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Along Came The Patriot Act........

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“Seeing the Light of Victory Ahead at Gettysburg”

“Gold is the money of kings; silver is the money of gentlemen; barter is the money of peasants; but debt is the money of slaves.”
-- Norm Franz, Money and Wealth in the New Millennium
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North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial Commission"
“Seeing the Light of Victory Ahead at Gettysburg”:

“[General Henry] Heth seems to not have anticipated any enemy at Gettysburg, other than perhaps militia. And so, [General James Johnston] Pettigrew left Cashtown with the 11th, 26th and 47th [North Carolina] Regiments, and a few batteries from the Donaldson Artillery (the 52nd [North Carolina] remained in Cashtown), and marched down the Chambersburg Pike.

It was overcast and intermittent rain as Pettigrew’s brigade made their way through the Pennsylvania countryside to Gettysburg early that morning of June 30, 1863. Little would his men imagine what lay ahead in the days to come – but then it is well that we cannot see the future. No doubt Pettigrew’s troops, their enthusiasm ripened by Confederate victories at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville, their bellies filled by the abundance of Pennsylvania Dutch farms, could only see the light of victory ahead – that singular, crushing defeat would force the damnable Yankees to finally sue for peace, and thus ending this bloodletting and allow these simple boys to return to their homes, mothers, wives and sweethearts.”

(Collett Leventhorpe, the English Confederate, Cole & Foley, McFarland & Co., 2007, page 108)

“Seeing the Light of Victory Ahead at Gettysburg”

Libya rebels make weapons from scraps

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"Thank you Lord for Rottweilers and useful pieces of wood."

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The Trouble with Herman Cain

Gunwalker: The Dam Breaks

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For those who have been paying attention, the Gunwalker conspirators' cover-up has been reduced to a tattered piece of underwear that wouldn't cover Weiner's little wiener.

First, the testimony of the ATF agents at the hearing today demonstrated that there was no "sting", thus there could not have been a "botched sting." What there was, it seems, was a program to encourage straw purchases and smuggling, but no "sting" by any known meaning of that word. Which begs the question, why? Issa, nettled by Cummings' complaints of a "political agenda" responded by asking if the entire purpose of allowing large numbers of weapons into Mexico didn't itself serve a political purpose? Meaning, of course, further restrictions on American firearm rights. Precisely.

Second, the the Melson emails, released by the Committee, show that the Acting Director was "very much in the weeds" of Gunwalker, with at least weekly briefings and his own Internet access to the webcams situated at the Lone Wolf Trading Company.

From the Committee press release:

The Only Pair of Matching Singing Bird Pistols, Attributed to Frères Rochat

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Sen. Grassley on Botched Fed Gun-Running Sting: Without a Doubt the Dept. of Justice Was Involved

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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 06-14-11

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Here are the 22 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Tuesday, June 13, 2011:

  • Bountiful City UT settles suit for undisclosed sum to man tasered 6-10 times on video in stop for crooked plates [3]
  • 2 Los Angeles Co CA deputies investigated by FBI over claims by ACLU observer that she saw them beat limp detainee [3]
  • Lake County CA sheriff under investigation by DA on allegations he beat cuffed detainee on way to jail [2]
  • Middletown CT police & school sued by mom of teen tasered 5x for putting extra beef patty on his tray at lunch [0]
  • Brentwood MD cop resigns after charged w/assault for stopping a family & threatening them while off duty & possibly drunk [0]
  • Texas DPS trooper investigated for allegedly pulling gun on 2 16yr-olds in off-duty road rage incident [0]
  • Winkler Co TX sheriff convicted on 6counts for retaliating against 2 nurses who filed complaint against his Dr pal [0]
  • Mooresville IN cop sentenced to 108days jail in plea deal for lying about testing drugs that ended up being fake [0]
  • Laurel MD cop pleads to child porn charge, hid camera in girl’s closet & possessed explicit videos of children [0]
  • Illinois State Trooper sentenced to 60days after pleading guilty to watching child porn on his police car laptop [0]
  • Sardis GA cop who was hired despite being fired from another dept for sexual misconduct has been fired again over sexual comments made to 2 young females at store [1]
  • Mobile AL cop accused of trying to beat light in crash that injured 5 while police insist he was responding to a call. Sadly, 2 of the people suffered serious brain injuries and that state’s laws limit what you can sue local governments for to $100k which won’t even come close to covering their bills, even if they are able to sue. [3]
  • Washington DC police sgt arrested on theft charge alleging she scammed an 85yr-old woman she was assigned to help [0]
  • Ontario Provincial Police officer in Coburg ON charged w/bribery, breach of trust & obstruction [0]
  • Elkhart IN cop suspended 8days for failing to follow procedure & driving too fast during 2 police chases [0]
  • West Carrollton OH cop sentenced to 1wk home detention for shoplifting from Walmart, resigned after arrest [0]
  • Bernalillo Co NM deputy suspended & faces charges for harassing ex-girlfriend cop via text messages [0]
  • McLean Co IL deputy suspended 60days for using position to date woman he met on call & sexting her while on duty [0]
  • Saratoga Springs NY police chief suspended after admitting to sending explicit text messages to woman after she asked him to stop [1]
  • Citronelle AL cop suspended while under investigation for unspecified allegations of misconduct [2]
  • Hernando Co FL deputy suspended 3days for using badge to get out of ticket, now subject of another investigation [0]
  • East Rochester NY cop charged w/misdemeanor DUI after crashing into van while off duty, injuring 3 teens [0]

I’m sure some of you who follow our news feed may notice that, lately, the feed is pretty slow during the day then has a burst of activity towards the evening. That’s because I’ve been swamped with work at my day job lately since my contract ends in two weeks and it doesn’t look like they have the budget to extend it a third time. Which means they want me to do as many things finished for them as possible before they get short-handed when I’m gone. Unfortunately, though, I still don’t have anything lined up for when this ends, which is really bad news.

Stay safe out there everyone.

History being lost on Kids these days

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And falling rapidly.

Well this pretty much explains everything.

Students Stumble Again on the Basics of History

Fewer than a quarter of American 12th-graders knew China was North Korea’s ally during the Korean War, and only 35% of fourth-graders knew the purpose of the Declaration of Independence, according to national history-test scores released Tuesday.

The results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress revealed that U.S. schoolchildren have made little progress since 2006 in their understanding of key historical themes, including the basic principles of democracy and America’s role in the world.

Only 20% of U.S. fourth-graders and 17% of eighth-graders who took the 2010 history exam were “proficient” or “advanced,” unchanged since the test was last administered in 2006. Proficient means students have a solid understanding of the material.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana

That’s the biggest reason we are in the position we are in as a nation. History has been forgotten OR RE-WRITTEN to fit an agenda.

Here’s a part of that story that should make you happy:

1950 Abarth 205 Abarth Vignale Berlinetta

45% See Gap Between Governed and Those Who Govern As Comparable to American Revolution

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A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 45% of Likely U.S.
Voters agree with the following statement: The gap between Americans who want to govern themselves and politicians who want to rule over them is now as big as the gap between the American colonies and England during the 18th Century.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Allows Walker's Union Restrictions

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MADISON, Wis. — The Wisconsin Supreme Court handed Republican Gov. Scott Walker a major victory on Tuesday, ruling that a polarizing union law could take effect that strips most public employees of their collective-bargaining rights.

In a 4-3 decision, the court ruled that Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi overstepped her authority when she said Republican lawmakers violated the state's open meetings statutes in the run-up to passage of the legislation and declared the law void.

The law, which also requires public employees to pay more for their health care and pensions, sparked weeks of protests when Walker introduced it in February. Tens of thousands of demonstrators occupied the state Capitol for weeks and Democratic senators fled the state to prevent a vote, thrusting Wisconsin to the forefront of a national debate over labor rights.

In a one-sentence reaction to the ruling, the governor said: "The Supreme Court's ruling provides our state the opportunity to move forward together and focus on getting Wisconsin working again."

America's Got Talent 10 Year Old Jackie Evancho YouTube Audition

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A video has been making the rounds on Al Gore’s information superhighway today that shows a group of college students answering questions about affirmative action. Now, it’s a given, a great many college kids are morons…they’re supposed to be. Why, AWD himself probably came a driver and a six iron away from being a moron myself while studying free-lance gynecology during my college days. (Disclaimer: if any of AWD’s children…that I know of!…are reading this, your old man is exaggerating a little..ok…a lot!) The problem is college kids think they’re not morons and actually have something worthy of being heard. Truth is, college kids think they know everything when they really know very little. Especially about the world.

Any college that has these two letters…UC…preceding the city, guarantees it is a leftarded waste of tax and tuition dollars! UC is an acronym for University of California. I know, I know…say no more! But sometimes one must see the libtarded to truly grasp the libtardation of the libtarded. And there is nowhere that surpasses the high levels of libtardation like a university in the once-great, now-pathetic state of California! If Albert Einstein was a libtarded idiot, he would have studied at UC-Anywhere. Want proof of the quality of the ‘young minds’ coming out of the UC system? Well, lookie here!

Four ATF Agents Working on Controversial Operation ‘Fast and Furious’ Tell their Story

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Agents say DOJ still being untruthful about efforts to let guns ‘walk’ into hands of drug cartels

Highlights of the report include:

  • The supervisor of Operation Fast and Furious was “jovial, if not, not giddy but just delighted about” walked guns showing up at crime scenes in Mexico according to an ATF agent. (p. 37)
  • Another ATF agent told the committee about a prediction he made a year ago that “someone was going to die” and that the gunwalking operation would be the subject of a Congressional investigation. (p. 24)
  • The shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords created a “state of panic” within the group conducting the operation as they initially feared a “walked” gun might have been used. (p. 38)
  • One Operation Fast and Furious Agent: “I cannot see anyone who has one iota of concern for human life being okay with this …” (p. 27)
  • An ATF agent predicted to committee investigators that more deaths will occur as a result of Operation Fast and Furious. (p.39)
  • Multiple agents told the committee that continued assertions by Department of Justice Officials that guns were not knowingly “walked” and that DOJ tried to stop their transport to Mexico are clearly untruthful. (p. 45-50)

Confederates served U.S. government after war

Editor: Re: The real facts regarding the Confederate Memorial in the Plaza de la Constitucion.

I read Allan Marcil's opinion on Confederate Memorial Day that was posted on May 30. As a proud former member of the United States military, I wanted to pass along some facts concerning Confederate soldiers.

Public law 85-425 adopted May 23, 1958 as House Resolution 358 provides Confederate veterans the same status as United States Civil War veterans.

There are eight major United States military posts named for Confederate officers, including one for Gen. Robert E. Lee.

After the war, there were four former Confederate generals who served as generals in the U.S. Army during the Spanish-American War. They were Gen. Fitzhugh Lee, Gen. Joseph Wheeler, Gen. Thomas Rosser and Gen. Matthew C. Butler.

After the war, 15 Confederate Officers served as U.S. ambassadors or ministers to foreign countries.

Eighteen former Confederate soldiers served as college presidents including Lee.

Gen. E. Porter Alexander was appointed by President Grover Cleveland to arbitrate and supervise the surveying of the boundary of the Panama Canal.

Three former Confederate generals served as U.S. Commissioners of Railroads, one of the most important posts in the United States government in the post-war (westward expansion) period. They were: Gen. Joseph Johnston, Gen. James Longstreet and Gen. Wade Hampton.

After the war, seven former Confederate officers served as the adjutant general of their states.

Three former Confederate soldiers -- Col. Lucius Q. C. Lamar, SGM Horace H. Lurton and Lt. Edward D. White -- were appointed justices of the United States Supreme Court.

Marcil may consider Confederate soldiers as traitors but it is obvious the U.S. government does not.

After the Storm

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My Experience as a Tornado Relief Volunteer

by Pamela S. Warren

“We know that nothing can ever separate us from You, that in all conflicts we may be more than conquerors, that all dark and hostile things shall be transformed and work for good to those who know the secret of Your love.” Excerpt from Pastoral Prayer by David Schwingle, 12 June, 2011.

On April 27, 2011, at 3:05 pm, the small town of Hackleburg, Alabama, was struck by a rare EF5 tornado. Moments later, it was hit by a second EF5 tornado. Most of the state had been under a tornado watch that day. At 3:05 pm in Hackleburg, people were going about their day-to-day activities. School had let out early, due to the threat of severe weather. At 3:05 pm in Hackleburg, no weather radio sounded an alert, no tornado siren was heard. There just wasn’t time. The only warning came from a fireman in a neighboring town, who had seen the tornado heading toward Hackleburg. He telephoned the fire station to give them warning. A lone fireman manually turned on the warning siren, just seconds before the tornado reached the unsuspecting town. There wasn’t time to take cover. No time to protect yourself. Scarce little time to even pray.

Less than 24 hours after the devastating tornado struck Hackleburg, my husband Terry (known throughout this article as T), started making plans to go help with the clean up efforts. His father lived in Guin, Alabama, when the first recorded EF5 struck that town on April 3, 1974.