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Nestlé pumps drought-stricken taxpayers' water without a permit, sells it back to them

Via comment by Anonymous on Follow The Money: Hammon Ranch "Here is another area in CA in the south, same story different address, I will bet its a follow the money story. Some politician or banker or big pharma is getting richer."



Lawsuit: Forest Service sits on its hands for 27 years


It rained this past week in Southern California, an event so unusual lately that in Palm Springs, residents ran into the streets to enjoy the phenomenon of rainwater falling on their heads.

But in general, the Southland is dry as a bone and the state has imposed Draconian restrictions to preserve what little water is available. So it irks environmentalists to no end that the U.S. Forest Service continues to allow Nestlé to pump water from the San Bernardino National Forest and bottle it under its Arrowhead Springs label.

The Center for Biological Diversity and others sued the U.S. Forest Service Tuesday, noting that Nestlé's special-use permit expired in 1988, Courthouse News Service reported.

Nestlé, which reported $92 billion in revenue last year, has been pumping about 66,000 gallons a day through its Strawberry Creek pipeline, Palm Springs' Desert Sun newspaper reported.

$15 million

Source: Military Special OP Assets Have Been Assigned for Standoff at Malheur Wildlife Refuge


Oath Keepers has received very credible information from an active duty source within the special operations community that at least one SOD-X (Reserve/National Guard Special Operations Detachment,see thisthis, and this) ) unit under the command of Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) has been tasked for this standoff at the Malheur Wildlife Reserve and moved to the area.

Given this, we should expect that other special operations assets, such as Delta Force, will also be involved if the Obama Administration decides to give the green light on a military strike.  And we should expect the presence of the infamous FBI HRT (which were present at both Ruby Ridge and Waco).

A war against the American citizenry. Is it any wonder that Americans are starting to resist?

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“When it gets down to having to use violence, then you are playing the system’s game. The establishment will irritate you – pull your beard, flick your face – to make you fight. Because once they’ve got you violent, then they know how to handle you. The only thing they don’t know how to handle is non-violence and humor.”—John Lennon
Yes, the government is corrupt.

Yes, the system is broken. By broken, I mean it’s “dysfunctional, gridlocked, and, in general, incapable of doing what needs to be done.”

Yes, the government is out of control and overreaching on almost every front.

Yes, the government’s excesses—pork barrel spending, endless wars, etc.—are pushing the nation to a breaking point.

Yes, many Americans are afraid. Who wouldn’t be afraid of an increasingly violent and oppressive federal government?

Yes, the citizenry has little protection against standing armies (domestic and military), invasive surveillance, marauding SWAT teams, an overwhelming government arsenal of assault vehicles and firepower, and a barrage of laws that criminalize everything from vegetable gardens to lemonade stands.

Yes, in the eyes of the American surveillance state, “we the people” are little more than suspects and criminals to be monitored, policed, prosecuted and imprisoned. As former law professor John Baker, who has studied the growing problem of overcriminalization, noted, “There is no one in the United States over the age of 18 who cannot be indicted for some federal crime.”

Yes, the United States of America is not the democracy that is purports to be, but rather an oligarchy ruled by a wealthy corporate elite.

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After listening to their press conference, I have much respect for the protesters as they are articulate and have obviously given much thought to their actions. The people on our side who are slandering/libeling them are doing a great disservice.

Norway: Oslo Police — “We Have Lost the City”

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The article below is about the apocalyptic level of culturally-enriched violence in Grønland, a district of the city of Oslo.

Grønland is only two subway stops from the Parliament, and one from the Central Station, fairly close to the government offices that were bombed by Breivik.

It looks like Karachi, Basra, and Mogadishu all rolled into one. People sell drugs openly just next to the Grønland subway station.

It’s not Norway or Europe anymore, except when there is welfare money to be collected. The police have largely given up. Early in 2010 Aftenposten stated that there are sharia patrols in this area, and gay couples are assaulted and chased away. “Immigrant Fatima Tetouani says that ‘Grønland is more Muslim than Morocco.’”

Readers should remember that Aftenposten, which is the largest newspaper in the Oslo region, is normally pro-Islamic and very Multicultural.

Robbery-Victim no. 351, Grønland

More @ Poqari News

FOX Host on Obama Crying: “Check the Podium for Raw Onion”

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obama cries

Obama cried today for gun control.

FOX News host Andrea Tantaros responded to Obama’s tears today during his gun control push.
 “This is how many years? Eight years, he’s almost at the end of his term. And you haven’t heard him go to Chicago and speak out about this issue and he is uniquely poised to do so. But everything he’s doing won’t solve that problem.

Hammond’s life threatened by U.S. Government, says Bundy: ‘They will put a bullet in my head […] they will kill me without hesitation

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Monday, in an exclusive interview conducted by Intellihub’s Shepard Ambellas, Ryan Bundy stated that Dwight Hammond was in fear of his life after being terrorized and threatened by the U.S. Government.

“I am actually pretty disappointed in that but I do understand their decision. It was the Hammond’s decision themselves to turn themselves in,” Ryan Bundy told Ambellas.

My personal feelings are—well I had a direct conversation with Dwight Hammond just two days ago and I asked Dwight: is this really what you want? Do you really want to go to prison? Is that what you really feel you want to do?

And well he got angry at me. 

More @ Intellihub

Hammond Rally CSPOA Press Release


By Sheriff Richard Mack 

On January 2, 2016, four of us representing the CSPOA attended the rally in Burns, OR on behalf of the Hammond family. It was an extremely frigid day and being outside was not fun or the least bit comfortable. But the cause we were there to support was worth enduring the inclement weather, so we persevered.

We met at the Safeway parking lot and after a few instructions about where we would be heading, we all started the march. The crowd was estimated at approximately 6oo people. As we marched up the street towards the sheriff's office, the crowd completely filled the street from side to side for over 2½ blocks. It was inspiring!

There were never any signs or chants supporting any kind of violence. The large majority of the protesters were not armed. We stopped briefly by the sheriffs office and threw hundreds of pennies on the walk at the office front door. Many said the pennies represented a "sellout" by the Harney County Sheriff for not stopping the impending arrest of Dwight and Steve Hammond. There was no question that the Hammonds' rights have been violated by the Federal Government, however, the Hammonds did not want an armed confrontation or violence of any kind. This coincides exactly with the CSPOA platform, so we went there in complete support of the Hammonds and their peaceful approach.

After we passed the sheriff's office we went to the home of Susan and Dwight Hammond. They came outside and waved as numerous protesters laid flowers on their doorstep. A few of us spoke briefly with the Hammonds and offered our support and apologies for what they were going through. They were very gracious.

Then suddenly, and with no announcement to do so, the crowd broke out singing, "Amazing Grace." Yes this group of "radicals and extremists" as the media has often called them, did a "radical" performance of "Amazing Grace."

As we headed down the road, Dwight Hammond - who has been sentenced to an additional five years for a crime he has served time for and paid all subsequent fines for - yelled to the crowd, "This is not about me, this is about our country."

Yes, this is about our country, our liberty, and our sacred Constitution. This is about federal agents who have done the same thing the Hammonds have been charged with and for which they have received no punishment whatsoever. How many times in America have federal officers burned up forests and neighborhoods due to their "controlled burns" ending up out of control?

But the Hammonds have conducted themselves with class and humility. They have exemplified strength, courage, and dignity. We should emulate their patriotic and peaceful spirit and stand with them as they go through this unspeakable federal victimization.

We should allow nothing to detract from the Hammonds' plight and the wonderful rally that was held in their honor. The Hammonds had tears in their eyes as they viewed the huge crowd of well-wishers and thanked each of us for our support. Thus, for the record, CSPOA does not support or condone the occupation by those individuals who have taken over the Federal Wildlife building just outside Burns, Oregon. With all our hearts we appeal to all those occupying the Federal facility to immediately vacate the building and to go home to their families!

Local officials including the Harney County Sheriff are still working for a peaceful resolution on the Hammonds' behalf. We will continue to work and pray for their success.

My Honor Was Loyalty

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Published on Jan 4, 2016
Clip from the Motion Picture My Honor Was Loyalty.

Directed, Written and Scored by Alessandro Pepe.

Cast: Leone Frisa, Paolo Vaccarino, Francesco Migliore, Albrecht Weimer.

UNBELIEVABLE Update – Oregon “Bundy Militia” Standoff – The U.S. Attorney At The Heart of The Hammond Family Problem…

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Aamon bundyburns 3

The media are focused on the “Bundy Militia” angle to the standoff in Burns Oregon, where Aamon Bundy and brothers have taken over a Malheur Wildlife Refuge Headquarters to draw attention to the plight of the Hammond family (Full Complex Back Story Here).

However, a little research (HatTip NeverTooLate) into the original legal battle reveals a rather startling update.

The Question The Media Will Never Ask Hillary.

Via comment by JWMJR on Democrats unsure Hillary Clinton can beat Donald T... "Hillary is toast. She just doesn't know it yet. Oh she will beat Sanders in the primary elections but after that I think her number will fade under a fusillade of questions about her incompetence."


"Mrs. Clinton, can you tell us please how it felt to get so badly punked by Mr. Trump over your ISIS recruitment claims?"The question will never get asked but it sure would be fun to watch her turn beet red with anger, if not sputter in apoplexy. Any reporter who did ask such a question would be immediately ejected from the mostly empty venue and banned from covering the campaign. Such would most likely be a moot point as they would be fired from their job as well.

Rather than deny the accusation or call Hillary out for the liar she is, Trump owned it and said  “Of course they go after the person with a HUUUUGE lead in the polls! I predict they will make more!” There was an internet posting of course did it not show up until days after Hillary made her claim. But Trump, in one feel swoop accomplished several things. He made Hillary look the fool by re-framing her comment as a reinforcement of his lead in the polls. He also set himself up to be able to claim that he is the candidate ISIS fears the most should they actually make any videos referencing Trump. 
He just took up space inside both Hillary's and ISIS's head free of charge. If Hillary could figure out how this just happened, she would be livid. Or maybe she has and the individual who gave her this bit of failed tactical advice has already been relegated to the last buss in the campaign convoy.

The Oregon occupiers’ land dispute, explained in 9 maps



The decision by a group of activists to seize a small, remote federal building in a corner of Oregon has roots that burrow into a lot of political and social threads. There are gun rights issues, religious overtones, broad strains of anti-government sentiment and even the tactics of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

But there's also the very particular question of how much land the government controls in the state -- the same question that animated the dispute with rancher Cliven Bundy in Nevada two years ago -- and that helped motivate Bundy's son Ammon to take a lead role in the Oregon standoff.
As we noted Sunday, the Oregon dispute began with the government's push to ensure that Dwight and Steven Hammond, a father and son who were convicted of arson in 2012, served the minimum sentences that their convictions mandated. (Both already have served time, but less than the five-year minimum.) The Hammonds set a fire in 2001 that spread out of control on federal land. The government argued that the two were trying to cover up an illegal deer hunt.

1940 Applalachian Pioneer's Mountain Life And Their Children