Sunday, February 16, 2020

Finding Dixie

The caretaker of the old Confederate Soldiers Home and Chapel in Richmond, which is located behind the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, related the fact that in the basement of the museum beautiful drawings and paintings done by Confederate soldiers are being “stored.” Stored or hidden? He said once they had been displayed, but were removed. This saddened him greatly and frightened him a little. His revelation was his contribution to bring this knowledge to light.

Fear not. Dixie lights are merely hiding under a bushel, as it says in the song we teach our children in Sunday School. Grass roots are sprouting. “Woke” tries to get her toe in the door, but in small Southern towns memories and traditions are strong. Here are five examples.

In my small Southern town, the first sentence of the address on Veterans’ Day was a reminder that the direction of a country depends on the will of the people, which is determined by the consent of the governed. Yes!

Honoring and giving thanks to those who live the example of duty to country, risk for country, faith in country and placing the common good before self is what we want.

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