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Migrant Molester: “I Hate Sweden, I’m Just Here to F**k Swedish Girls”

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 Migrant Molester: "I Hate Sweden, I'm Just Here to F**k Swedish Girls"

Suspect follows girls outside nightclub, spits in their face, urinates on the street.

A migrant who sexually molested five young women in the Swedish town of Vimmerby on Sunday night told his victims, “I hate Sweden, I’m just here to f**k Swedish girls.”

A 20-year-old woman, who herself had been sexually assaulted by a migrant in a nightclub moments before when he pressed his genitals up against her, told the Daily Vimmerby about what she witnessed outside.

According to the woman, the migrant in his 40s who molested her in the nightclub began talking to another “foreigner” in his 20s.

This individual then followed the woman and her four friends outside before becoming aggressive and exposing himself.

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Assange: WikiLeaks to release ‘a lot more’ on US elections

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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says his organization plans to publish “a lot more material” concerning elections in the U.S.

“This is having so much political impact in the United States,” he told CNN on Tuesday, referencing last Friday’s leak of 20,000 internal emails from the Democratic National Committee (DNC).
Assange said Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is trying to disrupt focus on the messages by blaming Russia for their release.

“What we have right now is the Hillary Clinton campaign using a speculative allegation about hacks that have occurred in the past to try and divert attention from our emails, another separate issue that WikiLeaks has published,” he said.

“I think this raises a very serious question, which is that the natural instincts of Hillary Clinton and the people around her, that when confronted with a serious domestic political scandal, that she tries to blame the Russians, blame the Chinese, etc,” Assange added. "If she does that when she’s in government, that’s a political, managerial style that can lead to conflict.”

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Ted Cruz Favorability Rating Collapse Confirmed in National and Ohio Post-RNC Convention Polls

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“Cruz’s move........appears to have backfired. While 60% of Republican voters had a positive impression of the former presidential candidate before the convention, just 33% have one now.”

NBC News/Survey Monkey:
“Ted Cruz, who scored a strong round of boos when he declined to endorse Trump in his speech to the RNC, was not viewed kindly by Republicans voters. Though Cruz finished second in the GOP primary race, just 28 percent of members of his own party now view him favorably; 68 percent now view him unfavorably. Clearly, his performance at the GOP convention was not received well by his party.”

PPP Ohio:
“The biggest loser from the convention is Ted Cruz though. He has an 18/65 favorability rating with Ohio voters, making him by far and away the least popular figure in our poll. Even among Republicans he’s at just 23/61. We asked GOP voters who they would support in a hypothetical primary contest between Trump and Cruz, and Trump wins out 61-19.”

DNC Advertises for Actors to Fill Empty Seats at DNC Convention! :)

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actors dnc


Democrats are advertising for actors to fill empty seats at the DNC Convention in Philadelphia.
The ad was placed last night on Philadelphia Craig’s List.

Donald Trump Just Got Hillary Clinton To Admit Her E-mails Are A ‘National Security Issue’

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 Donald Trump Just Got Hillary Clinton To Admit Her E-mails Are A ‘National Security Issue’

"This has gone from being a curiosity, and a matter of politics, to being a national security issue."
After taunting Hillary Clinton by asking Russian hackers to release 30,000 e-mails she deleted, Donald Trump finally forced Clinton’s campaign to admit that her unsanctioned e-mail server scheme was a “national security issue.”

We Can Defeat One of Obama’s Favorite Senators

With so much focus on the presidential election right now, I wanted to make sure you were aware of what’s happening in Colorado.

Darryl Glenn, a great friend of the Second Amendment, surprised the pundits with a resounding win in the Republican primary.

He was vastly outspent, but what Darryl lacked in money he made up for with grassroots supporters and an all-volunteer campaign staff.

Now he represents one of the few opportunities to turn a U.S. Senate seat from anti-gun to pro-gun.
And he’s taking on one of Barack Obama’s favorite Senators -- Michael Bennet.

Where to begin with Bennet?

Bennet doesn’t think you should be able to buy or sell a personal firearm without first going to the government to approve the sale.  

Gun shows would be a thing of the past if it were up to Bennet.

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Obama Attendance at Paris Climate Change Conference Cost Taxpayers $4,165,068.40

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Judicial Watch announced today that it has obtained records from the U.S. Secret Service and the Department of the Air Force detailing the costs of Obama’s trip to attend the 2015 Paris Climate Change Conference.  Secret Service charges for Obama and his staff to attend the Conference cost taxpayers $1,324,171.60.  Flight expenses cost $2,840,896.80, bringing the total expenditure for the conference to at least $4,165,068.40.  To date, Obama’s known travel expenses total $83,795,502.33.

Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for these documents on January 6, 2016.  The records were released in response to a FOIA lawsuit filed on May 6, 2016, (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Homeland Security (No. 1:16-cv-00863)).

The Secret Service expense report is as follows:

Democrats promise new push for gun control: NRA issues fierce rebuttal & begins multimillion campaign against Clinton
Thug Mothers

At the past three Democratic conventions, only one presidential nominee mentioned the scourge of gun violence. Eight years ago in Denver, Barack Obama devoted a single sentence to the subject in his 5,000-word acceptance speech.

This year’s convention is shaping up very differently.

Shooting survivors, mothers of shooting victims and gun-safety activists are taking turns at center stage in this week’s Democratic National Convention here. And the duo atop the party’s ticket – presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her running mate, Tim Kaine – have put the fight for tougher gun laws at the heart of their campaign for the White House.

By spotlighting gun control during their party’s biggest showcase, Democrats are marking a significant evolution in presidential politics.

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Guccifer 2.0 releases new DNC docs

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Guccifer 2.0, the hacker who breached the Democratic National Committee, has released a cache of purported DNC documents to The Hill in an effort to refocus attention on the hack.

The documents include more than 11,000 names matched with some identifying information, files related to two controversial donors and a research file on Sarah Palin.

“The press [is] gradually forget[ing] about me, [W]ikileaks is playing for time and [I] have some more docs,” he said in electronic chat explaining his rationale.

The documents provide some insight into how the DNC handled high-profile donation scandals. But the choice of documents revealed to The Hill also provides insight into the enigmatic Guccifer 2.0.

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Coming Back from the Dead

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I remember the moment quite vividly,  I was a student at Lead-In Fighter Training and in an Intel Class.  The moment was that blinding flash of enlightenment and realization that flying a fighter, something I'd wanted to do all my life, just might not be all guns and glory.

The instructor, a rather cute Lt, was briefing us on the armament carried by various Soviet aircraft.  She'd rattle on about the Mig-21 Fishbeds carrying Atolls and having a 23mm cannon whereas the Su-11 Fishpot only carried missiles.  My mind (I was unmarried at the time) was, lets just say, more interested in the Lt than in what she had to say.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...Why do I care if they've got missiles AND guns or just missiles?  

That's when the moment happened.

Hey, Dummy!  Wouldn't it be nice to know what the bad guys are trying to kill you with?  or even worse shooting you down?

You see, while I didn't want to die, the thought of becoming a POW terrified terrifies me.  Coming of age at Webb, I knew several guys in Dad's flight who went over to SEA and did not come back, and several that did come back, just not on their initial DEROS.  Listening to their stories and reading their books led me to think the former was the lesser of two bads.

Black Vietnam (ERA) Veteran Shot for Supporting Donald Trump

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A political discussion at a bar in Cleveland ended with a Vietnam vet being shot in the leg because of his support for Donald Trump.

60-year-old Paul Jones, Jr. was having a conversation with a friend at Winston’s Place near E. 131st Street and Miles Avenue on Monday evening.

A man sitting nearby overheard the chat and immediately became aggressive.

“He butted in the conversation,” Jones told WEWS from his hospital bed. “The conversation wasn’t directed at him or to him.”

The man continued to get more irate, going to his car to retrieve a gun before he returned and shot Jones in the thigh.

The shooter fled the scene and detectives are still searching for him.

IRS Launches Investigation Of Clinton Foundation

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RS Commissioner John Koskinen referred congressional charges of corrupt Clinton Foundation “pay-to-play” activities to his tax agency’s exempt operations office for investigation, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned.

The request to investigate the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation on charges of “public corruption” was made in a July 15 letter by 64 House Republicans to the IRS, FBI and Federal Trade Commission (FTC). They charged the foundation is “lawless.”

US Army Introduces New Enhanced Performance Magazine for M4/M16 Series Rifles

This model from a 2014 PM Soldier Weapons presentation illustrates how the new magazine body differs from its predecessors; the new magazine is shown in grey, the old in orange.

The US Army has taken one more step towards further improving the reliability of the controversial M16 and M4 series of rifles, according to a TACOM announcement. The Army is introducing a new pattern of magazine to supplant the older black, green, and tan follower magazines, respectively.

Called the “Enhanced Performance Magazine”, the new pattern sports a tan magazine body and a blue follower, for identification, and boasts a 300% increase in the mean number of rounds between stoppages when used in the M4 Carbine. Unlike previous magazines, the EPM uses a new, modified magazine body (and therefore not interchangeable, hence the different color) which presents the rounds at a more favorable angle to the rifle’s feedway, improving reliability and, importantly, preventing the hardened steel tips of new 5.56mm M855A1 Enhanced Performance Rounds from contacting the aluminum feed ramp section on M4 type rifles.

I was the youngest Alabama delegate at the RNC. Here’s why I’m backing Trump.

 Trump delegate Kathleen Moore (Photo: Contributed)

I was blessed with the opportunity to represent Alabama as a delegate at this year’s Republican National Convention, alongside my dad. It was an experience I will never forget and one I feel changed America, the Party, many undecided voters and even some in the media.
When I tell you I believe this presidential campaign is a war between a Washington insider and a New York businessman, it’s probably not difficult to figure out which one I’m backing.

But why am I — a young, college-educated Christian woman — supporting Donald J. Trump? After all, the media says my demographics should make me a Bernie-loving, Hillary-backing liberal, right?
But I’m not.

I am a Trump voter, and a proud one at that.

My main reason for supporting Mr. Trump is that I want to preserve my constitutional rights. You know, the ones we are promised as American citizens. The same ones Mrs. Clinton is openly campaigning on taking away, if elected.

Confederate Sleight of Hand :)
Two pieces of property owned by Abe Kolpin of Abe Koplin Clothing in downtown Danville were bought and now display the colors of the Confederacy. Koplin was instrumental in getting the flag removed and the new property owner didn't share with him what the land was to be used for. The two sites are at the end of the Robertson Street Bridge on Memorial Drive and next to the exit ramp off Central Boulevard going to Riverside Drive, two of the busiest interchanges in Danville. 

MOSBY HUMILIATED – ALL CHARGES DROPPED Against Remaining Officers in Freddie Gray Case

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 baltimore cops charged

The six Baltimore officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray are (top row from left) Caesar Goodson Jr., Garrett Miller, Edward Nero and (bottom row from left) William Porter, Brian Rice and Alicia White. (Baltimore Police Department via AP)

 Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby charged six local police officers with murder and manslaughter in the death of serial criminal Freddie Gray on May 1, 2015.

In June Officer Caesar Goodson Jr. was acquitted in his second-degree murder trial in the latest trial against six police officers in the death of Freddie Gray.

On Wednesday Marilyn Mosby dropped all remaining charges against the officers in the Freddie Gray case.

JEB Stuart Under Attack in Fairfax, VA

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"The Fairfax County School Board will decide Thursday whether to create a group that would explore renaming J.E.B. Stuart High School in Fairfax County's Seven Corners area."


1) Contact Fairfax County School Board members and tell them that creating a group to explore this option will only create division and waste much needed funds. Tell them to do the right thing, vote NO to the proposal to create a group to explore a name change, and put an end to this nonsense.

2) ATTEND THE MEETING and speak for JEB Stuart! Thursday, July 28th, 7 p.m. in the auditorium at Jackson Middle School, 3020 Gallows Road., Falls Church. We need to PACK the house with opposition to this PC attempt to erase our history and heritage and dishonor Gen. J.E.B. Stuart. 

Germany On Edge Panic as ‘suitcase bomb’ fails to explode near government migrant office – as police hunt 'Arab-looking' man and woman who ‘planted device’

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germany attack - 160727.00_02_02_15.Still002

Police are hunting two ‘Arab looking’ suspects who reportedly planted a ‘BOMB’ which failed to explode near a Government office for migrants and refugees in the German town Zirndorf in northern Bavaria, near the city of Nuremberg.

The device, which was a suitcase filled with aerosol cans, was reportedly ‘planted by a man and a woman’ as Germany remains on edge after a series of horrifying terror attacks.

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Only in California.............

Where can I buy a few organic bales of hay?


Rainbow Water District price gouging question for the group. We have a 2" meter which since February now runs 305$ without even using a drop of water. If we choose to go with a 1", it will then cost around $200 a month without using a drop of water. What, if anything, can we do about these fees? They seem extremely excessive. Our water bill now runs almost 450$ a month. And I thought it was bad at 300$ which is what is was last year for using the same amount of water. If anyone else is having these issues please post on here. Maybe we can group together to shine some light on the issue. Thanks.