Sunday, October 18, 2015

It's Time to Change the Name of the Democrat Party

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"They put on a show that would have made Marx proud."
On major networks across the nation, Tuesday’s Democrat presidential debate was interrupted so viewers could watch a tribute to Karl Marx.

Oh wait, that was the Democrat presidential debate.

From Denmark With Love (Bernie and Hillary)



Bernie and Hillary are in love in with socialism. Both of them want a romantic affair with Socialism from Denmark. However, they do not tell the American people the parts of the romantic deal that will ruin many American families financially.

Jonas Christensen is a Conservative Dane, who has lived all his life in Denmark. He does not recognize the paradise-like picture that is painted by Bernie and Hillary concerning Denmark.

Nothing in Denmark is free, regardless of what Bernie has stated several times. Jonas goes on to say that they do not have free healthcare and they do not have free education. These institutions are paid for by taxes… taxes that are defined by the OECD as the highest taxes in the world.

What an extraordinary and beautiful shot

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Female Ranger School's Records Shredded - Nothing to see here, folks........

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During the last two weeks, US Defense Watch has been reporting on Representative Steve Russell’s request on September 15th for the Ranger School records of the first two female graduates, Captain Kristen Griest and First Lieutenant Shaye Haver. It is not known whether or not Congressman Russell has asked for the records for Major Lisa Jaster, who graduated today from Ranger School.

Russell’s request to Secretary of the Army, John McHugh, was at first delayed on September 24th, when McHugh asked for an extension, noting “privacy concerns” and time to compile the records together.

Nearly two weeks passed without Russell being informed when the records would be delivered to his office. When the Army finally contacted Russell they told him that many of the students’ records had been shredded.

What if the Army is covering up the fact that Griest and Haver and now Jaster never came within a mile of passing and were let through Ranger School, even though they should have been sent home?

Incredible Save at Thunder Valley Raceway - Death Trap Mustangs!


Fences Work: NO MIGRANTS Breach Hungary’s Fence with Croatia

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hungary fence dog

Hungarian officials say no migrants have breached the fence Hungary built on its border with Croatia on the first day of operation.

The fence includes razor wire to deter migrants from entering.

No migrants have breached the fence since the border was closed.

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BRIT PUTS MUSLIMS ON BLAST: ‘Go Back To Your F-cking Country, You’re F-cking Rude’

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This is an epic rant from a black woman that was told to shut up by Muslims. Watch what ensues; as you can see, this woman was clearly ticked at the amount of Muslim people in her city. Some say that the argument started when was told to shut up by the Muslim women. Here is part of the woman’s dialogue:

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Delhi crowds lambast police over toddler rape

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Angry crowds gathered Saturday in New Delhi to accuse police of failing to act over the rape of a toddler, with outrage mounting after the gang-rape of a five-year-old girl in a separate attack.

The two-and-a-half-year-old girl was abducted from a religious event in west Delhi by two men on Friday night and raped before being dumped in a park near her home, relatives and police said.

In a separate incident on the other side of the city, the five-year-old was lured to a neighbour's house and raped by three men, a police officer told AFP.

An agitated crowd of more than 100 people gathered near the toddler's home late Saturday afternoon attempting to block traffic and lambasting the police's failure to make arrests in the case, according to an AFP reporter at the scene.

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Illinois School Teaches 12 Yr-Old Kids 9-11 Attacks Had Nothing to do with Islam

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 pakistan muslims celebrate 911

Local Muslims celebrate the deadly 9-11 attacks in Pakistan in 2011 as they do every year.

A Swansea school is teaching 12 year-old kids that Islam had nothing to do with the 9-11 attacks.
The school wants to emphasize tolerance.

The Belleville News Democrat reported:

Kai Murros 'National Revolution in England' with Battle Flag in background

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3rd refugee shelter torched in Sweden in 6 days

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A string of suspected arson attacks have hit three facilities intended to house asylum seekers in Sweden this week alone. The country is preparing to receive almost double the amount of refugees this year than the previous record, set in 1992. 
An old school building in Onsala in the affluent area of Kungsbacka, some 30 km south of Gothenburg, caught fire on Saturday night. Twenty firefighters responded to the emergency call.

“Half the building has been damaged by fire,” said Mikael Lindgren, the lead operator of the emergency services in Greater Gothenburg, as cited by The Local.

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False East/West Paradigm And The End Of Freedom


People are desperate for leaders and heroes. This is an undeniable condition of human life and of human civilization. Some historians and social observers, however, seem to think it is enough to simply point out this condition and pretend as if they have made some grand declaration; as if they have come to the root of the problem of mankind. In their laziness, they have mistaken a symptom for the cause.

Why do people so often demand leaders and heroic figures? What drives the institutionalization of hierarchy, celebrity and geopolitical idolization? I believe this condition is caused by three factors – fear, ignorance, and apathy.

This is not to say that there are not people throughout history that are worth looking up to, or that looking up to a particular hero figure is wrong. Heroes and sometimes leaders can act as points of reference, helping us to aspire to greater personal accomplishment and extraordinary achievement. The problem is many historical figures labeled heroic are in fact monsters in masks paraded as saviors by history writers with agendas. Real heroes (in the past hundred years in particular) are most often unsung, and remain little known.

This is why the idolization of puppet leaders is so disturbing to those of us in the Liberty Movement.

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