Camp Lejeune in North Carolina said a 23-year-old Marine was connected in both incidents but did not provide further details, NBC station WITN reported.

    The military spokesman said the discovery of a dead woman in the Sunset Inn in Jacksonville on Sunday was tied to the incident 1,500 miles away in Concho County, Texas, earlier that day.

     More @ US News

    Rand Paul demands answers on drones


    'I don't want them watching us everywhere we are'

    Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., told radio host Aaron Klein that the Obama administration may have made promises about drones over U.S. soil, but “there still exists a question” on exactly how the White House does plan to use the unmanned, armed vehicles.

    “There is a difference between being in combat and not being in combat,” Paul told Klein. “For example, if you’re an American and you’re in Afghanistan and you’re fighting with the Taliban and you’re shooting at us, there’s not going to be any due process in that situation. … You fire back.

    “The question is: What happens when you’re not involved in combat, but you’re thought to be conspiring to attack the United States?”

    Paul was speaking Sunday on “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” on New York’s WABC Radio.

    “I personally would prefer a type of scenario where we try people for treason,” Paul suggested.

    “There are Americans who have gone to the other side, but so we know that there is a process in place to determine their innocence or guilt, I would try them for treason. If they don’t come home, I would try them in abstentia. But I would have some kind of process other than flash cards and PowerPoint to determine who’s innocent and who’s guilty.”

    More @ WND

    Rep. McCaul: Obama Ignoring Terror Threat to Homeland

    Image: Rep. McCaul: Obama Ignoring Terror Threat to Homeland

    Republican Rep. Michael McCaul of Texas said President Barack Obama's speech on counterterrorism last week was "disturbing" in that it ignored threats to the homeland while continuing a narrative that al-Qaida has been greatly diminished.

    McCaul, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, said Obama's rhetoric "defies the reality in terms of the threat level that we've all been briefed on."

    The president has decided on a narrative that al Qaida is on the run and defeated and that the United States can declare victory and return to a pre-9/11 mentality, McCaul said on CNN's "State of the Union" on Sunday.

    McCaul said that while the core of al Qaida has been "denigrated tremendously," Obama diminishes the threat to the homeland.

    "Al Qaida has evolved into a franchise global movement, if you will, that inspires and also is very tactical," McCaul said. Evidence of their work has been seen in Egypt, Libya and Syria, and Jordan and Saudi Arabia could be next, he said.

    More @ Newsmax

    Some Dead Things To Memorialize on Memorial Day

    Via SHNV

    On this Memorial Day it is appropriate to memorialize a number of long-dead American institutions (RIP). The first would be the main principles of the Declaration of Independence, beginning with the notion that governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed. The Lincoln administration destroyed that principle long ago when it responded to the withdrawal of consent by eleven Southern states by waging total war on their civilian populations for four long years, killing as many as 400,000 Southerners according to the latest research, while bombing, burning, and looting Southern cities and towns.

    The Declaration of Independence also declared in its closing paragraphs that the states were "free and independent" of any other government. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! At the time, "free and independent states" meant that Virginia, Massachusetts, New York, etc. were considered to be free and independent states in the same sense that Great Britain, France and Spain were free and independent states. 

    Treason in the U.S. Constitution is defined as "only" levying war upon the states, or giving aid and comfort to THEIR enemies. This of course is exactly what the Lincoln regime did, while redefining treason to mean exactly the opposite of what it means in the Constitution: opposition to the federal government.

    More @ WND

    Hoarded Ducks See Water For The First Time

    Via Cousin Colby

    IRS Scandal Seen Having a Chilling Effect on Audits

    The blossoming IRS scandal may be welcomed by Americans who hope to avoid the unblinking eye of the national tax agency, as the last time the IRS was in such a public mess, tax audits fell by 50 percent, according to MarketWatch.

    After 1998, when Congressional hearings led to criticism and a reorganization of the IRS, audits subsequently fell to 620,000 in 2000, and the share of taxpayers audited dropped to 0.5 percent from 1 percent.

    During that time of reform, IRS employees were wary of being reprimanded for taking enforcement actions, MarketWatch reported.

    Scientist Corrects Gullible Reporter: ‘Climate Change’ Not Causing More Tornadoes


    “It seems like there’s been more severe weather, it seems, it just feels like hurricanes are getting worse. Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast. This tornado now has killed 24 people in the town of Moore. Do you think that more severe storms are becoming the norm, and do you think that they are directly related to climate change?”

    Tanamachi answered that this was not the case whatsoever and that people who thought otherwise were likely being influenced by the media’s continual reporting on weather events:
    Well the statistics don’t bear that assertion out. What we’re finding is that people’s perception is that severe weather has increased. That perception is largely based on media presentation and that an event like the Moore tornado is now broadcast worldwide within moments of its occurence. And so it can seem more local to people than it is.
    But as far as the number of tornadoes, we haven’t been able to discern an increasing trend. As far as the number of hurricanes, we haven’t been able to discern a really solid increasing trend with that. So it’s just a matter of people being aware of those events when they occur and being aware of them almost immediately after they happen.
     Complete article @ NewsBusters

    Memorial Day weekend violence erupts across city of Chicago


    We are all surprised, I am sure.......

    At least 17 people have been shot over the Memorial Day weekend, and six of them died. 

    The most recent victim was a man shot on the Near North Side just before 3 a.m. Sunday. Chicago police say the 42-year-old victim was shot in the head in the 1000-block of North Branch Street.

    Another man died after he was shot in the head in a possible drive-by Saturday night in the 7300-block of South Dorchester.

    Among the other victims was Leetema Daniels, 17, who was shot in the head Friday night in the 400-block of North Central Avenue.

    More @ ABC

    Underwater in Israel


    ‘US officer killed in apparent ambush’

    Via Steven Peter 

     Area police officers salute as the body of slain Police Officer Jason Ellis is brought for an autopsy by the Kentucky Medical Examiner, May 25, 2013.

     Police Officer Jason Ellis, 33, was found dead on an exit ramp in north central Kentucky early Saturday morning, the Courier-Journal daily reported on Sunday.

    According to the Kentucky State Police, Ellis was fatally shot when he had stopped to remove debris deliberately placed on the roadway.

    Kentucky State Police spokesperson, Master Trooper Norman Chaffins said at a press conference, “Someone planned this, and someone planned to shoot someone at that spot and at that time.”

    The 33-year-old was found lying outside his police cruiser after the police received a call about an accident involving a Bardstown police officer on the ramp.

    The emergency lights of Ellis’s vehicle were still on and when a trooper arrived at the scene he “quickly noticed that this was no traffic accident,” Chaffins said.

    More @ Press TV