The people who are doing this must know they are judging the past by the standards of today. Which would mean they are intentionally trying to erase the past. It’s sickening.
Campus Reform reports:
The University of Rhode Island announced on Thursday its plans to remove several, almost seventy-year old murals from its student union for their lack of diversity.
The murals depict many unique scenes, including servicemen returning after the war, a class reunion, a university commencement ceremony, a beach scene, and students in a jalopy dressed in letter sweaters.
Arthur Sherman, one of those returning veterans and a member of the university’s class of 1950, painted the murals. He was asked to do so by the university in 1953 as the student union was being constructed. Dedicated in 1954, the “Memorial Union” was constructed with funds raised by returning veterans and local community members.
URI’s Vice President of Student Affairs, Kathy Collins, defended the decision, citing concerns over the murals’ impact on students of color.