Sunday, February 16, 2020

A Message for Trump Skeptics: “This is the work of thirty years of Marxism.” Marshall Petain’

 A Message for Trump Skeptics

The ascension of a septuagenarian fossil from the Jurassic Park of socialism has raised the anxiety level among many Democratic leaders from stomach ulcer stage to Xanax and beyond, likely embracing shots of Southern Comfort, as well. Speaking of which, James Carville (a Southerner, if not a drinker) recently projected a panic attack by screeching “it’s like we’re losing our d*mn minds!” If that’s the case, he has a lot of company. A recent Gallup poll indicated that “only” 45% of respondents in their survey stated they would support a socialist candidate, while fully 75% of Democrats had no problem with the socialist label.

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More than 500 sign up for Bedford Virginia Militia at Saturday’s muster call

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A militia muster call in Bedford County on Saturday afternoon drew hundreds of local residents willing to take a stand to protect their community and their Second Amendment rights.

On Saturday, Feb. 15, more than 500 people showed up to the militia muster call in Bedford County to volunteer their energy and their skills to the cause. As advertised in the flyer for the muster call — which was posted on Facebook on Jan. 30 — registration for the militia was open to all able-bodied residents between the ages of 16 and 55.

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Amb. Richard Grenell: Trump's tweeting 'makes my job so much easier'

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The U.S. ambassador to Germany said Saturday that President Trump's tweets help him accomplish his goals as a diplomat.

"It makes my job so much easier," Richard Grenell told Fox News host Neil Cavuto, in response to a question about Trump's tweeting habit.

"We as diplomats have to be at the forefront of trying to solve problems. You don't want to have a war, you want to avoid war, which means diplomats need to be able to talk," Grenell said.
"If you want to solve problems, you better have diplomats who are really tough -- diplomats who know how to push and know how to cajole ... so, I like having a president who's willing to be very tough."

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Budget expert: Ignore Trump's cuts, and national debt skyrockets

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'What they really want is to blame the president for their credit-card abuse'

An expert on government budgets, Robert Romano of Americans for Limited Government, warns that Congress risks the nation's future if it ignores President Trump's proposed budget, which cuts $4 trillion in proposed spending.

In a column on his organization's website, Romano explained that Trump's proposes cutting $4.4 trillion in spending over the next decade, forecasting a balanced budget in 15 years.

"With Congress, when it comes to the debt, the sky's the limit. Meaning, President Trump's budget with its modest $4.4 trillion of cuts over 10 years is the only game in town," he wrote. "It may not balance the budget immediately, but at least there's a horizon, and that's more than Congress can say."

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Mueller Team Prosecutor: DOJ Opening New Investigation into Comey, McCabe, Strzok

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Former Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey is pictured in a file photo from January 2019.

An investigation into the case of former national security adviser Michael Flynn will actually end up investigating three former FB officials, according to a former top prosecutor with special counsel Robert Mueller’s team.

In an interview with “Meet the Press Daily” host Chuck Todd on Friday, Andrew Weissmann, a former Justice Department official, said the Justice Department has not turned its sights away from former deputy director Andrew McCabe, according to the Washington Examiner.

On Friday, McCabe learned that he would not face criminal charges in connection with unauthorized media disclosures and allegations he lied to internal investigators about his actions.

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Ex-Clinton adviser tells Bloomberg 'hire a taster' after Hillary VP report

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Speculation that Democratic presidential contender Michael Bloomberg was considering Hillary Clinton as a potential running mate has ignited controversy across the political spectrum.

Journalist Matt Drudge broke the story in a Twitter post Saturday.

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Finding Dixie

The caretaker of the old Confederate Soldiers Home and Chapel in Richmond, which is located behind the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, related the fact that in the basement of the museum beautiful drawings and paintings done by Confederate soldiers are being “stored.” Stored or hidden? He said once they had been displayed, but were removed. This saddened him greatly and frightened him a little. His revelation was his contribution to bring this knowledge to light.

Fear not. Dixie lights are merely hiding under a bushel, as it says in the song we teach our children in Sunday School. Grass roots are sprouting. “Woke” tries to get her toe in the door, but in small Southern towns memories and traditions are strong. Here are five examples.

In my small Southern town, the first sentence of the address on Veterans’ Day was a reminder that the direction of a country depends on the will of the people, which is determined by the consent of the governed. Yes!

Honoring and giving thanks to those who live the example of duty to country, risk for country, faith in country and placing the common good before self is what we want.

The Heritage of the South


This essay served as the concluding chapter to Page’s biography of Robert E. Lee, published in 1908.

I stood not a great while ago on the most impressive spot, perhaps, in all Europe: beneath the majestic dome of the Invalides where stands the tomb of Napoleon. It was a summer evening, and we descended the steps and stood at the door of the crypt where repose the ashes of him who was doubtless the greatest soldier of all time; who by his genius took France from the throes of a revolution and lifted her while he lived, to the head of the nations. Just then the hour came for closing, and suddenly in the marble rotunda above us began the roll of a drum, which swelled and throbbed until the whole earth seemed reverberating to its martial tone. It was the long roll which had sounded before so many hard-fought fields, and as it throbbed and throbbed in the falling dusk of that summer evening, there seemed to troop before the mental vision the long lines that had fought and fallen on so many a glorious field: the soldiers of Lodi and of Austerlitz, of Friedland and Wagram and Borodino.

So, as I have immersed myself in the subject of this great captain and noble gentleman, there has appeared to come before me from a misty past that other army, inspired by higher motives—by the highest motive: love of Liberty, on whose imperishable deeds is founded the fame of an even greater, because a nobler soldier; that army of the South, composed not only of the best that the South had, but wellnigh of all she had. Gentle and simple, old and young, rich and poor, secessionist and anti-secessionist, with every difference laid aside, animated by one common spirit: love of country, they flocked to the defence of the South. Through four years they withstood to the utmost the fiercest assaults of fortune, and submitted only with their annihilation.

“The benediction of the o’ercovering Heavens
Fall on their heads like dew, for they were worthy
To inlay Heaven with stars.”

Through more than twice four years their survivors and their children endured what was bitterer than the sharpest agony of the battletime, and strong in the consciousness of their rectitude, came out torn and bleeding, but victorious. Such fortitude, such courage and sublime constancy cannot be in vain. The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church; so the blood of patriots is the seed of liberty. The history of their valor and their fortitude in defence of Constitutional Liberty is the heritage of the South, a heritage in which the North will one day be proud to claim a share, as she will be the sharer in their work.

Some day, doubtless, there will stand in the Nation’s capital a great monument to Lee, erected not only by the Southern people, whose glory it is that he was the fruit of their civilization and the leader of their armies; but by the American people, whose pride it will be that he was their fellow-citizen. Meantime he has a nobler monument than can be built of marble or of brass. His monument is the adoration of the South; his shrine is in every Southern heart.

Thomas Nelson Page (1853-1922) was considered to be one of the greatest writers during his age. He was descended from two of the most prominent families in Virginia. He served as Ambassador to Italy during World War I. More from Thomas Nelson Page