Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I was the youngest Alabama delegate at the RNC. Here’s why I’m backing Trump.

 Trump delegate Kathleen Moore (Photo: Contributed)

I was blessed with the opportunity to represent Alabama as a delegate at this year’s Republican National Convention, alongside my dad. It was an experience I will never forget and one I feel changed America, the Party, many undecided voters and even some in the media.
When I tell you I believe this presidential campaign is a war between a Washington insider and a New York businessman, it’s probably not difficult to figure out which one I’m backing.

But why am I — a young, college-educated Christian woman — supporting Donald J. Trump? After all, the media says my demographics should make me a Bernie-loving, Hillary-backing liberal, right?
But I’m not.

I am a Trump voter, and a proud one at that.

My main reason for supporting Mr. Trump is that I want to preserve my constitutional rights. You know, the ones we are promised as American citizens. The same ones Mrs. Clinton is openly campaigning on taking away, if elected.

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