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It’s Not About Waving A Confederate Flag; It’s Who Is Waving It

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Dixie and I met her at the 2012 SCV Convention where Dixie came out.

While the debate over the Confederate battle flag is reaching its peak, one Virginia woman doesn’t seem to have any problem with it at all.

In an interview for the documentary Battle Flag, New York native Karen Cooper described the difference between growing up as a member of the Nation of Islam and living in Virginia. “The Nation of Islam thinks you know the races should be separate, you know black and white,” Cooper said. “And then I came down here, and we were more together, and I just realized ‘Well that can’t be right because there’s a lot of nice white folks.’”

 I mean, people waved to me that I’ve never known. The north, they claim that they like black people and they care about black people but it is so segregated, It’s not funny. I’ve felt more welcomed in the south.

Green Berets The Battle Of Lang Vei

The Mainstream Media’s Attack On The Confederate Battle Flag Has Failed

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 Southerners display their Rebel Pride in Virginia, Beach, VA

In the wake of Dylann Roof’s shooting spree in Charleston, the Mainstream Media, which is never content to let a crisis go to waste, seized on a national tragedy to launch a disgusting, opportunistic campaign of cultural genocide to demonize the Confederate Battle Flag and eradicate Confederate monuments in the public space across the Southern states.

The latest polls on the Confederate Battle Flag reflect the deep and justified distrust of the leftwing mainsteam media which retains the confidence of only 1/5 to 1/4 of Americans:
“Washington (CNN) American public opinion on the Confederate flag remains about where it was 15 years ago, with most describing the flag as a symbol of Southern pride more than one of racism, according to a new CNN/ORC poll. And questions about how far to go to remove references to the Confederacy from public life prompt broad racial divides.
The poll shows that 57% of Americans see the flag more as a symbol of Southern pride than as a symbol of racism, about the same as in 2000 when 59% said they viewed it as a symbol of pride. Opinions of the flag are sharply divided by race, and among whites, views are split by education. …”
After pouring all that effort into their insane campaign to ban everything from The Dukes of Hazzard to Gone With The Wind to Aunt Jemima’s Syrup to Uncle Ben’s Rice, the American public has had enough of this charade and remains unconvinced that what happened in Charleston had nothing to do with the Confederate Battle Flag.

The American public undoubtedly remembers that the leftwing mainstream media blamed Sandy Hook on the Second Amendment, Hurricane Katrina on “global climate change,” and the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson on bloodthirsty, cold blooded, racist police officers with nothing better to do than to shoot poor, innocent black men with their hands raised up in an act of surrender.

In particular, White Southerners are not buying this outrageous attack on our heritage and are organizing pro-Confederate Battle Flags in every Southern state to show our contempt for leftwing media bias.

Squid Inc.

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Nguyen Truong says he visits his family on Vietnam’s central coast once every six months.

In open seas off the coast of Sihanoukville, Vietnamese fishermen floating in cane baskets are the bottom rung of a lucrative squid-fishing racket that extends to the highest echelons of the Cambodian navy.

For 15 hours a day—from before the sun rises until after it is gone—Nguyen Truong is cast adrift in a cane basket, bobbing around the open seas fishing for squid.

“In Vietnam, there is no squid,” the 69-year-old said from his fishing basket last week.

“Cambodia has squid, and we need it.”

Each morning at about 4 a.m., dozens of unflagged fishing boats detach from moorings off the islands of Koh Tang and Koh Rong Sanloem and motor into open water, where they lower hundreds of Vietnamese anglers into solitude, and an ocean teeming with squid.

Armed with long lines and hundreds of lures, the fishermen—who get no respite from the searing sun or violent storms—collectively pull hundreds of kilograms of squid out of the ocean in a day.

Shortly after 7 p.m., the mother boats return, hauling the fishermen aboard and heading back to their moorings to tally the day’s catch.

“I can collect up to 10 kg of squid each day,” Mr. Truong said through a translator. “Once a week, we go to Koh Tral, where we sell the squid for [about $5] a kilo.”

The Bonnie Blue: “All I ask in return is to let me honor my great-grandfather and uncles to fly a flag with no racial connotations,”

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The Bonnie Blue Flag was probably the 2nd most popular song in the Confederacy during the Civil War. The tune was taken from an Irish song - The Irish Jaunting Car -

From the movie Gods and Generals - that's Ted Turner playing Colonel Patton 22nd Virginia Infantry (paternal grandfather of General George Patton of WW2 fame). He's speaking to Major General John Bell Hood (who was actually a relatively young man in his early 30s during the Civil War despite his high rank). Damon Kirsch is the actor playing the role of Civil War era Scots-Irish entertainer Harry McCarthy who composed the words to The Bonnie Blue Flag. The beautiful actress assisting with the show is Dana Stackpole playing the part of Lottie Estelle - Harry's real-life wife. Dana was born at the U.S. joint-forces military base located at Misawa, Japan on the main island of Honshu in the northern part.


Exactly what I guessed.

Replacing the Confederate flag with the South Carolina state flag or another Civil War-period flag at the S.C. State House is not an acceptable compromise to a state leader of a major African-American church.

Two of the three bills introduced in the General Assembly to move the Confederate flag off the Capitol grounds also call for removing the flagpole next to the Confederate soldiers memorial.

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Health Insurance Companies Seek Big Rate Increases for 2016

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Health insurance companies around the country are seeking rate increases of 20 percent to 40 percent or more, saying their new customers under the Affordable Care Act turned out to be sicker than expected. Federal officials say they are determined to see that the requests are scaled back.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans — market leaders in many states — are seeking rate increases that average 23 percent in Illinois, 25 percent in North Carolina, 31 percent in Oklahoma, 36 percent in Tennessee and 54 percent in Minnesota, according to documents posted online by the federal government and state insurance commissioners and interviews with insurance executives.

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Greek banks down to €500m in cash reserves as economy crashes

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A man walks past a graffitti with a EU flag reading in German

Greece is sliding into a full-blown national crisis as the final cash reserves of the banking system evaporate by the hour and swathes of industry start to shut down, precipitating the near disintegration of the ruling coalition.

Business leaders have been locked in talks with the Bank of Greece, pleading for the immediate release of emergency liquidity funds (ELA) to cover food imports and pharmaceutical goods before the tourist sector hits a brick wall.

Officials say the central bank will release the funds as soon as Friday, but this is a stop-gap measure at best. "We are on a war footing in this country," said Yanis Varoufakis, the Greek finance minister.

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11 Southern Pictures 1861 - 1958

"Sergeant A.M. Chandler of the 44th Mississippi Infantry Regiment, Co. F., and Silas Chandler, family slave, with Bowie knives, revolvers, pepper-box, shotgun, and canteen." Handwritten label on back of frame: "Andrew Martin Chandler, born 1844, died 1920. Servant Silas Chandler. 44th Mississippi Regiment, Col. A.K. Blyth. Wounded in battle of Chickamauga."

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The Truth Brought To You By A United States Marine

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M1941 Johnson rifle

"If you take a stick and poke a hornets nest there is a good chance you will get stung."

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"I have never seen as many battle flags on display in my area of NC as we approach the 4th on trucks, cars and homes."

Attorney for Judge Roy Moore Exhorts Alabama Officials: ‘You Cannot Serve Two Masters’

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An attorney who works for Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore has penned a letter to government officials throughout the state, urging them to take a stand for Christ in light last week’s Supreme Court ruling declaring that same-sex “marriage” must be legalized in all 50 states.

“Public officials are ministers of God assigned the duty of punishing the wicked and protecting the righteous,” Win Johnson wrote in a letter sent to Gov. Robert Bentley and other civil magistrates.

“If the public officials decide to officially approve of the acts of the wicked, they must logically not protect the righteous from the wicked. In fact, they must become protectors of the wicked,” he said. “You cannot serve two masters; you must pick—God or Satan.”

He then spoke specifically of the matter of homosexuality, stating that the government can never legalize what God has called unlawful. gives preference to Adolf Hitler while memory-holing General Lee Lee

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In a stunning decision of bowing down to political correctness, giant online retailer Amazon has decided to ditch sales of all Confederate-themed merchandise, but will continue to sell paraphernalia pertaining to Nazi Germany and its crazed leader, Adolf Hitler.

Claiming that the company does not approve of the historical racism linked to the rebel battle flag, the retail giant obviously has no problem with celebrating a man and a government that murdered 11 million people mostly because of their ethnicity.

As reported by Breitbart News, Amazon shoppers can buy this Nazi SS flag, which represents Hitler's Schutzstaffel – troops who helped carry out Germany's annihilation of 6 million Jews during the Holocaust.

The CIA’s Creation of “Islamic Terrorism” on American Soil

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Islamic paramilitary camps have been set up in the United States and Canada to train African American Muslims in guerilla warfare. After months of training on firing ranges and obstacle courses, the black Muslims are sent to Pakistan where they receive advanced training in explosives. Many never return.

Stories about these camps are not new. They have been reported by the main stream media, including Fox News. 

The origin of these compounds for would-be jihadis dates back to 1979, when the Agency sent hundreds of radical Islamic clerics to the United States in an effort to recruit African American Muslims for the holy war against the Soviets in Afghanistan.

The Tablighi Missionaries

Tennessee hardware store posts ‘No Gays Allowed’ sign

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 Amyx Hardware & Roofing Supplies in Grainger County, Tennessee, is making national headlines after posting a "No Gays Allowed" sign in the storefront window following the Supreme Court's ruling in favor of same-sex marriage. (WBIR)

A small hardware store in East Tennessee is making national headlines after posting a “No Gays Allowed” sign in the storefront window following the Supreme Court’s decision allowing same-sex marriage.

Jeff Amyx, a baptist minister who owns Amyx Hardware & Roofing Supplies in Grainger County, said he added the controversial sign in order to stand up for his religious beliefs.
“They gladly stand for what they believe in, why can’t I? They believe their way is right. I believe it’s wrong,” Mr. Amyx told a local NBC affiliate. “But yet I’m going to take more persecution than them because I’m standing for what I believe in.”

US sending foreign mercenaries to Syria to topple Assad

“The US military’s announcement that they’re sending in trained moderate rebels to fight ISIL is not credible,” Martin told Press TV on Friday.

“It’s more American lies. What they’re doing is importing foreign fighters and foreign mercenaries to attack President Assad, who has been the only effective fighting force against ISIL and the horrific crimes against humanity that are taking place in Syria by ISIL, which has been supported by the United States,” he added.

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The Gaza War 2014

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What follows is a researched and documented narrative of the 2014 Gaza war. While written from an Israeli perspective, this is not a document intended to negate criticism of Israel’s actions during the war or improve Israel’s image in the eyes of the world.

It has but one goal: to relate the truth as it happened; a truth obfuscated by the fog of war and lost in the immediacy of reportage from the battlefield; a truth perverted by those who had interest in doing so, and abused again by the one-sided mandate issued by the UN Human Rights Council on July 23, 2014, which calls for an investigation into events surrounding the war in the “Occupied Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem and particularly the occupied Gaza Strip” – blind to the fact that Israel was the target of thousands of rockets and mortar attacks, all against civilian populations, and with some targeted Israeli areas having three times the population density of Gaza.

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July Fourth Fear: Can Free Speech (And America) Survive A Minority-Dominated Supreme Court?

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The late June run of decrees from America’s senior legislative body, ludicrously misnamed the Supreme “Court”, have inflicted on America the most appalling news of serious threat in many years—definitely not since Pearl Harbor allowed the Roosevelt Administration to get its way and plunge the country into World War II. But that was a foreign war. In my view the correct comparison:

the First Battle of Bull Run at the start of the (soon-to-be airbrushed out) Civil War. That was when the Republican Pols planning to loot the South with high tariffs, and the Abolitionists lusting to wreck Southern society for ideological reasons, got their first shattering experience of Confederate military prowess.

At that point both sides realized a long and bloody struggle against what had been fellow countrymen was probable. That is what Americans face again on this July 4th.

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Memphis Is A Picture of Ethnic Cleansing (Cultural Genocide)

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Watching, in the last week or so, the frantic and rabid efforts of the compassionate, multi-cultural politically correct crowd almost reminds me of a bunch of mad wolves fighting over the carcass of some dead animal. The smell of Southern blood has driven them insane.

To label their efforts as Cultural Genocide almost seems to be too charitable. What they are trying to do to the South is Ethnic Cleansing at its worst.

I read one article where they want to cut an image of the Confederate battle flag out of a stained glass window in the National Cathedral. There have been proposals to have grocery stores ban the sale of Aunt Jemima Syrup and Uncle Ben’s Rice. I suppose if these items were renamed “Aunt Ellen’s Syrup” and “Uncle Ralph’s Rice” and had new pictures of white folks on the packaging then that would be okay. Anything other than that would be considered rank stereotyping in the politically correct (Cultural Marxist) mindset.

Most of these efforts at Cultural Marxism (let’s call it what it really is) have gotten to the point of being downright ludicrous. But as foolish and insidious as all this is, the city of Memphis, Tennessee has got to take the cake for how far (left) you can try to push the Southern envelope and still claim to be “relevant” (sane?).