Friday, January 10, 2014

A joke-cracking, hymn-singing, wife-loving psycho

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War hero: But Herman Goering became overweight and dillusional
 War hero: But Herman Goering became overweight and delusional

Viewers of the photographs of the Nazi leaders in the dock at Nuremberg War Crimes Trial in 1945 are often struck by the same thing. How ordinary they look!

Not a pair of horns or a forked tail between them.

These balding men in sober suits could have stepped off any commuter train. Could they have run the most criminally murderous regime in modern Europe without some hint of the evil within being detectable on their faces?

There was one exception to the general air of mediocrity. In the end seat sat Reichsmarschall Herman Goering, Hitler’s Number Two, a giant of a man with obvious magnetism and an air of genial command.

Apart from Goering, this admittedly was the Second XI. The leading actors of the Nazi horror film - Himmler, Bormann and Goebbels - had already escaped the consequences by committing suicide like Hitler.

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  1. I believe that people whose morals are based on whim--or error--can be led to do almost anything. If people believe in lies, they can be convinced to commit atrocities, thinking all the while that they are acting rightly.

    1. Goering was a brill ant man. As I remember, he spoke for days in his defense at trail.