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A Confederate Church & Jesse James

Jesse James Confederate Church

 by Clint E. Lacy

You might never guess the treasures hidden in your own background. That’s what I learned after buying our house at the corner of Englehart Lane and Opossum Creek Road in rural Bollinger County, Missouri.

Little did I know that Opossum Creek Road was part of the old Military Trail during the War Between the States. The Trail was heavily traveled by Union and Confederate armies.

Follow Oppossum Creek Road (now Bollinger County Road 502) from beginning to end and you’ll easily notice a number of Confederate flags waving in the breeze — flags commemorating the soldiers of the Trail.

20/20 Moral Hindsight


There is much we can learn from Professor Fite’s work, without joining in his egregious moralizing, just as we can revere “the Georgia Giant” without adopting his generation’s view of racial issues. This is prudence – and morality too. For, Southerners who know their Bible know that we are not required -nor even permitted – to judge our fathers. We are required to honor them.

A Review of: Richard B. Russell, Jr. Senator from Georgia (UNC Press, 1991) by Gilbert C. Fite

“We can be as separate as the fingers, yet one as the hand in all things essential to mutual progress.” Booker T. Washington, speech to the Atlanta Exposition, 1885

Speaking of the current trend toward all-black dormitories, fraternities, and graduation exercises, Coretta Scott King recently noted that “this new separatism is a bad idea.” The widow of slain civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King castigated today’s politically correct segregation in the groves of academe as “wrong when it was forced by white people and, I believe, it is still wrong when it is requested by black people.” While most white Southerners today would undoubtedly agree with Mrs. King that black and white Americans “must find a way to live together,” most also, I believe, understand and respect the wishes of their black neighbors for churches, Masonic lodges and other civic, cultural, and fraternal institutions they can call their own. Nor do we automatically attribute black proclivity to social separation to any deep-seated hatred towards or prejudice against whites-despite the well-publicized rantings of some black supremacist politicians and scholars. Even such prominent critics of today’s apartheid as Mrs. King never go so far as to accuse modem black segregationists of racism. Their ideology is criticized but their motives are never questioned.

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A grave expression was on his face as he distractedly put on his gauntlets, mounted Traveller, and rode between the ranks of silent Union soldiers back to the final deployed lines of the Army of Northern Virginia. He had just rendered the nondescript crossroads of Appomattox Court House legendary.

In a fair snipe at contemporary authors, Lee’s own meticulous biographer, Douglas Southall Freeman, said that, while he tried to understand and document Lee’s actions, he never presumed to know his subject’s thoughts. Neither should we. And yet…
It isn’t that difficult to imagine some of them. As Lee guided Traveller back to the old army, his thoughts raced from what General Grant had just said, what the surrender terms had been, what he could say to his soldiers, the effect of the news upon the morale of the men, Mary back in Richmond, what his children would feel, his own precarious future as a Union prisoner, the war, its toll, the good men lost, the cause, the shame, the failure.
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The Fox Unit X1 – A Non Semi Auto AR

 The Fox Unit and the BAD lever make a rapid-fire bolt action rifle.

Do you live in one of those states where it feels like the Constitution is a little less limited? You know states like California where your rights to own firearms don’t seem to matter to the tyrants in charge? Well, if so, we might have a way to help, well not us, and certainly not me, but a company called Fox Unit. FU is short for Fox Unit, and well, I guess you can figure out what else it’s short for. The Fox Unit X1 is a non-semi-auto AR. That’s a lot like an AR.

The Fox Unit X1 utilizes a proprietary lower receiver that triggers the bolt to lock open after every shot. This renders the weapon a bolt action design by law. You can send the bolt home and feed the next round. It’s not a traditional bolt action by any means, but it’s fast, so damn fast. Much faster than any other bolt action on the market. As a bolt action, it can be sold in California with removable magazines, flash suppressors, and all the normal features you’d find prohibited by the state.

As a lower, you can use whatever upper and almost any caliber you want. It needs to work with the multical lower, so 5.56, 300 Blackout, so on, and so forth. If you shoot AR 15s, you know what exactly I mean. All those big, major calibers will work with the Fox Unit X1 and the integrated bolt action system.

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Guadalajara Once Again (x3)


Shots above from down the street
Across the street from my place

Reverse shot from the swing
Outside my room and this is shared with just one other
Well I
swanee, Virginia ham in Mexico.....:)

Soviet-Style Posters Mocking Biden, Fauci Over Vax Orders Are Popping Up Around D.C.


INCONVENIENT TRUTH: India Proves 100% Ivermectin Works!



The wheels continue to fall off from the censorship campaign against ivermectin. 

Why is this an “inconvenient truth”?

It’s inconvenient for the “powers that should not be”.

So far, the best real-world example of ivermectin thwarting COVID-19 is the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh

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Was the Terrorist Attack in Colleyville a Replay of the Terrorist Attack in Garland in 2015?

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I have intentionally not written about the terrorist attack in Colleyville, Texas, because my initial review saw significant parallels to the first ISIS attack on U.S. soil which took place in 2015 at Garland Texas, carried out by Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi.

In the Garland attack the FBI organized, facilitated and coordinated the attack. The FBI even drove the terrorists to the attack venue and then left once the shooting began. Yes, you read that correctly, the first ISIS attack on U.S. soil was organized by the FBI. {Go Deep} CTH dug deep on the 2015 Garland attack, so it wasn’t too difficult to spot the similarities between Garland 2015 and Colleyville 2022.

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Benjamin Crump, Ambulance Chaser? Spoof Commercial Skewers The Race Baiters

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Clint Eastwood aged 91 and still looking great.

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