Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Comment on The left wants to destroy Western Civilization

 Model Christian | Robert E Lee


The reason why the Left seeks to destroy Western Civilization is spiritual. Western Civilization and the American culture was large based on the Christian faith (in its' various forms). We all, without exception bend the knee to a and serve g-o-d (s). Western Civilization's morality and ethics is founded on the teachings of the Bible (mostly). It also teaches that man is a flawed creature. The term used is man is a sinner and can NOT save himself. 

The Left can not abide the notion of there being a higher power and authority than themselves. They want to be god and the authors of their own salvation. They want to create a utopia where they, if were in power, could create the perfect society with the perfect man in it. One reason why the failed and flawed idiot-ology of Karl Marx, still holds such sway, despite having failed every single time it has been tried. "But, but that wasn't real socialism". And they will always have an excuse as to why it did not work, this time, even if it means admitting they did not murder enough of the counter revolutionaries and class enemies. They have given into one of the greatest temptations and corruptions of all: the lust for absolute power. They also have the murderous rage and all consuming hate at anything that denies them their wish for gratification of their desires. They know what they doing is evil and immoral. They vent their anger at any who expose it and remind them of their evil deeds. 

I submit this is in part the Left hate Southern culture and history. Great men, such as Robert E. Lee were devout Christians. Men like Lee are a rebuke and a reminder of the Lefts' depravity. 

They serve as an example that one can strive to live a more noble life. The Truth does exist and is it not subjective. Jesus said he was, the way the truth and the life; there is zero neutral ground. Those on the Left have made it clear their choice. The Left is in open warfare with Western Civilization because of what it was based on. The Left refuses to repent of the sins they so passionately love. The Left wants to destroy Western Civilization because they hate God.


  1. Hi Brock,
    For some 2,000+years, Men and civilizations have come and gone..... "Christianity" has survived all slings and arrows!!
    My heart and Soul go out to our late great President...
    Over the years ... all the words he spoke that I have read have been an "Inspiration" to me!!
    Since I was a Young Man and began learning about my "Country!!" I seemed to always find "Peace" in the words of Jefferson B. Davis. Then I found that he and I share the same "Birthday..03 JUNE!!!" which makes us right in the middle of the "GEMINI" zodiac sign..... then I realize how much alike we are!!! A very subtle but yet profound note!! Funny how that goes??
    Audentes, Fortuna,Ivat....!!!,

  2. Thank you for posting those inspiring quotes!

    1. Mo' than welcome and there are many others on NamSouth.

  3. The "howling mob" never belonged in the South - they are foreigners
    to a land of uniqueness and tradition which they couldn't fathom
    in a million yrs. One can just tell by looking at them that
    they are foreigners: