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Dixie and H.K. at the conclusion of the H.L. Hunley Funeral/Parade, April 17 2004
While this letter to the editor will most likely never see the light of day, I nonetheless believe that I posed an interesting question which we would all do well to reflect upon.

Ever notice how those who hate what we love, or who accuse us of possessing some of the worst traits in human nature, will oftentimes complain about "divisiveness" and say that they want "unity" with us or want to be "together" with us?
Reverend Vines’ opposition to the display of Confederate flags and his statement that “we need things to bring us together,” brings up an interesting question. It is clear to me at least that Reverend Vines disdains the things that are important to us and that in doing so, he disdains us. That said, why would he be looking for “things to bring us together”? When you dislike someone, the last thing you want is to be “together” with them. Most normal folks would like to stay as far away as they can from someone they dislike. Yet, Reverend Vines wants ‘togetherness’? The answer is quite simple actually. Reverend Vines and those like him don’t want togetherness with us, they want CONTROL over us! There’s a big difference between the two. C’mon Reverend, stop shoveling the bull and say what you really mean.
Bill Vallante
Commack NY
Sons of Confederate Veterans (Associate Member, Camps 3000, 2086, 1961)

Rise of Flight - Handley Page O/400 Bomber

Potatoes Only?

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"Dr. Hindhede discovered that potato protein is high quality, providing all essential amino acids and high digestibility. Potato protein alone is sufficient to sustain an athletic man (although that doesn't make it optimal). A subsequent potato feeding study published in 1927 confirmed this finding (17). Two volunteers, a man and a woman, ate almost nothing but potatoes, lard and butter for 5.5 months. The man was an athlete but the woman was sedentary. Body weight and nitrogen balance (reflecting protein gain/loss from the body) remained constant throughout the experiment, indicating that their muscles were not atrophying at any appreciable rate, and they were probably not putting on fat. The investigators remarked:
The digestion was excellent throughout the experiment and both subjects felt very well. They did not tire of the uniform potato diet and there was no craving for change."

President Jefferson Davis, Died 6 December 1889

Jefferson Davis funeral
Jefferson Davis Funeral
Richmond, Virginia - May 31, 1893
Richmonders lined the streets to watch the procession and over twenty thousand gathered at Hollywood Cemetery to witness the burial
“The lamp of life waned low as the hour of midnight arrived; nor did it flicker into the brightness of consciousness at any time. Eagerly, yet tenderly, the watchers gazed at the face of the dying chieftain. His face, always calm and pale, gained additional pallor, and at a quarter to 1 o’clock of the morning of the 6th day of December death came to the venerable leader.

There was nothing remarkable about the death-bed scene. The departure of the spirit was gentle and utterly painless. There were no dry eyes in the little assembly about the bed, and every heart bled with the anguish which found vent in Mrs. Davis’s sobs and cries.”

The Times-Democrat gave the following account of the closing scene: At 12:45 o’clock this morning Hon. Jefferson Davis, ex-President of the Confederate States, passed away at the residence of Associate Justice Charles E. Fenner. Only once did he waver in his belief that his case showed no improvement, and that was at an early hour yesterday morning, when he playfully remarked to Mr. Payne: “I am afraid that I shall be compelled to agree with the doctors for once, and admit that I am a little better.” At 7 o’clock Mrs. Davis administered some medicine, but the ex-President declined to receive the whole dose. She urged upon his the necessity of taking the remainder, but putting it aside, with the gentlest of gestures whispered,

“Pray, excuse me.” These were his last words.”

The Daily States said in its editorial:

“Throughout all the South there are lamentations and tears; in every country on the globe where there are lovers of liberty there is mourning; wherever there are men who admire heroic patriotism, dauntless resolution, fortitude, or intellectual power and supremacy, there is sincere sorrowing. The beloved of our land, the unfaltering upholder of constitutional liberty…is no more…” “Jefferson Davis is dead; but the principles for which he struggled, for the vindication of which he devoted his life, for which he suffered defeat, and unto which he clung unto death, still live. The fanatical howlings of the abolitionists, the tumult and thunders of civil war, the fierce mouthings of the organizers of reconstruction, and reconstruction itself, that black and foul disgrace of humanity, are all departed, sunk into silence like a tavern brawl, but the constitutional principles upon which the Confederacy was founded and for which Jefferson Davis spoke and struggled, for which he gave life and fortune, still survive in all their living power; and when they shall have been, if ever, really destroyed, this Republic will be transformed into one of the most oppressive and offensive oligarchies that has ever arisen amongst the civilized nations of the earth.”

The Times-Democrat of the 10th had this editorial:

“If there was ever the shadow of doubt in the minds of the people of the United States of the hold of Jefferson Davis upon the hearts of the Southern people that doubt has been removed. From city and country, from every nook and hamlet, have come expressions of profoundest sorrow over his death; of grief at the passing away of the great Confederate chieftain. They turned to him as the Mussulman to his Mecca---the shrine at which all true Southern-born should worship. There has never been any division of sentiment as to the greatness of Jefferson Davis. He has always been the hero of his people---their best beloved. From the day that Lee laid down his arms at Appomattox to the hour of Jefferson Davis’s death the Southern people look upon the ex-President of the Confederacy as the embodiment of all that was grand and glorious in the Lost Cause. Standing alone as a citizen without the power to exercise his citizenship, the last surviving victim of sectional hate and malevolence, he was an exile while on the soil of his native land and in the midst of his own people. Jefferson Davis will go to the grave bathed in a people’s tears.”

(The Memorial Volume of Jefferson Davis, J.W. Jones, 1889, pp.473-509)

Via Bernhard

How To Defend A City From Invasion Using Civilian Snipers As An Auxiliary To The Regular Army

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"........all that really matters is that everybody knows that the invaders have committed themselves to a raid. Then, each civilian sniper individually rolls a six sided dice. If they are disciplined, and they must be to trust their fate to chance, they will attack as follows:
Die Roll
Attack the target from the NW
Attack the target from the NE
Attack the target from the SW
Attack the target from the SE
Attack the nearest freeway offramp from the left
Attack the nearest freeway offramp from the right
The purpose of using dice is to get the civilian snipers to completely surround the target, regardless of local conditions. You can't just tell them to spread out. There must be some mechanism in place that automatically results in the snipers distributing themselves evenly around the target. Unless they roll dice, civilian snipers will invariably do one of two things"

Jack Hinson's One-Man War, A Confederate Sniper

Projection Anonymous

"I never cease to find it amusing watching one clueless, shallow, and ignorant individual castigate others for their clueless and shallow ignorance. While Blow is correct and the attacks from the Left and the elite moderates of the Republican party only add to Palin's already formidable popular appeal, it's far too late to declare a moratorium on discussing her. No one cares if she's hollow, (she's a POLITICIAN, after all, and is therefore hollow by definition), no one of any political sophistication believes she's any more dim than the average politician, and she's demonstrably far less mean than her critics.

The reality is that there is a high probability that Palin will win the next presidential election if she a) elects to run and b) continues to strongly align herself with the opinion of the majority of Americans."
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Only In Dixie: A Turtle Shell Carb Cover!

Hillbilly Howler

Toy Robot Detours Traffic

A robot met its end near Coors Field tonight when the Denver Police Department Bomb Squad detonated the "suspicious object," bringing to an end the hours-long standoff between police and the approximately eight-inch tall figurine.
Should be cheap if we buy them by the thousand........

The War On Guns

Undermining The Northern Myth

HK At My Great Grandfather's Monument

This is the monument to my great grandfather, John Pelopidus Leach. It was erected at the time of his death in 1914 and depicts two hands shaking, one black and one white, with the inscription: "This Is What He Meant - All Men Up, Erected By His Colored Friends."

When he was nineteen years of age, Private Leach surrendered at Appomattox and walked home to North Carolina with his black friend and companion, Needham Leach. Later in life, Private Leach represented Warren County as a State Senator in 1892 and as the Presiding Judge of the Criminal Court of the same county from 1892 to 1896. He continued to love and cherish the Confederate Battle Flag until the day he died. During those years he offered free firewood to those in need and divided land into smaller than normal size lots and sold them at reduced rates to enable the poor to be become homeowners. He also donated the land for the Enon Baptist Church (Black) in Littleton.

Cape Fear Historical Institute
“In describing the writings of one New Southerner, Frank Owsley wrote Allen Tate on February 29, 1932: “He is the typical “New Southerner,” the defeated [and] conquered…American. Dodd [William E. Dodd, Frank’s major professor at Chicago] remarked to me that it did not hurt him so much to be whipped! Or to see the South whipped! What broke his heart was to see the South conquered…he says it is the most completely defeated and conquered people of all history.”

Frank continued: “I believe that the spiritual and intellectual conquest of the South, which Dodd laments, is superficial. The leadership is in the hands of [these New Southerners]…and the history textbooks have been written by Yankees. The purpose of my life will be to undermine by “careful” and “detached,” “well-documented,” “objective” writing the entire Northern myth from 1820-1876. My books will not interest the general reader. Only the historians will read them, but it is the historians who teach history classes and write textbooks and they will gradually and without their own knowledge be forced into our position. There are numerous Southerners sapping and mining the Northern position by objective, detached books and Dodd is certainly one of the leaders. By being critical first of the South itself, the Northern historian is disarmed, and then Dodd hits where it will do the most good…[Dodd told Davidson] that the younger Southern writers were making the Northern writers look unimportant.”

Frank’s essay in I’ll Take My Stand, “The Irrepressible Conflict,” concerned “the eternal struggle between the agrarian South and the commercial and industrial North to control the government, either in its own interest, or negatively, to prevent the other section from controlling it in its interests.” At the time the Union was formed, the two sections were evenly balanced both in population and in number of States. The conflict worsened as the balance of power began to change. Slavery was an element of the agrarian society, but not an essential one. Even after the war, when there was no slavery, the South was an agrarian section. The irrepressible conflict was not a conflict between slavery and freedom, nor was it merely a protest against industrialism. It was equally a protest against the North’s brazen and contemptuous treatment of the South “as a colony and as a conquered province.”

(Frank Lawrence Owsley, Historian of the Old South, Harriet C. Owsley, Vanderbilt University Press, 1990, pp. 78-81)

Jimmy Carter Gone Wild

''Speaking to liberal NPR host Diane Rehm, Carter put forth that "public broadcasting networks on radio and television basically tell the honest, objective truth"
Will someone just tape up his idiotic mouth? A disgraceful liar.

Dennis Mangan On Julian Assange

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" The America that Assange denounces is the America that has become the bastion of liberalism of the Western world, the one that invades, invites, and indebts, the one bent on displacing white (And our brother *American Indians, I might add. BT) Americans from their own country."
*My Suggestion For Equal Time For The S&S

Boehner To Prevent Ron Paul Chairmanship?

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"........incoming House Speaker John Boehner has discussed ways to prevent Paul from becoming chairman or to keep him on a tight leash if he does."
If you want to kiss the Tea Party goodbye, then go for it, as they will desert the Republican Party 100% and form a third party to be reckoned with, win or lose in 2012, fight or die we must, as this would be the definitive line in the sand.