Saturday, December 8, 2012

FL Senate President Laughs At Constitutionalist, Calls For Nullifiers To Be “Shot” & “Hung”



 Republican Florida State Senate President Don Gaetz showed the true face of tyrannical RINOs in the Republican Party when he openly laughed and mocked the Constitutional principles espoused by KrisAnne Hall, an attorney and former prosecutor, who supports the Tenth Amendment and the right of the States to nullify unconstitutional laws implemented by the federal government. However, it appears that Mr. Gaetz also indicated his support of the tactic of the seventh President of the United States Andrew Jackson in how he would deal with “nullifiers.” 

 He would have them shot and hung.

According to Mrs. Hall, she not only spoke to Gaetz, but even wrote him and explained the positions of men like James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and Alexander Hamilton on State sovereignty. She then received what can only be explained as a violence threatening email from Gaetz to anyone that would support nullification. Here’s what Sen. Gaetz wrote:
Thank you for your email and for your passionate views.
Like you, I believe Obamacare is unconstitutional and wrong-headed policy. I have consistently voted in the Florida Legislature for legislation that affirms our state’s options, obligations and sovereignty under the United States Constitution. I am working every day to ensure the election of national candidates who will repeal and replace this extraordinarily bad policy.
As to nullification, I tend to favor the approach used by Florida’s first Governor, Andrew Jackson:
It is said that one evening, while he was president, General Jackson was interrupted in his reading in his bedroom by an alarmed military aide who breathlessly reported, “Mr. President, the “nullifiers” are in front of the Executive Mansion with torches and guns. They are screaming that each state has the right to decide for itself which federal laws to follow. They threaten to burn us down if you will not agree with them.”
Without lifting his head from his reading, Andrew Jackson said, “Shoot the first nullifier who touches the Flag. And hang the rest.
Chaplain, I have sworn an oath on my father’s Bible before Almighty God to preserve, protect and defend the constitution and government of the United States. And that’s exactly what I intend to do. Count me with Andrew Jackson.
Senator Don Gaetz
Apparently Senator Gaetz is completely ignorant of the Constitution concerning the Tenth Amendment, or has at best, a warped understanding of it, which leads him to threaten not only people like yours truly and Mrs. Hall, but all those who support State nullification of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).


  1. "...showed the true face of tyrannical RINOs in the Republican Party..."

    I don't think they're RINOs, either that or the party is the RINO party now.

    1. Noticed your Del-Ton review. I have heard nothing but good about them.

  2. Here is the email I sent the Senator:

    You sir seem to have little understanding of how the STATES were supposed to be sovereign and independent. In your support of the overarching supreme FEDERAL government, you trample the 10th amendment utterly, and still have the verve to maintain that you are supporting the constitution!!

    You should at least be honest enough to proclaim your support for the federal empire and leave the word “constitution” out if it! You are an embarrassment to your state’s government and should resign immediately in disgrace. It is sickening quislings like YOU that have caused me to turn my back on the Republican party after a life-time’s membership.

    One last thing Senator: you suggest that nullifiers (like me) be shot. Of course you want some other mother’s son to perform the deed while you hang safely back. I suggest you come to my house and try to enforce your view personally. I’ll make you wish you never heard of Florida and instead lived the remainder of your traitorous days in Dakota!

    1. I suggest you come to my house and try to enforce your view personally. I’ll make you wish you never heard of Florida and instead lived the remainder of your traitorous days in Dakota!


  3. Asshats should realize that these things go both ways and for his socialist views he should be hung and shot

  4. He's not a RINO, he and those like him epitomize the GOP.