Saturday, July 4, 2015

"If you take a stick and poke a hornets nest there is a good chance you will get stung."

Via Michael 

"I have never seen as many battle flags on display in my area of NC as we approach the 4th on trucks, cars and homes."


  1. So, is NASCAR going to change their name to something akin to "Bandwagons" now that they jumped into the anti-confederate flag campaign? (Not to mention going all neo-Marxist PC and siding against Trump over his daring to speak out against the invasion pouring over the southern border?)
    Clown to the Left of me; jokers to the right...

    1. Clown to the Left of me; jokers to the right...

      Just perfect.

  2. Brock I saw a truck today in Morganton flying 3x5 versions of the Gadsden Flag, The Battle Flag and the Bonnie Blue on flag poles lined up behind the cab. Seems like someone has pissed off the otherwise fairly even tempered good ole boys. Like I said I have seen 10 fold or more flags being flown in my area of Western North Carolina. I pulled down the Bennington Flag that has flown outside my house next to the Moultrie Liberty Flag and replaced it with the Bonnie Blue. Gotta love them good ole boys...

  3. Thanks for sharing the video. It makes me proud to be in the South.