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Revolution: An Instruction Manual

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He Has No Drugs And Knows His Constitutional Rights

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Across the nation yesterday and likely all throughout this weekend, local law enforcement will be putting up DUI checkpoints.  The idea behind these checkpoints is that they help to get drunk drivers off of the roads.  Unfortunately, time and again we see that these checkpoints do very little in that regard while managing to trample over the constitutional rights of sober drivers.

Today, I was alerted by a viewer to this video as he asked for help sharing it.  It was taken not even 24 hours ago by a young man in Rutherford County, TN by the name of Chris Kalbaugh.  Chris was stopped at one of these checkpoints last night and as you will see in the video he complied with the law.  The whole time Chris was recording his encounter with police.  Over and over his constitutional rights were violated and once again he was told the same thing so many of us have heard over and over: that we must sacrifice our liberty for safety.  In Chris’ case, none of the conduct by police in this video made him or anyone else on the roadways in Rutherford County any safer.

Here is the video and a quote from the Rutherford County Libertarians Facebook page:

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Prison Sentences

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Birthday Calculator

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How police lost the fight for hearts and minds


As communication technologies improve, most Americans are learning that police forces include many psychopathic, murderous thugs. Videos of police committing rape, murder, mugging and other crimes under the color of the law are everywhere. It's only a numerical minority of cops who commit most of the offenses, but the majority either abets them or look the other way. Some departments - usually in smaller jurisdictions - stay clean. Many - including pretty much all the major metro areas - do not. In the minds of a law-abiding person, cops become more dangerous than freelance criminals because they are better armed and armored, they have backup on call and the law favors them as well. Many of my friends who are police officers or sheriff's deputies view other cops as the most serious threat to themselves and their families.
In Sprague DeCamp's Lest Darkness Fall , A person late 1930s shifted from Rome to the 6th Century and asks About Police Gets this response:

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July 4th, 2013

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I typically do not address political issues in my blog. I sincerely believe we are JUST PEOPLE ... and I try hard to focus only on that. Further, I do not believe I can add anything to the wonderful words others may posted this day. Others are more eloquent, knowledgeable, and certainly smarter than I.

But, I am angry. And, I know our country is in trouble. Our founders came from lands ruled by monarchs. They knew the danger of a strong, unchecked government. For that reason, they framed the Constitution of the United States and three branches of government. Each branch would hold the power to keep the others in check. The last line of defense would be the courts where laws would be challenged that violate the constitution.

For over more than 200 years, good men and women died for that Constitution. They died for the freedom to live their lives, and the lives of their children and children's children, in peace as they saw fit.

Today the US places more people in jail, per capita, than any other nation. This is freedom? What the hell happened? We see school officials working with local law enforcement and filing charges again students who assert free speech.

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Charleston Museum gets Beauregard's saddle

Roundabout via comment by  Bob on NC: “Sons at War and Refugeeing Daughters”

Grahame Long curator,of the Charleston Museum with Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard’s saddle. Beauregard ordered the custom pigskin saddle from a Paris firm while commander of Confederate forces in Charleston. The saddle came in Friday night to the Charleston Museum. The saddle will be on exhibit at the museum through July 18, 2013.

 Coming into Charleston early in the Civil War, in 1862, a Southern blockade runner was stopped by a Union ship, which took all its cargo.

Gen. Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard’s saddle was on that blockade runner, confiscated 151 years ago. Now it’s finally reached its original drop-off location.

Beauregard, who took Fort Sumter for the Confederacy at the war’s beginning and protected Charleston through the Civil War’s duration, is one of eight men to ever hold the rank of full general for the Confederacy.

NC: Gastonia police: Woman bit security guard during attempted robbery

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A woman is accused of trying to steal cell phones with two accomplices and biting a security guard at a Gastonia Target on Tuesday, according to police.

Gastonia police said three women tried to steal 10 cell phones from the Target on Cox Road.

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Cops say they have photos of Maryland teacher doing it with family dog

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Here’s some solid, universally-applicable advice: Never have sex with dogs and never, ever photograph any sexuality activity between you and a dog.

With this helpful counsel firmly in mind, meet Stephanie Mikles, a behavioral specialist with the Harford County (Maryland) Schools who works mainly with special needs children.

A grand jury has indicted Mikles for “unnatural or perverted sexual practice,” reports WMAR-TV, the ABC affiliate in Baltimore. The indictment is short on details but it does allege that she had “sexual intercourse with a dog.”

Syria's Assad declares fall of 'political Islam'

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 Bashar Assad Photo: AP

I'll vote for that.:)

In special interview, Syrian president battling civil war says ouster of Egyptian President Morsi 'is fall of political Islam'. 'You can't fool all the people all the time, he adds.

Syrian President Bashar Assad said the massive protests against his Islamist Egyptian counterpart brought the fall of "political Islam," in statements posted on Wednesday on his official Facebook page.
"What is happening in Egypt is the fall of what is known as political Islam," Assad said in an interview with Syrian state newspaper Ath-Thawra, excerpts of which were posted on the Internet.

"Anywhere in the world, whoever uses religion for political aims, or to benefit some and not others, will fall," Assad said.

"You can't fool all the people all the time, let alone the Egyptian people who have a civilization that is thousands of years old, and who espouse clear, Arab nationalist thought," he added.

"After a whole year, reality has become clear to the Egyptian people. The Muslim Brotherhood's performance has helped them see the lies the (movement) used at the start of the popular revolution in Egypt."

The full, pre-recorded interview is due to be published on Thursday, a day after massive street protests in Egypt ended with the ouster of the Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsi.

There is long-standing animosity between the Damascus regime and the Muslim Brotherhood, and membership in the group has been punishable by death in Syria since the 1980s.

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Obama’s Executive Ordered Study Report On Gun Violence Slaps Him In The Face

If you recall, back on January 16, 2013, standing with little children, Barack Hussein Obama tried to pull a fast one on the American people and issued 23 executive orders pertaining to gun control.

Among those was number 14: Issue a Presidential Memorandum directing the Centers for Disease Control to research the causes and prevention of gun violence. Well friends, that study did happen and it destroyed Obama’s position on guns and gun violence.

Well like all things in government, the people tasked with the study simply directed the study to the Institute of Medicine and National Research Council. However, many people have not heard about the report. Could it be that much of the information in the report didn’t quite “jive” with Obama and the anti-gun crowd?

Actually, that’s exactly what it did. In fact, not only did they not hold any water for Obama’s claims regarding gun violence, it poured it on him, pretty much backing every Second Amendment lover’s argument that has been made.

The report, titled Priorities for Research to Reduce the Threat of Firearm-related Violence, which identifies the particular topics of gun violence to be researched over the next few years, made the point that the majority of deaths that take place annually by the use of a firearm are not related to crime, but to suicide.

Jerry Clower The Last Piece Of Chicken

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Obamacare Strikes: Part-Time Jobs Surge To All Time High; Full-Time Jobs Plunge By 240,000

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As a reminder: jobs have quantity and quality components. The quantity component was good enough to convince the 10 Year the taper is imminent (if not stocks, which continue to trade dislocated from any and all fundamentals).

But how about the quality? In a word: not good. In June, the household survey reported that part-time jobs soared by 360,000 to 28,059,000 - an all time record high. Full time jobs? Down 240,000.  

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NC: Edgecombe County Unemployment


NC: “Sons at War and Refugeeing Daughters”

The North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial
“Unsurpassed Valor, Courage, and Devotion to Liberty”
 “The Official Website of the North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission”

“For Mary Allan Wright [of Wilmington] the war clouds must have appeared especially dark. She lost her eyesight in 1856 and her beloved husband in 1861. Her four surviving sons all took part in the Civil War.  Adam Empie Wright survived it unscathed. Joshua Grainger Wright was wounded. James Allan was killed on June 26, 1862. Charles Thomas died May 26, 1864.

After the war, his brother, Joshua Grainger wrote [to aunt, Julia Wear]:

“Our youngest brother Charles Thomas, aged seventeen, received his death wound at the Battle of the Wilderness, while acting as adjutant. Although so young, it was impossible to keep him from what he deemed the path of duty.  Nothing but the most implicit faith and submission to God’s will enabled my dear mother to bear the heavy trials of such distressing times. Those only who have been afflicted as we have been, know what it is like to lose such dear and noble sons…..As you are living in the country we hope you are spared the mortification of seeing Yankee Officers….and trust the day may not be far distant when we will be rid of [them].”

Young Joshua wrote from Fayetteville where the female members of his family had refugeed the last three years of the war. [The Wright women had] doubtless . . . heard stories of Yankee atrocities, such as the ones Melinda Ray of Fayetteville told.

“Gentlemen were hung up and shot at to extort from them where their imaginary treasure was concealed. (One man) was hung up twice, shot at once, and finally his house was burnt. (The Yankees] behaved as bummers or wretches, feeling no delicacy in helping themselves to silver, books, or any other particle they particularly fancied; and acting in the most disagreeable manner.  Blair, a Yankee General, boasted while here that he had all the silver belonging to Colonel McFarlane of Cheraw, South Carolina in his possession.”

(The Wrights of Wilmington, Susan Taylor Block, Wilmington Printing Company, 1992, pp. 78-79)

Gun porn

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The best of Paula Deen and her cooking: WND Superstore running toward celebrity chef


The rest of the media and corporate world may be running away from Paula Deen, punishing the celebrity chef for a 20-year-old remark for which she has apologized profusely.

But the WND Superstore is running toward her.

She's been abandoned by her TV network, Walmart, Target – even the publisher of her upcoming No. 1 bestselling book in the country, which decided not only to punish Deen but itself as well.

So what is the politically incorrect WND Superstore doing? Stocking up on everything Paula Deen.

View all of Paula Deen's cookbooks here!

Start With Dessert 

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Commit any felonies lately?

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Simply unbelievable. 
Elizabeth Daly went to jail over a case of bottled water.

According to the Charlottesville Daily Progress, shortly after 10 p.m. April 11, the University of Virginia student bought ice cream, cookie dough and a carton of LaCroix sparkling water from the Harris Teeter grocery store at the popular Barracks Road Shopping Center. In the parking lot, a half-dozen men and a woman approached her car, flashing some kind of badges. One jumped on the hood. Another drew a gun. Others started trying to break the windows.

Daly understandably panicked. With her roommate in the passenger seat yelling “Go, go, go!” Daly drove off, hoping to reach the nearest police station. The women dialed 911. Then a vehicle with lights and sirens pulled them over, and the situation clarified: The people who had swarmed Daly’s vehicle were plainclothes agents of the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. The agents had thought the sparkling water was a 12-pack of beer.

Did the ABC’s enforcers apologize? Not in the slightest. They charged Daly with three felonies: two for assaulting an officer (her vehicle had grazed two agents; neither was hurt) and one for eluding the police. Last week, the commonwealth’s attorney dropped the charges.

America's founders would be horrified at this United States of Surveillance

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 Statue of Liberty

 How did we become so fearful and timid that we've given away essential liberties? Some are even afraid to speak up.

I'm a longtime subscriber to an Internet mail list that features items from smart, thoughtful people. The list editor forwards items he personally finds interesting, often related to technology and/or civil liberties. Not long after the Guardian and Washington Post first started publishing the leaks describing the National Security Agency's vast surveillance dragnet, an item appeared about a White House petition urging President Obama to pardon Edward Snowden. The post brought this reply, among others:
"Once upon a time I would have signed a White House petition to this administration with no qualms. Now, however, a chilling thought occurs: what 'watch lists' will signing a petition like this put me on? NSA? IRS? It's not a paranoid question anymore, in the United States of Surveillance."
As we Americans watch our parades and fire up our grills this 4 July, the 237th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence – the seminal document of the United States – we should take the time to ask ourselves some related questions: how did we come to this state of mind and behavior? How did we become so fearful and timid that we've given away essential liberties? Do we realize what we're giving up? What would the nation's founders think of us?

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Michael Savage on George Zimmerman: ‘You have to find this man guilty’ !

Idiot.  He says he's guilty because his handgun was chambered!  Fool!

On his show on Tuesday night, talk show host Michael Savage said that George Zimmerman, who is currently on trial for the murder of Trayvon Martin, should be found guilty of second-degree manslaughter based on two things: 1) The state of his firearm and 2) The language he allegedly used on a 911 call when he was first reporting his suspicions about Martin.

But first Savage explained why his insight should be valued over others in the media covering the trial.
“I’m about to break an analysis that no one yet in the media has done, as you would expect from me — being the senior member of the American media and possibly the most insightful,” Savage said. “And I have to blow my own horn because everyone else tries to break my horn.”

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Protecting Educational Freedom This Independence Day: Cracks in the Common Core

 Crack away.

Just in time for Independence Day, the foundations of the Common Core initiative are showing some cracks.

Common Core is an effort to establish national standards and tests to define what every child in public school will learn. It has been heavily incentivized by the Obama Administration and is an unprecedented federal overreach into local school policy. But recent moves in several states across the country could mean that curriculum freedom remains alive and well.

On Monday, Oklahoma superintendent of education Janet Barresi announced that the Sooner State would be pulling out of the Common Core testing consortia. Barresi told the Tulsa World that because of myriad technical problems with the assessments and higher anticipated costs, “If we move ahead with this, we are going to be asking the state to drink a milkshake using a cocktail straw.”

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Video shows men attacking religious protesters at Pridefest

 UPDATE: Jason Queree, the man suspected of punching the protester multiple times, has been arrested 29 times since 1995. He has been convicted or otherwise found against for nine felonies, including forgery, stolen property, unlawful firearm possession and theft, and 12 misdemeanors, including driving with a suspended license, vehicle prowl, domestic violence, assault, DUI and criminal trespass.

A protester holding a sign reading "Repent or Else" was attacked by a group of people following a loud argument during Pridefest Sunday, according to the Seattle Police Department.

Bicycle officers heard a loud debate between two groups of people near Fourth Avenue North and Broad Street but continued on their way.

According to video shot by a witness, after officers leave the crowd continues to yell at and shove two religious protesters, one of whom is holding a sign that reads "Repent or Else" and "Jesus Saves from Sin."

At one point, the video shows a 36-year-old Marysville man taking off his shirt and threatening the sign-holding protester. The man eventually starts leaving, saying, "Cops are coming; let's roll."

After a group of women try unsuccessfully to steal the protester's sign, a group of men grab onto it and pull him to the ground while the crowd applauds. That's when the video shows the 36-year-old run back toward the fight and punch the sign-holder in the back of the head multiple times.

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"I Believe"

 I enjoyed it without understanding one word. 


"My friends and I traveled to Nepal, when they heard a song on the Internet," I believe "- says Stekolenko. - And because there is always something we were shooting, we have at once an idea put a video series by Nepali song" Lyapises "which we very much. Speaking of "we", I mean the creative group "Office", whose members and helped to realize that my idea. Operator clip was Lena Chekhov, and the main character - her 5-year-old son Arseny. Bennie And flatly refused to appear, and only agreed when listened to the song - he liked it too. "

A couple of weeks impromptu crew led Stekolenko crossed the whole Nepal in the north-west to south-east, having been in a variety of Buddhist, Hindu and Sikh temples. It took another 10 days for installation, after which the video was posted on the Web.

"Because this video was pure improvisation, we decided that he should continue to live their lives, and filled it to YouTube without any explanations and reconciliations were," explains Alexander Stekolenko.

Clip appeared on the web 2 days ago and caused a lot of positive feedback. In doing so, "lapis" which clip too much, did not have any idea who he is done. The "Lapis Troubetzkoy" has decided to authorize the video, so that now the song "I Believe" has been 2 official video - Alexey Terekhov attribution of authorship and Alexander Stekolenko.