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Trump:Repeal ObamaCare & “start from a clean slate” Will help gain Democratic support.

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Trump: Repeal ObamaCare now, then 'start from a clean slate' 

“Republicans should just REPEAL failing ObamaCare now & work on a new Healthcare Plan that will start from a clean slate. Dems will join in!” Trump tweeted Monday night.

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Students Love Socialism... But Can't Define What It Is

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More Obama officials scrutinized in 'unmasking' probe

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The number of people thought to be involved in the alleged “unmasking” of American citizens under the Obama administration could be expanding, according to a source close to the House Intelligence Committee’s review.

The source with knowledge of the review told Fox News the records suggest the unmasking “goes beyond” key officials like former National Security Adviser Susan Rice, former CIA Director John Brennan and former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power.

The source said more than a half-dozen former senior Obama administration officials are now of interest to House committee investigators.

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Gregg Jarrett: Susan Rice is in Legal Trouble - Obama Officials Will Be Indicted

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Forest Brothers - Fight for the Baltics


I imagine they will make a movie from this.
After the Second World War, soldiers from across the Baltics who had fought on both sides of the war disappeared into the forests to wage Europe's bloodiest guerrilla war against the occupying Soviet forces.

This short docudrama includes interviews with former partisan fighters and those who supported them and dramatic battle scene recreations and interviews with modern-day Special Forces of Lithuania, the direct descendants of the Forest Brothers.

The Subterfuge of Socialism

If you feel like you are being attacked every time you walk out the door, you are.  The part of freedom that no one born after the 1970's can possibly understand is how much our fellow citizens, at the behest of their collectivist puppet masters, have entered our lives and decided what we were able to say, think and do. This is a direct attack, not on your house, or your car, but on you specifically as a human being.

People like to think about the government as an amoeba, but it is populated by your neighbors, the ones who go to meetings and the PTA. They are the sort of people who lust after a spot on the Home Owners Association board. As I have said elsewhere, the people in power are hardly ever the people who should be. There is a particular mental disorder that seeks power, most of them are rapists and vandals. This is not aimed at cops, but it does not exclude them either.

To a great degree I am talking about the three RINO county commissioners in Custer County, CO, but not only them either. They are a symptom of what has begun as a sneaking communism that Matt Bracken pointed out in Lies of Omission, the Gramscian theory of communism that hides very well inside socialism until, like an ALIEN, pops out of the chest, having consumed the heart of the community.

For far too long the citizens of this nation have allowed the socialist/communist faction to thrive inside this republic and all for some very good reasons to start with, but those reasons are looking worse all the time.

New York Times Omits Clinton State Department Link to Trump Jr. Meeting

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A Russian translator who worked on behalf of the State Department, including during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, was reportedly present at the June meeting at Trump Tower with President Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr.

On Friday, the New York Times reported that Rinat Akhmetshin, a U.S. lobbyist and former Soviet military serviceman, was present for the brief meeting with Trump Jr.

Akhmetshin identified an individual named Anatoli Samachornov as being the Russian translator who was present at the meeting at which Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya reportedly argued against the Magnitsky Act, which sanctions Russian officials. The meeting was reportedly presented to Trump Jr. as being about information regarding Hillary Clinton. Veselnitskaya reportedly does not speak English and has given interviews to U.S. news media outlets through translators in recent weeks.

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New OBAMA IRS SCANDAL – Records Go Missing!

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Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton issued the following statement in response to a July 13 Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration report, which finds the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) records management practice resulted in lost records and incomplete IRS responses to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and congressional inquiries.
This new report is shocking but not surprising.  We have long battled the IRS in court over its obstruction in responding to FOIA requests about Obama era IRS abuses.  It is a scandal that the Obama IRS did not tell Judicial Watch, the courts, or Congress about the loss of government records.  Our attorneys will review this report to assess whether we should seek relief and accountability from the courts.  In the meantime, President Trump should finally fire IRS Commissioner John Koskinen and direct the Justice Department to reopen its criminal inquiry into the Obama IRS abuses and cover-ups.

Great white shark nearly as long as a car spotted off NC coast

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A Great White shark nearly as long as a car and weighing more than 1,000 pounds was spotted off the North Carolina coast this weekend.

Hilton, the 12.5 foot, 1,326 pound mature male Great White shark, was spotted just off Cape Lookout on Saturday, according to the OCEARCH research group tracker. For comparison, the average Toyota Camry or Honda Civic are about 15 feet long.

North Carolina has averaged about two to three shark attacks per year for the past 14 years and has not had a fatal attack since 2001. The United States has averaged about 41 attacks per year since 2001, according to the international shark attack file at the University of Florida.

Hilton has been tracked near North and South Carolina dozens of times since he was tagged by OCEARCH on March 3.

Within 72 hours, Hilton had traveled more than 224 miles up the North Carolina coast from South Carolina.

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Dershowitz: Ruling shows I'm right on Trump and corruption

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OPINION | Dershowitz: Ruling shows I'm right on Trump and corruption

The recent reversal of Sheldon Silver’s corruption conviction by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit confirms the point I’ve been making for months about President Trump: his actions, as controversial as they may be, do not fit the definition of “corruption,” as that vague word is used in federal statutes.

My critics have argued for an extraordinarily broad definition of corruption capable of being expanded to fit nearly everything Trump has done — from firing FBI Director James Comey, to asking him to consider dropping the investigation of General Michael Flynn, to his son’s meeting with Russian surrogates.

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Julian Assange Associate: I Have Not Been Contacted by Investigators – I Could Tell Them These were Leaks Not Hacks

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Photo published for US Intel Vets Dispute Russia Hacking Claims

Craig Murray @CraigMurrayOrg
The most qualified cyber surveillance professionals on the planet conclude DNC not hacked.  Google William Binney.

Earlier this month Craig Murray wrote about the Russian conspiracy that has taken the liberal US media by storm.

Murray says the Russian hack investigators have not contacted him. Murray claims he could tell them the documents were leaked and not hacked.
There is a very plain pattern here of agencies promoting the notion of a fake “Russian crime”, while failing to take the most basic and obvious initial steps if they were really investigating its existence. I might add to that, there has been no contact with me at all by those supposedly investigating. I could tell them these were leaks not hacks. Wikileaks. The clue is in the name.

Megyn Kelly Sinks To New Ratings Low Amid Reports She Is “Really Worried” About Her Future At NBC

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Variety reports:
Earlier in the night at 7 p.m. on NBC, “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly” drew a 0.4 rating and 3.1 million viewers, the newsmagazine’s lowest total viewer number since it debuted at the beginning of June. Kelly also matched a series low in the key demo.
For CBS, a new episode of “Big Brother” (1.8, 6 million) was even with last week’s Sunday airing. “Candy Crush” aired at 9 p.m., followed by a repeat of “NCIS: Los Angeles.”
NBC aired only repeats with the exception of “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly.”
Kelly is reportedly panicking over her ratings slide, attempting to reach out to former colleagues for advice on how to reverse the trend.

According to Life & Style magazine:

Is Texas turning Purple?

Chancellor Angela Merkel rejects refugee limit for Germany in TV interview

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The German chancellor has rejected calls from her sister party to limit the number of refugees entering Germany. In a wide-ranging interview she defended the G20 summit in Hamburg and spending on infrastructure.

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Trump’s Energy Policies Result in Lower Prices at the Pump and Inflation Dropping to 1.6%

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According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics the US inflation rate decreased to an eight month low in June to 1.6%.

Joana Taborda at Trading Economics wrote:
Consumer prices in the United States increased 1.6 percent year-on-year in June of 2017, below 1.9 percent in May and compared to market expectations of 1.7 percent. It is the lowest inflation rate since October of 2016 due to a 0.4 percent fall in gasoline prices.”

On Netanyahu’s Orders: Israel's Foreign Ministry Retracts Criticism of anti-Semitism in Hungary and Slams George Soros

Via comment by name789 on Hungarian Gov’t Steps Up Fight Against George 

 This photo taken Wednesday, July 5, 2017 in Budapest, Hungary, shows an anti-Soros campaign reading "99 percent reject illegal migration" and "Let's not let Soros have the last laugh."

A day after Israel’s ambassador harshly called on the Hungarian PM to remove posters against the Jewish billionaire, the Foreign Ministry backtracks, says George Soros constantly undermines Israel’s governments

At the behest of the Prime Minister’s Office, the Foreign Ministry on Sunday retracted a statement issued the previous day by the Israeli ambassador to Hungary, which had called on Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his party to halt a poster campaign against Jewish-American financier George Soros on the grounds that it was fueling anti-Semitism.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon issued a clarification that refrained from criticizing Orbán but also sharply criticized Soros himself, using claims similar to the ones being made against him by the Hungarian government.

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"All of Virginia was here today" & "Final Request"

Mind jog from Ron W on Self-Sacrifice at the Front

The latest idiotic attack on free speech: Opinions as violence

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Writing in the New York Times Sunday Review, Professor Lisa Barrett of Northeastern University posed a question this weekend:

"When is speech violence?"

Barrett, who specializes in psychology, tries to answer the question with two key points.

First, "Offensiveness is not bad for your body and brain. ... When you're forced to engage a position you strongly disagree with, you learn something about the other perspective as well as your own. The process feels unpleasant, but it's a good kind of stress — temporary and not harmful to your body — and you reap the longer-term benefits of learning."

No problem there. Stress is something we can internalize and compensate for.

But then Barrett warns against "long stretches of simmering stress. If you spend a lot of time in a harsh environment worrying about your safety, that's the kind of stress that brings on illness and remodels your brain." What kind of stress is Barrett talking about?

Milo Yiannopoulos.

Border Patrol Union President: There’s a Vibe, an Energy That’s Never Been There Before – Morale at All-Time High

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National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd went on FOX and Friends to discuss President Trump’s border wall and current border enforcement.

Judd told Steve Doocy the morale in the patrol under President Trump is higher than he’s ever seen it in 20 years.
Peter Doocy: Exit question. I know during the Obama administration I know a lot of you and your officers felt hamstrung, couldn’t really do your job. What about now?
Brandon Judd: There’s a vibe, there’s an energy in the Border Patrol that’s never been there before. In 20 years that I’ve been in the patrol, we haven’t seen this type of energy and we’re excited, because we signed up to do a job and this president is allowing us to do that job.

GOP lawmaker: No town halls because of threats against lawmakers

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GOP lawmaker: No town halls because of threats against lawmakers

Rep. Kay Granger (R-Texas) says she won’t hold any town hall events this summer because she believes they are too dangerous.

Granger told WFAA that the number of threats against lawmakers made her rethink how lawmakers interact with constituents, adding that she does not believe the town halls are effective. 

“I wish we could have a town hall meeting and engage with others,” Granger said. “There are so many threats going on.”

By the end of June, Capitol Police had investigated nearly 1,000 threats against members of Congress in 2017, already higher than the number of threats investigated in all of 2016.

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Skills And Needed Trades For New Northwest Migrants

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Good morning!

Was looking at July's bulletin and wanted to let everyone know that there is an almost critical need for diesel technicians. Many of the large companies in construction, farm and over the road trucking are in need of mechanics. Most of the large companies also provide training for motivated individuals.

In my line of work, I have spent many hours on the phone trying to track down trained people to move to Central Oregon to work with my company. But the situation is the same all over the northwest, simply not enough people to fill these positions. 

Most people have a misconception about modern mechanics or technicians. It's not all tools and grease. It's mostly electronics, sensors, ecu's and the most often used tool is a laptop. Many companies will take an individual and send them to school to receive training in exchange for a couple of years of commitment to that company or brand. Not a big deal, it just requires a person who is willing to actually put in the time and effort.

I hope this little bit of info helps, and if someone out there is already trained but on the fence about moving, well we could sure use the help. Have a good day and take care.