Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Comment on: My Debt to Mike Adams

Mike Adams


The fact is, though, that in a society that respects dissent—the society in which we are supposed to be living—Mike would almost certainly still be alive.


I was not impressed at all with this Tribute to Mike Adams. Here is what still sticks in my craw - if you don't mind me repeating myself, Brock.~~Siouxma

Alexander: Why do you believe Mike Adams killed himself? Why do you accept the Ruling of Suicide as Final from Law Authorities based on nothing other than "he was alone and there is no reason to suspect foul play." You clearly are not alone in accepting this. However, we both know there are plenty of reasons to suspect foul play - in a normal world, that is exactly what most everyone would suspect.

Your words remind me of a Covid19 Mask wearer who doesn't really believe in this Scamdemic, but you wear the Mask of Submission any how, surrendering to the Evil ones who wish Humanity great harm. Do you really believe that Mike did a 180 and committed suicide just before getting his $500,000 and starting a new life? I have read everything Mike Adams wrote on his Twitter feed over the last two years including the recent ‘Massa’ tweet plus interviews he gave about his plans once he retired and could devote his life to Pro-Life activities. 

No way was this man suicidal based on the life he was living… was the anxiety too much for him in the last few months? Did he seek medical help? Was he given a prescription known to cause people to kill themselves? Autopsy, please?We'll never know. Where is Mike’s body now? Is there no family? 

NO friends? No advocates at all for this man who everyone says they really really liked, really!

Is everyone so naive (or just frightened at the prospect) to think there is no way to assassinate a person who lives alone and have it look like suicide? Irrational Fear has truly taken over our Land with this unwarranted worldwide lockdown, mask wearing, threats of forced jabs - life is never going back to "normal." All reason went out the door and it ain't coming back. 

Alexander, Do you think Mike would be surprised how easily another scam was accomplished on taking him out and getting it ruled Suicide? All before he could get down to Serious Business speaking out about what's really going on with the demonic forces ruling our country.


  1. For it not to be suicide you have to believe a group of people decided to murder him in a fashion to make suicide appear possible. Why would they do that? Because Mike was outspoken and fearless? Who are these people? There are many many outspoken and fearless men who can(and do) logically pick apart the policies of REgressives.

    As hard as it was for me to choke down Mike's passing, it's almost impossible for me to believe he was murdered. Is there evil enough in this world for him to be murdered? Without a doubt.

    1. I would like a dedicated journalist like Sharyl Attkisson to investigate his death with a verdict of suicide before I would be convinced he wasn't murdered. Thanks.