Monday, May 27, 2013

‘US officer killed in apparent ambush’

Via Steven Peter 

 Area police officers salute as the body of slain Police Officer Jason Ellis is brought for an autopsy by the Kentucky Medical Examiner, May 25, 2013.

 Police Officer Jason Ellis, 33, was found dead on an exit ramp in north central Kentucky early Saturday morning, the Courier-Journal daily reported on Sunday.

According to the Kentucky State Police, Ellis was fatally shot when he had stopped to remove debris deliberately placed on the roadway.

Kentucky State Police spokesperson, Master Trooper Norman Chaffins said at a press conference, “Someone planned this, and someone planned to shoot someone at that spot and at that time.”

The 33-year-old was found lying outside his police cruiser after the police received a call about an accident involving a Bardstown police officer on the ramp.

The emergency lights of Ellis’s vehicle were still on and when a trooper arrived at the scene he “quickly noticed that this was no traffic accident,” Chaffins said.

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  1. Probing the response or ramdom violence?

    Either way I'm curious to know who it was.

    1. Either way I'm curious to know who it was.

      Me too.

  2. "Every year, more than 30,000 people are shot and killed in the US."

    "The US averages 87 gun deaths each day as a function of gun violence, with an average of 183 injured, according to the University of Chicago Crime Lab and the Centers for Disease Control."


    2 of the last 3 paragraphs of the story. Media bias, anyone?

  3. This guy was the only K-9 officer in Bardstown Ky. He was known to be a highly aggressive cop who liked to skirt the constitution. Maybe he pissed on(or off)the wrong people? The local news here in KY. says that the K.S.P.(Kentucky State Police) report this was a "Multi person ambush" using 12ga shotguns. No word on the guys dog.

  4. No sympathy for the LE here from me.
    He should have chosen a safer profession. I quit carry concealed cayy because I am now more afeared of the LEOs than I am the crooks. The LEOs can shoot and kill you and get away with it, and with the ignorance and propagandized trained of the LEOs today, they are more violent than the crooks. I'm not wishing him bad luck(he's already got that), nor am I glad it happened to him. I simply have no use, no confidence and no respect for anyone wearing a uniform. It's a different world out there today from what I was taught in respecting people. Respecting people today can get you shot!

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur

    1. I have never had the slightest problem with them,in fact they have been courteous at all times, but they are small town/country cops.

    2. That's 'cuz they know you is a rebel terrist who has many acres and a backhoe.


  5. US officer? It was a local Bardstown cop. I'm curious why you wrote the title that way.

  6. The story makes it seem like this happens hundreds of times every day...a cop gets whacked.

    Bullshit. It does not.

    I read somewhere on the intardnets recently that something like 700-800 truck drivers died on the road last year.

    So...In a year's time, more dumb-ass truck drivers like me died while on duty than friggin' cops?

    Yep...I can purty much damn near guarantee it.

    Will I get a state funeral if I buy the farm whilst on duty?

    I doubt it....but I should.

    I mean...who does more cooler crap for guy who makes sure your grocery store has pizza and ice cream, or a cop?

    Think about it...

    I rest my case.


    1. Ice cream and pizza is good, but you've got to throw in beer, then you'll have my vote.:)

    2. I gotta bring the beer too? Johnny Rebs ain't never sastified.

    3. We's require more from Yankees because of the Late Unpleasantness........:)You know, kinda like reparations.:)

  7. Oh yeah? Well...we wonned, so we gets to make the rules. Graybacks gotta bring the beer. It's Federal law.

    1. Look, you bring the beer and I'll furnish the barbecue, 'cause Yankees can't compete with the eastern NC kind, but your Pabst will do.:)