Friday, March 20, 2020

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Sam set there shaking his head as he watched the local news. As he watched their reporting about home invasions, he thought, “Have people gone totally crazy?” He just could not comprehend two things. Why would someone force their way into a home to confront the occupants and rob them of cash or whatever. He figured in this extremely charged situation, someone would do something and someone would get killed. The other thing Sam could not understand, is why people don’t protect themselves from these attacks. People should check to see who is ringing their doorbell before opening the door.

Tom Cotton On China: ‘I Have Never Trusted A Communist And I Never Will Trust A Communist’

On Thursday, Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) appeared on Fox News’  “The Story” with Martha MacCallum, who asked him if the United States could ever trust China again after their machinations regarding  the coronavirus, prompting Cotton to snap, “I have never trusted a Communist and I never will trust a Communist. That’s who runs China — the Chinese Communist Party.”

MacCallum started the segment by quoting from a op-ed from Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro, who had written, “The Chinese government is chiefly responsible for the explosion of this pandemic . . . to trust the Chinese government after a global betrayal of this magnitude would not only be foolish, it would be immoral.”

Statistics show corornavirus U.S. death-rate decreasing: US mortality rate of 1.3%.


New study finds rate in Wuhan much lower than initially estimated


While coronavirus cases have increased in the past two weeks, the mortality rate has declined, pointed out veteran Fox News analyst Brit Hume.
He retweeted a day-by-day list of the number of cases reported compared to the number of deaths. It showed a drop in the mortality rate from 4.06% on March 8 to 1.84% on March 15.

"It will likely decline even further if and when those without symptoms can be diagnosed and counted," Hume wrote on March 16.

According to the Worldometer site, the latest global count is 266,208 known coronavirus cases, 11,187 deaths and 90,603 recoveries.

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In Priceless Exchange, Trump Tells Press He Should Get Rid of 75% of Them To Keep Virus From Spreading

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President Donald Trump joked at Thursday’s coronavirus briefing about getting rid of all the reporters he does not like, causing a least one member of the media to characterize the quip as an “attack.”

During the briefing, a reporter asked the president if he had “any guidance for Congress” after two congressmen announced they had tested positive for the virus.
Trump instead directed his advice, partially tongue-in-cheek, to the reporters in the briefing room.
“I know all of them,” he said of Congress. “I don’t know if they’re sitting like you people are sitting. You’re actually sitting too close.

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Early Signs that Washington State’s Curve May Be Flattening and What That Means

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New Cases of Wuhan Virus in Washington State

Source: University of Washington Virology Department

              Total Cases     New            Increase
2/28:            1
2/29:            7                +6                600%
3/2:             18              +11                 157%

3/4:             39             +21                  117%
3/6:             83             +44                 113%
3/8:           137             +54                   65%
3/10:         267           +130                   95%
3/12:         457            +190                   71%
3/14:         642            +185                  40%
3/16:         904           +282                  44%
3/18:       1,187           +283                   31%
3/19:       1,376           +189                   16%