Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day weekend violence erupts across city of Chicago


We are all surprised, I am sure.......

At least 17 people have been shot over the Memorial Day weekend, and six of them died. 

The most recent victim was a man shot on the Near North Side just before 3 a.m. Sunday. Chicago police say the 42-year-old victim was shot in the head in the 1000-block of North Branch Street.

Another man died after he was shot in the head in a possible drive-by Saturday night in the 7300-block of South Dorchester.

Among the other victims was Leetema Daniels, 17, who was shot in the head Friday night in the 400-block of North Central Avenue.

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  1. Good thing gun control works.

  2. I firmly believe that if and when tshtf, those of us who live outside the major metro areas will never need to worry about the thugs in the cities spilling into our streets. They'll kill each other off before they ever get out of the outer Interstate loop and
    the ones that survive will be out of ammo.

    If any of them do show up they'll be ridin' in '83 Impalas with 22's on them and toting 9 mm's with about 50 rounds of ammo to the car. The good ole boys that meet them outside of town will be in 4wd pickups, proped up on the hood with 308's .30-06's and .223's.

    1. The mexican cartels will organize them. I think that scenario could potentially be very bad.

    2. They can burn that corrupt town down for all I care. It ain't Tony Bennett's Chicago anymore.