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Ukraine’s Gold flown to New York Federal Reserve? & Crimea Switches To Ruble April 1st

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A Russian Internet news site Iskra (“Spark”) based in Zaporozhye, eastern Ukraine,  reported on March 7, that  “Ukraine’s gold reserves had been hastily airlifted to the United States from Borispol Airport east of Kiev”.

This alleged airlift and confiscation of Ukraine’s gold reserves by the New York Federal Reserve has not been confirmed by the Western media.

According to Iskra News:



Crimean Deputy Prime Minister Rustam Temirgaliev has told RIANovosti that the region will abandon Ukraine's Hyrvnia:
This is not a total surprise as Reuters reported the Crimean Deputy PM stating "we are ready to introduce a ruble zone," a week ago.

More @  Zero Hedge

Magazine Capacity Bill Passes NJ Assembly Panel

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9mm_magazine stock

New Jersey’s bill that would lower magazine capacity from 15 to 10 rounds in the Garden State has passed the State Assembly panel and now moves on to the Assembly floor for a vote.

The bill is expected to pass both the Assembly and State Senate due in part to back room deals made well before the bill was even in the legislature. Senate leadership agreed to support the bill and anti-gunners agreed to pass a bill that would allow NJ gun owners to stop for gas or to use the restroom on their way home from the range (which you can already legally do in almost every state).

Venice votes in referendum on splitting from Rome

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Venice, 16 March 2014

The vote will go on till the end of the week
Voting has begin in Venice and the surrounding region on whether to break away from Italy.

Recent opinion polls suggest that two-thirds of the four million electorate favour splitting from Rome, but the vote will not be legally binding.

The poll was organised by local activists and parties, who want a future state called Republic of Veneto.

This would be reminiscent of the sovereign Venetian republic that existed for more than 1,000 years.

A focal point for culture, architecture and trade, Venice lost its independence to Napoleon in 1797.

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Responding to Conservative Critics: Coalitions are Key
 Uwe and Hannelore Romeike, center middle, and their six children stand with Michael Farris and other members of their legal team of the Home School Legal Defense Association

A swirl of conspiratorial allegations have been leveled against me by various opponents of my efforts to seek a Convention of States under Article V of the Constitution.  One might reasonably hope that my 34 years of public service in the conservative movement might be answer enough to these wild allegations, but some people seem to believe anything they read.

I intend to make a once-for-all statement to these conspiracy theorists.  I do not promise to respond to this crowd again—unless necessary in the context of defending myself against outright defamation.

I will begin by pointing out that one group of my current detractors, the John Birch Society, called me a “Constitutional Champion” on March 25, 2011 in an article prominently featured on their website.
Two things have changed since these accolades:

Braindead CIA Director John Brennan: Jihad a Product of Injustices, Economics, and Ignorance

Here again, Obama's CIA director John Brennan engages in the same dangerous obfuscation and deception that has put America in the crosshairs, leading us to sure catastrophe. He insists that jihad is a legitimate tenet of Islam. Indeed. So he knows.

Jihad is not motivated by ignorance or poverty. Those who waged jihad on September 11th, the Christmas underwear bomber, the Glasgow airport bombers, etc. etc. etc. were well off, well educated.

So what is the CIA chief's explanation as to why such a "perverse and very corrupt" understanding of Islam—one that has "distorted the teachings of Muhammad"— resonates among Muslims?

These endless lies about a vicious and lethal enemy are designed to disarm the American people. Perhaps Brennan is engaging in taqiyya. I am surprised that Brennan didn't make these remarks in Arabic, as he has been known to do.

Bear in mind, there have been rumors swirling for years that Brennan converted to Islam when stationed in Saudi Arabia.

75 years after the Anschluss, 54% of Austrians think Nazis would get support today

Head of the Austrian right-wing Freedom Party Heinz-Christian Strache lifts a glass of beer during his traditional Ash Wednesday speech 

Fifty-four percent of Austrians think the Nazi Party would receive support in modern-day Austria, according to a survey published on Saturday by the Austrian newspaper Der Standard.

The poll, commissioned by Der Standard, was published ahead of Wednesday’s 75th anniversary of the Third Reich’s annexation of Austria, known as the Anschluss.

Though more than half of respondents stated that support for the Nazi party today was “highly possible,” 57 percent opined that “Nothing was good under Hitler.”

The poll surveyed 502 Austrian voters. Most of those who hypothesized support for the Nazis were classified as “young and educated.”

More @ Haaretz

'Democracy is dead': 'Fanatical' missing airliner pilot pictured wearing political slogan T-shirt t

 Peter Chong (left) with best friend Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, pilot of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane. He is pictured in a T-shirt with a Democracy is Dead slogan as police investigate claims he could have hijacked the plane as an anti-government protest

An image has emerged of the pilot of the missing Malaysia Airlines jet wearing a T-shirt with a 'Democracy is Dead' slogan as it has been revealed he could have hijacked the plane in an anti-government protest.

Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, a father-of-three, was said to be a 'fanatical' supporter of the country's opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim - jailed for homosexuality just hours before the jet disappeared.

It has also been revealed that the pilot's wife and three children moved out of the family home the day before the plane went missing.

It comes as FBI investigators say the disappearance of MH370 may have been ‘an act of piracy’ and the possibility that hundreds of passengers are being held at an unknown location has not been ruled out.

Officials also revealed that it is possible the aircraft could have landed and transmitted a satellite signal from the ground. If the plane was intact and had enough electrical power in reserve, it would be able to send out a radar 'ping'.

More with video @ The Daily Mail

Crimeans vote over 90 percent to quit Ukraine for Russia

 People celebrate and wave Russian flags as the preliminary results of today's referendum are announced in the Crimean city of Sevastopol March 16, 2014. REUTERS-Baz Ratner

"This referendum is contrary to Ukraine's constitution," a White House spokesman said. "The international community will not recognize the results of a poll administered under threats of violence and intimidation from a Russian military intervention that violates international law." (You conveniently forgot the actions that were illegal under Ukraine's constitution which brought the current government in power.) 

More @ Reuters


Via Nancy

Many Americans have trouble understanding modern Russia or leader Vladimir Putin. That’s in good part because they have little or no understanding of Russia’s history or geopolitics.

“The Soviets Union will return” I wrote in 1991 after the collapse of the USSR deprived the Russian imperium of a third of its territory, almost half its people and much of its world power.

A similar disaster for Russia occurred in 1918 at the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk. Defeated by the German-Austrian-Bulgarian-Turkish Central Powers in World War I and racked by revolution, Lenin’s  new Bolshevik regime bowed to German demands to hand over the Baltic states and allow Ukraine to become independent.

As soon as Josef Stalin consolidated power, he began undoing the Brest-Litovsk surrender. The Baltic states, Ukraine, the southern Caucasus and parts of “Greater Romania” were reoccupied. Half of Poland again fell under Russian control. Stalin restored his nation to its pre-war 1914 borders, killing millions in the process.

In the 1930’s, Adolf Hitler was tearing down the equally cruel Versailles Treaty that left millions of ethnic Germans stranded in hostile nations and deprived Germany of its historic eastern regions. Hitler claimed his invasion of Russia was motivated by Germany’s strategic imperative to acquire farm lands so it could attain food security.

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Beer fraud video goes viral

If you went to a hockey game and paid $7 for a large beer, you’d probably be pretty upset when you realized the $4 size holds the same amount of beer as the large.

A Petty Trick of Surrender,204,203,200_.jpg

Confederate Gen. Samuel G. French, a New Jersey native, related after the war that in addition to invading the South, the North “had to suppress rebellions caused by people who entertained Southern opinions in New York, Chicago, Cincinnati, and other cities; muzzle the press, prohibit freedom of speech, banish prominent individuals, arrest men without warrant, and imprison them without charges made known to them; and violated nearly every resolution and pledge made in the beginning relating to the South; they cast aside constitutional law, and substituted martial law, under which the South became a scene of desolation and starvation.”

Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"Unsurpassed Valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty"
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

A Petty Trick of Surrender

“When the Yankees first went to my plantation, in five minutes a company of about thirty men marched into the garden, formed line, fixed bayonets, and, marching abreast, probed the ground until they struck a box that was buried there containing silver tableware . . . in this case I am sure “old Aaron,” a house servant who buried it for mother, betrayed her confidence in him and told the Yankees where it was.  These are small matters, but I mention them to show how the [Northern] men, by the connivance of officers, if not by participation, became an army of thieves generally.

In a day or two authenticated information was received that both Lee’s and Johnston’s armies had been surrendered on terms of agreement, and as I was included in the latter army, I went to Columbus and obtained my parole.  The terms of the surrender were that we were not to be molested by the United States authorities so long as we obeyed the laws which were in force previous to January, 1861, where we resided.

On my part, I was sworn “not to bear arms against the United States of America, or give any information, or do any military duty or act in hostility to the United States, or inimical to a permanent peace,” etc., and thus the war with the musket ended.

On reading my parole I discovered what seemed to me a petty trick, for it read “not to be disturbed by the United States military authorities,” leaving me at the mercy of the civil authorities to be indicted.”

(Two Wars, Autobiography of Gen. Samuel G. French, Confederate Veteran, 1901, pg. 309)

Conneticut officials tell gun owners to relinquish or destroy banned assault weapons 

Connecticut officials are urging owners of now-illegal assault weapons and large capacity ammunition magazines to relinquish them to the police or make them permanently inoperable.

The Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection announced Friday it had sent a letter to owners who had failed to register the items by a Jan. 1 deadline, part of last year's gun control law.

Officials offered advice on what to do now with the weapons and magazines.

More nonsense @ Fox

Gun control supporters turn to new front

The American gun control movement is going corporate.

Still reeling from the stinging legislative defeats of 2013, proponents of tougher firearm regulations are increasingly turning their focus to private sector campaigns.

Gun control groups have claimed victories in recent months, successfully pushing Starbucks to declare guns unwelcome in stores and persuading Facebook to crack down on unregulated firearm solicitations.

With no end in sight to the congressional gridlock that has thwarted more stringent federal gun laws, groups say they will continue to apply pressure on major companies.

“Congress locked the door, so moms are going through the window,” said Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action.

More @ The Hill

Ares Armor Raided By ATF For Customer Files

Trickery, trickery.

It appears that despite the judge granting the TRO on Wednesday, yesterday the ATF went to the judge ex parte (meaning without the other side, in this case Ares, being present), and got a “clarification” of the prior TRO. This “clarification” seems to give them the green light to apply for a “lawful search”.

IMHO, in order to have a change between Wednesday when the original TRO was granted, the ATF would have had to have alleged Ares was about to get rid of records and that they, the ATF had emergent reasons for going in now rather than waiting till the full hearing that was scheduled for March 20.

More with video @ Weasel Zippers

NC: Child’s gun death: Gun control advocates’ latest deception

From F. Paul Valone, president of gun rights group Grassroots North Carolina, in response to “Let’s love our children more than we do our guns” (Feb. 25 What Others Are Saying):

Accidentally killed with her father’s gun, 3 1/2-year-old Zuri Chambers became the most recent child exploited by gun ban advocates who tug at your heart strings while lying to your face. A recent Palm Beach Post column reprinted in the Observer claimed: “These tragic accidents are becoming far too common.”

Fortunately for children, that assertion is false. Since 1930, accidental gun deaths among U.S. children have plummeted by 81 percent even as our population doubled. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), between 1999 and 2010 the rate of accidental gun deaths for children under age 15 dropped by 32 percent. To understand the relative threat of guns, consider that in 2010, poisoning killed 94 children; smoke and fire, 303; drowning, 736; and motor vehicles, a horrific 1,418. By contrast, gun accidents claimed 62.

Aping recent ABC News propaganda, the piece insists: “Sadly, one study reports some 7,500 children were admitted to U.S. hospitals with gunshot wounds last year. About 500 of them died.”

This half-truth rests on selectively quoting a “Pediatrics” journal article, then lumping together varying demographics and intentionality, and finally defining as “children” gang members up to age 19.

Read more here:

Do nation's 'founding principles' support amnesty'?

 Keeping the Yankees out

The claim by House Republican leadership that the nation’s “founding principles” can be used to justify offering amnesty to the children of illegal aliens has no support, contend a number of constitutional scholars.

A Republican primary challenger to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has latched on to the issue.

Dave Brat points to the GOP’s released immigration principles, which state: “One of the great founding principles of our country was that children would not be punished for the mistakes of their parents.”

The line comes verbatim from a Cantor speech in February 2013.

Brat told WND it “dishonors the Founders to invoke the founding principles as a battering ram to fight for crony capitalists.”

He contends it was “never a constitutional principle that we ought to take care of any problem where parents made mistakes.”

“We expect these Orwellian language games on the Democratic side, not from a Republican,” he said.

Brat is a Randolph-Macon College (My school: Bourbon, REL IV & Hell Week) economics professor who has attracted grass-roots support in Cantor’s district.

More @ WND

1963 Shelby 289 Hi-Po Cobra Roadster, Early Rack and Pinion Demonstrator

 R400 1963 Shelby 289 Cobra Roadster CSX2135, Early Rack and Pinion Demonstrator Photo 1

While Carroll Shelby’s first Cobra sports cars bore astonishing power and handling, they were not immediately suited to the rigors of pure competition and were subject to constant development.

Substituting the original 260 CI engine with the new 289 CI version of Ford’s V-8 was the obvious first step, but another important change was in the offing. Initial race testing had revealed inherent problems with the early Cobra’s worm and sector steering that caused unpredictable steering geometry changes. Working with Shelby’s masterful chief engineer Phil Remington, AC Cars chief engineer Alan Turner made a comprehensive design change to the front end, incorporating the new rack and pinion system while maintaining the transverse leaf suspension. The rack and pinion cars entered production in early 1963, designated as Mark II cars.

More @ MECUM

Drop Dead, Insane McVain!

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'I will say to my friends who were objecting to this – and there are a number of them on my side – you can call yourself Republicans; that’s fine because that’s your voter registration. Don’t call yourself Reagan Republicans. Ronald Reagan would never – would never – let this kind of aggression go responded to by the American people.' 
--Senator John McCain, Senate floor, 14 March 2014 

NC: Pizza delivery woman thwarts armed robbery by pulling her own gun

A pizza delivery woman thwarted an armed robbery attempt at a house off Rosehill Road on Thursday by producing a weapon of her own, Fayetteville police said.

Ashley Marie Hurd, 26, a driver for Domino's Pizza, took the order to a house on the 200 block of Stuart Avenue about 10 p.m., a police report said.

When she arrived, a man was standing outside, and she told him how much the bill was, said Lt. Todd Joyce, Fayetteville police spokesman.

As she was doing so, Joyce said, a second man, wearing a dark-colored jacket, came around from the side of the house.

The man put something to the back of Hurd's head and demanded money, Joyce said.

"Unbeknownst to them, she had a weapon," Joyce said. "She pulled out a gun, and when she did, the suspects fled and they didn't get anything."