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IN MEMORIAM - J&G Co-founder GRACE LUCILLE DESAYE - 1931 to 2012

I've always liked J&G


With great sadness we announce the passing of Grace DeSaye. Over the decades, in partnership with Joe DeSaye, Grace helped build J&G Sales into one of the countries most respected suppliers of guns, ammo, and shooting accessories.


Grace DeSaye, J&G co-founder, joyfully entered the Kingdom of Heaven early Monday December 3rd at the age of 81 years. Grace was the "G" of J&G, helping her husband Joe build J&G Rifle Ranch in Montana. As the Rifle Ranch grew from a barn based hobby into the J&G Sales we know today, they moved the business and their family to Prescott, Arizona in 1977. Investing years of work, guidance, and encouragement, Grace contributed greatly to the success of the family business and to the lives of each of her family members.

Grace was always happiest being with her children and their families. A lifelong lover of reading, she also enjoyed singing in the Church Choir, and every opportunity to travel. Traveling with family members throughout the years, she was thankful to be able to explore Alaska, Hawaii, Europe, New Zealand, Israel, and Africa. She treasured summers in Montana, returning to her roots and reuniting with lifelong friends.

Grace is survived by her 6 children and their spouses, and was blessed with many grandchildren and extended family members.

Memorial and internment will be in Montana. Memorials can be made to the charity of your choice or to the Good Samaritan Hospice of Prescott, AZ who graciously provided loving care during her final days.

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Walmart security guard shoots 'shoplifting' mother dead in parking lot as she tries to escape with two young children

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Shelly Frey (left and right) was shot in the neck and died after failing to stop for off-duty sheriff's deputy in Houston, Texas

 I guess makeup was high on her list.........

A 27-year-old mother of two has been fatally shot by an off-duty sheriff's deputy after he suspected her of shoplifting at a Houston Walmart.

Harris County Sheriff's deputies have said that victim Shelly Frey, Tisa Andrews and Yolanda Craig  were stealing when they were confronted by Louis Campbell a 26-year veteran of the force who works as a security guard at the store.

According to Campbell the women ran to their car and when he rushed to open the door, they accelerated away - at which point he fired the deadly shot into the car which hit Frey in the neck.

Security at the store on the 14000 block of the North Freeway had noticed the three women 'stuffing items inside their purses' and notified Campbell, who was working an extra job that evening.

Investigators with Harris County said the three women even attempted to pay for some small items to act as a cover for the shoplifted ones.

After chasing Frey and the other two women to their car, Campbell opened the door and commanded them to stop, but the car was placed in drive and moved forward.
Harris County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Deputy Thomas Gilliland said, 'He confronted the suspects at exit of the store before they left. One female wouldn't stop, struck the deputy with her purse, ran off.' 

'I think it knocked him off balance and, in fear of his life and being ran over, he discharged his weapon at that point.'

More @ Mail Online

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Former NAACP Chapter President: No Reason For Blacks To Vote For Obama Except Race

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C.L. Bryant, a former NAACP Texas president and current Baptist minister, told MSNBC's Thomas Roberts Thursday there's really no reason for black people to have voted for the re-election of Barack Obama other than the color of his skin.

Bryant said that due to the high Latino unemployment rate as well as the high poverty rate among young white women, the same was true for those demographic groups.

THOMAS ROBERTS, HOST: Reverend, how can the Republican Party do better with nontraditional constituencies?

REVEREND C.L. BRYANT: By telling the truth about who they've been historically. That has been distorted. The truth of the matter is this - and Mr. Reed did in fact say well, the president did well through the south - but the truth of the matter is this: take away this president's skin color and take away the race card that is played so often with this president and there's really no reason for black people to vote for him or Latinos in that frame as well, because when you look at the unemployment rate among those two demographics, when you look at the poverty rate among young white females, there is no reason for anybody to have re-elected this president in those demographics except for the emotional issue of race. And this is what I’m saying, and this is what we say in our movie “Runaway Slave.”

The Democrat party, the progressive liberals, have been very successful in co-opting the emotional issues of the day. The truth of the matter is those very issues have led the same group of people who voted this president and voted for him religiously into a mindset and to a culture of bondage.
Shocking stuff, especially for MSNBC.

USA = Communist China?

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Moses and Democrats

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Republican Party Unity Trumps Peace

 Lincoln’s failure to find compromise between North and South and warlike intentions toward South Carolina left North Carolina Unionists with no alternative but to favor withdrawal from the federated compact of States. Unionist Jonathan Worth wrote on 30 May 1861: "North Carolina would have stood by the Union but for the conduct of the national administration which for folly and simplicity exceeds anything in modern history….”

Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Republican Party Unity Trumps Peace:

“The Robert Todd Lincoln Papers at the Library of Congress reveal a tremendous pressure put upon the President by Northern men to hold Fort Sumter. Against this policy are a few letters, particularly one of March 13, 1861, from Neal Dow, the famous prohibition champion of Maine, assuring the President that “the evacuation of Fort Sumter will be fully approved by the entire body of Republicans in this State,” if such an action arises from “a military necessity,” but expressing hope that Fort Pickens will be held.

Most of the letters relating to this crisis which have been preserved in the Lincoln collection urge a firm course, not only from motives of patriotism and honor but also from fear that a policy of appeasement would ruin the Republican party. Recent Democratic victories in local and State elections had alarmed the Republicans. Carl Schurz, a leader of the radical wing of the party, urged Lincoln on April 5 to take firm action to reinforce the forts, declaring that the Republicans were disheartened by his indecisive action and warning him of the loss of the fall elections by the Republicans if he failed to do so.

On March 28 a message from General [Winfield] Scott advised the abandonment of both Sumter and Pickens for political reasons. Shocked by the advice of the general in chief, Lincoln consulted his cabinet again (March 29) in regard to Fort Sumter, and this time only three of the seven secretaries clearly advocating holding the fort.

On the following day he ordered an expedition to be prepared in New York harbor for the purpose of relieving the beleaguered garrison at Charleston, to be “used or not according to circumstances.” The next move was up to the South Carolina authorities and the Confederate government. Accordingly, on April 10 President [Jefferson] Davis ordered [General P.G.T.] Beauregard, the Confederate commander at Charleston, to demand the surrender of Fort Sumter and to reduce it if the request should be refused.

A study of public opinion in the North indicates that the mass of Northerners….strongly favored reinforcing Fort Sumter. Lincoln responded like a shrewd politician to this popular pressure which also coincided with his own convictions. [Delaying] the Fort Sumter expedition to the last moment….His policy was based on what has been aptly called “the strategy of defense,” or making it appear that the Federal government was engaged in the peaceful act of “enforcing the laws” and preserving Federal territory. If a conflict resulted therefrom the South, not the North, would be guilty of striking the first blow.

Lincoln’s purpose in dispatching the Fort Sumter expedition seems to have been non-aggressive, but actually in view of the state of feeling at Charleston this act was virtually forcing the issue of peace and war. One may well raise the question whether [Secretary of State William] Seward’s policy at this juncture, of letting the fort go as a result of military necessity and of continuing to seek a reconciliation, might not have been the wiser course.”

(A History of the Southern Confederacy, Clement Eaton, Macmillan Company, 1954, pp. 24-28)

FL Senate President Laughs At Constitutionalist, Calls For Nullifiers To Be “Shot” & “Hung”



 Republican Florida State Senate President Don Gaetz showed the true face of tyrannical RINOs in the Republican Party when he openly laughed and mocked the Constitutional principles espoused by KrisAnne Hall, an attorney and former prosecutor, who supports the Tenth Amendment and the right of the States to nullify unconstitutional laws implemented by the federal government. However, it appears that Mr. Gaetz also indicated his support of the tactic of the seventh President of the United States Andrew Jackson in how he would deal with “nullifiers.” 

 He would have them shot and hung.

According to Mrs. Hall, she not only spoke to Gaetz, but even wrote him and explained the positions of men like James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and Alexander Hamilton on State sovereignty. She then received what can only be explained as a violence threatening email from Gaetz to anyone that would support nullification. Here’s what Sen. Gaetz wrote:
Thank you for your email and for your passionate views.
Like you, I believe Obamacare is unconstitutional and wrong-headed policy. I have consistently voted in the Florida Legislature for legislation that affirms our state’s options, obligations and sovereignty under the United States Constitution. I am working every day to ensure the election of national candidates who will repeal and replace this extraordinarily bad policy.
As to nullification, I tend to favor the approach used by Florida’s first Governor, Andrew Jackson:
It is said that one evening, while he was president, General Jackson was interrupted in his reading in his bedroom by an alarmed military aide who breathlessly reported, “Mr. President, the “nullifiers” are in front of the Executive Mansion with torches and guns. They are screaming that each state has the right to decide for itself which federal laws to follow. They threaten to burn us down if you will not agree with them.”
Without lifting his head from his reading, Andrew Jackson said, “Shoot the first nullifier who touches the Flag. And hang the rest.
Chaplain, I have sworn an oath on my father’s Bible before Almighty God to preserve, protect and defend the constitution and government of the United States. And that’s exactly what I intend to do. Count me with Andrew Jackson.
Senator Don Gaetz
Apparently Senator Gaetz is completely ignorant of the Constitution concerning the Tenth Amendment, or has at best, a warped understanding of it, which leads him to threaten not only people like yours truly and Mrs. Hall, but all those who support State nullification of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).



Dulce et Decorum And May You Get the Chance

Fred's on the warpath tonight, but he's been there, done that, so let him speak.


I am a soldier. I am dirt. With Joshua I put the cities of Canaan to the sword while women screamed and tried to protect their babies. I spent long days in Nanjing butchering and butchering civilians because I enjoyed it. For I am a soldier. I am dirt. I firebombed Hamburg till the wind-fanned flames left nowhere to hide and the people burned screaming and their fat puddled in the streets. I am a soldier. I am dirt.

On the crumbling walls of Angkor Wat, the Cold Lairs, trees now crawling over the walls, you may see me carved, marching, marching  to kill forgotten peoples, it matters not whom. In the sweltering heat of Chichen Itza and the terrible winter of Stalingrad and the flaming paper cities of Japan and on the Death March of Corregidor I killed and killed, for I am a soldier. I am dirt. I kill.

In this I glory. I spend my declining years drinking in bars with old soldiers I knew when Breda fell to us and we raped and killed and looted, when we torpedoed the troop ships and left the soldiers in their thousands to drown slowly as their strength gave out. The fierce exultation of watching Atlanta burn, Pearl Harbor, Nagasaki, these I remember lovingly. For I am dirt.

More @ Fred's

FDR, Lincoln ... and a Disturbing Supposition Regarding Barack Obama

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Anthony Wile

Here's a new dominant social theme: US presidents are good and they ought to be in movies.
Of course, it helps if you are a socialist leader and make maximum use of the awesome power of Leviathan. The two presidents currently being lionized – surprise, surprise – are Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

Roosevelt presided over the initial, massive expansion of the welfare state – the same one that has brought the US some US$200 trillion in payables and will eventually spell the end of the US as a going concern. Lincoln paved the way for the activist leader Roosevelt by insisting that the Union was indivisible and doing his part to murder or otherwise maim about a million people to prove it.

13 Southern Pictures 1902 - 1943

Kosciusko, Mississippi. "One of the workers (not the youngest) in the cotton mills.


 More @ NamSouth

We Remember

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    R.A. 'Bob' Hoover - 1:06 - 1:12 - 'best stick and rudder man I ever saw.' Chuck Yeager 

    Cory Crowell 1 week
    P-51 triple-ace Bud Anderson, 1:16 to 1:22. (Flew "Old Crow"
    Richard Cole, Doolittle Raider, Plane #1, 3:41 to 3:48. 

    skipmaag 2 weeks ago
    Cory Crowell 2 weeks ago
    Bob Hoover from 1:05 to 1:10. Just saw him at our local Veteran's Day parade 2012. He is 90 now. Wiki him sometime... hell of a man and a pilot's pilot. Shot down in WWII, escaped from POW camp, stole a German FW-190, and flew himself to freedom! They had to make all airplane cockpits bigger for him after that, to fit those big brass ones!

Obamanomics: Cotton's closes after 41 years


 Cotton’s to close Dec. 31

 TARBORO — A good poker player knows when to hold their cards and also knows when to fold them.

Faye Guill, the owner of Cotton’s Restaurant, says she is not a poker player, but she knows when it’s time to fold her hand. Guill announced this week she will close Cotton’s, one of Tarboro’s local landmarks, without any fanfare on Dec. 31, just as it was opened in 1971.

“When you don’t make enough money to pay the bills, then it’s time to make a change,” she said. “My customers are upset about it. I’ve been getting calls all week. We’re going to miss them. We’ve made a good living and I meet so many friends. Now, it’s time for me to move on.”

Cotton’s opened March 1, 1971 at the same location where the restaurant operates today. Guill retold the story as if it had happened just yesterday.

“My husband (Horace L. Guill) all of a sudden, had a brainstorm and decided that he wanted to change careers and open a restaurant,” she recalled. “He was running a service station. We started with just five tables. By the end of the year, he closed the service station and we begin operating the restaurant only. We slowly start adding on until we got to be a full service restaurant.”

Horace initially opened the Sinclair service station in 1953.

Cotton’s became more than an eatery — it was a gathering place for locals to start their day. Today, locals still gather there to exchange stories.

Cotton’s name originated from Faye’s husband, whose hair was “as white as a bale of cotton.” He died 10 years after the restaurant opened. By then, the business was popular and flourished into a 120-seat restaurant.

Radio Vietnam


Can The Middle Class Live Free In a Corrupt Nation?



While we argue about immigration reform and same sex marriage, trillions of dollars are flowing to the campaign coffers of both our Democrat and Republican representatives. Middle class ideals and voters are being persuaded to listen to their representatives and once again give them, all of them, another chance to straighten out the mess Washington caused when they betrayed their electorate and their oath to protect and defend our Constitution.

A peripheral look at the money flow in America is all any middle class citizen needs to understand which ideology will be rewarded in the years to come. As is always the case, the middle class (the real middle class, the people who pay their own way) are about to once again be exploited to service the political agendas of powerful money lobbies. The list of Washington’s top benefactors (available at reveals the industries that are shaping our legislation and molding our society in ways that will never benefit the middle class.

For decades, the middle class has been cemented to a vision that doesn’t exist; a vision of wise and prescient representatives that are fighting for your rights to secure the American dream. Somehow we believe that if we work hard, pay our taxes, fight their wars, and show compassion for the less capable among us we will be rewarded with the fruits of our labors. To put it simply, to have the freedom to choose a career, get married and raise a family, own a home, enjoy a modest retirement, and, if our health allows, watch our grandchildren grow in a better world.

Today our better world is being shaped by money rather than American ideals of life, liberty, and responsibility. Most middle class Americans rent their life from our state and federal governments. We own little of what we earn and our government is nothing more than a corrupt financial planner with an empty degree and a fat wallet.

If you are in the middle class, you should know that our lives are being shaped by a few industries that have purchased the power to direct our representatives to service their will. Campaign contributions directed by Pharmaceuticals, Finance, Real estate, Lawyers, and Petrochemical giants have a death grip on our government’s conscience. They are choking the life out of our Constitution and middle class’ future. Obscene donations to our elected representatives and the extortionist activities of twelve thousand lobbyists (who each and every day swarm and seduce a handful of fallible men and women entrusted to preserve our Republic) are calling the shots.

Election after election our national priorities shift from the peoples will to the demands and prophecies of industry’s pimps. And our elected representatives are using it to divide the middle class, the largest and strongest voice for America’s future, pitting neighbor against neighbor while the wealthy control your wealth and the low-income pilfer our futures. I’m proud of my middle class heritage, a heritage that teaches honesty above ill-gotten financial gain and sacrifice over special considerations. It kills me to watch it destroyed.

Unfortunately that is now a naive concept for far too many Americans. Now we fight over tertiary issues and are left to fight each other for a place in line to feed on the rotting carcass that once was the American dream.

If the middle class continues to allow their head to be turned by powerful money influences in our government they will be the last on the bread lines that are destined to come. Don’t believe me? Well just ask yourself how many bankers, mortgage giants and entitlement sponges are in prison? Why are they always the ones who get a pass while the middle class humps the economic burdens up Capitol Hill?

The middle class will never be able to afford to live free in a corrupt nation. Until we fight to remove all big money influence from our legislative processes we will only share scraps of the American dream and we will continue to rent our futures.

73% of New Jobs Created in Last 5 Months Are in Government

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Seventy-three percent of the new civilian jobs created in the United States over the last five months are in government, according to official data published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In June, a total of 142,415,000 people were employed in the U.S, according to the BLS, including 19,938,000 who were employed by federal, state and local governments.

By November, according to data BLS released today, the total number of people employed had climbed to 143,262,000, an overall increase of 847,000 in the six months since June.

More @ CNS

Smith & Wesson announces record sales

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Smith & Wesson: Inside the Springfield manufacturing facility 

Smith & Wesson has announced record sales for its most recent quarter.

Net sales from continuing operations for the second quarter were a record $136.6 million, up 48 percent from the second quarter last year, according to a news release issued this week.

It was the second consecutive quarter of record sales.

The company employs more than 1,200 workers at its factory and headquarters on Roosevelt Avenue.

Federal background checks for gun purchasers were up over Black Friday. Many observers say that's because gun buyers fear that a re-elected President Barack Obama will impose more gun restrictions. But Smith & Wesson has pointed to a long-term upward trend in gun ownership driven by people wanting to get into shooting as a sport and a hobby.

Smith & Wesson said the increase was led by continued strong sales across all of the company's firearm product lines, including M&P-branded products, such as pistols, modern sporting rifles and the recently launched Shield pistol designed for concealed carry and personal protection.

More @ MASS

JW Releases Records Detailing Government Funds Expended on First Daughter Malia Obama’s Trip to Mexico

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 Judicial Watch today released records detailing the government funds expended on First Daughter Malia Obama’s March 2012 Spring Break vacation to Mexico. According to the records, obtained from the U.S. Secret Service as a result of a Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed on September 20, 2012, the total cost of the trip amounted to $115,500.87 (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Secret Service (No. 12-cv-01562)).

The following is a breakdown of the costs as detailed in the documents:

Ground transportation: $23,964.81
Lodging: $21,682.92
Airfare: $47,767.34
“Vouchers”: $21,636.14 (not itemized)
Support Charges: $449.66 (travel for one from Mexico City to Oaxaca, not itemized)

Malia Obama’s spring break trip evoked controversy after the Obama White House reportedly ordered the removal of press reports detailing the trip. On March 19,2012, numerous online press outlets reported that the president’s 13-year-old daughter, Malia Obama, was on a Spring Break trip to Mexico accompanied by 25 U.S. Secret Service Agents and as many as 12 of her friends. However, shortly after the press reports surfaced they were quickly removed from the Internet. The trip took place shortly after the Texas Department of Public Safety issued a statement advising students on Spring Break “to avoid Mexico.”

As reported by Politico:

The AFP, the Huffington Post and other websites have scrubbed a report about first daughter Malia Obama’s school trip. On Monday, the AFP reported that Obama’s daughter was on a school trip along with a number of friends and 25 Secret Service agents. The story was picked up by Yahoo, the Huffington Post, and the International Business Times, as well as UK publications like the Daily Mail and the Telegraph and other overseas publications like The Australian. But on Monday night, the story had been removed from those sites.

In an update to this story, Politico published a statement issued by Kristina Schake, Communications Director to the First Lady, indicating that the removal of these news stories was “a White House effort:”

Students Made to Stand for Black National Anthem

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 Clinton Giles, head brainwasher at CHS.


Turning over the education of future generations to liberals was not such a good idea. Even the Heartland provides plenty of examples of the pernicious indoctrination being imposed on children at our expense in public schools:
Students at Capital High School (CHS) in Charleston, West Virginia have been regularly forced to stand during the playing of a song known as “The Black National Anthem.”
The song, “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” was played in the morning right after the American national anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance, and students were forced to stand for all three. While the law currently states that no child can be compelled to stand for any kind of pledge, controversy only arose at CHS after two students and a parent complained about having to stand for the “Black National Anthem” (BNA).
To make matters worse, Clinton Giles, the black principal of CHS who made the requirement, allegedly ridiculed a child for his refusal to stand during the BNA.
Public scrutiny has shamed Giles into retracting the order that students stand for the divisive anthem, much the way roaches will retreat to behind the toaster when you switch on the light. As soon as our backs are turned, out they scuttle to spread their disease. For every roach that comes to our attention, a thousand others are breeding inside the walls.

Sturmgewehr MP-44 turned in during gun buy-back program in CT

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 Police officers in Connecticut received one very unusual weapon during a gun buy-back program last week -- the gun was from World War II and is worth over $30,000.

All sorts of guns were turned in at the gun buy-back event in Hartford last Saturday, but one weapon caught the eyes of officers.

"The chance to see a piece of history -- this … is absolutely unbelievable,” said Officer Lewis Crabtree of the Hartford Police Dept.

That's because the weapon turned in is a World War II-era assault rifle used by the Germans.

"Usually, this rifle would be issued to SS troops,” said Officer John Cavanna of the Hartford Police.

Cavanna is a gun historian.

One woman turned in the weapon, unaware of how much it was worth.
“In excellent condition, this gun is rated at $30,000 to $40,000,” Cavanna said.

But you might be wondering right now, how did a German soldier's weapon wind up in the hands of an American?

“You could kill a solider back then, and if the captain of your fighting unit signed off on it, you could send that gun home to your family or kid brother or cousin,” Cavanna said. “Anything you wanted. Her father, who was a World War II army man, had brought this gun home from the European theater."

The gun, developed in 1944, holds a 30-round magazine and can shoot 500 rounds per minute. Cavanna said every modern assault rifle produced today is based on this design.

As soon as officers saw this weapon, they knew its value.

"This is a gun that should actually be in a museum rather than in a shredder,” Crabtree said.

And that's why they will allow the owner to sell the gun.

"I give her credit for bringing it to us,” Crabtree said.

A piece of World War II history -- saved.

Video @ NECN


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Message To GOP: No Tax Increases! Go On Offense!

 Steve Forbes 


Mr. Speaker:

We are losing the cliff war in terms of public opinion, but the tables can be turned. A few days ago you offered tax increases via eliminating or capping deductions. Your generous gesture won no goodwill from Democrats and the mainstream media. Moreover any tax increase now only damages the economy. Concerning deductions, why give stuff away now for no real tax reform or simplification?
I. The House passes a bill extending for a year or at least six months all the cliff items – current income tax rates; the Alternative Minimum Tax patch; yes, even those Social Security payroll tax cuts. The whole kit and caboodle. The same with sequestration.

The point to make is that the U.S. economy is headed for a recession. One ill omen is that business investment is faltering. Any tax boost will be particularly perverse. Destroying capital and hurting small businesses will only contract the economy even more. We shouldn’t follow the bad examples of Western Europe and Japan. These countries are all raising taxes and the results are frightening.

Japan’s economy is declining. Southern Europe is in a severe recession. France and Germany are about to go into recession. Britain just reported disappointing economic news and experts believe its economy will go into negative territory.

Another point to make – it is ridiculous to try to reform the tax code two weeks before Christmas. Ditto for entitlements.

About “the rich” label, polls show that if the question is rephrased as to whether the economy would be helped if upper-income couples had their tax bills increased substantially, most Americans are opposed to the hikes. We should learn how to phrase these issues instead of employing the Democrat’s vocabulary.

II. Turn the tables on the White House debt ceiling proposal by passing a bill mandating that Social Security trust fund assets – now held in useless, non-negotiable IOUs from the Treasury – be converted to marketable Treasury bonds which should have been done decades ago. That way if there is a debt ceiling impasse early next year Social Security and Medicare payments won’t be jeopardized. The trust funds could just sell on the open market bonds to raise the cash to make payments. Those trust funds are supposed to have more than $2 trillion in reserves. Instead, they are loaded with phony, illiquid assets.

III. Pass a bill mandating that no money can be diverted from Medicare to pay for ObamaCare.
Senate Republicans can have fun with this when Harry Reid blocks a vote.

IV. Pass a resolution that the House of Representatives will not accept any entitlement reform that reduces benefits for those who are on Medicare and Social Security or who are about to go into those programs.

V. Pass a bill suspending all of those ObamaCare levies that hit next year. Again, we don’t need to burden an already wobbly economy.

Let’s stop negotiating with ourselves. Let’s take charge of the terms of debate. By drawing a line on tax increases you will help the economy and you will begin the process of turning around public opinion; that won’t happen overnight but these bills would be an exciting start.

Go on an optimistic offensive!

The "offensive" statue unceremoniously removed from the campus of Dixie State College today.

Via John Tuten

"The sculptor was inspired to create this beautiful work of art by the poem "Two Little Boys". The poem tells of two little boys who played soldiers together and one of their stick horses broke so the other little boy offered to "save" him by pulling him up behind him on his stick horse. Time passed and the Civil War broke out and the two happened to be on the same battlefield and the one who had previously offered the ride on the stick horse was wounded and horseless. The little boy who had been "saved" rode over as an adult to return the favor."
— with Carol Alawine Sessums.

Survivalist Gift Guide


Christmas is around corner and Jay and me got together to look for some good gift ideas for you. This Survivalist Gift Guide has some gifts for new preppers or non survivalists as well. Giving non survivalists box of lighters for Christmas might be a bit awkward so book is obviously better choice.

We tried to balance what is useful and what is fun and also added some crazy gifts.

Many more expensive products in this guide are “survival luxury items”. Nice to have and will make heart of every survivalist jump, but not really necessary because cheaper item can get the job done as well. It all depends on who you give gift to.

A new prepper who has very limited budget will be more happy about $30 machete, $30 first aid kit, $50 ham radio than one high quality $110 solar charger. This is much different for seasoned prepper with bigger budget of course. Simply because of other priorities.

In the end survival is much more about skills than equipment but we all love having good tools to get things done and some toys to play around.

More @ SHTF School

The PVT BRYAN JACKSON BUCK SCV Camp #1769 Peletier, NC Annual Christmas Party

Y'all come ya' hear.



Never Surrender

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West Virginia bars Mountaineers mascot from hunting with his musket

Via comment by Horace Smith on Piers Morgan: Loser

On the field, West Virginia's Mountaineer mascot looks like a real mountaineer in head-to-foot buckskin, topped by a coonskin cap. Off the field, he can shoot like one, too, as current mascot John Kimble proved this week when he used the university-issued musket that comes with the getup to take down a first black bear on a hunting trip with friends and family in Pendleton County, W.Va. Just a little truth in advertising, right?

Maybe. But when proof of the kill showed up on YouTube and Kimble's Twitter feed, the university didn't exactly appreciate such a deadly display of authenticity with school-owned property. According to the Associated Press:
"While Jonathan Kimble's actions broke no laws or regulations, the university has discussed this with him, and he agrees that it would be appropriate to forego using the musket in this way in the future," said WVU spokesman John Bolt.Kimble said Friday that he's been hunting all his life and this was the first black bear he's ever killed. He said all his friends have congratulated him for that.
"Hunting can be a controversial topic," Kimble said. "I apologize to any of those who took offense to the video. It definitely wasn't my intent to offend anybody."
Not that some people aren't put off by the sport, but it's more likely the school is more worried about potential liability issues if Kimble, 24, or a future mascot were ever to open fire in a fashion that does violate laws or regulations than offending anyone.

More @ CBS

The Joys of Polygamy

Via Ninety Miles

Welcome to the world’s largest family. The Chinese fathers name is Ziona Chan and he has 39 wives, 94 children, and 33 grandchildren. Altogether there are 181 members of this family. The family lives in a four story, 100-room house that is located in the hills of the Baktwang village where Chan’s wives sleep in large communal dormitories.

The Joys of Polygamy 

MKore pictures @ Izismile

WH Petition Demands Obama Cancel Hawaii Vacation

Via The Lonely Libertarian


A new petition gaining ground on the White House website calls on President Obama to cancel his estimated $4 million vacation and devote the money instead to helping victims of Hurricane Sandy.
The petition, which was created just two days ago, had 872 signatures as of 8:45 am ET this morning and is potentially be on its way to garnering the 25,000 signatures in 30 days required to elicit a response from the White House.

According to the news site, the petition was filed by John Phoebus, the organizer of a volunteer hurricane recovery group in Somerset County, Maryland. Phoebus was angered that the storm-ravaged county was denied direct funding from FEMA.

The petition states that for about the cost to the government of sending Obama on an expected three-week Hawaii vacation, Somerset could be rebuilt.

The petition reads:
On December 3, 2012, President Obama denied the request of Governor O’Malley and the entire Maryland congressional delegation to award Individual Assistance to Somerset County, Maryland to recover from Hurricane Sandy.
Somerset County is Maryland’s poorest county. The towns of Crisfield, Fairmount, and Deal Island were devastated by the hurricane, with flood waters causing widespread damage. These poor, working waterfront communities were already fragile from the decline of the seafood industry. Super Storm Sandy left them with no where to turn except FEMA for assistance.
For the $4 million it will cost taxpayers for the President to vacation in Hawaii, we could rebuild Somerset County. The President should stay home and send our tax money to Somerset County to rebuild.
The $4 million price tag for Obama’s vacation was calculated by the Hawaii Reporter and includes $250,000 in local costs.

But the actual expense to the federal government alone is likely even higher than $4 million, since the cost of just the transportation – roundtrip flights for Air Force One and an accompanying cargo plane – amounts to about $3,530,000, according to the Reporter.

UPDATE: As of 8:45 am ET Saturday morning, 24 hours after the above post was written, the petition had 3,855 signatures, a gain of about 3,000 in just 24 hours.

USDA chief: Rural America becoming less relevant


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Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has some harsh words for rural America: It's "becoming less and less relevant," he says.

A month after an election that Democrats won even as rural parts of the country voted overwhelmingly Republican, the former Democratic governor of Iowa told farm belt leaders this past week that he's frustrated with their internecine squabbles and says they need to be more strategic in picking their political fights.

"It's time for us to have an adult conversation with folks in rural America," Vilsack said in a speech at a forum sponsored by the Farm Journal. "It's time for a different thought process here, in my view."
He said rural America's biggest assets - the food supply, recreational areas and energy, for example - can be overlooked by people elsewhere as the U.S. population shifts more to cities, their suburbs and exurbs.

"Why is it that we don't have a farm bill?" said Vilsack. "It isn't just the differences of policy. It's the fact that rural America with a shrinking population is becoming less and less relevant to the politics of this country, and we had better recognize that and we better begin to reverse it."

For the first time in recent memory, farm-state lawmakers were not able to push a farm bill through Congress in an election year, evidence of lost clout in farm states.

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Priceless & go for it!: Rand Paul: We Should Let Dems Raise Taxes And Then Let Them Own It



SEN. RAND PAUL: I have yet another thought on how we can fix this. Why don't we let the Democrats pass whatever they want? If they are the party of higher taxes, all the Republicans vote present and let the Democrats raise taxes as high as they want to raise them, let Democrats in the Senate raise taxes, let the president sign it and then make them own the tax increase . And when the economy stalls, when the economy sputters, when people lose their jobs, they know which party to blame, the party of high taxes. Let's don't be the party of just almost as high taxes.

LARRY KUDLOW, CNBC: Some people have called that the doomsday scenario. Others have said, 'Look, it's a strategic retreat on the Republicans' behalf.' WWould you vote present for that in the Senate if that came up?

RAND PAUL: Yes, I don't think we have to in the Senate. In the House, they have to because the Democrats don't have the majority. In the Senate, I'm happy not to filibuster it, and I will announce tonight on your show that I will work with Harry Reid to let him pass his big old tax hike with a simple majority if that's what Harry Reid wants, because then they will become the party of high taxes and they can own it.