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"The Republican Party must be destroyed if anything better is to take its place."

As November looms on the distant horizon the political parties start the big push toward the general election. This used to mean that they would send out fundraising materials, start scheduling fundraisers and begin the long push to the general election. Today, it means that the main political parties will endeavor first to crush any primary challenges from their left, or right.

The dissatisfaction with traditional political parties has grown among the general public and have led to those still struggling to find relevance in organizations which have lost credibility. There are the die-hards amongst us who continue, despite all logical evidence to the contrary, to believe in politics. As evidence of this, 42% of the American public now identify themselves as independents. It would seem that it would be an ideal time for the Independent party to make some inroads, but that is not quite the case.

Molly Schuyler Vs. Sayler's 72 oz Steak Record - New World Record

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Koos de la Rey and the Boer War: South Africa 1899-1903
 Boer General Koos De La Re
Mike Scruggs

In 1652, the Dutch East India Company began settlement of an area near the Southern tip of Africa, the present site of Cape Town.   South Africa was very sparsely settled before the Dutch came, peopled only by small, scattered tribes of Khosian speaking Bushmen.  Desiring to populate and profit from their new colony, the Dutch government began to offer free passage and incentives to attract more settlers. In this new wave of immigration, the Dutch were joined by many French Huguenots, Germans, and some Swiss. Later they would be joined by a smaller contingent of Scots.

  What most of these new settlers had in common were strong Calvinist religion and a  desire for freedom.    These Boers (Boer is the Dutch word for farmer), especially after the British takeover of the Cape during the Napoleonic Wars, began migrating into the interior frontier. After 1836, this mass-migration to the frontier and away from British rule became known as the “Great Trek.”  The Boers developed into a distinct nation and spoke a highly differentiated dialect of Dutch, which they called Afrikaans.

Their strong Calvinist faith and frontier experience developed in the Boers an independent and nationalist spirit highly skeptical of centralized, bureaucratic government, whether Dutch or British.  Two Afrikaaner Republics developed from these frontier people, the Transvaal and the Orange Free State.  The Afrikaaners considered themselves a distinct people and were ready to defend their republics against any threat, whether from the Bantu, who had been migrating into the republics from the North, or from the British.

The Boer Republics, however, were a threat to British ambitions and dominance in South Africa.  In 1877 the British were able to annex the two nearly bankrupt republics, which were at least temporarily helpless to resist.  In 1880, however, the Boers rose in rebellion and achieved a remarkable military victory over the British at Majuba Hill.  A newly elected, Liberal government in Britain granted the two Afrikaaner Republics a limited, but acceptable independence.  The British tolerance of two Afrikaaner Republics was not to last long, however.  In 1887 gold was discovered on the Witwatersrand.  Thousands of foreigners, mostly English, immigrated into the Transvaal.  This was allowed by the Transvaal due to lack of its own resources to develop the gold mining industry.

 Within a few years of this new shock of immigration the European population of the Transvaal was roughly 50% British.  Not willing for their hard-won independence to be undermined and the Transvaal Republic to revert to British control because of this mighty wave of English immigrants, the Boers denied political franchise to these newcomers.  The Orange Free State recognizing that their existence was also threatened allied themselves with their sister republic.

The immigrant (“uitlander” in Afrikaans) franchise issue provided the British with a “righteous” excuse to undermine the two Afrikaaner Republics. When Cecil Rhodes became the Governor of the Cape Colony in 1890, the British began to agitate on the franchise issue in the Boer Republics and to undermine them at every opportunity. This culminated in a conspiracy in 1896 by Rhodes and Dr. Leander Starr Jameson for a Rhodes financed cavalry force to ride into the Transvaal with 500 men and stir an “uitlander” revolt against the Boer government in the Transvaal.   The conspiracy was, however, not tightly held, and the invading force, which was composed predominantly of Rhodesian policemen, was met by the Boers and quickly defeated and captured.  This was a considerable embarrassment for the Empire. Relations were thereafter very tense. In 1899 the British issued an ultimatum demanding the Transvaal repeal all legislation restricting the rights of foreigners and that they cease importing weapons from Germany. The Boers demanded that the British remove the high concentration of troops on their borders. The Boers, realizing a British invasion was immanent, preempted the initiative.   As the Boers were advancing to their preemptive attack on the British at Mafeking, a cavalry detachment led by Koos de la Rey intercepted a British armored train headed to that city.  De la Rey’s cavalry captured its cargo of guns, munitions, and supplies, and tore up the tracks in its front. Neither de la Rey nor most of the Boers wanted war, but war it would be from 1899 to 1902.

Besides the demand for English political franchise in the Transvaal Republic, the British fought for mine owners and mining interests, tax revenues, and avenging the humiliation of Majuba, but ultimately and most importantly their motive was the growth, dominance, and stability of the British Empire.  The Afrikaaners simply fought for independence, the right of self-determination.  The British military strategy was to overwhelm the Afrikaaners with vast numbers of well-equipped and well-supplied troops and to devastate the Afrikaaner economy with a scorched earth policy designed to undermine civilian as well as military support for the war. The British employed not only a vast number of troops (448,000 by 1902), but some of their best trained and most highly esteemed and decorated regiments, such as the Gordon Highlanders. Churchill, who was a news correspondent in South Africa during the war, called the Gordons “the best regiment in the British Army, probably the best regiment that ever was.”  Also involved were an impressive array of other elite Scottish regiments: The Black Watch, the Royal Scots (senior regiment of the British Army), the Argylls, the Grey’s (elite cavalry distinguished at Waterloo), the Seaforths, etc.  The British also made considerable use of Irish, Australian, and Canadian regiments.  The number of British troops involved was almost equal to the total Boer population of the two republics.

Against some of the most elite troops of the British Empire and outnumbered more than five to one, rode almost every Boer man from 16 to 60 and over that could mount a horse and fire a weapon. Despite their overwhelming advantage in numbers and equipment, the British also followed a deliberate policy of economic warfare against the civilian population, killing livestock, burning crops, barns, etc. and interned many civilians as well as POW’s in concentration camps.  The Boer strategy was to make things so painful and frustrating to the British that they would quit the field.  In this hope they had the encouragement that not all in Britain and the British Parliament supported the war.

Although the British were ultimately victorious with many of their regiments distinguishing themselves for valor, they paid an appalling price, more than 21,000 dead from all causes.  The Boers, outnumbered better than five to one, gave such an astonishing and formidable account of themselves in tactics, dogged determination, ingenuity, loyalty, endurance, courage, leadership, and Christian nobility that they should rank among history’s most admired even if defeated defenders of liberty.  The Boers lost about 4,000 men in combat, but the total number of deaths has never been accurately determined.  Very probably the Boers inflicted military casualties against the British in a ratio of about two to one despite being considerably outnumbered and less well supplied.  The Boers, however, suffered indirectly a great many civilian casualties during the war due to the British scorched earth policy and the British use of concentration camps.  The British had no motive but confinement for these camps and no intent to inflict casualties, but nevertheless, according to Afrikaaner sources, approximately 20-25,000 people including about 3,000 blacks perished in the camps due to unsanitary conditions, sickness, inadequate diet, exposure, and limited medical care.  More than 80% of the total were children.  The death rate in the camps was greatly reduced toward the end of the war because of public protest in Britain and influential members of the Liberal Party.

In general, the Liberal MP’s in the British parliament were opposed to the war, while most of the so-called conservative Tories were persuaded to support it for Empire, gold, or the rationalized franchise issue.

Two of the Boer generals, Louis Botha and Jan Smuts (a favorite military personality of Churchill) would later serve with the British against the Germans in World War I and later become Prime Ministers of the Union of South Africa.  But one of the greatest of the Boer generals, Koos de la Rey deserves especially to be remembered for both his remarkable skill and leadership as a cavalry commander and the sterling nobility of his character.  He was Jacobus Herculaas (“Koos”) de la Rey.

  He had no formal military training.  He was a farmer and member of the Boer Parliament (Volksraad).  He possessed a remarkable combination of military and leadership talents and character that bring two of the most revered military figures in American history to mind: Nathan Bedford Forrest and Robert E. Lee. He was remarkably reminiscent of Forrest in the fierce determination, startling success, and brilliant tactics of his cavalry raids.  Like Lee, he demonstrated also to a remarkable degree the ability to command incredible and unwavering loyalty of the Boers by sheer nobility of character. Also like Lee, he projected a soft-spoken air of fatherly authority and wisdom. His Boer troops received neither pay nor regular supplies, but they were dedicated to their cause and confident of their leader.

De la Rey was a reluctant warrior.  He opposed war with the British until it was seen as inevitable and necessary to protect his country. In combat he was also reminiscent of the intensely religious Stonewall Jackson.  He was frequently heard encouraging his troops with “I fear God and nothing else” and “God is on our side.” Despite the British war on the Boer civilians, their concentration camps, and the death of a beloved son in combat, de la Rey insisted on treating captured British soldiers with a near sacrificial degree of civility.  The Boers did not have the material and additional food supplies to sustain prisoners, so after stripping them of weapons, ammunition, and valuable equipment, they simply released them following any medical treatment required.  Though fierce in combat, Koos was not a man of vengeance and would not allow a spirit of vengeance to prevail among his troops.  The Boers themselves knew that if they were captured, they would likely be sent to St. Helena or worse.  The chivalrous Koos de la Rey severely punished any mistreatment of British prisoners.

In March of 1902, de la Rey in a surprise cavalry attack on a British column, killed or wounded 189 British soldiers and captured another 600.  Among the wounded prisoners was his arch foe and nemesis, Lt. General, Lord Methuen. Methuen had burned de la Ray’s own farm, and his son, Adaan, had been mortally wounded by Methuen’s troops.  The British had shot some Boer officers in the past.  Many of de la Rey’s men called for Methuen to be shot.  But the deeply religious de la Rey treated his enemy with the respect he believed all Christian men deserved..  Methuen was sent under a flag of truce, accompanied by a doctor, to the nearest British medical station.  De la Rey even sent Methuen’s wife a message of sympathy, expressing concern for the seriousness of his wounds.

Despite their noble valor the Boers were eventually forced to surrender.  The British were able to inflict a significant military defeat on the Boers in the last month of the war, but the primary reason for surrender was to bring an end to civilian suffering.  Lack of supplies and food had also brought the Boer commando forces near the limit of physical endurance.  The British surrender terms offered to release all prisoners and grant amnesty to all belligerents.  The Boers agreed to and signed these terms in Pretoria on May 31, 1902.  While many in Britain cheered, many in the Transvaal and Orange Free State wept, including de la Rey, his wife, Nonnie, and their six surviving children.  Nonnie de la Rey asked in tears, “Why was all this bloodshed and suffering?   What was the purpose of it all.?”

Although the British won the war they suffered greatly in world public opinion and in their own soul-searching.  The Boers lost their independence only temporarily.  In 1906 and 1907 the Transvaal and the Orange Free State were again granted a limited independence.  A few years thereafter they became political divisions of the Union of South Africa. As previously noted, Boer Generals Botha and Smuts both later became Prime Ministers of the new Union of South Africa.  In 1914 Koos de la Rey was mistakenly shot and killed by police chasing a band of criminals. Ironically, on his death the British honored him more than his Boer countrymen.  The British built a statue of him at the British cemetery on his farm and a hospital was built in his name.  Lt. General, Lord Methuen and his famous commander, General, Lord Kitchener were the first to contribute donations.  The British also honor him by calling some of their elite troops, “commando,” the Afrikaans term for the grass roots militia organization of the valiant Boers. We should not forget the valiant struggle and determination of the Boers, nor Koos de la Rey, a man whose Christian character and convictions should be remembered and honored everywhere.

From Illegal Immigrant to Gaining Top Security Clearance for Government Defense Contracts

Fred's visa

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the students that come to the United States on visas after they finish their education? Some crash planes into buildings and others work for our government on expired visas.

During the early 1980s, when I attended Southwest Missouri State University, the campus was flooded with foreign students. A large number of these students were Iranians. I married one such student and uncovered a web of lies and fraud that spanned from a college professor all the way to the United States State Department. In an age of technology and internet resources, today I could easily do a background check on a new guy my daughter may be dating or a new employee, but in 1982, I probably would have needed to hire someone and have a lot of money set aside to investigate someone’s background.

Often a person’s family can give insight as to who you may be involved with, but in my case it was a false sense of security. The family was terrific. Lucky me! I just happen to get the bad one of the family. I was 18 and my new husband, Fred, was 26. I was born in California, and according to Fred, he was born in Missouri and grew up in Iran. I’m sure he must have been, because he had a Missouri birth registration card that said he was, right? Wrong!

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NC Vital Records: Delayed Birth Certificates

So an old Bible filled out is all it takes?

Charlton Automatic Rifle

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Charlton Rifle right side
Rifle Charleston Automatic Rifle Manufacturer Charlton’s Motor Workshop
Cartridge .303 British Overall Length 45.5″
Action Long Stroke Gas Piston Barrel Length 26″
Magazine 10 or 30 detachable box Weight 16lbs

Necessity is the mother of invention and New Zealand, far removed from the U.S. and British equipment sailing for Europe, had to get creative.  Lacking BREN or even Lewis guns for home defense, they turned on their bolt actions to create one of the strangest LMGs we’ve seen.


15 Southern Pictures & More 1904 - 1959 

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Family Discovers Insemination Switch after Tracing Genealogy


A couple who underwent artificial insemination at a Utah clinic finds out the husband's sperm had been switched with someone else's. 

After a difficult search, the couple discovered who their daughter's biological dad was, that part of the story is even more jaw dropping. 

The family who we will call Paula, Jeff and Ashley thought it would be fun to do DNA testing, but when Paula got the results she was shocked, " I felt my stomach just drop," says Paula, who, when she opened the results on her computer found that her husband did not have any DNA matches with the couple's daughter, "when I called my daughter and my husband's DNA up next to one another they didn't share any DNA at all, and I just thought to myself, 'oh my god,'" says Paula,  "I was shaking," she says as she told her husband the terrible news.  "I said Jeff, you're not going to believe this it's showing that you and Ashley are not related."

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Democrats Choose Immigrant Fraudsters Over Veterans And Unemployed


Senate Democrats are prepared to let their proposed Unemployment Insurance extension die instead of even allowing a vote on a Republican amendment that could pay for the benefits, and restore some other cuts to veterans benefits, by ending fraudulent tax credit payments to illegal immigrants.
"We've done everything Republicans wanted," Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) said Thursday of his decision to schedule a vote on the UI bill Monday, "Now is the time to fish or cut bait."

Of course, Reid has not come close to working with Republicans on the issue. Instead, Reid "filled the amendment tree" on the UI bill, a complex Senate maneuver that has the effect of banning all minority amendments.

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The Obama jobs recovery in one chart

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New York Teen Arrested In Connection With Videotaped "Knockout Game" Attack On Elderly Woman

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An upstate New York teenager was arrested yesterday in connection with an online video showing him punching an elderly woman in the head as she exits a Rochester convenience store.
Devin Alexander, 16, was busted Wednesday on a probation violation charge, according to a Rochester Police Department spokesperson (who declined to reveal how Alexander, who was on probation for a robbery conviction, allegedly violated terms of his supervision). The teenager is currently in custody.

Footage of plane crash that killed woman who released Obama's birth certificate



A joke-cracking, hymn-singing, wife-loving psycho

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War hero: But Herman Goering became overweight and dillusional
 War hero: But Herman Goering became overweight and delusional

Viewers of the photographs of the Nazi leaders in the dock at Nuremberg War Crimes Trial in 1945 are often struck by the same thing. How ordinary they look!

Not a pair of horns or a forked tail between them.

These balding men in sober suits could have stepped off any commuter train. Could they have run the most criminally murderous regime in modern Europe without some hint of the evil within being detectable on their faces?

There was one exception to the general air of mediocrity. In the end seat sat Reichsmarschall Herman Goering, Hitler’s Number Two, a giant of a man with obvious magnetism and an air of genial command.

Apart from Goering, this admittedly was the Second XI. The leading actors of the Nazi horror film - Himmler, Bormann and Goebbels - had already escaped the consequences by committing suicide like Hitler.

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A Monarchy in Everything But Name

 File:Henry Clay Dean 2 from Life on the Mississippi.jpg
 Henry Clay Dean as depicted by Mark Twain in Life on the Mississippi

That Southern State governors and legislatures did not authorize federal troops to enter their sovereign borders is true, and of the ensuing war begun by Lincoln, the author below writes that “never was there such a medley of tragedy and farce, murder and mockery . . . and the most ridiculous government follies.”  The source of this passage is available in reprint form from
Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"Unsurpassed Valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty"
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

A Monarchy in Everything But Name

The War Debt is Unconstitutional:

“By what authority did [President Lincoln] destroy State government? 

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion, and, on application of the Legislature, from domestic violence.”  United States Constitution, Article IV, Sec. 4.

What Governor of what State applied to the President to protect them from domestic violence? On the contrary, the President asked the Governors of Tennessee, Virginia, Missouri, and Kentucky, to do this, they indignantly declined the work of butchery proposed; the President had no right to invade any State.

There was no domestic violence; the operation of law was unclogged until the President commenced the work of disintegration.  There were no changes made in the State laws and State constitutions, which were not made in conformity with the organic laws. 

By what authority did the President imprison the Legislature of Maryland?  Incarcerate Judges of the several States of the Union?

“The judicial power of the United States shall not be construed to extend to any suit of law or equity, commenced or to be prosecuted against one of the United States by citizens of another State or by subjects of a foreign power.”  Amendment XI to the Constitution. 

How much less the right to wage war against a State. What may not be done peacefully, may not be forcibly done. Judgment always preceded execution. A war levied against a State is unconstitutional. A debt contracted for such purpose is likewise unconstitutional. No such war could grow out of the Constitution, nor the debt be of valid obligation.

The people are not bound by the Constitution to pay this debt, because it was entirely unauthorized by the Constitution. It was created in violation of the Constitution, for the purpose of overthrowing the Constitution. 

The war was waged in violation of the theory of our government . . . to destroy the republican system. In its stead was a monarchy in everything but the name, in which the President was guarded in the style of the Czar and Sultan, with all the brutality of the one and the pomp of the other; with all of the trappings of monarchy and the violence and the violence of despotism.

With the overthrow of our system . . . and the adoption of the imperial style and military guard, the most intimate friend of Washington, Jefferson or Monroe, would have entirely failed to recognize the old an familiar forms that gave us characteristic distinction everywhere.”

(Crimes of the Civil War, Judge Henry Clay Dean, Innes & Company, 1868, pp. 206-207)

Eagle & Snake

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Stockman slams Cornyn’s Bloomberg Bill

Congressman Steve Stockman announced Wednesday he is organizing opposition to an anti-gun control bill to be introduced this year by U.S. Senators John Cornyn and Lindsay Graham, which appears to closely follow an Executive Order issued last Friday by President Barack Obama.

Cornyn announced the bill in an interview this month with traditionally liberal “Texas Monthly” magazine. According to Cornyn the “Graham-Cornyn Mental Health and Criminal Justice Reform Act” expands the National Instant Criminal Background Check (NICS) system to include Americans who have sought treatment for mental health issues. The bill seems to be nearly identical to an Executive Order issued last Friday by Obama.

“Cornyn’s Bloomberg Bill is the Holy Grail of gun control,” said Stockman. “Cornyn’s Bloomberg Bill is an aggressive expansion of the anti-gun agenda. Unable to ban guns they are now banning law-abiding gun owners, and Cornyn is leading the charge.”

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TrackingPoint will be making a .308/7.62 precision-guided rifle


We briefly mentioned yesterday that there was some ambiguity in precisely what TrackingPoint was bringing to the table with their new AR-based series of rifles. A pair of AR-15 based rifles in 5.56 NATO and 300 BLK (pictured above and below) are coming first, but there was some ambiguity on the 3rd cartridge.

The Tracking Point invite simply said was “762,” meaning it could have been a 7.62×39 (as The Truth About Guns speculated), .30 Remington AR  (if the company wanted to keep up the front that they are making guns for hunting), or  even the experimental 7.62 X 40mm WT.

Dem Senate office caught red-handed engaging in the politics of intimidation and coercion.

 photo stateofcoloradoo_zpse746e374.png 

When a crisis strikes, every politician reacts differently. Some meet the challenge head on and deal with the consequences; others, of course, do not. On Thursday, reported that Senator Mark Udall (D-CO) -- who, coincidentally, is up for re-election in 2014 -- pressed the Colorado Division of Insurance last November to either review the number of cancelled policies in the state, or water-down what the word “cancellation” means. The end-goal was to make it seem as if the total number of citizens who lost their health insurance in Colorado was lower than reported.

Remember, the president’s promise -- “if you like your health care plan, you can keep it” -- was the Lie of the Year in 2013, and oodles of incumbent Democrats parroted it ad nauseam.

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Democrats 'hiding' real Obamacare numbers


The House of Representatives will vote Friday on legislation to force the Obama administration to reveal Obamacare enrollment data and other key figures so lawmakers and the public can see whether the goals are being met and the right people are signing up.

The Exchange Information Disclosure Act, H.R. 3362, is sponsored by Rep. Lee Terry, R-Neb., a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Terry told WND he’s pushing the bill because the Obama administration left him no choice.

“(Health and Human Services Secretary) Kathleen Sebelius motivated me. She was in front of our committee, and I asked her for information and she said, ‘No,’ just as blunt as that,” said Terry, who noted that the administration is voluntarily releasing the number of visitors to but little else.

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DOJ to schools: It’s racist to punish students for behaving badly, texting in class


The Department of Justice wants schools to directly consider race when disciplining students, taking care to ensure that some races are not punished more often than others, even if students of certain races misbehave more often.

Eric Holder’s DOJ co-wrote the letter with the Department of Education, and sent it to public schools across the country yesterday. First among its decrees: Schools should not strive to treat all races the same; rather, they should treat the races differently, levying weaker punishments when necessary, in order to effect equal outcomes among students of all races.

The problem? Not all races are equally likely to misbehave at school. Boys, for instance, get into trouble much more frequently than girls. And black, Hispanic and Native American children — who are far more likely to grow up in single-parent households — have higher misbehavior rates than white and Asian students, according to Roger Clegg of National Review.

NC: Thom Goolsby won't seek re-election in 2014

State Senator Thom Goolsby of Wilmington announced today that he will not seek re-election in 2014.  Goolsby cited a need to spend more time with his family in announcing his decision.  “My wife and I are blessed with two wonderful young daughters and they need me at home more often than service in the Senate allows.  For this reason, I will focus on my family and law practice and not seek re-election this year,” he said.

Goolsby ran for office in 2010 promising to help enact reforms that would spur job growth.  He kept his promises and the reforms quickly slashed the unemployment rate.  When Goolsby took office in January 2011, New Hanover County’s unemployment rate was a staggering 10.3%.  By November 2013, the jobless rate had fallen to 6.7%.

“I ran for the Senate to be New Hanover County’s Jobs Senator, and I have been the Jobs Senator,” Goolsby remarked.  “I co-sponsored and successfully fought for tax reform, regulatory reform, medical malpractice reform and private property rights reform.  I helped slash wasteful spending, cut taxes and helped make the state budget solvent.  These important reforms improved our economic climate and greatly helped create jobs.”

In addition to his central policy focus on job creation, Goolsby was the primary sponsor of enacted legislation that toughened penalties for human trafficking and restored the death penalty for violent murderers.  Goolsby was recently appointed to serve on the Governor’s Crime Commission and will continue serving the public in that role.

“I am a citizen legislator, not a career politician,” Goolsby said.  “I have enjoyed serving my state and nation as a Marine Corps officer and a state senator.  I will look for other opportunities to serve in the future.  For now, I’m pleased someone else will have the opportunity to build on our successes and keep New Hanover County moving in a positive direction.”

“I offer the people of New Hanover County my deepest thanks for the honor of a lifetime: serving them,” Goolsby concluded.

Patriot Plate

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Body Armor Steel Patriot Plate, Fox Vest, black 

Home Protection Law Enforcement
Choose from our Patriot Plates, as well as a selection of plate carriers/vests from Fox and Condor!

PLEASE NOTE: If you order any item with plates coated by Line-X, it may show as 'out of stock'. That's because we don't keep a lot of line-x coated plates in stock - we mostly do it 'to order'. So, if you order, we'll get your plates coated, and ship them off to you in just a day or two!

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Gear Review: AR500 Armor Urban Go Plate Carrier & Plates