Wednesday, July 27, 2016

We Can Defeat One of Obama’s Favorite Senators

With so much focus on the presidential election right now, I wanted to make sure you were aware of what’s happening in Colorado.

Darryl Glenn, a great friend of the Second Amendment, surprised the pundits with a resounding win in the Republican primary.

He was vastly outspent, but what Darryl lacked in money he made up for with grassroots supporters and an all-volunteer campaign staff.

Now he represents one of the few opportunities to turn a U.S. Senate seat from anti-gun to pro-gun.
And he’s taking on one of Barack Obama’s favorite Senators -- Michael Bennet.

Where to begin with Bennet?

Bennet doesn’t think you should be able to buy or sell a personal firearm without first going to the government to approve the sale.  

Gun shows would be a thing of the past if it were up to Bennet.

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  1. Glenn is being assaulted by the Denver Rag of a newspaper. That alone would make him my man. He's a fighter. First real candidate I've had in 37 years out West. I haven't lived too long after all. heh.

    1. I haven't lived too long after all. heh.

      No, Sir!:)

  2. Today's Denver Rag is giving Glenn hell for a thirty year old story about his abusive Father. Just read my last issue.