Monday, May 27, 2013

War memorial vandalised, mosque firebombed and ugly clashes on the street: Tensions rise after slaughter of British soldier

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 Message: This image shows the word 'Islam' daubed on the Animals In War Memorial, but police are not sure if it was carried out by Muslim protesters or far-right groups trying to stir up trouble

  • Help for Heroes rejects money raised for it by English Defence League
  • Said it did not want the charity to be used for 'political purposes'
  • Thugs sprayed the word 'Islam' across two war memorials
  • Bomber Command Memorial and Animals In War Memorial vandalised
  • Mosque fire-bombed in wake of Lee Rigby's execution in Woolwich
  • 1,000 EDL chant, sing and march from Trafalgar Square to Downing Street 
  •  Thugs sprayed the word ‘Islam’ across two war memorials in a provocative vandalism attack yesterday.

    Memorials to members of RAF Bomber Command and animals killed at war were targeted in London, as police forces across the country dealt with a spate of ugly attacks fuelled by hatred after soldier Lee Rigby’s murder.

    One charity claimed that more than 200 attacks on Muslims had been reported to police since the brutal killing, while Help for Heroes said it would not accept any money raised for it by the English Defence League, saying it did not want to be used for ‘political purposes’.
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    1. I read the Daily Mail comments. They don't get it, do they? Sadly, it's the same here. What will it take to wake them up....

      1. I just checked the first page, but there the majority were against the Muslims. My favorite:

        Lots of negative emotive words to describe the EDL! Remind me again who is beheading solidiers in the street?

        Yuman , Treasure Island, United Kingdom, 27/5/2013 16:39
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    2. We need to expel the muslims for England and Europe one more time and if they are allowed to come back we need to write them both off.

      1. You'll get approval from me, that is for sure.