Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pictures From The 2012 Oak Ridge re-enactments

".....,..In light of your recently highlighted videos of Oak Ridge re-enactments, I would like to share some pics with you from the event in 2012. One in particular shows a 101st Vet sitting with some re-enactors. Wouldn’t you like to hear some of his story? There are more pics from previous events but they reside in a computer that need a new processor chip and motherboard. One day I will resuscitate that machine. Enjoy."
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What Stonewall Jackson Thought About 'Deserters'

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"Desertion is not a solitary crime. It is a crime against the tens of thousands of veterans who are huddled together in the harsh cold of this winter. Against all those who have sacrificed. Against all those who have fallen. Against all the women and the children we have left alone to fend for themselves. I regard the crime of desertion as a sin against the army. Duty is ours, the consequences are God's."

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Nothing better to be concerned with, I guess: Confederate flag hanging at the Citadel sparks debate

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The Charleston County Council is waiting to hear from the South Carolina Attorney General's Office before deciding whether to withhold funding from the Citadel.

The decision is based on a Confederate flag hanging in the school chapel.

Councilman Henry Darby says concerned constituents urged him to do something when they noticed the flag. He originally threatened to withhold $1 million dollars in funding.

The Citadel says the state's Heritage Act protects the flag.

"I would tend to think they would find that given previous decisions, this would come under this Heritage Protection Act and it would be protected," said former State Attorney General Charlie Condon.

The Citadel says the flag is a memorial for Citadel cadets who died in the Civil War.

                                                                  More @ Carolina Alive

North Carolina moves to repeal Common Core

North Carolina could become the second state to back out of Common Core, the national teaching standards that have become a rallying cry for conservative activists.

The state House and Senate on Wednesday voted on separate bills to repeal Common Core standards before the beginning of the next school year. The bills would task a new Academic Standards Review Commission with developing new standards to propose to the state Board of Education.

The legislature’s next step is to hammer out the minor differences between the two bills and pass a compromise version. Both measures passed their respective chambers on party-line votes; Republicans control the legislature by wide margins.

It’s not clear, however, whether Gov. Pat McCrory (R) would sign the legislation. McCrory said Thursday he favors high education standards but that he has concerns with the way Common Core standards were being implemented. Eric Guckian, McCrory’s top education adviser, is working on resolving those issues, a McCrory spokesman said.

McCrory has vetoed legislation passed by the Republican-led legislature before, though both his vetoes during the 2013 legislative session were overridden.

1967 Chevrolet SS 427 Convertible 427 CI, 4-Speed, MCACN Gold

 S125.1 1967 Chevrolet SS 427 Convertible 427 CI, 4-Speed, MCACN Gold Photo 2

- Three year professional restoration by Gary Grant in Maple Ridge
- Very rare 427 SS "4D" on cowl tag
- Original numbers matching 427 CI engine purchased from a previous owner with 4-speed manual transmission
- Original rear end
- 2012 Chicago Muscle Car show scored 985/1000, 11 of the deductions corrected
- Received gold certification and the Floyd Garrett Best of Show award at MCACN
- Best in Class at the Crescent Beach Concours d'Elegance
- Madeira Maroon paint with Red interior and White top
- Power steering and front disc brakes
- Power windows and convertible top
- Estimated that out of 2,124 produced only 35 convertibles have a 4-speed transmission
- Driven only 80 miles and never in the rain, always stored in a climate controlled garage
- $200,000 spent on restoration, including $42,000 on NOS parts and $40,000 in paint and bodywork

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June 5th: Ukrainian border guards laid down arms and went to the Russian Federation + T-64B battle damage from sniper

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Ukrainian border guards left point and crossed into Russia. Once militias issued an ultimatum, 26 people, including the command staff, left the post Dolzhansky.



Video/pictures of damaged T-64B during the Ukrainian events. The tank sniper fire on vulnerable areas damaged almost all optics, even managed to get a protective glass aircraft sight-ROM 5.

For some reason I can't get the translated version to post below.

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Grecian Parliament: Nikolaos Michaloliakos temporarily released: "I am an Unrepentant Nationalist and a Golden Dawner" Powerful

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Notorious Abortionist’s Son Shot Multiple Times Committing Home Invasion

I’m shocked, SHOCKED, that the mainstream media has all but buried the story of monstrous abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s son being shot as he preyed upon unsuspecting residents.

The son of Kermit Gosnell, the infamous Philadelphia abortion doctor serving a life sentence for killing newborn children and at least one adult, is now in the hospital fighting for his life after an alleged home invasion.

Why Did the AP Edit Out a Passage From a Bergdahl Story That Was Potentially Embarrassing for the Obama Administration?

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In its initial reporting on the weekend release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl from Taliban captivity, the Associated Press quoted Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel telling a hangar full of soldiers what a happy day it was because, “We got one of our own back.”
Image via AP.

The soldiers’ reaction, according to the AP: crickets.
The AP has since nixed that passage, cutting Hagel and the silent soldiers out of its final version, and while the AP is defending the move as standard practice, Tom Blumer at the conservative media watchdog NewsBusters contends that the retroactive content-scrubbing is revisionist history — and could be aimed at helping reduce embarrassment for the Obama administration.

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The Revolutionary New Piece of Gun Technology That Some Are Calling ‘Scary’ and Others Are Praising as ‘F***ing Sweet’

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Tracking Point

A new Google Glass app currently in its testing phase is arguably one of the coolest gun accessories in decades.

The app is called ShotView, and it will apparently give users the ability to shoot accurately around corners, from unsupported positions, behind the back and over barricades when paired with the right firearm. The potential for this technology to be utilized in the military is glaringly obvious.

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Bowe Bergdahl is a Traitor's Page: Mrs. Allen standing by her man... MSG Mark Allen, who was shot in the brain while searching for Bergdahl.

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"Meet my husband, injuries directly brought to you by the actions of this traitor. He can't give an account of what went down, because he can no longer speak. Now, which guy is a 'hero' again?! Sick."

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More on the Canada Shootings

 ".......wanted to go out with a bang and bring people with him". 

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