Monday, July 17, 2017

Students Love Socialism... But Can't Define What It Is

Via Billy


  1. The 2017 university agenda: Critical thinking is kaput. Brainwashing and emotionally driven reactions are encouraged and promoted.

  2. Will Rogers said to the effect some ideas are so crazy only a college person would believe 'em.

  3. So what is their model, Venezuela or Cuba? Of course, to partially quote Mark Twain, "their schooling has gotten in the way of their education" and they have no idea that Bernie Sanders is throwback to yesteryear when some Americans thought Joe Stalin was a model of progressivism and socialism. Maybe they ignored the tens of millions who were imprisoned, starved or shot to consolidate power in the Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics or to bring in the "cultural revolution" in China. But then, we know,
    "that could never happen here", oh no. --Ron W

    1. But then, we know,"that could never happen here", oh no.

      Maybe they will only have to kill 50,000,000 this time...........