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Comment on: My Debt to Mike Adams

Mike Adams


The fact is, though, that in a society that respects dissent—the society in which we are supposed to be living—Mike would almost certainly still be alive.


I was not impressed at all with this Tribute to Mike Adams. Here is what still sticks in my craw - if you don't mind me repeating myself, Brock.~~Siouxma

Alexander: Why do you believe Mike Adams killed himself? Why do you accept the Ruling of Suicide as Final from Law Authorities based on nothing other than "he was alone and there is no reason to suspect foul play." You clearly are not alone in accepting this. However, we both know there are plenty of reasons to suspect foul play - in a normal world, that is exactly what most everyone would suspect.

Your words remind me of a Covid19 Mask wearer who doesn't really believe in this Scamdemic, but you wear the Mask of Submission any how, surrendering to the Evil ones who wish Humanity great harm. Do you really believe that Mike did a 180 and committed suicide just before getting his $500,000 and starting a new life? I have read everything Mike Adams wrote on his Twitter feed over the last two years including the recent ‘Massa’ tweet plus interviews he gave about his plans once he retired and could devote his life to Pro-Life activities. 

No way was this man suicidal based on the life he was living… was the anxiety too much for him in the last few months? Did he seek medical help? Was he given a prescription known to cause people to kill themselves? Autopsy, please?We'll never know. Where is Mike’s body now? Is there no family? 

NO friends? No advocates at all for this man who everyone says they really really liked, really!

Is everyone so naive (or just frightened at the prospect) to think there is no way to assassinate a person who lives alone and have it look like suicide? Irrational Fear has truly taken over our Land with this unwarranted worldwide lockdown, mask wearing, threats of forced jabs - life is never going back to "normal." All reason went out the door and it ain't coming back. 

Alexander, Do you think Mike would be surprised how easily another scam was accomplished on taking him out and getting it ruled Suicide? All before he could get down to Serious Business speaking out about what's really going on with the demonic forces ruling our country.

Comment on The left wants to destroy Western Civilization

 Model Christian | Robert E Lee


The reason why the Left seeks to destroy Western Civilization is spiritual. Western Civilization and the American culture was large based on the Christian faith (in its' various forms). We all, without exception bend the knee to a and serve g-o-d (s). Western Civilization's morality and ethics is founded on the teachings of the Bible (mostly). It also teaches that man is a flawed creature. The term used is man is a sinner and can NOT save himself. 

The Left can not abide the notion of there being a higher power and authority than themselves. They want to be god and the authors of their own salvation. They want to create a utopia where they, if were in power, could create the perfect society with the perfect man in it. One reason why the failed and flawed idiot-ology of Karl Marx, still holds such sway, despite having failed every single time it has been tried. "But, but that wasn't real socialism". And they will always have an excuse as to why it did not work, this time, even if it means admitting they did not murder enough of the counter revolutionaries and class enemies. They have given into one of the greatest temptations and corruptions of all: the lust for absolute power. They also have the murderous rage and all consuming hate at anything that denies them their wish for gratification of their desires. They know what they doing is evil and immoral. They vent their anger at any who expose it and remind them of their evil deeds. 

I submit this is in part the Left hate Southern culture and history. Great men, such as Robert E. Lee were devout Christians. Men like Lee are a rebuke and a reminder of the Lefts' depravity. 

They serve as an example that one can strive to live a more noble life. The Truth does exist and is it not subjective. Jesus said he was, the way the truth and the life; there is zero neutral ground. Those on the Left have made it clear their choice. The Left is in open warfare with Western Civilization because of what it was based on. The Left refuses to repent of the sins they so passionately love. The Left wants to destroy Western Civilization because they hate God.

A very good WW2 Story by Rollin Curtis: "I was a Movie Star"

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 Pz IV Ausf.G, Tunisia 1943. Bundesarchive. 
I was a movie star

Around 2000, I met Sammy Weber (not his real name) at the county fair- he was a brother-in-law of one of our staff (who has since passed away). We were all watching the much anticipated, but utterly disappointing demolition derby- which lasted about 4 minutes. After chatting about the tactics used by the drivers, he mentioned that he was a WWII vet. I asked what he had done- he said "I was a movie star."

Naturally, I pursued this conversation wondering where the hell it's going. It was one of the more unique stories I have ever heard about the War.

First of all, this guy was just about as "country" as one can get- picture Jerry Reed from Smokey and the Bandit and you're 90% of the way there. (Also keep in mind that he was from a small, rural, Kentucky town, grew up on a farm in the 30's with no running water or electricity, and food was scarce at times. The conditions and circumstances that upset many people today, don't even rate mention for him.)

Sammy had enlisted in the Army after Pearl Harbor, and was assigned to the combat engineers, he suspects due to his having listed his occupation as "carpenter". He arrived in Tunisia in mid-November 1942 for what he suspects was one of the shortest combat tours of the War.

When he reached his unit, clashes with the Germans were expected but none had yet occurred. He said that within minutes of arrival, he and another private were detailed to guard a road junction. It was already dark, and they were given zero instructions on what to do in case anything happened- they weren't even oriented as to which way the enemy lines and theirs should be. Just "sit here until relieved". All he had was his rifle, a few clips, and a sack lunch he'd been handed as they left camp.

Within an hour of being dumped on the roadside, his "battle buddy" (name unknown) told him that he had to poop and disappeared into the night. Sammy had just unwrapped his mystery lunch and was fumbling with his sandwich trying to figure out exactly what substance was on it when a tank rolled up. He still could not understand how a tank "snuck up" on him, but it did. One moment it's just him and his lunch, and then the next there's a "big ass tank" idling in front of him.

As he's gaping at the machine, the commander leans over the edge of the turret and said "hop on". He climbed aboard, told the tanker that he had a buddy in the bushes and was told "not to worry, we'll come back for him."

The commander then told him where to sit, warned him to be careful of the exhaust and to hang on. Then the machine turned about in the intersection and headed off- he remembered wondering, despite the moonlit night, with the silhouettes of the ridges being easily distinguished, how the hell the driver could see well enough to stay on the road with no headlights- "the guy probably lived on carrots".  

They arrived at a camp, parked the tank and shut down. A small crowd of soldiers gathered as he stood on the engine deck waiting for directions on what to do.

Finally someone asked "are you an American?"

"Well, yeah, what else would I be?"

"Welcome to the Afrika Korps."

The tank commander explained that he was the first GI they had ever met, and to be prepared for lots of attention. Sammy said that from that moment on, he felt more like a movie star on tour being mobbed by fans than a prisoner.

Everyone was polite and friendly, but they wore him out peppering him with questions about any and everything. He spent three days with the unit that had picked him up- he was wined and dined, shown their equipment, compared uniforms, shared family photos, got to "play around" in a tank, and went to  church.

The funniest detail is that the Germans didn't take his rifle until later the next day. Then they gave it back to him so he could explain its workings since this was the first M1 Garand they had ever encountered. They fired all his ammunition testing it out.

His impression of the German troops was, "I really liked them- most were Lutherans like me. Too bad their boss started a war."

When he was sent to a POW camp, he was flown across the Mediterranean on an Me 323 Gigant. (He described it and no other aircraft is close.) Once again, he was the first American the crew had met- so, like a kid on an airliner, they offered to let him ride in the cockpit. The crew "talked his ears off" all the way to Italy.

Sammy spent the rest of the War in a POW camp near Munich- the camp was small, and he described it as being an old warehouse- more like a dormitory or barracks than the stereotypical camp with fences. Everyone worked, but they weren't compelled to do so- nobody wanted to sit around bored all day- plus getting out presented "other" opportunities. (He didn't tell me much of anything about his fellow prisoners.)

As a carpenter, his skills were in constant demand and he worked all over the area, mostly on civilian projects, occasionally military ones, plus "personal" jobs for the staff. The Germans he worked for frequently thanked him with gifts of food- which he always shared with his guard.

Most of their guards were old, many lame, who often physically struggled to perform their job. They and the POW's generally got along well and a few became close friends. He laughed that the bit in Hogan's Heroes where the prisoners hold Schultz's rifle all the time was nothing compared to what they (and their guards) did.

The only traumatic events he experienced were the air raids. Although their immediate vicinity wasn't struck, everyone volunteered to help the rescue teams after nearby areas were bombed- he understood it was war, but what he saw in the aftermath of the air strikes really pissed him off. 

He said he could have easily have walked away from the camp many times- "but where the hell was I gonna go? Plus- I liked the town, had lots of friends, a job, and the Germans treated me well. I was a poor, 19 year old farm kid on a great adventure. All in all I guess I was pretty content- and lucky. It may sound silly now, but that's how I felt."

In 1945, Sammy came home, got married, had a pack of kids, took over the family farm, and ran a small wood shop in his home town. He passed away about 4 years ago.

He never went back to Europe.

Beirut port explosion in close proximity, witness VIDEO

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A powerful explosion occurred in Beirut port area on Aug 4, killing and injuring dozens of people, and causing widespread damage. As of evening Aug 4, there’s no clarity with regards to the cause of explosion/explosions, and what triggered it. Russian witness insists he saw the ship on fire prior to blast, he managed to record fire and explosions on his mobile phone.

Words of Wisdom


A review of Southern Scribblings (Red Mill Publishing, 2020) by Brion McClanahan
In an age in which error, falsehood, and perversion are regaled by the politically correct, neo-Marxist as being America’s new normal, Brion McClanahan’s new book, Southern Scribblings, provides Southerners with a compass pointing them back to the tradition of virtue, honor, and the American principles of constitutionally limited government. In so doing, Brion is following in the footsteps of men such as Mel Bradford, who taught us to respect those “permanent things” handed down to us by generations past.

The Tiger Tank That Wouldn't Die

The left wants to destroy Western Civilization

             Let us now praise famous men, and our fathers that begat us…
All these were honoured in their generations, and were the glory of their times. There be of them, that have left a name behind them, that their praises might be reported.And some there be, which have no memorial; who are perished, as though they had never been; and are become as though they had never been born; and their children after them. But these were merciful men, whose righteousness hath not been forgotten. With their seed shall continually remain a good inheritance, and their children are within the covenant. Their seed standeth fast, and their children for their sakes. Their seed shall remain forever, and their glory shall not be blotted out. Their bodies are buried in peace; but their name liveth forevermore.
~~Ben Sira of Jerusalem
 It is a vile lie that our monuments are ‘racist.’ After the War and Reconstruction, despite their severe impoverishment Southerners sacrificed financially in order to build monuments to Confederate veterans before that generation had completely passed (as well as to provide them with their own state pensions, in addition to having to pay for federal Union pensions). The Confederate monument which once stood where I live in Florida, for example, was the product of an eight-year fundraising campaign from 1903 to 1911, in which the local chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy held bake sales, sewed dolls for Christmas, sponsored spelling bees, and hosted lectures. ‘It is only once that a Confederate monument is erected in a community and this monument is not only for the memory of the men who fell fighting for the Lost Cause, but also for the further enhancing of an already beautiful city,’ editorialised the local newspaper, ‘and so all citizens are asked to join hands in this laudable endeavor and civic enterprise.’

CCP Virus

 Nathan Law 羅冠聰 😷 on Twitter: "How CCP propaganda works: 1 ...

The  Communist Chinese blocked domestic travel from Wuhan/ Hubei to other provinces in China but let Wuhan citizens fly to the United States, Italy, Australia, the U.K., Germany, Brazil, and India.  Medical workers in Formosa found out  from medical colleagues in mainland China  about the disease and were able to take  steps to isolate potential carriers of the virus on Formosa.