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The Last Days Of Rome

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Syria: Subjective Desires Fed by Ambiguous Intel Never Turns Out Well

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On Syria, here are 14 points that need to be pondered a lot more than they are. I think in may ways we Westerners are misreading what is going on in Syria - something I reviewed in the free-swim portion of Midrats Sunday.

1. Bashar is the second son whose oldest brother was to be next in line until died in a car accident in '94. Bashar was a mild-mannered ophthalmologist and had less than 7-yrs to transition from a London eye doctor to head of a government.

2. Bashar is the leader of a family who has seen two of his brothers die prematurely in accidents and a brother in law killed in a civil war. His only surviving brother is the head of the Republican Guard and a survivor of a previous assassination attempt.

3. He is a member of a small Shi'ite sect who are not even seen as Muslims by Sunni fundamentalists. They are hated by most Syrians for the preferential treatment they have received for over 40 years. He knows if he does not hold power, Alawites will be slaughtered wholesale. His tribe does not have the best reputation either.

4. He has no options for him, his family, his tribe and his co-religionists other than victory.

5. He is of no serious threat to his neighbors and is focused on one thing; survival.

Consider: Lives, Fortunes and Sacred Honor


 If the people in our government consider us to be 'terrorists' (standing shoulder to shoulder with such 'terrorists' as Franklin, Jefferson, Sam Adams, Patrick Henry, et al), and knowing how the people in our government deal with 'terrorists', what obligation remains for you and me to abide their diktats, to seek discourse based on reason?

Knowing these people hunt and kill 'terrorists' all over the world, and now put you and me on the same moral level as murderous, child-raping, innocent-bombing genetic waste, what moral restraint remains upon us to not hunt every single one of them in their daily lives and visit upon them the same remedy they have planned for you and me - before they get to us.

When Rationality Breaks Down, So Does the Economy


Rational Choice Theory tells us that people want good things, and they want them at the lowest price possible. Therefore, economic man is a rational actor. He measures costs against benefits. Of course, men are also irrational actors and capable of willfully misunderstanding their economic interests. And today, like no other time, irrationality is becoming a power in and of itself, dictating to the economy, subverting the very grounds of rational choice by taking choice away from the individual and giving it to government bureaucrats.

Many years ago the Austrian economist, Ludwig von Mises, pointed out that nations were more or less prosperous depending on the degree to which they “put obstacles in the way of the spirit of free enterprise and private initiative.” We look around today, in both Europe and America, and find that the great economic crisis of our time has not been met with sane solutions drawn from careful study, but by an anti-capitalist prejudice that holds grimly onto ideas and methods that have long since been discredited.

In 1956 Mises wrote, “The people of the United States are more prosperous than the inhabitants of all other countries because their government embarked later than the governments in other parts of the world upon the policy of obstructing business. Nonetheless many people, and especially intellectuals, passionately loathe capitalism.” And now we are living more than half a century later, bearing witness to the triumph of that loathing. America is no longer the prosperous country it once was.

Businesses are being obstructed in ways that would have been unimaginable in the 1950s. (See the Free Market America video on The Big Green’s True Colors, or peruse the EPA’s blog on Cap and Trade, or read from the perspective of a farmer, rancher or fisherman.)
Whatever happened at the end of the Cold War, it was not the defeat of socialism; for a new anti-capitalist formation predicated on environmentalism was already taking shape.

Standing 3 Feet from 175 MPH

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“No War With Syria” Rallies Happening This Saturday August 31 Worldwide

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The following notice has been posted all over the internet, please help to pass the word along.

Here’s the plan of action to Oppose the illegal and unconstitutional war with Syria:

We are launching a global rally on Saturday August 31st in every city and town in the world.

Here’s how you get involved:

Go to the FB search bar and search for ‘No War With Syria Rally (your city)’ example: No War With Syria Rally San Diego

Join the event, invite ALL of your friends to join it as well, then get involved with the locals that are already in the event page to help them any way you can.

Ron Paul 2nd Amendment 1989

Assad: Syria will never become a western puppet state

President Bashar al-Assad stressed that Syria is a sovereign country that will fight terrorism and will freely build relationships with countries in a way that best serves the interests of the Syrian people. 

In an interview with the Russian newspaper of Izvestia, President al-Assad stressed that “the majority of those we are fighting are Takfiris, who adopt the al-Qaeda doctrine, in addition to a small number of outlaws.” 

On the alleged use of chemical weapons, President al-Assad said that the statements by the US administration, the West and other countries were made with disdain and blatant disrespect of their own public opinion, adding that “there isn’t a body in the world, let alone a superpower, that makes an accusation and then goes about collecting evidence to prove its point.”

His Excellency stressed that these accusations are completely politicized and come on the back of the advances made by the Syrian Army against the terrorists.
Here is the full content of the interview: 

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Jury sentences Hasan to death for '09 Fort Hood massacre

 Kham Xiong's children visit their father's grave at Fort Snelling National Cemetery in Minnesota. Xiong was one of the 13 people killed in the Fort Hood shootings in 2009.
*Kham Xiong's children visit their father's grave at Fort Snelling National Cemetery in Minnesota. Xiong was one of the 13 people killed in the Fort Hood shootings in 2009.
Nidal Hasan, the Army psychiatrist convicted in the November 2009 shooting rampage that left 13 dead and 31 wounded, was sentenced to death Wednesday by a military jury.

Prosecutors had sought the death penalty, saying Hasan's murderous rampage at the sprawling military base here left tragic and devastating loss for victims and loved ones.

Hasan, 42, was convicted last week on 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 charges of attempted premeditated murder. He appeared expressionless upon hearing the verdict, which came less than two hours of deliberations.

The death sentence required a unanimous verdict by the jury of 13 military officers. At minimum, Hasan faced life imprisonment. Still, while Hasan could be the first serviceman executed by the military since 1961, the appellate process could take years.

More @ USA Today 


 Kham Xiong (in Army beret) with his father and brothers.

* Shoua Her takes great pride in the history of military service in her husband's family. His father, grandfather and two great uncles fought the Viet Cong alongside the CIA in what's known as the "Secret War" in Laos.

Her husband, Kham See Xiong, arrived in the United States as a young refugee with his family. In 2008, he enlisted in the U.S. Army and readied for a combat tour in Afghanistan.

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UN Official, Syrian Rebels Used Sarin Nerve Gas, Not Assad’s Army

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 UN Official, Syrian Rebels Used Sarin Nerve Gas, Not Assad’s Army

Testimony from victims now strongly suggests it was the rebels, not the Syrian  government, that used Sarin Nerve Gas during a recent incident in the revolution-wracked nation, a senior UN diplomat said Monday.
Carla del Ponte, a member of the UN Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria, told Swiss TV there were “strong, concrete  suspicions but not yet incontrovertible proof,” that rebels seeking to oust  Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had used  the nerve agent.
But she said her panel had not yet seen any evidence of Syrian government forces using chemical weapons (CW), according to the BBC, she added that more investigation was needed.

Clinton: Continuing Racism Means Harder to Vote than Buy Assault Weapon

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New poll: Syria intervention even less popular than Congress

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 A Syrian woman stands amid the ruins of her house, which was destroyed in an airstrike by government warplanes a few days earlier. (AP Photo/Abdullah al-Yassin, File)

A new Reuters/Ipsos poll has finally found something that Americans like even less than Congress:

the possibility of U.S. military intervention in Syria. Only 9 percent of respondents said that the Obama administration should intervene militarily in Syria; a RealClearPolitics poll average finds Congress has a 15 percent approval rating, making the country’s most hated political body almost twice as popular.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll was taken Aug.19-23, the very same week that horrific reports emerged strongly suggesting that Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad has used chemical weapons against his own people, potentially killing hundreds or even thousands of civilians. If there were ever a time that Americans would support some sort of action, you’d think this would be it. But this is the lowest support for intervention since the poll began tracking opinion on the issue. The survey also found that 60 percent oppose intervention outright, with the rest, perhaps sagely, saying that they don’t know.

"Aristocrat of the Old South"


Aristocrat of the Old South


The "Aristocrat of the Old South" made me laugh.  The Master spent his days entertaining guests and riding around the neighborhood? The Missus "didn't need" to work in the kitchen?

That's not what I read in letters and diaries of the period.  Perhaps the very, very wealthy did this - but most men did the same back-breaking work on their plantations as the servants did.  They spent their days riding and supervising the workers all over the estate, at the very best.  My family worked in the fields alongside their servants, especially the children. They all knew how to pick cotton, shoe a horse, and run the mill.
The women made most of the clothes for all everyone, black and white, on the place, cared for the sick (black and white), and worked in the kitchen beside the cooks. Some taught their children.

Everyone was busy, from sunup to sundown.

This carried over into the following generations.  I never saw my grandmother without some needlework.  She said it was habit, for when she was growing up it was considered lazy and irresponsible for a lady to have idle hands.  She said it wasn't unusual for them to take their knitting along when they called on neighbors and relatives; they could be doing something useful while they visited.

Grandma passed her art of multi-tasking to me.   She taught me to embroider, and I still can't just sit down and watch tv without working on something at the same time.

Martin Luther King (MLK)...and His Communist Affiliations

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THERE IS NO living American today who has been praised as uncritically, by the highest officials in the federal government, radio and television commentators and leading daily newspapers as the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King. King has been named Man Of the Year by national magazines and has been the recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize. His image as a noble crusader for "freedom" and "justice" through nonviolence makes him almost immune to criticism.

Any factual information on Reverend King that would tend to muddy his shining image is simply ignored by most of the major vehicles of the mass media. The inference is that any criticism of King must be of a racist nature. But the legitimate criticisms of King have nothing to do with the Negro race which suffers the consequences of King’s actions. The American public is starting to look at the other side of the King’s coin, looking to see whether the coin may be minted in Moscow.
Gil Green, at one time a top Communist functionary in the United States, explained the strategy for subverting the Negro in the South this way: the South, especially for the Negro youth, the church is the center of cultural and social activities. It is here that we must work. By building our units in the church organizations, we can also improve our work under the illegal conditions, as it will be easier to work in the church organizations. . . these can become legal covers for our work in the South. (Manning Johnson, Color, Communism and Common Sense, American Opinion, 1963, p. 17.)

In order to understand King’s role in the revolutionary scheme of things it is necessary to investigate the beliefs and backgrounds of some of the individuals and organizations who have supported King while promoting him to the position of Number-One-Civil-Rights-Leader-in-America.

The High Cost of Low-Skilled Immigrant Labor

Mike Scruggs

      The late and highly renowned free market economist Milton Friedman once made the obvious point that a welfare state and open-door immigration are not fiscally compatible.

     In case you haven't noticed, the United States has become a welfare state. According to a recent Heritage Foundation study, the cost of government services and benefits rendered to the average household is $1,158 MORE per year than taxes paid. This doesn't count things like national defense, only the more direct services and benefits to households. Taxes, in this study, included all federal, state, and local taxes on individual income, property, and sales taxed purchases.

    The average household headed by an illegal immigrant is rendered services and benefits of $14,387 MORE per year than taxes paid.

     The huge deficit of benefits and services versus taxes paid is related to skill and educational levels. Fifty-one percent of illegal immigrant household heads do not have a high school diploma. The cost of government services and benefits to them is $20,485 MORE per year than taxes paid. The 10 percent that have college degrees actually pay $5,115 more in taxes than they receive in benefits.

     How about legal immigrants without a high school degree? Their cost benefit deficit is even larger than illegal immigrants, running a net tax benefit deficit of $36,993!

Why is this?  They are entitled to many more benefits including especially social security retirement, but pay only about $4,400 more in annual taxes. Legal immigrants with a college degree pay $24,529 more in taxes than benefits received.

     Importing unskilled workers with little education is not going to save social security. It will bankrupt social security and the whole federal government and many state and local governments sooner.

     Giving illegal immigrants amnesty would raise their average annual tax benefit deficit by 55 percent to $22,335.  Entitlements would soar, but taxes paid would by no means cover the additional entitlements, especially social security. Hence we cannot  afford most illegal immigrants, and we certainly cannot afford to give them the additional entitlements that would go with amnesty.

     The most important reason the United States is currently home to 12 million illegal immigrants is that is that our immigration laws are minimally enforced, and employers can pay illegal immigrant workers considerably less compensation than similarly skilled American workers. This has been highly profitable for many employers, and it is a clear economic improvement for the illegal immigrant workers, who are also able to take advantage of many healthcare and welfare benefits and other government services they do not enjoy in their home countries. This situation has been so profitable to many employers that they continually lobby Congress to legalize their illegal employees and bring millions more legal immigrant workers and guest workers into the country. Hence illegal immigration is averaging about 500,000 per year, and legal immigration of about one million per year is more than three times the 300,000 per year average prior to the 1986 amnesty.

     Inadequate border security is not really the main illegal immigration problem. More than 40 percent of illegal immigrants do not sneak across the border; they get a tourist, student, or temporary work visa and then go illegal by violating its terms. The big job magnet for illegal immigrant workers is higher wages, many government benefits regardless of being illegal, and minimal immigration enforcement at the employer level.

They don't have to “live in the shadows.” Except for modest controls at the border, Federal immigration enforcement is deliberately nominal. The Obama Administration has actually forbidden its Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to arrest illegal immigrants for border or visa violations. They also ignore false and stolen social security numbers and other identity fraud. 

     Employers who use illegal and legal cheap foreign labor want more. According to Harvard labor economist George Borjas, they are profiting $435 billion per year. However, American workers are being displaced, and their wages are being depressed by cheaper foreign competition right in their own country.

 The $435 billion business profit from using lower cost legal and illegal foreign labor depresses American workers' pay by $405 billion. Divided by 144.3 million employed American workers, this amounts to $2,807 per American worker per year.  Meanwhile, there are 21.8 million Americans who want a full-time job and cannot find one.

      In addition to the economic loss to American workers, the annual national fiscal deficit for illegal immigrant labor is estimated to be between $55 billion (Heritage Foundation) and $99 billion  (Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform--FAIR) These estimates do not include the cost of operating schools and businesses in two languages, the cost of illegal immigrant crime, or many other difficult to estimate costs.  

      How about low-skilled guest workers? Assuming they are high school graduates or less, pay all taxes due, and receive no more benefits than unlawful immigrants (a generous assumption), their annual household tax benefit deficit is at least $5,299 per household per year, but guest workers generally bring fewer dependents than other immigrants. Assuming no dependents, the figure is at least $1,606 per guest worker per year that must be picked up mostly by local and state taxpayers. This is probably an extremely low estimate. It is essentially a taxpayer paid subsidy for those businesses that employ guest workers. The other problem with guest-worker programs is that, just like illegal immigrant labor, they displace American workers, put downward pressure on their wages, and facilitate more illegal immigration.  

     Amnesties and huge increases in legal immigration and guest-worker programs will make things much worse for American workers and taxpayers and endanger the fiscal solvency of all levels of government.  We need to start enforcing our immigration laws and start weaning employers away from guest-worker and similar programs that are not consistent with the nation's broader interests. Immigration law ought to serve the broad national interests of all Americans including national security, real economic growth, and the fair treatment and prosperity of American workers.

Comment on escalating racial tensions/assaults


Comment by Anonymous on Woman from Wild Wings Contacts Radio Facts, State Black Patrons Asked To Leave For Several Reasons

.........................................., I fear we are close to 'that time'. The other day my wife went to Wallmart, and while standing in the checkout line, some black dudes elbowed their way in front of her. One of them looked at her and said "What 'chu gonna do 'bout it bitch?"

It is a good thing that I wasn't there... there would have been an apology, or a broken larnyx.

This is becoming endemic in the black community, they know not what they start, for they are out numbered 10 to 1.

In the Bible, the prophecy of "nation shall rise against nation" was mistranslated by the Catholics. It was written as 'ethnos' in the Greek, thus it should have read;

"ETHNIC shall rise against ETHNIC"

With the behavior of this HNIC in the White House, they feel empowered. He is not the president of all the people, and it is obvious, he has an agenda. How do we like our 'Fundamental Transformation' into a socialist nightmare world?

I have never hated blacks in my whole life, I wasn't raised that way, but my mind is being filled with clarity as I see black faces taking over the seats of government around here, and the hatred fill the air. Even on the street the mood has shifted, blacks no longer even acknowledge my friendly greetings. I see that in order to survive what comes, we will have to do what they do, band together for mutual support.

As an old Vietnam vet, it fills me with sadness to see what my country has become in my lifetime, but, it is all of our faults. We laid down on the altar of liberty and took a nap, this is what happens when centralized powers take over, they need pets and enemies to strengthen their power base. This was the greatness of the Confederacy, and our great sadness and our greatest lesson. The south was unprepared for war, they had spirit, but no logistics... let us learn logistics and prepare for that time comes again.

When the great reset comes, let us all learn the lessons of history, we do not need 'leaders' to tell us right from wrong. We do not need Kings to watch over us. For free men do not need leaders, leaders need us. Men who need leaders are sheep, undeserving of liberty. Ultimately, sheep die in the field when the storm comes, men see the storm, and moves their stocks into the barn...

Thus, Men, prepare, and it is a spiritual enterprise, to restore a moral compass to a corrupted land. But, we are divided, as ten toes of iron and clay, virgins who see and those who don't, led by the horns of the shofars of the leaders of the tribes. Our voices are dissonant, and our preachers are pussies and old dry bones, our messages are confused as our leaders are corrupt and we no longer listen, and there is darkness that fills the land.

How can we find victory without first finding The Light of Unity? How do we deliver justice, when we are broken? Restoring a broken Constitution? Restoring kings and central powers that always, always, turn corrupt? No. It is time for a New Thing, a Confederation of a Kingdom of God. To restore the Individual Man to his rightful place, king of his castle, in In the simple hidden power of a rock, a thing of God, the Revelation has come, in the Unified Field of God that overcomes the Mystery doctrines of the Mother of Harlots, who is Anti Christ.

That we may eventually pound our swords into plowshares, and our spears into pruning hooks, and neither learn war, anymore... Let the South rise again, and let Dixie be played once more across the whole land, as the song of freedom and ultimate victory over a Federal oppressor and a usurper who now thinks he is a king.

Let the cry go out across the land; WE will not Comply, we will not SUBMIT, we will never surrender, we are the hands of God's Justice... that, disobedience to men is obedience to God.

Molon Labe
Piper Michael
(PS: Not sure why this thing won't let me post as 'me')...;)


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Aug 28, 2013. Forjas Taurus is about to enter the AR-15/M4 market. Exclusive video footage with prototype guns recorded in September, 2012.

Is Our Leadership About To Commit Treason?

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As The Independent says this morning:
If Barack Obama decides to attack the Syrian regime, he has ensured – for the very first time in history – that the United States will be on the same side as al-Qa’ida.
The men who destroyed so many thousands on 9/11 will then be fighting alongside the very nation whose innocents they so cruelly murdered almost exactly 12 years ago. Quite an achievement for Obama, Cameron, Hollande and the rest of the miniature warlords.
This morning I saw John Mc(****)Stain on CNBS trying to justify what appears to be a now-inevitable attack on Syria's government.

There are several problems with this, far beyond what The Independent lays forth -- although that's enough standing alone.

The biggest problem is that while I'm quite-convinced that someone used chemical weapons in Syria I am not convinced and it certainly has not been proved that it was the Syrian Government that did so.

Iran: 'Thousands of missiles' to rain on Israel. Threatens massive strike if military action launched on Syria

 Abu Hajer, the commander of Zolfaghar Battalion fighting in Syria to protect the Assad regime.

Iran is threatening to launch a massive missile strike against Israel if the United States attacks Syria for using chemical weapons against its own people, which could touch off a full-blown war in the region.

“The day of reckoning is near,” according to Hossein Shariatmadari, the chief editor of Keyhan newspaper, an outlet controlled by Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

An Op-Ed penned by Shariatmadari Tuesday warned that the impending confrontation between the West and Syria would “provide the long-awaited opportunity for revenge against Israel and America.”

The editor recalled the U.S.-led attack on Baghdad on March 20, 2003, and President George W. Bush’s boast to reporters seven days later that the “Iraq war is over.” But when the last U.S. soldiers were leaving Iraq in December 2011, nearly 4,500 Americans had been killed and the war had cost America trillions of dollars.

More @ WND

Woman brutally beaten by group of teens in North Side says attack was ‘racially motivated’

"The teens allegedly involved were all charged with robbery and ethnic intimidation."

& the assault? 


A woman who said she was brutally attacked by a group of black teenagers in Pittsburgh’s North Side Sunday said the girls savagely beat her while calling her racial slurs.

Ginger Slepski said she suffered multiple injuries, including torn shoulder ligaments. She said she thought the girls were going to kill her.

“I thought it was so animalistic. So violent. I’m so afraid for these girls to get out and walk the streets,” Slepski said.

Police said Slepski was savagely beaten after the girls threw a bottle at her car on Concord Street and she stopped to confront them.

“I was mad. I knew they were younger. I thought they were in their early 20s. I got out and said, ‘What is your problem?’” Slepski said.

More @ WPXI

Source: Major Firearm Conglomerate Cancels CO Expansion Because of Gun Control



Gun control laws passed by Democrat state legislators and signed by Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) in March have missed an opportunity for Colorado to gain millions economically from any expansion of the Freedom Group Family of Companies (FGI).

FGI includes Remington, Marlin, Bushmaster, DPMS, Barnes Bullets, Para, and AAC among others.

An anonymous source familiar with FGI told Breitbart News that this year's "passage of anti-gun legislation in Colorado has taken the Centennial State out of contention for expansion opportunities."

There are many reasons for this, one of which is the foolishness of building or expanding manufacturing plants in Colorado for rifles and pistols that hold magazines that became illegal when Colorado's strict new gun control laws went into effect on July 1.

More @ Breitbart

Iran, N. Korea run operations room in Syria. Russia also aiding Damascus ahead of likely U.S., Western strikes


Iranian and North Korean experts are directing an operations room for the Syrian army ahead of a possible showdown with Western powers, according to informed Middle Eastern security officials speaking to WND.

The Iranians and North Koreans, based inside Syria, are focusing their efforts on ensuring the viability of Syria’s air defense systems while maintaining the embattled country’s vast missile arsenal, the officials said.

The officials said Iran has gone so far as to pledge soldiers to Syria if such mercenaries are needed in a confrontation.

Russian military experts are also participating in the preparation efforts by advising the Syrian army, but Moscow has not met the expectations of Bashar al-Assad’s regime regarding the extent of their involvement, the officials said,

The Middle Eastern security officials further told WND they have information Iran failed to convince the Hamas command in the Gaza Strip to fire rockets into the Jewish state in the event of a Western attack on Syria.

The officials believe that if a Western attack against Damascus is surgical and is carried out without the goal of regime change, the Syrians may not retaliate against Israel.

More @ WND

Harvard Study: No Correlation Between Gun Control and Less Violent Crime

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A Harvard Study titled "Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder and Suicide?" looks at figures for "intentional deaths" throughout continental Europe and juxtaposes them with the U.S. to show that more gun control does not necessarily lead to lower death rates or violent crime.

Because the findings so clearly demonstrate that more gun laws may in fact increase death rates, the study says that "the mantra that more guns mean more deaths and that fewer guns, therefore, mean fewer deaths" is wrong.

The Army’s List of “Domestic Hate Groups”

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".......groups out there that do not share our Army Values."

Hey, doofus today's Army doesn't reflect my values or the values of the Army when I joined in 1966.  You pale in comparision to the ideals of General Lee.  Pathetic and to think that  our taxes paid for this propoganda.


The following is an email written by a lieutenant colonel at Fort Campbell in Kentucky — advising three dozen subordinates to be on the lookout for soldiers who might be members of “domestic hate groups.”

This email was obtained exclusively by Fox News. Names have been redacted.

Subject: Domestic “Hate Groups” (UNCLASSIFIED)

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

Caveats: FOUO


Many events have been taking place across the country – just want to ensure everyone is somewhat educated on some of the groups out there that do not share our Army Values.

When we see behaviors that are inconsistent with Army Values – don’t just walk by – do the right thing and address the concern before it becomes a problem.

We need to make sure that we maintain our standards – starting with reception and integration.

Thanks -

(U) Domestic “Hate Groups”

More @ Fox

Police seek 3 in beating of couple in French Quarter


 Gee, must be another of those white on black assaults.........

UPDATE: Tuesday, Aug. 27 - The NOPD is seeking information on three men who beat a couple early Saturday morning near the intersection of Dauphine and Iberville Streets.

A video of the men believed to be involved in the incident was made public by the NOPD.

Anyone with information should call Crimestoppers at 822-1111.

NEW ORLEANS -- A Metairie man had two plates surgically put in his jaw Monday after three men jumped him and a female friend in the French Quarter Saturday morning.

His family members asked for help with the case Monday. They say they feel police swept it under the rug.

The attack happened on a relatively busy intersection in the French Quarter, Dauphine and Iberville, even at 6 a.m. on a Saturday. It’s across from a hotel and a restaurant and it’s surrounded by surveillance cameras.

27-year-old Donnie Mehrtens, III, was walking a girl to her car Saturday morning. Surveillance video shows Donnie, wearing a neon green shirt, and the girl walking up Iberville Street, crossing the street.
Then three men come from behind and punch the girl in the face, tackling Mehrtens to the ground.

“He said let's just keep walking. As soon as he said that, they jumped him, punched the girl in the face and jumped him. Next thing you know, he was on the ground and they stomped his face,” his father, Donald Mehrtens, Jr., said outside of the hospital where his son was undergoing surgery Monday.

More @  WWLTV

Woman from Wild Wings Contacts Radio Facts, States Black Patrons Asked to Leave for Several Reasons

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 A woman contacted Radio Facts who works at the Wild Wings restaurant that asked the black patrons to leave. and asked that we allow her to be anonymous. She states there are several reasons the group was asked to leave (below),

You’re only getting one side of story here. I work at the restaurant and your representation of the events is way off base. The group was being loud and obnoxious to both customers and staffers. They kept complaining about their long wait and were talking about how “whitey” was able to get seated, but they were not. The problem was that they had a large group and insisted on sitting next to each other. We only had one area that could accommodate their large group and the patrons in that area were not done. So yes, some “whities” were able to be seated before them, but only because they were going to a different area. We also seated non-whites in other areas too…They made this a racial issue before anything. One of the guests also insulted a deaf white girl because she didn’t respond to one of them telling her to move (she was deaf and didn’t hear them) They were also all standing in the middle of the walk way, making it difficult for customers to leave. We asked them if they could move over, but they said they can stand wherever they want, and if we wanted them out of the way then we should seat them. The customer that was offended was offended by a particular individual’s constant uses of the word “n*gger” When asked to stop, he threw out a long string of racial epithets against one of my co-workers.

Let the games begin.

racial discrimination wild wings Blacks Asked to Leave Wild Wing Cafe because White Customer Felt Threatened

NC: An Embarrassment to Higher Education

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(This is by Mike Adams whom you might remember from 2008: :)

My Two Cent Check Is Returned )



 Dear Edward:

I want to take the time to thank you for writing and telling me that I should be fired from my position as a tenured professor because I am “the biggest embarrassment to higher education in America.”

I also want to thank you for responding when I asked you exactly how you arrived at that conclusion.

Your response, “because you insist that marriage requires one man and one woman,” was both helpful and concise. While I respect your right to conclude that I am the biggest embarrassment to higher education in America, I think you’re wrong. In fact, I don’t even think I’m the biggest embarrassment to higher education in the state of North Carolina.

But since you’re a liberal and you support “choice” – provided we’re talking about dismembering children and not school vouchers for those who weren’t dismembered – I want to give you some options. In fact, I’m going to describe the antics of ten professors, official campus groups, and invited campus speakers in North Carolina and let you decide which constitutes the biggest embarrassment to higher education.

1. In the early spring semester of 2013, a women’s studies professor and a psychology professor at Western Carolina University co-sponsored a panel on bondage and S&M. The purpose of the panel was to teach college students how to inflict pain on themselves and others for sexual pleasure. When you called me the biggest embarrassment in higher education, you must not have known about their bondage panel. Maybe you were tied up that evening and couldn’t make it.

2. At UNC Chapel Hill, there is a feminist professor who believes that women can lead happy lives without men. That’s nothing new. But what’s different is that she thinks women can form lifelong domestic partnerships with dogs and that those relationships will actually be fulfilling enough to replace marital relationships with men. I can’t make this stuff up, Ed. I don’t drop acid. Well, at least not since the late 1980s. But I promise this story is real and not an LSD flashback.

3. At Duke University, feminists hired a “sex worker” (read: prostitute) to speak as part of an event called the Sex Workers Art Show. After his speech, the male prostitute pulled down his pants, got down on his knees, and inserted a burning sparkler into his rectum. While it burned, he sang a verse of “the Star Spangled Banner.” I believe that stripping incident was almost as embarrassing as the other one involving the Duke Lacrosse team.

4. A porn star was once paid to give a speech at UNCG. The topic was “safe sodomy.” After her speech, the feminist pornographer sold autographed butt plugs to students in attendance. I’m not sure whether the ink could contribute to rectal cancer. I’m no health expert. But I do know it was pretty darned embarrassing when the media picked up on the story.

5. A few years ago at UNC-Chapel Hill, a feminist group built a large vibrator museum in the middle of the campus quad as a part of their “orgasm awareness week.” I think that was probably the climax of the semester, academically speaking. But they certainly weren’t too embarrassed to display a vibrator that was made out of wood back in the 1920s. Keep your batteries charged, Ed. We’re about halfway done.