Monday, May 27, 2013

Labors of love, Confederate that is
Hey Brock,
Pam and I just finished the annual Memorial day place new flags on CSA vets here in the county. We have always been aware that Confederate Memorial Day isn't "Memorial Day" proper, but, since the late great Mayor here Eddie Ryan proclaimed May to always  be Confederate Memorial Month back in  2002, Pam and I just always place them on Memorial weekend. More folks get to see  them and you get the chance to educate some people now and then.
We were please to see that flags we placed just before winter(we try and keep the graves flagged all year round as you know) were still on the graves. A few years back that would not been the case. 
We did find one stone toppled over but with the aid of a Swiss army knife, a short board, and the scissor  jack from the van, Pam and I  managed to right it and reset it in just over an hour. Not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination  and had we known it had been tipped over we would have taken proper tools. But, we agreed Confederate Injunutiy  (spelled wrong purposely) was equal or better than damnyankee ingenuity, and we stuck with it and got it set right.
I  am ashamed to say that some person or persons unknown had toppled at least 25 other headstones as well. Some people have no respect for the living or the dead.
We did miss one CSA vets grave simply because of back waters still being out and we couldn’t get to it. We will get one on his grave when water allows.
So here is the list of venerable vets here in this county Kindness of Gale Red past division Cmdr SCV IL Div.
With warmest regards, still stuck behind enemy lines in illannoy,
T Pam, and Mayme

Charlottesville Cemetery, RR#3 Lawrenceville:

MATTHEWS, James A., Pvt., Co. B 1st Bolter’s KY Cavalry, CSA, b. 22 Sep 1844 (KY), d. Oct 1920, G 2, East part, GHS

Derr Cemetery, Pinkstaff:

MEDLIN, John, Pvt., No company shown, 23rd NC Infantry, b. 15 Jul 1839 (NC), d. 26 Feb 1874

MEDLIN, Joseph Ashley, Pvt., Co. A, 48th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 1 Oct 1841 (NC), d. 26 Oct 1874

LEWIS, David, Probably – Pvt. Co. C, Ist Battalion TN Infantry, b. 7 Sep 1847 (IL), d. 14 Mar 1925, (Brother Francis Marion Lewis was Pvt. Co. C, 63rd IL Inf.)

Lawrenceville Cemetery, Lawrenceville:

GLENN, Robert A., 2Lt., Co. I, 22nd NC Infantry, CSA, b.12 Aug 1842 (KY), d. 3 Jun 1928
(Enlisted from Randolph Co., NC 5 Jun 1861 – captured at Fredricksburg, VA 13 Dec 1862 – Subsequently exchanged and promoted to LT . 1 Aug 1863. Captured again at Jericho Mills, VA 23 May 1864.)

MURRAY, John, Army, Conf., (no dates or other information)

(Sand Ridge) May Chapel Cemetery, Lawrenceville:

EAGLE, James C., Corp., Co. B, 21st Battalion VA Infantry, CSA, b. 9 Jun 1837, d. 7 May 1918
(21st and 29th VA Infantry Battalions formed the 64th Regt. VA Mounted Infantry)

HARVEY, Prior, Pvt., Co. C, 12th (Day’s) TN Cavalry Battalion, CSA, b. 1836 (TN), d. 23 Mar 1879

Pollard Cemetery, RR#3 Lawrenceville:

PORTER, Zenas Gilliam, Pvt., Co. K, 48th NC Infantry, CSA, b. 1842 (NC), d. 1885, East Side Old Part (Enlisted on 8 Aug 1862 at Davidson Co., NC where he was a farmer. He was captured near Petersburg, VA on 27 Oct 1864, and was released at Point Lookout, VA on May 15 1865.)

Price Cemetery, Russellville:

HALL, Thomas, Pvt., Co. E, 2nd Reg. KY Infantry, CSA, b. Oct 1844 (KY), d. btw. 1900-1910

MCCARTER, Alexander Hamilton, Pvt., Co. D 2nd TX Cavalry, b. 7 Aug 1834 (IL), d. 1 Aug 1935

Sand Ridge Cemetery, (Mefford family farm), Lawrenceville:

MEFFORD, George Washington, Pvt., Co. E, 5th KY Cavalry, b. 7 May 1843 (KY), d. 8 Oct 1896 (Flat Rock)

Bridgeport City Cemetery, Bridgeport::

JENNER, Edward J., physician, , Army, Conf., b. 6 Jan 1846 (IL), d. 22 Mar 1907

Sumner City Cemetery, Sumner:

GARY, Andrew J., Pvt., Co. I, 18thTX Infantry (Ochiltree’s), CSA, b. 2 Sep 1844, d. 16 Aug. 193

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