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Without Rule of Law: Are you ready?

A Terrorist's Mirror

A Terrorist's Mirror

The facts

The Terrorist’s Mirror is a semi-biographical nonfiction story of a Chief Warrant Officer of the US Army taking his wife on a trip through a free fire zone in Vietnam as bait for an ambush. The plan for the trap was conceived by the Commander of a 1st Calvary Division tanks battalion, and approved by the Commanding General of the Saigon Special Operations and Bill Colby CIA Operations.

The success of the trap depended upon complete secrecy, and needed to appear logical and genuine to the North Vietnamese. There was one Chief Warrant Officer and his wife who lived on the *Thai Firebase Bearcat. He had flown with the Thai Marine Police in Bangkok and was working with the South Vietnamese Minister of Information, Mr. Cat Lee. He had also worked off and on in the shadows during WW-II, the Korean War, and now flew snatch & grab missions for the CIA in Vietnam.

* I imagine there was a Thai section of Bear Cat which would make sense, but the Bearcat I knew was home of the 9th Infantry Division. The way it is written, you would think only the Thais were there. Which reminds me of this post.

I was moving from Tu Duc to Binh Duong which was fairly close to the Cambodian border. I had started late, and as I turned on the road that went there pass our 25th Infantry Division, I thought of turning back, but didn't.

Night fell quickly, and I was about half way there when the headlights on my '52 Citroen began shutting off and on. I was the only one on the road, and became quite nervous as there was absolutely no moon. I decided that if the lights went out completely, then my best bet would be to ditch the car and get a good ways from it and hide in the foliage until dawn.

Fortunately, I made it to the first VNCH outpost, and though the soldier was very curious as to what a crazy American was doing driving at this hour in the country, he waved me through.

The End Of A Republic (My Citroen)

(10/13/08. I just found this video of the same action. The foreign reporter who stated there were only 20 or 30 VC must have gone into the bushes to count them......BT)

This is a picture of the Newport bridge from Saigon to Long Binh. The VNCH soldiers are defending it, and if you could see right over the tree in the background, then you would be able to see my 1952 Citroen that I abandoned when I left. I was told that it was riddled with holes from the fighting there. Certainly wish I could have gotten a picture of it as such. Also, I left a chrome plated AK-47, a field recovered, rough AK-47, a M-2 carbine, a Chinese Communists officer's pistol, my .45 derringer, (more on this one later) and a lightweight folding weapon that the French parachutists used. I can't remember the name of this last one for some reason. My in-laws said they threw them all down their well, because they didn't want the Communists to find them. The government paid me for everything I left there including my Citroen, but refused to pay for the weapons, because they stated we weren't supposed to have them........

Brock, Tu Duc 1974, '52 Citroen, wig, shades, my stomach pushed out, and a funny looking cigarette. I had just gotten my car back from the paint shop.

More Idiocy From Democrats

The Market Ticker

The Democrats are on TV right now trying to crash the markets.

The facts are this:

  • Their plan has a CBO score of $2 trillion in deficit reduction over 10 years.

  • S&P says it must be FOUR TRILLION. Four is greater than two - by 100%.

Therefore, no matter what sort of crap the Democrats spew, until and unless they put a credible plan on the table that achieves four trillion in actual deficit reduction neither party is serious.

No, this is not a pass for the Republicans. They haven't put forward a credible plan either.

The fact of the matter is that both parties are well-aware that addressing the problem will cause an immediate contraction in GDP. If you get rid of deficit spending it's an immediate 12%+ hit. If you cut in half it's 6%.

Pick one - there's no resolution that actually fixes the problem and avoids this.

Either come up with a $4+ trillion plan which is still going to produce a monstrous amount of damage and will only extend the time before we blow up - not fix it - or shut up and go home.

The markets are done with the bullcrap - they know the Democrats and Republicans are lying and they're not going to believe either of you any more. Either cut it out Reid - and Boehner - or watch the markets crash and, once the downgrades come, you will risk getting too close to the critical point in the gravity well at which point disaster is inevitable.

From David Beers on Kudlow, who puts it in pretty-clear language. Argue with him if you wish - S&P only asked for half of the problem to get resolved (which gives enough time to find a political solution to the rest.) I don't think that's going to do it, but they'll pass on that - at least for now.

Are you a Communist, or a Citizen?

Coordinated Illumination


Here's an interesting 9 minute video; an archaeoligical artifact from a mere 50 years ago...
"We are living in an era marked by the growth of socialism."

"... the presence in America of socialists and communist propogandists, dedicated to the establishment of a new order. The communist 5th columnists among us are working for a world dictatorship. To accomplish this, their strategy is to undermine the confidence of our people in the American system and the principles on which it stands. The socialists among us seek to bring about a gradual chang in our system, by gradually destroying the principle of private ownership of property, and substituting the socialist principle of government ownership."

"But let's put the full challenge in a few words: The world is caught in an era of socialist expansion. Most of the nations are effected. And America is a target. In fact, the number one target of both the socialists and the communists. If we permit our great system to crumble through the apathy of our citizenship, we shall lose not only our our freedom but our prosperity ..."

What are our "Obligations of Citizenship"?
1. Understand the American way of life and what makes it tick.
2. Understand communism and their tactics.
3. Understand socialism and it's disguises.
4. Understand propoganda techniques of communism / socialism.
5. Take interest in public schools and colleges, and what is taught.
6. Take interest in local and state government.
7. Strive for spiritual growth.
8. Dedicate a part of your everyday life to citizenship.

Anders Behring Breivik: Just another Leftwing Radical

Godfather Politics

People around the world were horrified when they heard about the Norwegian murders at the hand of Anders Behring Breivik. How could anyone do such a horrible thing to innocent people? Breivik is arguing that he did it for the good of Norway and the broader European nations. Of course, his lawyer is constructing an insanity defense. But is Breivik insane? Not if we compare what he did to past mass killings like the one that overwhelmed France in the late 18thcentury.

The French Revolution is still celebrated in France and is often compared to our War for Independence, although without the Guillotine and the massive bloodletting. “Bastille Day,” normally called La Fête Nationale (The National Celebration), is celebrated on July 14th as a national holiday. Festivities and official ceremonies are held all over France. It is also celebrated in Belgium, Hungary, South Africa (naturally), the United Kingdom, and in more than 50 cities across the United States.

The murdering mobs that attacked the nearly empty Bastille (at the time of the siege there were only seven non-political prisoners) believed their actions were for a better France, similar to what Breivik envisioned for Norway when he gunned down innocent children at a camp. The storming of the Bastille was a catalyst for what became known as the “reign of terror.” Compared to what the French revolutionaries did, Breivik’s actions were mild. “French society underwent an epic transformation as feudal, aristocratic and religious privileges evaporated under a sustained assault from left-wing political groups and the masses on the streets.” How bad was it?

Internally, popular sentiments radicalized the Revolution significantly, culminating in the rise of Maximilien Robespierre and the Jacobins and virtual dictatorship by the Committee of Public Safety during the Reign of Terror from 1793 until 1794 during which between 16,000 and 40,000 people were killed.

Did you get that? Between 16,000 and 40,000 French citizens were killed for a better France, and nations around the world celebrate this slaughter. Here’s an example of French Revolutionary wanton violence that makes Breivik seem like a piker in comparison:

Ordered by the king [Louis XVI] to surrender, more than 600 Swiss guards were savagely murdered. The mobs ripped them to shreds and mutilated their corpses. “Women, lost to all sense of shame,” said one surviving witness, “were committing the most indecent mutilations on the dead bodies from which they tore pieces of flesh and carried them off in triumph.” Children played kickball with the guards’ heads. Every living thing in the Tuileries [royal palace in Paris] was butchered or thrown from the windows by the hooligans. Women were raped before being hacked to death.

The Jacobin club . . . demanded that the piles of rotting, defiled corpses surrounding the Tuileries be left to putrefy in the street for days afterward as a warning to the people of the power of the extreme left.

This bestial attack, it was later decreed, would be celebrated every year as “the festival of the unity and indivisibility of the republic.” It would be as if families across America delighted in the annual TV special “A Manson Family Christmas.” ((Ann Coulter, Demonic: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America (New York: Crown Publishing Group, 2011), 107.

In time, the “just cause” of the revolutionary mobs got out of hand, and some people began to notice. “During the Reign of Terror, extreme efforts of de-Christianization ensued, including the imprisonment and massacre of priests and destruction of churches and religious images throughout France. An effort was made to replace the Catholic Church altogether, with civic festivals replacing religious ones. The establishment of the Cult of Reason was the final step of radical de-Christianization.” It was at this point that the people became disillusioned with the revolutionary ways of the radicals, but not before more atrocities were committed for the salvation of the people and the nation. As revolutionary leader Jean-Paul Marat declared, “Let the blood of the traitors flow! That is the only way to save the country.”

Once the mob starts down the road of violence to justify the first “just cause,” there is no way to stop the radical remedy because there’s always one more thing that needs to be changed. They already had killed tens of thousands, what’s ten thousand more?

It was the right wing that opposed the revolution. Its leaders wanted to organize France along lines similar to the British constitutional model. Keep in mind that revolutionaries are left wingers. Socialism is leftwing. Communism is leftwing. Nazism (National Socialism) is leftwing. Modern-day liberals are left wingers. They understand the connection so well that they now call themselves “Progressives.” When you hear “Progressive politics,” think left wing, think socialism, think revolutionaries. The radicals of the 1960s were leftwing ideologs who had a truck load of “just causes” that led them to mob violence, blowing up buildings, and call for the violent overthrow of the “system.”

Defenders of the French Revolution tell us that it was these “just causes” that legitimized the actions of the French mobs. Breivik believes his actions were justified given what he saw happening to his nation. He is no more insane than Robespierre and the members of the Committee of Public Safety were. The future of Norway, like the future of France, was on the line, and Breivik believed he had to do something to save his fair nation. Like the French Revolution, a lot of innocent people had to die to get the attention of the people and the government.

Today’s leftists want to smear conservatives with Breivik’s atrocities. They can make this association and get away with it because they know that few people know the history of revolutions, and almost no one knows the details of the bloodletting that is celebrated as the French Revolution. If you want to know where Breivik got his inspiration, you don’t have to look far. There are numerous murderous leftwing examples from which to choose.

Here’s How You Do It

Western Rifle Shooters Association

“If you think you have a right to force me to pay for your health care, then why don’t you have a right to force me to pick your cotton?”

It was Jeffrey Quick who asked that over at Facebook, and it’s one of the most elegant questions that I have ever seen on any subject.

I think I might have this done on a T-shirt, and I’m going to wear that sonofabitch out until someone answers me.

"Flash: US Supreme Court Shocks Nation by Upholding the Constitution"

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Godfather Politics



In 2007, the state of Arizona passed the Legal Arizona Workers Act (LAWA). The law penalizes businesses who knowingly hire illegal aliens. Penalties can range from fines up to and including the revocation of the firm’s business license.

Of course all of the liberals in Arizona and the federal government were outraged that Arizona would take such a measure to defend its borders and citizens right to jobs that were being stolen by hundreds of thousands of illegals. LAWA was challenged on the basis of constitutionality and whether or not the states have a right to establish their own immigration laws.

Our founding fathers did their best to limit the role and power of the federal government while retaining most of the rights of government for the states. In 2008, two lower courts both ruled that LAWA was constitutional, but the opponents continued to fight it and pressed on to the US Supreme Court.

Today, in what is sure to be a landmark decision, the US Supreme Court upheld Arizona’s law. Justice and Obama appointee, Sonia Sotomayor voted against the Arizona law and Obama’s other appointee, Elena Kagan, recused herself from the Court’s hearing on the matter. However, in a vote of 5-3, the Court upheld LAWA as being constitutional.

This case has tremendous implication for the Obama administration’s plans of overhauling the immigration laws and allowing nearly 15 million illegals to suddenly become citizens and have the right vote just in time for the 2012 elections. This decision paves the way for many states to pass more immigration laws which could include the denial of citizenship and the right vote in that state.

This will also have a strong impact on the challenges pending against Arizona’s SB70 Immigration bill that passed last year and caused so much controversy among illegals and liberals. This case is being challenged by the Obama administration, but in lieu of today’s decision, I would hope that the Obamanites would save taxpayer dollars and drop their challenge.

For once in a long long time, this author has to take his hat off to the US Supreme Court for having the integrity to actually defend the Constitution as they are required by law to do. A visualization of United States debt

Via GunRights4US

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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 07-26-11

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Injustice Everywhere

Here are the 17 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Tuesday, July 26, 2011:

  • Mt Rainier MD cop indicted on 12 counts for allegedly pistol whipping & shooting man he tried to sexually assault [0]
  • Pulaski County AR deputy fired after charged w/battery for allegedly beating a detainee after an argument [0]
  • Colorado Springs CO cop now faces 189 counts as alleged number of child sexual assault victims climbs to 22 [0]
  • Plainfield Twp PA settles suit for $92k to woman alleging cop abused position to coerce her into sex as a teen [0]
  • Cape Coral FL settles suit for $35k to man claiming cops tasered & maced him during false arrest in front of family [3]
  • Atlanta GA settles suit for $200k to 2 men claiming they were strip search on side of road during traffic stop [0]
  • Collier County FL settles suit for $80k to couple roughly arrested for talking back to deputy during traffic stop [0]
  • Denver CO police sued by man arrested after police allegedly misrepresented witness statements & exaggerated case [3]
  • Memphis TN cop sentenced to 6mo federal prison for accepting $4k in bribes from nightclub owners [0]
  • Savannah-Chatham GA cop charged w/concealing evidence of a felony involving fellow cop’s extortion scheme [0]
  • Otero Co NM undersheriff pays $100 fine in plea deal for seriously injuring 2 women in controversial crash [3]
  • Belle Glade FL police sgt gets probation after convicted of lying to grand jury about shooting investigation [0]
  • Miami FL cop arrested on battery charges after allegedly choking girlfriend when she tried to break up w/him [0]
  • Lakeland GA police chief arrested on simple battery & false statement charges involving a birthday party fight [0]
  • Miami Beach FL cop who injured 2 in on-duty ATV joyride turns self in on 2 DUI w/serious bodily injury charges [0]
  • Los Angeles Co CA deputy charged in alleged 2x limit drunk & drugged driving hit & run accident [0]
  • 2 Park County CO deputies charged w/misd child abuse after found passed-out drunk at home w/4 unsupervised kids [0]


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(Atlanta - July 27, 2011) After more than two decades of misinformation about the history of the Confederate Battle Flag, and Southern heritage in general, in Georgia politics and the media, there is a large and growing movement of citizens who are harkening back to their roots and arming themselves with the truth. An audio CD entitled "The Truth About the Confederate Battle Flag" put out by the Georgia Sons of Confederate Veterans is raising eyebrows now that it has sold more than 70,000 copies and orders continue to flood into the Georgia SCV headquarters.

The project began several years ago when a local SCV camp in the Atlanta area, the Chattahoochee Guards, made the decision to "go out on a limb" to have 10,000 of the CD's produced. Since that time the number has continued to climb. While orders for the CD have come from all across the country, the vast majority of the CD's have been distributed throughout the state of Georgia. In addition to the 70,000 CD's which have been sold, a free online version of the CD is available for download at the Georgia SCV website where thousands of additional listeners have heard the presentation online.

"The Truth About the Confederate Battle Flag" is a historically accurate and powerful presentation made by Pastor John Weaver of south Georgia who has served in the ministry for more than 40 years and is a past Chaplain-in-Chief for the SCV national organization. Pastor Weaver is a native Georgian who is one of the most requested revival preachers in America. His presentation on the battle flag incorporates historical information about the creation of the flag and also traces the Christian origins of its design, showing why Southerners have no reason to be ashamed of their flag.

As the CD continues to climb upward to the 100,000 copies sold benchmark, public interest is climbing exponentially. Georgia Division Commander Jack Bridwell of the SCV had this to say about the number of requests for the CD: "It has been amazing to see the interest in young and old alike. So many who hear the CD remark that 'I knew there must be another side to the story. Now I feel like I have the facts that have been left out.' The Georgia Sons of Confederate Veterans are honored to be able to help set the record straight after all of the hate-filled misinformation that has been said about the flag of our veterans." The Georgia Division has just received a new pressing of the CD in order to keep up with the continuing demand.

For more information about the Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, or to order copies of the CD "The Truth About the Confederate Battle Flag," visit or email the Chattahoochee Guards directly at either or .


Crazy Grandma

Via Cousin Colby

Neanderthals Still Walk the Earth?