Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Clint Eastwood aged 91 and still looking great.

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  1. Reruns of Rawhide have been running on MeTV on Saturday afternoons for a few years now and it's interesting to see how Clint matured in those 8 seasons (1959-1965). You can watch him mature from a light-hearted goofball in season one to a serious trail boss in season 8, after Gil Favor (Eric Fleming) left the show. In the last season you get a glimpse of Clint's 'Dirty Harry' personality just beginning to bud.

    My father met Clint while he was making one of his movies in San Francisco in the early 70s and told me he was a genuinely nice person. And being a native son he pretty much got all the cooperation from the city he needed to make his films.