Saturday, July 4, 2015

It’s Not About Waving A Confederate Flag; It’s Who Is Waving It

Via comment by Anonymous on Confederate Flag Rallies

Dixie and I met her at the 2012 SCV Convention where Dixie came out.

While the debate over the Confederate battle flag is reaching its peak, one Virginia woman doesn’t seem to have any problem with it at all.

In an interview for the documentary Battle Flag, New York native Karen Cooper described the difference between growing up as a member of the Nation of Islam and living in Virginia. “The Nation of Islam thinks you know the races should be separate, you know black and white,” Cooper said. “And then I came down here, and we were more together, and I just realized ‘Well that can’t be right because there’s a lot of nice white folks.’”

 I mean, people waved to me that I’ve never known. The north, they claim that they like black people and they care about black people but it is so segregated, It’s not funny. I’ve felt more welcomed in the south.


  1. I moved to Ohio from Northwest Florida back in 2000. Since I moved here, I have seen more overt, in your face racism and even the aftermath of a cross burning in the yard of some good folks home. No longer shocked and surprised when I see it here.

    1. Well, then you must have moved to 'South' Ohio! :)