Sunday, February 16, 2020

A Message for Trump Skeptics: “This is the work of thirty years of Marxism.” Marshall Petain’

 A Message for Trump Skeptics

The ascension of a septuagenarian fossil from the Jurassic Park of socialism has raised the anxiety level among many Democratic leaders from stomach ulcer stage to Xanax and beyond, likely embracing shots of Southern Comfort, as well. Speaking of which, James Carville (a Southerner, if not a drinker) recently projected a panic attack by screeching “it’s like we’re losing our d*mn minds!” If that’s the case, he has a lot of company. A recent Gallup poll indicated that “only” 45% of respondents in their survey stated they would support a socialist candidate, while fully 75% of Democrats had no problem with the socialist label.

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