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Alex Jones And Ron Paul Are The Voices of Reason And Dissent Inside Babylon


The Excavator


Saman Mohammadi
The Excavator
August 26, 2011

"Take it to the wilderness
Into the jungle sun
Lookin' for the voice of reason
Inside this babylon."
- Jefferson Starship, from the song "Layin' It On The Line."

"The truth would certainly do well enough if she were once left to shift for herself. . . .Errors, indeed, prevail by the assistance of foreign and borrowed succors. But if Truth makes not her way into the understanding by her own light, she will be but the weaker for any borrowed force violence can add to her."
- John Locke, as quoted in the book, "Courting the Abyss: Free Speech and the Liberal Tradition," by John Durham Peters.

"But at my back I always hear
Time's winged chariot hurrying near;
And yonder all before us lie
Deserts of vast eternity.
- Andrew Marvell, a 17th-century English poet and Parliamentarian.

"Sixty three years ago right now I was aboard a ship, and I was heading to a place called Iwo Jima. And I led a division of men into combat, and over half of them were wounded or killed so that they could give you people liberty and freedom and justice for all. Now wake up."
- American WWII Veteran, from a speech at a City Council in February 2008.

"It is going to be absolutely horrible. We're going to have to watch the murderers, the social engineers who've done the attacks, grandstand as our saviours.

And as the public gets scared during a depression and during a war, they think you're going to go along with their takeover of America.

And it's time for every radio talk show host, every police officer, every pastor, every college professor, every school teacher, every doctor, every lawyer, every auto mechanic, every farmer, every rancher, every factory worker . . I don't care what you do. . to count the cost, to face history, to realize that while we've been tuned into a false reality of football and celebrity, and all the rest of it that people are such experts on, that reality has been going on all around you.

While you're busy out in the middle of a field watching a television, and you think that television is the only thing in the world, you didn't hear the wolves howling.

Now, the wolves are all around you, in the dark, and you can look out from the glow of the T.V. in the middle of this field we're in collectively, and see their eyes and hear their growling.

And the television is telling you, "Those are friends. Lay down. Show them your neck, they want to lick it. . .Lay down, the wolves are here to help." And many Americans are going, "Okay, alright, here's my neck." And we watch as Americans are grabbed by the wolves and drug out into the night."
- Alex Jones, speaking on his radio show on August 22, 2011.

"They’re setting up the stage for violence in this country."
- Rep. Ron Paul, when asked about martial law in America.

"I wish to make people aware, so that they do not squander and dissipate their lives. The aristocrats assume that there is always a mass of men lost. But they hide the fact, they live withdrawn and behave as though these many, many men did not exist. This is what is godless in the superiority of the aristocrats; in order to have things their own way they do not even make people aware.
But I do not want that. I wish to make men aware of their own ruin."
- Søren Kierkegaard, (The Soul of Kierkegaard: Selections from His Journals. 2003. Dover Publications Inc: Mineola, New York. Pg. 118).

The presstitute media's censorship of Ron Paul, Alex Jones, the anti-Federal Reserve awakening, the American liberty renaissance, and the worldwide campaign for 9/11 truth and justice is fruitless.

A new political paradigm is emerging in America and other Western countries, and the treasonous power elite can't do anything to stop it. A great sea change in the opinions, sentiments and thoughts of the people about the legitimacy of the war on terror, the Federal Reserve Bank, and the global banking system is inevitable.

The tide of truth is rising higher, and political earthquakes are in the making.

The claim made by Western governments that post-9/11 anti-terrorism legislation is designed to protect citizens from Islamic terrorists and domestic terrorists is losing public support because it is a lie. Shadow networks within the CIA, Mossad and MI6 are the leading practitioners of terrorism, the most shameless engineers of chaos, and the biggest mass murderers of innocent civilians.

People know our governments are as guilty as sin when it comes to violating international law, committing acts of false flag terrorism like 9/11 and 7/7, engaging in mass brainwashing, and stealing public funds, all of which amount to an organized war on freedom, truth, peace and justice.

Molly Secours, a writer and filmmaker, raised the question, "Where are the Voices of Reason and Dissent?" on November 9, 2005. She wrote:

"In a democracy, the voices of dissent are imperative. Without them we are doomed to lapse into an unconscious sleepy obedience that ultimately results in domination and usually death and destruction.
Thank God for the Rosa Parks of the world and the many voices of reason and dissent who shed light on wars and injustice.
They are certainly present, we just don't get to hear from them very often."

Secours couldn't have been more right. Voices of reason and dissent are drowned out in totalitarian and closed societies by the rotten political establishment. In America, the clever trick that the traitors in power use against the American people is equating dissent with conspiracy theories and mental disorders.

Read the article by the treasonous media organization Media Matters called "Attack On DHS Travels From Conspiracy-Monger Alex Jones To Fox News," to see the word tricks that establishment pundits use to advance the political narratives and agendas that they support.

The writer of the article says Alex Jones, who is one of the most courageous truth-tellers of our age, is "conspiracy mongering" for commercial gain. Alex turned down high-paying jobs at radio stations, and yet the shameless liars at Media Matters falsely claim that he is after money.

The charge of conspiracy theorist is so baseless that I'm surprised people still believe it has any credence whatsoever. Another smear that is directed against truth-tellers is the "fringe" label. This smear has been used against presidential candidate Ron Paul, who is not fringe at all but is in fact a popular and transcendent political leader who can unite republicans, democrats and independents against the tyrannical establishment.

The truth is that the mainstream media, Congress, both political parties, Wall Street, and the White House are fringe, not Ron Paul, Alex Jones and other brave truth-tellers. These heroic voices represent a large majority of the American people who want a second American revolution, the restoration of the U.S. constitution, the destruction of the treasonous Federal Reserve System, the termination of the illegitimate war on terror, and an end to the criminal occupations in the Middle East.

The fight for American independence from the global banking empire and freedom worldwide will not be won easily. But there is hope.

Imagine if Ron Paul decided to sell out like the rest of the whores in Washington and didn't stay true to his spirit.

Imagine if Alex Jones never got angry and didn't start his own media empire to bring down the evil empire that is ruining America.

Imagine if all the people bought the propaganda that those who tell the truth about the 9/11 attacks and the Federal Reserve are just crazy conspiracy theorists.
America and the world is lucky that Ron Paul never sold out, that Alex Jones got angry, and that millions of individuals joined them in the fight for freedom, justice, peace and truth.

America and the world is lucky that Ron Paul never sold out, that Alex Jones got angry, and that millions of individuals joined them in the fight for freedom, justice, peace and truth.

Obama's Race-Based Spoils System

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Chester Arthur was a most unlikely reformer.

A crucial cog in the political machine of the Empire State’s Sen. Roscoe Conkling, he was named by President Grant to the powerful and lucrative post of collector of customs for the Port of New York.

Arthur was removed in 1878 by President Rutherford B. Hayes, who wanted to clean up the federal patronage system. But when James Garfield of Ohio was nominated to succeed Hayes, he sought to unite his party by picking the Stalwart Arthur as running mate.

Six months into the new administration, a deranged office-seeker shot Garfield. Arthur was president. And in a dramatic turnabout, he became the president forever associated with civil service reform, converting the U.S. government into a meritocracy where individuals were hired based upon examinations and advanced based upon merit.

In our time, however, Arthur’s achievement has been undone, as a racial spoils system in federal hiring and promotions has been imposed by Democratic presidents, unresisted by Republicans who rarely exhibit the courage to stand up for their principles when the subject is race.

A week ago, an item buried in The Washington Post reported that Obama had “issued an executive order requiring government agencies to develop plans for improving federal workforce .”

Obama, wrote Isaac Arnsdorf, is targeting “a problem that has been on the administration’s radar. Whites still hold more than 81 percent of senior pay-level positions.”

Now, as white folks are two-thirds of the U.S. population, and perhaps three-fourths of those in the 45 to 65 age group who would normally be at senior federal positions, why is this “a problem”?

As no one has contended otherwise, we have to assume that the men and women who hold these top positions got there because of the longevity of their service and the superiority of their skills.

Why is the color of their skin a “problem” for ?

As reported here previously, African-Americans are hardly underrepresented in the U.S. government.


National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 08-25-11

Injustice Everywhere

Here are the 24 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Thursday, August 25, 2011:

  • 6 El Monte CA cops are accused of using excessive force in an incident that left the man shown above nearly blind when almost every bone in his face was broken. The claim filed by his lawyer also alleges that police held his 3-year-old nephew at bay with a gun or taser when the child tried to stop it. [3]
  • Tampa FL settled a lawsuit for $35k to the man shown above who suffered severe facial injuries when he was tasered because he couldn’t understand the commands police were giving him. Charges against him were eventually dismissed. [0]

  • A Canton OH cop who made national news earlier this year for a videotaped traffic stop where he threatened to kill a passenger, then again in another video involving similar threats, is now the subject of a third video showing him making death threats during a questionable traffic stop. Apparently he’s had over a dozen complaints but the police chief insists he didn’t know the guy was a problem until now. [0]
  • Austin TX settles a lawsuit for $750k to the family of an 18yr-old who was shot to death after being startled while sleeping in a car by an off-dute cop who was working security. [0]
  • Ohio County WV now-former deputy was convicted on 2 counts of sexual assault on a 14yr-old girl back in 2003. He later left that agency and began work in a Chicago suburb then as a Washington DC cop when he was arrested. [0]
  • Brown County TX sheriff’s dept, a Texas Ranger & a state trooper are being sued alleging they let a cop continue molesting a teen just so they could catch him in the act in order to get an airtight case against him. [3]
  • Findlay OH police sgt sentenced to 60 days for impersonating his stepdaughters online, transmitting nude pics of them to others, and using police databases to look up info on their friends. [0]
  • The New York NY cop who was recently arrested for raping a schoolteacher at gunpoint may now be a possible suspect in 2 other unsolved sexual assaults. [0]
  • Country Club Hills MO cop was charged w/corruption by a public servant on allegations he coerced a DUI suspect into sex as a way to get out of the charges. [0]
  • A Washington DC cop is under investigation on allegations she failed to take action after witnessing a murder committed by a man she was involved with. [0]
  • Broward County FL deputy arrested on possession charges after allegedly caught buying steroids in an IHOP parking lot [0]
  • San Mateo Co CA sheriff sued by a mentally disabled man who spent 40 days in jail after he was coerced into making false confession over a phoned-in bomb threat that phone records proved he never made. [3]
  • Columbus NM police chief pleads guilty to corruption, conspiracy & gun smuggling charges in a scandal that also involves that town’s mayor and 13 others [0]
  • Carbondale IL cop sentenced to 30yrs prison for robbing a bank using his service weapon along with an accomplice [0]
  • Redmond OR police lieutenant sentenced to 90days & loss of his police certification for selling firearms he stole from his dept [0]
  • Orland Hills IL sued by ex-cop claiming he was fired in retaliation for reporting an alleged ticket fixing incident to the FBI [3]
  • Monroe Co NY deputy arrested on allegations he sexually abused a woman then choked her teenage son in seperate incident. [0]
  • RCMP officer in Enfield NS was arrested after violating probation by allegedly uttering death threats to his wife [0]
  • Ocala FL cop fired for pattern of complaints & discipline now including a DV incident that is currently under investigation [0]
  • Dallas TX cop arrested on family violence assault & interfering with an emergency call charges involving a domestic dispute with his wife [0]
  • Baltimore Co MD police sgt who is the head of that police union got a plea deal for an assault charge that returned his police powers and will eventually clear his record of the conviction if he doesn’t violate probation. [0]
  • Monroe LA cop indicted for mail fraud & false statements, he allegedly sold about $193k in stolen goods on eBay that were shoplifted by an accomplice then lied to federal investigators about it. [0]
  • An Anchorage AK cop was sentenced to 3mo prison & $10k fine for fraudulently staying in US using a stolen passport [0]
  • Earlville IL cop resigns after an arrest last year for allegedly selling marijuana on duty & official misconduct, and arrest we certainly didn’t see reported until now. [0]

Willie Nelson: Goodnight Irene!

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Ron Paul: Angry Mobs in Europe a Sign of Things to Come

During an interview with Fox News’ Lou Dobbs, Texas Congressman Ron Paul, who gained momentum by finishing second in the Iowa straw poll, had words of caution for lawmakers Thursday when he asserted that the American public’s “anger” over fiscal reform is growing, and that there are likely to be angry mobs “in the streets” in the U.S. like there were in Europe.

Using a recent victory by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker — who Dobbs claimed saved school districts and local communities hundreds of millions of dollars — to segue in to the topic of fiscal prudence, the Fox host claimed Walker “is prevailing on every quarter here.”

Paul praised Walker for his success in reducing spending in Wisconsin, but noted he was afraid that as lawmakers continue the necessary work of cutting entitlements and exercising fiscal restraint, the American people will grow increasingly hostile and could accuse such states of being “heartless.”


U.S. sued over Michelle's secretive 'family outing'


Judicial Watch has filed a lawsuit over the federal government’s refusal to disclose how much taxpayers spent to send Michelle Obama on a “family outing” that included a safari in Africa.

The organization, which investigates and fights government corruption, earlier documented what appears to many to be the extravagant spending by then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Records showed Pelosi cost taxpayers $101,000 for in-flight food and alcohol over a period in 2008 and 2009. At one point she instructed the Air Force to provide chocolate-covered strawberries for a snack, since it was her birthday.

“Dark chocolate preferred” was the order.

Ted Kennedy’s Top Drunk Moments

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The real-life Mayor Quimby and America’s answer to Boris Yeltsin, Senator Edward “Ted”, “Teddy”, “Somebody Tell That Drunk Guy To Put Some Clothes On and Get Out of My Restaurant”, Kennedy is dead.

Edward Moore Kennedy’s place in the hierarchy of great Kennedy men might have been foreshadowed at his birth when his father chose to name him after the family chauffeur, and he most likely would not have risen as fast in politics or remained out of incarceration for as long had he not been to the oyster house born. That said, what he lacked in the ability to shape history and inspire generations, he more than made up for in shameless debauchery. And as the authors of the definitive book on the subject, we can appreciate that.

While the standard tributes roll in, and Kennedy’s years in the US Senate are celebrated as something other than the constant reminder of failed promise they must have been for a guy everybody thought would be president, we thought we would pay tribute to a side of Kennedy that kept late-night comedians in material for decades: the shameless, drunkard side that entertained and horrified people from around the world. One of the great debauched sons of privilege has died and while we could not hope to cover even a fraction of the man’s legendary exploits, we figured we would at least offer you a highlight reel of some of those not kicked under the carpet or to which the local constabulary did not turn a blind eye.

Here then are Ted Kennedy’s Top Drunk Moments!

Simply unbelievable! My best silver day...E.V.E.R...

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