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NUNES: There’s Something ‘Odd’ About Mueller’s Upcoming Testimony – ‘There Won’t Be Enough Time to Get Everyone’s Questions In’ (VIDEO)

German WWII Room in Museum (inappropriate for monetization by YouTube ?)

Emotional Red Herrings and Shameless Edicts

 Image result for (The Niagara, Rivers of America, Donald Braider

Due to continued Southern victories and no States returning to his rule with African labor safely secured, Lincoln was persuaded by Secretary of State William Seward “to withhold his proclamation so that it could be issued on the morrow of victory and thus not appear as “our last shriek on the retreat.”

Lincoln would claim his “victory” at the battle of Sharpsburg in mid-September 1862, where his refusal to accept Southern independence caused 23,000 casualties. Northern General George McClellan’s 76,000 man army had been fought to a standstill by General Robert E. Lee’s 38,000 troops.

Even after a bloody Northern defeat at Fredericksburg (18,000 casualties) in December ended a dreadful year of carnage wrought by Lincoln, he remained steadfast in refusing to end the slaughter and inaugurate peace.
www,   The Great American Political Divide

Emotional Red Herrings and Shameless Edicts

“During the last months of 1861, United States fortifications along the Niagara were significantly strengthened with guns and men. And even before [captured Southern diplomats] Slidell and Mason had been released from [Northern] custody, followed by strong and prolonged British protest, at the beginning of the following year, Canadian admiration for the Confederate cause persisted – in spite of the slavery issue – which sophisticated foreigners (and not a few Unionists) perceived to be an emotional red herring.

This particular fact of political life was obscured for most Americans a year later, when they heard of the Emancipation Proclamation – but failed to read its text with any care.

President Lincoln had not, by this edict, freed all the slaves, but merely those who resided in Southern territory still under the control of the enemies of the Union. This gesture which was to give the martyred Lincoln the name of the “Great Emancipator” was shamelessly political and selective, designed to split the Confederacy by allowing Southerners to infer that if they only caused their States to rejoin the Union, they might retain their “peculiar institution.”

And as such, the Emancipation Proclamation accomplished nothing concrete – though it undoubtedly gave Northerners a feeling of complacency. It emancipated no one.

It would require three amendments to the Constitution and the passage of more than a century before “emancipation” had any real meaning – and it would be for the blacks to emancipate themselves.”

(The Niagara, Rivers of America, Donald Braider, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1972, excerpts pp. 238-239)

Antifa Viciously Bloodied an Old man in Portland with crowbar

Via David "They're attacking people with 4' crowbars.  They need double-tap-to-center-of-mass attitude adjustment." (Check out the comments)

Flags and Historic Erasure


It is widely acknowledged that had the representatives of each of the thirteen colonies been told that there would be no voluntary withdrawal from the Articles of Confederation once ratified, that none would have ratified it. And none would have ratified the new Constitution had the same been declared – no withdrawal. And North Carolina made it requisite that a Bill of Rights, including a Tenth Amendment, to ensure that States were sovereign in anything not expressly and specifically delegated to the federal agent. And Americans celebrate secession every 4th of July.   The Great American Political Divide

Flags and Historic Erasure

“How refreshing it would be for someone to acknowledge the historic reality of the Secession of 1861! The South did secede, even if the arbitrament of war reversed the action. Since there was no Union to be saved, therefore this preservation never occurred. What did eventuate was rather a conquest and an imposed rule, which we have lived under ever since.

Only some few Northerners have ever realized that the triumphalist view has, though not without some justification, occlude an understanding to the damage done to the interests of all citizens, even themselves. The confusion about the meaning of a flag is an internal problem [for Americans], exclusively. And a rather convenient problem it is, especially for politicians.

My own view about the Confederate [Battle] flag is that it is no issue at all, which is not to say that it has not been made into one. But the flag is necessary for the hatemongers – the progressives who love to hate. Few of the hatemongers know anything about the various flags of the Confederacy and the State regiments and the corps within armies.

But now there has developed a movement to reconstruct various Southern State flags that have any Confederate aspects at all. The focus on State flags is related to an obsession with historic erasure that is deceptive and dangerous. Since the Stars and Stripes denoted a slaveholding nation for decades before the Confederate flag existed, it would seem that the flag of the United States is the one that should be reformulated or replaced, or at least referred to as being “like the swastika.”

Educated people know what that means – and what it doesn’t. Though flaunting the swastika is intolerable, the study of imagery, art, art, symbols, religion and anthropology is not. In an academic sense, even the swastika can be looked upon without sinister implications.

But with fierce recklessness, some can deface graves, destroy monuments, and forbid the sight of offensive and dreadful images. But memory depends on something to remember, which was the point of the memorials in the first place. And I know how difficult this is.”

(A Monumental Proposal, James O. Tate, Chronicles, June 2016, excerpts pp. 36-37)

Climate change – The not so hidden agenda of totalitarian control

 The only ‘normal’ in climate is constant change

A false and vicious doctrine of climate change has permeated the halls of power. It will have its way against science, economics and common sense. A constructed evil arising from notorious elites whose early representatives gave us the Club of Rome and the first Earth Day.

It is now nearly triumphant despite the growing opposition from dissident scientists and others who are increasingly aware of the economic threat these ideas represent. However, simply reflecting on the issues of climate change and its outrages is not entirely the issue.

More @ Ice Age Now

The Radical Republicans: The Antifa of 1865


“Anybody who would trash Lee and laud Lincoln is either stupid as a post or just plain evil,” said a sage reader. This applies in spades to anyone who would laud the Radical Republicans of 1865, as one TV GOP blonde has recently, and asininely, done.

The Radical Republicans, if you can believe it, considered Abraham Lincoln a moderate (a bad thing, in their book). Lincoln successor Andrew Johnson these fanatics branded a reactionary (punishable by obstruction and impeachment).

Praised these days by the blonde-ambition faction of the Republican Party, the Radicals were stars of America’s own Reign of Terror over the South, at the end of the War Between the States.

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The Paris Commune: A Blueprint for Western Cultural Collapse

Via The Feral Irishman  and John Robert Mallernee 

Dalai Lama Says Muslim And African Refugees Should Leave Europe And Return Home

Via Billy

In a recent BBC interview, the 83-year-old Dalai Lama discussed his views on Muslim and African refugees in Europe.

He believes that refugees should eventually return to their homeland and “keep Europe for Europeans.”

The Dalai Lama made similar comments about refugees last year during an interview with The Sun.

Ex-CIA Agent: Those Who Planned Coup Against Trump Are About To Be Indicted

Via John

Elder Patriot’s Opinion| In order to begin understanding what you are living through, consider the un-American platform that Democrats have coalesced around – environmental Marxism, refusing to protect the nation’s borders, confiscatory tax rates, the establishment of a police state, refusing to properly fund our military, and the demonization of the nation’s founding American demographic (white Christians).

Only after that consideration can you put the severity of their attempted coup against Donald Trump into proper perspective.  Only then can you understand that the enemy within is more dangerous than any foreign power could ever be.

VNAF A-1 Skyraider

Via KhaiCo Vu

‘New American’ from Nigeria Arrested in Murder of Utah Coed

Via Reborn

 Ajayi arrest
 Screenshot (1026)
 He burned her body in the back yard.

I was running errands today when I heard the news on the radio that a “Salt Lake City man” had been arrested in the murder of missing college student 23-year-old University of Utah senior MacKenzie Lueck.

As soon as I heard his name—Ayoola Ajayi—-I knew they were talking about another new American criminal from Africa.

San Francisco School Board to Destroy Historic Mural of George Washington

Via Billy
 Related image
The San Francisco School Board voted Tuesday to destroy a historic fresco of George Washington that includes images of slaves and a dead Native American.

On March 20, 1939 the Nazis set fire to thousands of paintings and sculptures in Berlin. Countless prints and watercolors and drawings deemed to be “degenerate were destroyed in the courtyard of the city’s fire department.

The heinous atrocities committed against artists on that day have been lost in the mists of time, overshadowed by the unspeakable book burnings of May 10, 1933.

More @ Todd Starnes

New Jersey school lets Muslims interrupt classes to “convert students” to Islam

 Image result for

What are the chances they will give equal time to the Hebrew Talmud or the Catholics' Baltimore Catechism ?


Like being black, or a woman, or being gay, Muslims enjoy "special privileges" not available to others.

There used to be "double standards," but now we have quadruple or even quintuple standards.  Throw in gay' and it becomes "Sex"tuple standards.  So much for the notion of individual equality promised in the Constitution and embodied in the 14th Amendment to it. We are entering a new era in the USA where ethnic traits and identity politics are evolving to create new winners and new losers into a created melange of inequalities and revised injustice .  We've gone backwards - we already have the 1960's in the reversed rear-view mirror, heading toward the 1910's.  In this societal flux, you are now a winner or loser based on characteristics over which you often have no control.  Which are you?

As for me, I want it all, so I have decided that I no longer want to be a straight white male - I've decided, from this day forward, I'm a disabled, gay, black woman who speaks Spanish and adheres to the Quran - so I can reap all the benefits that powerful combination of "identities" confers.

So it's time for me to put on my wig, apply my 'bronzer,' find a nice dress, hop into my wheel chair (with the rainbow flag) and start reading the Quran as someone pushes me to the nearest KFC.

Have a REAL nice day......


Comment on Neither Justice Nor Mercy for James Fields—

Comment on Neither Justice Nor Mercy for James Fields—

 Image result for Neither Justice Nor Mercy for James Fields—and It's His Lawyers' Fault

"......will leo shoot us? YOU BET YOUR ASS! "

as a nearby resident and former leo i can state that the whole damn day was a setup and an exercise in propaganda with Fields as the patsy, and he fell right into it. first, you don't box in demonstrators, especially two or more opposite factions. you give them exit routes, separate exit routes and leo stands between them. you also don't tell your troops to stand down and let the groups pummel each other, unless you WANT something like this to happen. you don't plaster the world with the "victim's" angelic teenage photo which was far far from the current reality of who she was. you also don't lie continuously about the circumstances/direct cause of her death. you don't hide video that would mitigate or even exonerate an accused. you don't intimidate good lawyers into dropping the case. 

you don't "investigate" any group that puts funding for the accused defense on the table. you don't charge every white guy in attendance while rewarding every person of color in spite of video showing them assaulting people. my biggest issue though is that the leo's and their leadership went along with, when OUR moment of truth comes, will leo shoot us? YOU BET YOUR ASS! as a former leo and vet, i find this fact the most disheartening of all. save the Republic? its already gone....

Restored Vietnam UH-1H Bell Huey First Flights HD


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Driving Through Virginia’s Historic Triangle


Virginia’s  Historic Triangle: Jamestowne, Williamsburg and Yorktowne encompasses the first permanent English settlement in America, the most important colonial capital, and the last major military engagement of the American War for Independence.  John Smith, Pocahontas, and John Rolfe trod the paths on Jamestown Island. Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, George Mason, James Madison, Richard Henry and Francis Lightfoot Lee walked the streets of Williamsburg, debating in the taverns the latest news from England.  The King’s Royal Governors also shared Colonial Williamsburg with these founders, until political events took their turn and the colonies rebelled against royal authority. The War for Independence from England reached a climax at nearby Yorktowne, where George Washington, the Marquis de Lafayette, and Gen. Rochambeau’s combined American and French Army trapped Lord Cornwallis and forced him to surrender his British Army. 

The Lincoln Assassination Deception

 Image result for The Lincoln Assassination Deception

Recently I borrowed a book from the local library by David O. Stewart called The Lincoln Deception. It was historical fiction about the circumstances involving the Lincoln assassination and I thought it might be interesting reading. I enjoy good historical fiction once in awhile as long as it stays relatively close to the historical facts.

Well, Stewart’s book did that, for the most part, but it was still a disappointment. It ended up being yet another of those “blame the Confederacy for Lincoln’s assassination” books.

Neither Justice Nor Mercy for James Fields—and It's His Lawyers' Fault

Via Tedmund Chan


As a Jew and an American, why should I even care about the fate of a neo-Nazi? Let there be no mistake: I do think James Alex Fields Jr. is a neo-Nazi. However, last I heard, being a neo-Nazi is not a capital offense.
I don’t believe James Alex Fields Jr., 22, got justice from the U.S. court system, and I certainly don’t expect he will get mercy. [Man convicted of killing Heather Heyer in Charlottesville attack asks judge for ‘mercy’ by Alan Suderman, Associated Press/WJLA, June 22nd 2019] And I further believe that, to a considerable extent, this is the fault of his court-appointed defense attorneys, Denise Lunsford and John Hill.

Fields will be sentenced on Friday, June 28, for the (unconstitutional in my opinion) federal “hate crimes” to which he pleaded guilty, reportedly to avoid the death penalty—on top of his state conviction for the murder of Heather Heyer, etc., for which he already has been sentenced to an incredible Life plus 419 years.

According to AP’s Suderman:

More @ UNZ

China Hacked Clinton’s Email Server, Congressman Confirms

Via Billy

The U.S. intelligence community established that China hacked Hillary Clinton’s unauthorized email server when she served as the secretary of state, according to Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas).

In an interview with The Epoch Times published on June 26, Gohmert said that the Chinese “actually hacked Hillary Clinton’s personal server—as our intel community established without any question—even though the FBI refused to ever examine the evidence.

“There’s no question, China was involved,” he added.

Gohmert is the first lawmaker to publicly confirm that China was the foreign actor that hacked Clinton’s server. President Donald Trump is the only other official to have made the same claim.

Texas Medical Professional: Migrants Quarantined with UNKNOWN Disease, 10-Year Old Girl Found With 20 Types of Semen In Her

Via David

 More articles @ Red Pill Jew

A medical professional on the border in Texas told Big League Politics that the crisis is reaching fever pitch, with three individuals now quarantined at a privately-owned hospital in El Paso with an unknown disease. The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has not even been able to identify the disease the three migrants have, as the military guards the quarantine area.

“There were some Congolese people caught crossing the border, it was suspected they had Ebola. In one facility there are three patients being held because they don’t know what they have. The CDC have been here to assess them. They are isolated, they only have certain specialists who can see them,” the medical professional tells Big League Politics.

Bien Hoa: DOUGLAS A-1E SKYRAIDER VIETNAM 1965, narrated by Lt Colonel Thomas A. Dwelle

Via KhaiCo Vu

World War B: “Busing”

Via John "OMG.....I watched the debate last night. It was hilarious, but hard not to notice how
Kamala Harris is such a phony. She was brought up in an upper class, extremely liberal Berkeley neighborhood. Her parents were high-ranking academics and now she goes on national TV and portrays herself as though she was an oppressed ghetto urchin and had to fight the powers that be. her bus was probably as air conditioned as her brain is."


The Democrats seem to want to run against Joe Biden on the issue that Joe was, horrors, against forced racial school busing of children. After all, who doesn’t love busing? Look what a happy and pleasant little girl busing made of Senator Kamala Harris. 

‘Tools of Death!’ Suppressor Ban Introduced in U.S. Senate by NJ Sen. Menendez


New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez announced over the weekend his intention to introduce a bill in the U.S. Senate that would ban the importation, sale, manufacture, transfer or possession of “gun silencers” or, as he also refers to them, “tools of death.”

“The NRA might be willing to prop up the gun industry no matter the human cost, but not me,” Menendez said at a press conference, flanked by activists from Moms Demand Action. “No one needs a silencer to defend themselves or their home, but everyone needs to be able to hear when their lives are in danger.”

Exclusive Interview: Soldier Who Shot Never-Before-Seen Perfect Score at High-Power Event


Sgt. Ben Cleland felt good when he woke up to participate in the 2019 Charlie Smart Memorial NRA High-Power Event earlier this month. One of his fellow shooters and mentors in the Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU) had predicted that Cleland would shoot a perfect score, and the Swanton, Ohio, native had been shooting well — and winning competitions — all year.

There was just one problem: Cleland didn’t have his rifle.

More @ Guns America

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The Captain

The War Power is All Power

 Image result for Eight Years in Congress, 1857-1865: Memoir and Speeches of Samuel S. Cox

A bill to establish a Bureau of Freedmen’s Affairs was introduced in the House of Representatives on February 17, 1864, by Massachusetts Republican Rep. Thomas D. Eliot. Democrat Rep. Samuel S. “Sunset” Cox of Ohio responds to the bill, in part, below.   The Great American Political Divide

The War Power is All Power

“Mr. Cox said: “Mr. Speaker . . . the member who introduced it [Mr. Eliot] recalled to our minds the fact that we opposed the confiscation bill for its inhumanity. This bill is founded in part on the confiscation system. If that were inhuman, then this is its aggravation. The former takes the lands which are abandoned by loyal or disloyal whites, under the pressure of war; while the present system turns these abandoned lands over to the blacks.

The effect of former legislation has been, in his opinion, to bring under the control of the Government large multitudes of freedmen who “had ceased to be slaves, but had not learned how to be free.” To care for these multitudes he presents this bill, which, if not crude and undigested, yet is sweeping and revolutionary.

It begins a policy for this Federal Government of limited and express powers, so latitudinarian that the whole system is changed. If the acts of confiscation and the proclamations, on which this measure is founded, be usurpations, how can we who have denounced them favor a measure like this?

This is a new system. It opens a vast opportunity for corruption and abuse. It may be inaugurated in the name of humanity; but I doubt, sir, if any Government, much less our Government of delegated powers, will ever succeed in the philanthropic line of business such as is contemplated by this bill.

The gentleman from Massachusetts appeals to us to forget the past, not to enquire how these poor people have become free, whether by law or by usurpation, but to look the great fact in the face “that three million slaves have become and are becoming free.” Before I come to that great fact, let me first look to the Constitution.

My oath to that is the highest humanity. By preserving the Constitution amidst the rack of war, in any vital part, we are saving for a better time something of those liberties, State and personal, which have given so much happiness for over seventy years to so many millions; and which, under a favorable Administration, might again restore contentment to our afflicted people. Hence the highest humanity is in building strong the ramparts of constitutional restraint against such radical usurpations as is proposed to be inaugurated by measures kindred to this before the House.

If the gentleman can show us warrant in the Constitution to establish this eleemosynary system for the blacks, and for making the Government a plantation speculator and overseer, and the Treasury a fund for the Negro, I will then consider the charitable light in which he has commended his bill to our sympathies.

The gentleman refers us for the constitutionality of this measure to the war power [of Lincoln], the same power by which he justifies the emancipation proclamation and similar measures. We upon this [Democratic] side are thoroughly convinced of the utter sophistry of such reasoning.

If the proclamation be unconstitutional, how can this or any measure based on it be valid?

The gentleman says, “If the President had the power to free the slave, does it not imply the power to take care of him when freed?”

Yes, no doubt. If he had any power under the war power, he has all power.

Under the war power he is a tyrant without a clinch on his revolutions. He can spin in any orbit he likes, as far and as long as he pleases.”

(Eight Years in Congress, 1857-1865: Memoir and Speeches of Samuel S. Cox, Samuel S. Cox, D. Appleton and Company, 1865, excerpts pp. 354-356)

NC: Saving the Fish House: Ocracoke Islanders keep their fishing heritage alive

 “We ate fish three times a day. It was fried for breakfast, stewed for dinner, and baked for supper. Next day we turned it round the other way,” shares Roy Parsons in the oral history, “Ocracoke Still Speaks.” [Click on the audio file below to hear Parsons share this story, part of the oral history compilation “Ocracoke Still Speaks.”] OCRACOKE’S BROGUE
James Barrie Gaskill was a waterman to the core. Before he unexpectedly passed away in June 2017 while tending his nets, he would spend a portion of his day hanging out at the fish house on Ocracoke Island, watching the comings and goings of commercial fishermen and fisherwomen. He was a teacher and later principal at Ocracoke School, but for much of his life he made a living on the sea.
As he watched his son, Morty, fill large containers on his skiff with ice before pushing away from the dock to head out into Pamlico Sound, James Barrie shook his head. “He has a degree, and he has come back to this,” he said with a thick Ocracoke brogue and a mixture of incredulous wonder and fatherly pride.

NC: The Lost Colony Brings History to Life Since 1937

 Outdoor Dramas Bring History to Life

Bill Coleman apologizes for the background noise. He is discussing “The Lost Colony” outdoor historical drama in Manteo over the phone.

“Today is the first day of rehearsals, and it’s the first time the choir’s members have sung together,” he explains as the sound of harmonious voices swells in the background, recreating music from the 1500s. “We have 19 days to get ready for opening night — learning lines, music and choreography, production cues, stage blocking and all that goes into a 75-performance season. It’s one of the closest things to a Broadway experience without being on Broadway.”

NC: 2019 Pole Top Rescue Competition


 Image result for SUPER TUCANO

With a total of more than 250 aircraft assembled in Brazil and in the United States, the Super Tucano was designed to operate in combat situations under the harshest of conditions. See more here about this aircraft that can be assembled into more than 150 different configurations.

More @ Embraer

Wheelchair-Bound Woman Can Walk After Trump Cut Red Tape Preventing Her Treatment

Via Billy

 Cancer survivor Natalie Harp thanks President Donald Trump at the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference

While President Donald Trump can justifiably boast a long list of accomplishments since taking office, one in particular was directly responsible for saving a young cancer-stricken woman’s life.
During Wednesday’s Faith and Freedom Coalition conference, the woman made sure Trump knew exactly how thankful she was that he gave her the chance to secure a quality of life that her doctors said was virtually impossible.

More with video @ WJ

In Major Elections Ruling, Supreme Court Allows Partisan Map Drawing

 The US Supreme Court is seen in Washington on June 24, 2019. (Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)
It sided with Republican lawmakers in North Carolina and Democratic legislators in Maryland who drew electoral district boundaries that were challenged by voters.
In a major blow to election reformers, the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday rejected efforts to rein in electoral map manipulation by politicians aimed at entrenching one party in power, a contentious practice known as partisan gerrymandering that critics have said warps democracy.

In a 5-4 ruling that could reverberate through U.S. politics for years to come, the justices ruled that federal judges do not have the ability to curb partisan gerrymandering.

A celebration of history: 87 years later, Private Mitchum gets memorial

Via Billy Bearden

 Soldier memorial
The memorial was a concerted effort of the Pine Hill Indian Tribe, Keepers of the Word (Native American Ministry), Carolina Indian Heritage Association, Sons of the Confederate Veterans Rivers Bridge Camp 842 and HL Hunley Camp 143 from Summerville.
On June 1 a long-overdue memorial service was held for Confederate Private Henry Mitchum, who was a Native American from Ehrhardt.

The ceremony was held at the Mitchum-Chassereau Cemetery near Ehrhardt.

Trump threatens to expand his trade war by slapping tariffs on Vietnam

Via Lê Bá Dzũng
 I took the picture in Little Saigon 1975/6.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

[Photos] Old Saigon Street Life in 1965 by Bruce Baumler – Part 1


Identifying streets and neighborhoods of Saigon based on old pictures might seem like a skill exclusively reserved for those who have lived through the eras, but at times it’s like a fascinating game of nostalgia jigsaw.

Take these photos of Saigon in 1965 taken by American serviceman Bruce Baumler for example. If an enduring landmark is present, it’s painfully obvious — like the majestic façade of the Saigon Opera House or the eclectic palette of Cao Thang’s shop signage. Otherwise, the power of memory is the only assistant in one’s quest to decipher the true location these street photos were taken.

More @ Saigoneer

The South Carolina Federalists


Original material for Southern history has been so scarce at the centres where American historiographers have worked, that the general writers have had to substitute conjecture for understanding in many cases when attempting to interpret Southern developments. The Federalists of the South have suffered particularly from misrepresentation and neglect. Their Democratic-Republican contemporaries of course abused them; the American public at large in the following generation was scandalized by the course of the New England Federalists, and placed a stigma upon all who bore or had borne the name of Federalists anywhere; no historical monographs have made the pertinent data available; and the standard historians, with the exception of Henry Adams, who has indicated a sound interpretation in the form of conjecture but who has given no data, have failed to handle the theme with any approach to adequacy. The South Carolina group appears to have been typical of the whole Southern wing of the Federalists; and because of the greater fullness of the extant documents and the more apparent unity of the theme, the present essay will treat of the origin, character and early career of the party in the state where it was most prominent, rather than in the Southern region at large.

Radical Experiment in the District

 Image result for The Uncivil War: Washington During the Reconstruction, 1865-1878, James H. Whyte

On January 4, 1867, President Andrew Johnson was preparing his veto of the District [of Columbia] Suffrage Bill, telling his cabinet of issues with the Bill. He pointed out that “New York Negroes were obliged to comply with property requirements not necessary for white voters”, while other Northern States like Pennsylvania and Indiana excluded them from voting altogether.”  It was clear to Johnson that the motivation for Negro suffrage was the voting potential they held, and the potential for Republican Party political hegemony in the future.  This led to virtually unbroken Republican national rule until Woodrow Wilson.

Johnson added that “the representatives of States where suffrage is either denied the colored man or grant [voting rights on qualifications being met] . . . should compel the people of the District of Columbia to try an experiment which their own constituents have thus far shown an unwillingness to test for themselves . . .”  It is noteworthy that when the Emancipation Bill of April 1862 provided freedom for colored people in the District, which also compensated their owners, Lincoln insisted that the measure be coupled with a $100,000 appropriation to settle the freedmen in Haiti and Liberia.   The Great American Political Divide

Radical Experiment in the District

“The question of voting by Negroes had become by this time a burning national issue and one on which the Republican Party was by no means unanimous. Even in the North only six States permitted Negro suffrage without restrictions. Negroes were not permitted to vote in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, and . . . New York still maintained property qualifications for Negro voters.

The Radical wing of the Party, led by [Charles] Sumner and Thaddeus Stevens, was, however, adamant on this issue. It was essential in their opinion that the colored man should be permitted to vote . . . [and] the control of the Southern States by the Republican Party could be maintained by the Negro vote, since it was quite inconceivable that the vast majority of Negroes would vote for any other Party than the Republicans who had freed them.

Realizing the difficulties of achieving Negro suffrage in the States, the leaders of the Radical Wing of the Republican Party began to turn their attention to the District of Columbia over which Congress had jurisdiction.

If Negro suffrage could be achieved in the District, with its large colored population, that would set the standard which some of the Southern States might be eventually be persuaded or compelled to follow.

Thus the municipal politics of Washington and Georgetown were to become a vital issue in the struggle for power between the Radical Republicans in Congress and Andrew Johnson, the Conservative Democrat in the White House.”

(The Uncivil War: Washington During the Reconstruction, 1865-1878, James H. Whyte, Twayne Publishers, 1958, excerpts pg. 37)

USS Hornet departs San Francisco carrying Doolittle raiders

Via  DaSOB
"I had never seen this photo before now. It really gives you some serious perspective on the immense difficulty of launching 16 medium bombers off a carrier deck. Col. Doolittle's aircraft was the first off, and it had less than 500 feet to get airborne. The takeoff had to be exquisitely timed so that when the aircraft reached the end of the takeoff distance, the deck was pitching up from the heavy seas, giving the B-25 an extra "heave-ho" into the air. Talk about brass balls!"


Lana Lokteff: “Living in a World Gone Mad.” - American Renaissance Conference

Via Martin

World’s Largest Bicycle Maker: ‘Era of Made in China’ Is Over

Via Billy

Image result for World’s Largest Bicycle Maker: ‘Era of Made in China’ Is Over

The world’s largest bicycle maker is taking no chances.

In September, when President Donald Trump began threatening massive tariffs on Chinese exports to the United States, Giant Manufacturing Co. — located in China — decided to move production of all U.S.-bound bicycle orders to Taiwan to avoid looming financial hits.
“When Trump announced the plan of 25% tariffs, we took it seriously,” Chairwoman Bonnie Tu said, according to Bloomberg. “We started moving before he shut his mouth.”

Then she dropped a zinger: “Last year, I noticed that the era of Made In China and supplying globally is over.”

More @ WJ

Mexico Confirms U.S. Warned Them About ISIS Suspects Headed To Border

 Image result for Four ISIS Terrorists from Iraq and Egypt Arrested in Nicaragua on Way to US Southern Border

Update: Four ISIS Terrorists from Iraq and Egypt Arrested in Nicaragua on Way to US Southern Border

Mexican law enforcement officials have confirmed that the United States has warned them that there are three ISIS-linked terror suspects traveling through Central America who are potentially trying to reach the U.S. border by traveling through Mexico.

Poll of Mexicans: Strong Opposition to Illegal Immigration, Most Support Immediate Deportation

Via Billy

Mexicanos quieren que se impida paso de migrantes
 A poll this month by El Universal newspaper found nearly two-thirds in favour of refusing entry to undocumented migrants, a nearly 13 point rise since October when the first wave of migrants arrived in Mexico from Central America.
Quite a few heads were turned in Washington, DC when the Mexican government made some significant new immigration enforcement concessions in the face of tariff threats from President Trump.  Why would they cave to demands that weren't playing terribly well politically north of the border -- especially if those demands put them on the hook for more concrete action?  As we shared yesterday, Mexico City has gone even farther in recent days, to the point of surprising a CNN correspondent who called the cooperation unprecedented in his experience:

More @ Townhall

Geraldo: Democrats Will "Rue the Day" They Brought back Mueller

Cruz Loses His Patience With Google Exec During Hearing On Big Tech (Project Veritas)

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 When Stanphill said she didn't review the evidence, it's pretty fair to say she's a liar. 

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Tuesday grilled Google UX Director Maggie Stanphill about Project Veritas' recent investigation into the tech company's desire to stifle conservatives. A whistleblower stepped forward to make people aware of Google's plans to affect the outcome of the 2020 elections and “prevent” the next “Trump situation.”

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Trump DHS Secretary McAleenan gave solely to Democrats for years, FEC filings show

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Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan, who was accused of sabotaging the Trump administration's deportation operation because of a personal opposition to the plan, has given for years solely to Democratic causes, according to federal records.

Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, wrote in an op-ed Monday that the secretary and his wife's donations only to Democratic politicians and organizations over the past 12 years could explain why McAleenan allegedly leaked a nationwide Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid to the media last week, forcing the administration to cancel the extensive undertaking after months of planning.

"He has proven his political leanings in his actions, including his campaign contributions," Judd wrote in a Fox News op-ed. "By definition, Kevin McAleenan should be considered anti-Trump."

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

ICE releases list of accused murderers, rapists protected under sanctuary policies

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Radical Republican Motivation

 U.S. Rep. Thaddeus Stevens

Lincoln’s predecessor, James Buchanan, admitted that he had no authority to wage war against States and understood that action as treason.  As “treason” is mentioned often in Radical literature, it is important to understand the constitutional definition of this as defined in Article III, Section 3 of the United States Constitution:

“Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” And “secession” is what is celebrated in the United States every Fourth of July.

Having militarily destroyed the American South’s political and economic strength as well as causing a million deaths in the process, the Republican party was determined to maintain political hegemony and turn the South into an economic colony. Once the South was defeated and occupied, Republicans created a solid bloc of black voters to politically dominate the South.   The Great American Political Divide

Radical Republican Motivation

“Although the South lost the war, the “slave power” did not give up but continued the struggle in a different form. Recognizing the continuing and persistent menace, Michigan’s Governor Henry Crapo, warned in 1866: “It is not slavery, but the spirit which seeks to make slavery the corner stone of the empire, that we now have to guard against – that element of hatred to freedom and equality that instituted the conflict . . . That spirit is neither dead nor sleeping . . . Having failed so utterly in the resort to force, it will but recuperate its energies for a more insidious attack in a different method of warfare. “

However incomplete or inaccurate they might be, such views were to constitute the bases of the Radical Republican program for a decade after the Civil War. The identification of the Republican party with the promotion of freedom and democracy against “slave power” and “aristocracy” gave the Republicans a messianic sense of destiny.

Republican identification of the Democratic party with slavery and treason made Republican control of the national government a patriotic necessity. Further, Republicans viewed the struggle as occurring between ageless, eternal principles – “slave power” and “aristocracy” were resilient, crafty, and powerful.

Far reaching and drastic measures were necessary to extirpate their roots. The Republicans willingly accepted the appellation of “Radical” . . . [and] had developed much of their program long before Lee’s surrender at Appomattox.

The Southerners, stated [Michigan Congressman] John Longyear should be treated as subjugated enemies.

[US] Senator Jacob Howard [of Michigan] . . . wanted a genuine loyalty in the South as the basis for readmission to the Union. “The people of the North,” he prophesied, “are not such fools as to fight through such a war as this, to spend so vast an amount of treasure, as they must necessarily spend in bringing it to a successful termination – that they are not such fools as to sacrifice a hundred and fifty or two hundred thousand lives in putting down this rebellion, and then turn around and say to the traitors, “All you have to do is to come back into the councils of the nation and take an oath that henceforth you will be true to the Government.” Sir, it would be simple imbecility, folly . . .”

Until a majority became loyal [to the North], Howard advocated keeping [the South] out of the Union and in “tutelage” up to twenty years. Howard reasoned that a hostile and belligerent community could not claim the right to elect members of Congress.

“Are public enemies,” he asked, “entitled to be represented in the Legislature of the United States?” “A secession traitor,” Senator [Zachariah] Chandler growled, “is beneath a loyal Negro. I would let a loyal Negro vote. I would let him testify; I would let him fight; I would let him do any other good thing, and I would exclude a secession traitor.”

(Radical Republican Motivation, George M. Blackburn, Journal of Negro History, Volume LIV, Number 2, April 1969, Carter G. Woodson, editor, excerpts pp. 110-112)