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Obama Gives Rise To A Beast

Sword At-The-Ready

The Arab Spring blossoms into the Summer of Jihadist Islam heralding the Winter of Doom for the West as Obama empowers Radical Islam to global supremacy.

“A Tall black man will assume the reigns of government in the West. He will command the strongest army in the earth, and he will carry a clear sign from the Third Imam, whose name was “Hessei Ibn Ali“.

– Shi’a End-Time Prophecy, Iman Ali Ibn Abi-Talib

As the Islamist prophecy goes, this ‘tall black man’ is a forerunner of the Mahdi/12th Imam, the Islamic Savior who will conquer the earth for Islam; a counterfeit of John The Baptist as the forerunner of Christ. The clear sign’ this man will deliver to the Umma, is that he presides over the destruction of the infidel nations from within, and then delivers the West into the hands of the Caliphate to crush and annihilate.

Islam sees Obama’s policies as another sign of the West’s decline and the triumph of Islam, and the events of the last few weeks no doubt has given confidence to Jihadist Islam that Obama is their sign as he gives rise to what will become a global beast.

The Washington Times is running two editorials that each address a frightening litany of actions and policies by the Obama regime that are shaping an Arab and Persian Middle East that will one day soon, become a bane to our very existence.

Jeffrey Kuhner addresses the domino fall of Arab nations to radical Islamists

President Obama is empowering radical Islam across the Arab world. He is presiding over both the American decline and the rapid advance of our mortal jihadist enemies….Muslim fundamentalists have used street protests against corrupt, autocratic regimes as a Trojan horse to expand Islamic militancy.

while the Arab Spring falls into an Islamist Winter .

There is no strategic upside in any of this change for the United States. The new post-authoritarian Islamist governments will have no particular affinity for America or its values. Regional partners, particularly Saudi Arabia, are alarmed that the Obama administration was so willing to throw longtime allies like Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak under the bus.

Why? Simple, the Marxist Left will embrace every enemy of America in order to advance it’s own agenda: our destruction. As Kuhner concludes in this observation:

Like emperors in the final days of Rome, our leaders can pretend that the barbarians pose no imminent threat. Everyone knows, however, that Mr. Obama is simply managing America’s decline. His warm embrace of the Arab Spring as a pro-democracy movement simply camouflages the sad reality of our time: The Islamists are rising, threatening freedom wherever they tread.

It’s not incompetence that many assume Obama is demonstrating, rather is is cold, calculated and deliberate destruction of America and the West, presided over by a tall black man that Radical Islam sees as the sign, that their time to take over the world, is at hand.

There will be no Patton or Uncle Sam to save the world from the forces of darkness this time. A Beast rises on the world, and Obama is helping to pull it into our gates.

Van Jones Wants Pat Buchanan Fired from MSNBC

Conservative Heritage Times


Judson Phillips has the story. (Tea Party Nation no longer requires registration to view their articles.) Jones’ group The Color of Change (but of course Pat is the racist) is circulating a petition to have Buchanan fired. Here is what I wrote in the comments.

One of the premises of Buchanan’s new book is that an America that is no longer majority white (approx. 2040 +/- I think) will no longer be America as we know it. This is self-evidently true. Conservatives (since conservatives want to conserve things, go figure) will think this a bad thing. Liberals of color and their self-loathing white liberal brethren will think this a good thing. But the ironic thing is that the very name “The Color of Change” (think about it) implies and celebrates this demographic transformation.

So if you are a liberal you get to celebrate the demographic demise of the white man as a great thing, but if the white man protests his own dispossession he is guilty of a vile thought crime, something called white supremacy whatever that even means. So the only way not to be a white supremacist is to think it is grand to turn your country over to third world immigrants. Nice trick Van, but fewer and fewer people are falling for it.

III Percent Platform: Our Book

CBN In Norway - Mask of Peace - The Muslim Brotherhood's Plot for Global Rule

The Truth about Occupy Wall Street

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Dumbing Down a Dog to the Level of a Liberal

Here’s what the progressive parasites of Occupy San Diego think of our flag and the liberty it represents:

The Democrat Party openly identifies with these vermin.

Occupy Chicago Protester: Tea Party ‘Stole’ the ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ Symbol


38 Special + P Remington 101Gr Disintegrator Ammunition

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Load up with 38 Special +P Disintegrator Ammo here:

Jeffrey Lord vs. Ron Paul Round 10,000

Conservative Heritage Times

Jeffrey Lord just doesn’t know when to quit. He keeps coming back for more and keeps getting brutal intellectual beat downs.

You’ve got to hand it to Lord though. He’s persistent. He reminds me of a Jack Russell Terrier. He keeps going after intellectual Great Danes, and doesn’t seem to realize he is a 15 lb lap dog. Whether that is more a demonstration of courage or stupidity, I’ll leave for others to decide.

Anyway here is my reply: (For the record, I’m not elevating myself to the status of intellectual Great Dane. His posts always draw responses from the likes of Tom Woods and Kevin Gutzman. You really don’t want to get in an argument with Tom Woods about much of anything.)

Surprise, surprise! Jeffrey Lord is demonstrating his anti-Ron Paul obsession (and ignorance) once again. AmSpec must need page views.

First, personally I wish Ron Paul would not pass on earmarks (on budgets that he ALWAYS votes against, btw) because it gives ammo to the Jeffrey Lords of the world. (I wish Mr. Lord would let us know which Congressman he thinks embodies fiscal restraint in comparison to Paul so we could all get a good laugh.) But it should be noted that earmarks DO NOT increase total spending. They simply direct spending that is already budgeted.

Second, as I have already schooled Mr. Lord, non-intervention is the foreign policy that flows naturally from the authentic conservative mindset. From a philosophical standpoint this is not a debatable point. Modern style non-interventionism, based as it is on a belief that America has some supranormal duty to maintain world stability, is inherently radical. It is modern day Jacobinism. Mr. Lord’s simple-minded non-interventionism must be leftism because McGovern believed it dichotomous thinking is quite pathetic, and he ought to quit embarrassing himself by displaying his utter lack of nuance.

Third, while I don’t think it is good politics for someone who is trying to get GOP primary votes to go after talk radio without qualification, (although Levin’s anti-Ron Paul hysteria borders on unhinged and is even worse than Lord’s), it is obviously true that the modern “conservative” movement, of which talk radio is one manifestation, has done a pretty lousy job of conserving anything. This is why Ron Paul is so beloved by constitutionalists. He is THE ONLY consistent constitutionalist elected at the national level, and is one of only a few significant spokesmen for constitutionalism. Most consistent constitutionalists are associated with third parties or with groups that “respectable conservatives” like Mr. Lord undoubtedly label fringe. Who, I would like to know, does Mr. Lord think epitomizes conservatism?

One day left to sign up! (Northern Virginia area)

Generation Joshua is sending students out into the campaign field to attempt to make sure good men and women get elected to office. We are partnering with the HSLDA VA-PAC to deploy homeschooled volunteers in our SATs in the Northern Virginia area. Travel expenses will be reimbursed in a limited fashion—call for details. All other expenses, food, housing and local travel, are completely covered.

These teams will campaign for pro-homeschooling, pro-life, pro-family candidates who have been endorsed by the *HSLDA VA-PAC.
We are planning six different teams and our success will be a crucial indicator of what the 2012 elections will look like. We need your help! To see a list of candidates and locations where we are campaigning, click here.

But time is running out to sign up. The deadline is tomorrow, October 26. Sign up by clicking here. Also, forward this email to your friends and get them to come and share this experience with you. If they are not members of Generation Joshua, they will have to sign up here! Teams will campaign for the last five days of the election cycle, beginning on November 4 and ending on November 8.

Thank you for standing with us for liberty.

Stay strong and courageous,

William A. Estrada, Esq.
Director, Generation Joshua

Parental Rights and Sex Education

Parents: Due to its subject matter, this email may not be suitable for all readers.

Last week the New York Times printed an opinion piece, “Does Sex Ed. Undermine Parental Rights?” In it, Princeton professor Robert George and Ph.D. student Melissa Moschella argue that the new sex education program being introduced in New York City public schools violates parental rights.

According to the article, the only content to be subject to a parental opt-out provision is classes on contraception and birth control. Other topics about which parents will have no say include discussion on methods of sexual gratification for oneself or others, and what health or pregnancy risks they do or do not pose.

One mother who appeared on an NBC News-4 video of a parents’ rally today urged the school board to “give parents the option and the right to choose based on their knowledge of their children.”

Instead, school officials have made a decision for all public school children, and the desires of the parents do not even come into play. If you have a child in their schools, the decision has been made for you.

Isn’t it time parents had more of a say in the education of their children and not less? It is no wonder homeschooling is growing in popularity, but the future of society is being shaped in every kind of school. Giving the public schools carte blanche with anyone’s children will impact us all sooner or later. The pendulum needs to swing back the other way, and parents need to be restored as the first line of defense in the lives of their children.

Sadly, many U.S. Courts in the last decade have upheld the idea that, as the Ninth Circuit put it in Fields v. Palmdale, “Parents … have no constitutional right … to prevent a public school from providing its students with whatever information it wishes to provide, sexual or otherwise, when and as the school determines that it is appropriate to do so.” So as long as the school board decides graphic depictions of various sex acts are “appropriate” for pre-teen students, as is the case in New York, there is nothing concerned parents can do about it in the public school context.

But something can be done in Congress. By passing the Parental Rights Amendment, we can restore the traditional protection of “the liberty of parents to direct the upbringing and education of their children” as a fundamental right to all parents – including those with kids in public schools.


Michael Ramey
Dir. of Communications & Research

Sign the petition

A little boy and his dog

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Confessions of an Actual Man - Very Sincere Too

Fred On Everything
October 25, 2011

Of the various books I have inflicted on the world, my favorite is Au Phuc Dup and Nowhere to Go, the print version of which is a mess. The Kindle version is fine. Should anyone be interested, a sample chapter, clickable, is available under the cover on the right-hand side of your screen.

Like a wolverine digging at a rabbit's hole, this column seeks truth, wherever it lies. (Of course, if truth lies, how can you trust it? These are deep waters.) To this end, I have been reading feminists about what slugs men are, and bandits, and slaves of vanity, and cause loose fillings and sunspots and roach infestations. In the past I dismissed these tiresome viragos as mere creatures of bile and ill-breeding. This time, I thought, maybe I should listen to them. After all, ugly short-haired unmarried women are people too. Pretty close anyway.

AsI pondered, I was overcome by the consciousness of sin. Yes, I thought, it is true. We men are the slaves of vanity. I wanted to deny it, but I could not. The facts cannot be evaded: We, sorry male malfeasors all, are hopelessly vain.

Confess it, fellows: Men spend millions on boob jobs, on moisteurining lipstick that gives us the freshness of the roses of morn, on perky push-up bras that divide and lift at the same time. Yes, we do. Television groans under ads for new, new shampos that make our thinning hair swirl like corn silk in gentle zephyrs. Whole generations of Africans have died in the diamond mines of Kimberly so that we men could have gauds and baubles and dingly-dangles to put in our ears. Oh, the shame of it.

Women, far more sensible, are happy with scuba gear, a big-bore Kaw, and two-for-one Coors. Maybe a Ruger Redhawk.

It is not just vanity that corrupts men and makes us a burden on a suffering world. No. There is worse. We do not play well with others. No one can doubt it.

I have often read that women cooperate, quietly working together to get the job done, while men are aggressive and need to butt heads, trying to be the alpha male. This must be true, I reflected. Sociologists say so. There can be no greater fountain of truth than pigeon-chested academic worms in psuedo-universities. That's what I think, anyway.

Sure enough, the evidence is there. If you peer into the sordid sprawl of history, you find that you can hardly swing a pool cue without hitting a civilization founded by cooperating women. Sumeria, Rome, the Tang Dynasty, the Raj—all built by women working quietly and maturely together, while men fussed and fumed and did their nails. The NFL, the space program, Microsoft and Google, all products of cooperating women.

There is yet more. Men need to bear up, be brave and mature, and face truth: Women are more practical than men. Someone said that men are romantics pretending to be realists, and women, realists pretending to be romantic. Yes. Honesty compels us to grant it. Men are like little boys, always wanting to go higher and faster, to explore jungles and invent exotic aircraft. Always childlike, we love to race alone across the late-afternoon deserts of Arizona on a Harley, with the air furnace-hot and sunset burning out from incandescent reds to rolling waves of oranges on celestial beaches, the night rising from behind distant mountains. Women want granite counter-tops. These last, and are easy to clean.

This practicality of the distaff wing of our race of nuclear-armed primates is pervasive, profound, and probably of remote evolutionary origin. For example, women are attracted to money, than which there is nothing more practical. In fact, money is the only aphrodisiac that gets the job done. Ask any sailor who has spent shore leave in the Philipppines.

It works like a charm blessed by the Seventh Orisha. I am an ugly man of sixty-five years with thick glasses that make me look like a poorly-designed frog. But give me a Ferrari Testarossa, a flashy suit with an Italian name like Giovani or Armani, and a roll of hundred-dollar bills to tip for beers at pricey restautrants. Gorgeous groupies of twenty-five will crawl in their hundreds through my windows. Practical, they are. Very.

Men are ever impractical. In countries where I have lived, such as Vietnam, Mexico, and Thailand, the difference is unmistakable. If an American man encounters a Thai lass who is cute, smart, kind, funny, and a hell of a lot of fun, he will marry her, support her without the least resentment, and think he has prospered mightily. He is a man, and thus a romantic. No practicality. If an American woman has ever married a Thai below her social class in the expectation of maintaning him, this has not been recorded. It just isn't a paying proposition.

An evil misogynist or anyone rational would call this racism. It would be terribly unfair. I'm just not sure why.

The sexes approach problems differently. A friend once worked at a computer help-desk for a large association of realtors, who apparently are not any brighter than they need to be. She said that about twelve people, evenly divided between men and women, worked in this pit of reparative cybernicity. She further said that she had noticed that the women worked from a list of possible answers. Is it plugged in? Is the power on? And so on. Some of the questions were technical, and the women were not stupid, but they worked from a list and, if nothing applied, they threw up their hands. The guys by contrast regarded computers as really neat puzzles, controllable complexity of the sort that fascinates men, and liked to solve crazy new problems.

This difference is why a female bureaucrat will just say, “Nope, can't do it. Sez so here,” while a man will think, “How can we get around this sumbitch rule?” It's much more practical and efficient just to say, “Nope. No can do.”

Male immaturity. Always fiddleing with high-by-pass turbofans or III-V semiconductors instead of working quietly from lists.

Like a six-year-old, a man has to know how everything works. This defect of the male psyche is close to universal. A woman wants her refrigerator to cool her yogurt, her stereo to play the BeeGees, her car to run and not make funny noises. Ever practical, she isn't interested in thingy-whichies, in the compression-cooling-expansion cycle, or source-gate-drain of transistors, or what a valve train is. It isn't that she couldn't learn these things easily enough, but that she has no practical reason for learning them.

I reckon women are just more complicated than men can understand. It could drive us to drink, if we needed driving. Their is a subtlty that we men, with our blunt-trauma minds, can't get our fingers around. Women want to get married, but they don't want to get married, and they are furious at men but want to be loved, which presents technical problems. It's too many for us. The Iraqis say “Women want roasted ice.” Maybe we underestimate Moslem civilizations.

Now, from experience, I know that feminists will be madder than wet hornets, this being their only condition, because I have spread this repast of understanding on the tablecloth of the internet. If I weren't so charitable, I might suggest that they dish it out much better than they take it, that they feel entitled in perpetuity to distemper —but I am the soul of charity, and won't even hint at it, though it's God's truth.

"Adjusting" data of global warming (sic)


I've posted before about the very serious problems with the temperature databases used in the climate debate. The unexplained "adjustments" to the data are very problematic. I go so far as to say that Climate Science is the only branch of science where it's considered "normal" to change the data after it's been recorded. Gridding, smoothing, extrapolating - anything but looking at the raw data.

So what happens if you only look at the raw data? Is the planet still warming?

In a word, no:
The GISS dataset includes more than 600 stations within the U.S. that have been in operation continuously throughout the 20th century. This brief report looks at the average temperatures reported by those stations. The unadjusted data of both rural and non-rural stations show a virtually flat trend across the century.
This isn't "cherry picking" the data. It's picking the longest continuously reporting weather stations in the USA. The record spans the 20th century. It shows essentially no warming during the course of the entire 20th century.

And yet we're told that the last few years are the hottest ever. How come? Because the Orthodox Scientists change the data. Sorry, sorry: "adjust" the data. It's ever so scientific, don't you know.

But the data record doesn't stand up to scrutiny, okay?

"Kill them"

What Would The Founders Think?
Houston, we have a problem! Having spent the morning watching videos from various occupied localities around the country I realized its dimensions.

There they are, as other commentators have pointed out, with their iPads, laptops and digital cameras, cursing corporations. They don’t even comprehend the contradiction. One young man stated that rich capitalists should give their money to the more deserving. “But what,” asked the reporter, “will you do if they refuse?” The answer, with a laugh and a shrug was, “Kill them.” The young man intended his answer to be taken as a joke, but his expression and discomfort belied his words.

Many, if not all, the young occupiers graduated from the tax supported public education system. They attended, or are attending, universities on federal loans. Their socialist/Marxist sympathies are the culmination of years of what is loosely called education. When asked to explain their positions, they resort to four letter words or turn away in anger. They have learned the talking points, but not much else.

This is what happens when the producers of the nation’s prosperity cede the institutions that educate their young to leftists. Now the damage is done. These same young people are voters. No doubt, some will eventually realize what they have been taught is false. However, the nation is at a crossroads. There is no time to wait.

So what is to be done? This is not China or North Korea. We cannot send benighted youth to reeducation camps. We can’t round them up and deport them.

Our course of action is restrained by the very system that we struggle to safeguard. The self-described revolutionists behave badly and claim the protection of the Constitution they would destroy.

I have a modest proposal. Let us establish a fund to provide the occupiers with (one-way) tickets to the Communist paradise of their choice. They could take their ipads and their lap tops with them. (Although it is doubtful they would be allowed to keep them.) The only condition would be that if, having experienced the nirvana they so earnestly desire, they yearn to return to the land they cursed and whose flag they trampled, they would have to pay their own way back.

But as to my self, having been wearied out for many Years with offering vain, idle, visionary thoughts, and at length utterly despairing of Success, I fortunately fell upon this Proposal, which as it is wholly new, so it hath something Solid and Real, of no Expence and little Trouble, full in our own Power…

IHOP rampage brings call for change in state gun laws

Sipsey Street Irregulars

"I think it's a good question to ask: Why does a typical citizen need to have an assault weapon?"
Nevada National Guard Sgt. Caitlin Kelley, one of the victims in the IHOP attack, responded to the shooting by calling for a ban on assault weapons, which can be purchased without a background check at many gun shows or through private sellers.

"I can't imagine why we are even selling assault weapons to civilians," said Kelley, who was shot in the foot and still uses a wheelchair. "There's no reason for an AK-47 or an M-16 or an M-4 to be in a civilian's home." (Duh, these are fully automatic weapons dingbat, the ones civilians buy are semi-automatic ones like a deer rifle. BT.)

Washoe County Sheriff Mike Haley agreed, saying: "I don't see any logic to having assault weapons available to the public." But he said banning such weapons would spark a sharp response by gun-rights advocates. (Uh, no shit Sherlock, because a semi-automatic "Assault" rifle fires only as rapidly as a deer rifle. Maybe y'all need a refresher gun course. BT.)

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 10-24-11

Injustice Everywhere



Here are the 15 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Monday, October 24, 2011:

  • Elgin ND now-former police chief who is also a former judge has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for molesting a girl from the age of 12 to age 17. [0] bit.ly/rNMvXw
  • South Bend IN cop was charged with official misconduct & battery on allegations he sexually assaulted 2 women while on duty. [1] bit.ly/ricOue
  • Lansing KS DARE cop who was also the 2008 cop of the year for that department has pled no contest to child enticement charges after he was caught in an undercover sting operation. [0] bit.ly/w3pdmI
  • Orange County FL sheriff’s department is being sued by barber shop owners claiming deputies conducted warrantless raids on black-owned shops under the guise of “license inspections” [3] bit.ly/vQkQWS
  • Pittsburgh PA settles false arrest lawsuit for $60k to 2 college students who say they weren’t even part of the G20 protests when they were thrown to ground & arrested by police while trying to get back to their dorm. [0] bit.ly/uLBXH3
  • 2 Baltimore MD cops plead guilty to extortion charges in that city’s towing scandal, bringing the total to 9 officers who have pled guilty so far. [0] bit.ly/vkH8IJ
  • New York NY police are being sued by a couple claiming a cop smacked their Pomeranian mix dog out of their 20′ high window during a raid on their apartment in search of a relative. While police admit that is what happened and that the dog didn’t pose a real threat by itself, they say the officer needed to take control of the situation by shutting the yapping dog up somehow, but didn’t intend for the dog to go flying out the window by smacking it. The couple also claims some items were stolen during the raid but police deny that claim. [3] nydn.us/v6sZtZ
  • Hudson County NJ deputy was charged with obstruction for trying to stop two officers from arresting two of her friends after a bar brawl. [0] bit.ly/un0Cbp
  • Alpharetta GA police are accused of refusing to file a report claiming that a councilwoman’s husband, who also chairs a police charity organization, assaulted a 4yr-old girl in the park. [0] bit.ly/txzpxN
  • Baltimore MD police detective was charged with felony & misdemeanor counts of presenting false insurance disability claims [1] bit.ly/uR4KmX
  • New York state police investigation finds that a trooper was speeding when he ran red light without using his emergency lights or siren in a crash with a taxi that left 2 injured. [1] bit.ly/smLnPQ
  • Warsaw NC cop was fired after his supervisor smelled alcohol on his breath while he was on-duty, even though the officer tested under the legal limit. [0] bit.ly/vaKVlQ
  • Fairfax Co VA police officer was charged with driving while intoxicated after crashing into a utility pole while off duty [0] wapo.st/rYUTWL
  • Braintree MA cop charged with illegal possession of an assault weapon that was found during an investigation into a domestic dispute [0] bit.ly/smLnPQ
  • Neptune Beach FL cop who helped that city develop anti-gambling regulations was arrested for his alleged role in a gambling ring. [0] http://bit.ly/v63ryM

Members of Congress, Business Leaders Ask Glenn Beck to Explain ‘Occupy Wall St’ To Them in Secret Meetings

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Yucatan Mayan ruins and underground water system

Many large and beautiful pictures.

Old Dominion Relegated to “District Number One”

Virginia was the first to emblazon on her standard the emblem of her principle, “Virginia for Constitutional Liberty.” Virginian Patrick Henry first struck the note for independence; a Virginian penned the Declaration of Independence; and of course a Virginian led the victorious patriot army. Eighty-some years later revolutionists invaded Virginia’s soil and renamed her “District Number One.”

Bernhard Thuersam, Director
Cape Fear Historical Institute
“Something more than twenty years ago there fell upon the South a blow for which there is not parallel among the casualties which may happen to an individual, and which has rarely in history befallen nations.

Upon the euphemism of reconstruction an attempt was made after the war to destroy the South. She was dismembered, disenfranchised, denationalized. The States which composed her were turned by her conquerors into military districts, and their governments were subverted into military tribunals. Virginia, that had given Washington, Jefferson, Henry, Nelson, the Lees, Madison, Marshall, and a host of others who had made the nation, become “District No. 1.”

The South was believed to be no more. It was intended that she be no more. But God in his providence had his great purpose for her and called her forth. With the old spirit strong within her she renewed her youth like the eagles, fixed her gaze upon the sun, and once more spreading her strong pinions, lifted herself for another flight. [This “New South”] is, in fact, the Old South with its energies directed into new lines.

The [Old South] civilization flourished for two hundred and fifty years, and until its vitality, after four years of invasion and war, expired in the convulsive throes of reconstruction. Its tendency was towards exclusiveness and conservatism. It tolerated no invasion of its rights. It admitted the jurisdiction of no tribunal than itself. The result was not unnatural. The world, barred out, took revenge, and the Old South stands today charged with sterility, with attempting to perpetuate slavery, and with rebellion. If, when judged by the narrow standard of mere, common materialism, the Southern civilization fell short…[yet] the sudden supremacy of the American people to-day is largely due to the old South, and to its contemned civilization.

The Northern colonies of Great Britain in America were the asylums of religious zealots and revolutionists who at their first coming were bent less on the enlargement of their fortunes than on the freedom to exercise their religious convictions, however much the sudden transition from dependence and restriction to freedom and license may in a brief time have tempered their views of liberty and changed them into proscriptors of the most tyrannical type.

The Southern colonies, on the other hand, were from the first the product of a desire for adventure, for conquest, and for wealth. The Northern settlements were, it is true, founded under the law; but it was well understood that they contained an element which was not friendly to the government and that the latter was well satisfied to have the seas stretch between them.

The Southern, on the other hand, came with the consent of the crown, the blessing of the Church, and under the auspices and favor of men of high standing in the kingdom. They came with all the ceremonial of an elaborate civil government – with an executive, a council deputed by authorities at home, and formal and minute instructions and regulations.

The Church, which viewed the independence of the Northern refugees as a schism, if not heresy, gave to this enterprise its benison in the belief that “the adventurers of the plantations of Virginia were the most noble and worthy advancers of the standard of Christ among the Gentiles.”

Under such auspices the Southern colonies necessarily were rooted in the faith of the England from which they came – political, religious, and civil. Thus from the very beginning the spirit of the two sections was absolutely different, and their surrounding conditions were for a long time such as to keep them diverse.”

(The Old South, Essays Social and Political, Thomas Nelson Page, Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1896, pp. 4- 8)
Old Dominion Relegated to “District Number One”

“Whom the gods would destroy, they first render mad”

Yesterday, I wanted to find out about the author before I published his wonderful piece.

Excellent article and where does the author write?

The author has stopped publishing on the Internet, for after five years of publishing a quarter million words (under a pen name) in various second and third-tier Web outlets, and being shut out of the first tier, not to speak of MSM, he decided that the rewards (of exposure, for he’s written pro bono) are not worth such an investment of his diminishing time on Earth. He is therefore working on several books instead. However, having always appreciated WRSA, he will from time to time post short articles here.


The article.

The Bear - Film by Jean-Jacques Annaud

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What to worry about with the increase of gang members in the services

Global Guerrillas



The big worry about gangs in the US military is a repeat of what happened in Russia when the Soviet Union collapsed. When the Soviet Union collapsed economically, hundreds of thousands of Soviet soldiers with fresh combat experience in Afghanistan (and little to offer in terms of skills) were dumped onto the street and into the waiting arms of criminal organizations. This process quickly turned Russian economics into a shooting sport. A place where wealth and firepower became synonymous.

The US, currently running a $1.5 trillion a year deficit with the spectre of HUGE cuts in the military (reduction in force) as an absolute certainty, will dump hundreds of thousands of combat vets onto the street w/o an economy able to absorb them. This is particularly true with the US economy about to start its next contraction w/o even recovering from the last one. Guess what happens next...

Let's get resilient communities going, before the gangs get our kids.


Occupy is now a banned search term in China.


In conjunction with "Stanley Ann's Hair": Malcolm X IS Obama's Biological Father

Dynamite: Saps, Stool Pigeons And Stanley Ann’s Hair

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All I can say is wow! Ties right in.

What will be the spark that starts THE REVOLUTION in America?

California Tree of Liberty

"You show me one other candidate who inspires random voluntary expressions of support..."

"Ron Paul is pure and was asked to run (begged is more like it). He doesn't have to sell himself because liberty lovers sell his message for him...shit, liberty pretty much sells itself notwithstanding fascist neocons and commie libs."
-- Kyle

Yet, another travesty

Via Oath Keepers

Border Patrol Agent Jesus “Chito” Diaz received a two-year prison sentence for mishandling his handcuffs on a known-illegal alien drug smuggler. He was charged by the Obama Administration Justice Department using the vague “civil rights” strategy and was convicted last week of lifting the arms of a prisoner while handcuffed.

According to the Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council, the government's case is based on false testimony that is contradicted by the facts. This includes the charge that Agent Diaz was physically abusive to the then minor "MBE" as noted by court documents and transcripts that Diaz allegedly put his knee on his back and pulled back on his handcuffs.

“However, given the time of day during the incident, October 16, 2008 at about 2 a.m. and lack of lighting it would be impossible to have actually seen much if anything. The agent who stood next to Mr. Diaz, Marco Ramos testified that he did not see anything that was claimed to have taken place,” Andy Ramirez, president of LEOAC explained. “Other witnesses made claims that were contradictory amongst each other, and some later admitted in court to having perjured themselves, including Gabriel Lerma. Such admissions were ignored by the court and government who continued the prosecution having filed charges against Mr. Diaz for lying to investigators.”