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Flashback: Obama and Deep State Bugged House of Rep’s Cloak Room – Why Wouldn’t Obama Wiretap Trump?

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The Mainstream Media and other enemies of the current President are challenging the proposition that President Obama wire tapped President Donald Trump during the 2016 Presidential race. 

President Trump started this discussion with his tweets over the weekend.

In his first tweet President Trump tweeted:

WikiLeaks Claims 99 Percent Of Its CIA Documents Not Yet Released

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Image result for WikiLeaks Claims 99 Percent Of Its CIA Documents Not Yet Released

Less than one percent of WikiLeaks’ CIA files were released in yesterday’s document dump, the anti-secrecy organization claimed Wednesday.

WikiLeaks has already indicated that its cache of stolen CIA files, which the group is calling “Vault 7,” will be dripped out over a series of releases.

milar methods in publishing emails stolen from the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta.

Tuesday’s release revealed a global covert hacking operation by the CIA, showing how CIA hackers convert smart phones, Samsung TVs and other electronics into covert microphones used for spying.

An Ugly Parallel

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"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." I won't be the first or the last to make a comparison between the decline of America and the decline and fall of Rome.

That said we are entering into new and extremely dangerous phase of politics.

Never before in American history has an outgoing administration sought to use the institutions of government to harass discredit and disrupt the incoming one. Seeking to make of themselves a Praetorian Guard that creates and implimentation policy as it sees fit, the will of the voters and the long established constitutional procedures be damned.

This is indeed potentially the most dangerous crisis we have faced since the Civil War. We as a people have to ask ourselves do we want to remain a nation of the rule of law, governed by our elected representatives, or will we succumb to the rule of men, governed by faceless bureaucrats who suppose to supplant their own selfish and self serving decisions for the electoral decisions of the people. Will we actively support this coup d'etat or simple acquiesce because we didn't like the outcome of an election? How many of us have actually thought about or realize that going down such a dark and foreboding path may be a one way street with no exits. A street, that if history teaches us anything, leads only to tyranny, repression and death on an industrial scale.

The Next Wave of Immigration

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 Danie Theron, Dutch Boer War Memorial. These people don't give up easily.

I sincerely hope someone in the Trump administration who is working on immigration policy is preparing for what could quickly become the next wave of immigrants fleeing oppression. This time however they won't be coming Latin America or the Middle East and they won't be brown or black. And they won't be coming here looking to become welfare parasites.

What they will be is industrious, hard working and prosperous (at least for now) South African whites who may soon be faced with the outright theft of their property and lively hoods by the ruling communist party, the ANC.

Blank book called ‘Reasons to vote for Democrats’ top seller on Amazon

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Judging by the popularity of “Reasons to Vote for Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide,” one would think the party out of power were making a comeback.

There’s just one problem — the top-seller is completely blank.

Written by Michael J. Knowles, managing editor for the Daily Wire, the book is described as the “most exhaustively researched and coherently argued Democrat Party apologia to date” and “a political treatise sure to stand the test of time.”

College Campus Disgrace: Time for taxpayers to stop footing the bill for student madness.

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While college administrators and professors accept disgraceful behavior, we as taxpayers, donors and parents should not foot the bill. Let's look at some of that behavior.

A University of Washington Tacoma Writing Center press release told students that expecting Americans to use proper grammar perpetuates racism. The University of Nebraska Omaha will host a workshop for "anti-racist allies" to develop "action plans" that confront America's "foundation of systemic oppression" in the context of "the current political climate." The workshop was inspired by professor Tammie Kennedy's recent book, titled "Rhetorics of Whiteness." She will lead a discussion on "taking action against white supremacy."

Black students at the University of Michigan demand campus officials provide them with "a permanent designated space on central campus for Black students and students of color to organize and do social justice work."

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Senator Tom Cotton Points to Partisan Obama Officials in FBI as Intel Leakers

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Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) joined Bill O’Reilly last night on The O’Reilly Factor.

Senator Cotton pointed to partisan political appointees in the FBI as the intelligence leakers.

Senator Tom Cotton: our inquiry and review on the Intelligence Committee is moving forward at a good pace. We just got access to a lot of very important documents that otherwise would be very closely restricted. Let me point out that it was the Trump administration that gave us that access not the Obama administration. So, so far the level of cooperation we’ve received has been very thorough…

Bill O’Reilly: I want to know who ordered the wiretap on the Russian ambassador that picked up General Flynn at, we think the Trump Tower, we’re not 100% sure. I want to know what agency authorized that. Do you know? Can you tell me tonight?

Ivanka Trump clothing line reports record sales

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Ivanka Trump’s eponymous women’s fashion line is reporting record sales figures despite calls for a boycott and controversies surrounding President Trump.

“Since the beginning of February, they were some of the best performing weeks in the history of the brand,” Abigail Klem, the president of the Ivanka Trump fashion brand, tells Refinery29 in an interview published Tuesday. “For several different retailers Ivanka Trump was a top performer online, and in some of the categories it was the [brand’s] best performance ever.”

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Trump isn't up against "sore losers." He's facing an army of saboteurs bent on destroying the elected government.

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As I predicted in my best-selling book about President Trump’s plan to save America, the Democrats and their media accomplices have declared all-out war on the Trump White House. Under the guise of “resistance” – as though the Trump was the head of an occupying army rather than an elected president - they have set out to destroy his administration. They are not “sore losers,” as many had surmised when their hysterical attacks on Trump as an American Hitler began, they are an army of saboteurs bent on destroying the government the voters preferred. Their general, Barack Obama, is an unrepentant radical who abused the office of the presidency when he was in power, and as ex-president is now leading a war to overthrow his successor.

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Russian Military Expert: 'We Are Quietly Seeding The U.S. Shoreline With Nuclear Mole Missiles'

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 ......we are quietly 'seeding' the U.S. shoreline with nuclear 'mole' missiles (they dig themselves in and 'sleep' until they are given the command)[...] "Oh, it seems I've said too much. I should hold my tongue. 
On February 28, Russian military expert Viktor Baranetz, a retired colonel and former defense ministry spokesman, published an article in the Russian tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda titled "Trump-Pump-Pump And Our Big Bang." In the article, Baranetz asserted that Russia has asymmetrical responses to the increase in the U.S. military budget. According to Baranetz, Russia is "quietly 'seeding' the U.S. shoreline with nuclear 'mole' missiles" that "dig themselves in and 'sleep' until they are given the command" to detonate.

However, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov dismissed these claims. In response to a journalist's question on Baranetz's article, Peskov said: "This sounds strange, to say the least, and so I would suggest that you not take newspaper reports like this seriously."[1]

Following are excerpts from Baranetz's article:[2]

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I have in the past been very critical and vastly unforgiving to television/newspaper media for not releasing pertinent information or manipulating news to create public bias. The Quebec mosque shooting was not any different as the media sources I was following all had roughly the same reports of two shooters of which at least one was middle eastern. Both men were reported to be yelling alah akbar. This was confirmed by media to be from actual witnesses to the incident using social media prior to most television reports. If you weren't watching closely you likely didn't notice the two completely different accounts of the shooting. The second account was verified by the Prime Minister of Canada himself in a lightning quick defensive phone call to Fox News. It was Trudeau's quickest and most passionate response since taking power in 2015. 

The corrected version was that the shooting was enacted by a single white man while a Muslim guy tried to help or assist in public safety somehow. It was amazingly discovered almost immediately that the white guy was a Trump "liker" and possibly an angry Conservative Canadian. All of a sudden we have evil right wing Canadian terrorists within our midst hell bent on attacking Muslims? We cannot jump to conclusions regarding a dangerous right wing contingent possibly being harmful to Muslims just as we are not to assume that all Muslims are islamic extremists full of hate. Based upon facts and recent events, one could easily conclude that the young impressionable Liberal Frenchman became radicalized into being a hybrid terrorist. The term hybrid terrorist has been a horrific realization for many countries as people have realized that recruitment of individuals native to their country is being attempted to incite violence and kill- for islam. I've never heard of a right wing or alt-right person yelling ahah akbar when attempting to kill many people in a shooting spree.....just islamic jihadist extremists or those that have been radicalized by them. Tough to tell what might have happened with the publication ban, two reported versions,  and censorship now concealing the events. 

Analysts Reveal SECOND Secret Intel Investigation on Trump Servers & The FBI investigated a Trump server in its Russia probe, but no charges are expected

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Sean Hannity: “And that would be a felony as defined by the Espionage Act as I understand it?”
Sara Carter: “That is absolutely correct…”
Sara Carter, a national security correspondent told Sean Hannity on Wednesday evening that Circa News has revealed that there are two separate investigations of Trump’s servers.

Sara Carter: “John and I spoke to some very senior U.S. officials, they clarified this. They said there was a FISA warrant in October that was looking at the overall Russian hacking investigation, but that the FBI, when they monitored the server at Trump Tower it was actually located away from Trump Tower. It wasn’t under the FISA. They did normal strategic type of FBI investigations that didn’t require the FISA. So they went into the server but they did not use the FISA to do that. They did have a FISA however in October at the exact same time as this investigation.

Sean Hannity: “So there’s two instances now of spying?!”

Sara Carter:Two! Yes! Two instances so this is completely new evidence and remember we all thought and everybody had reported that the server was inside Trump Tower. The server was not located in Trump Tower according to our sources.


The months-long FBI counterintelligence investigation into Russian efforts to influence the 2016 presidential campaign briefly investigated a computer server tied to Donald Trump's businesses near the end of the election but has not gathered evidence of election tampering to date that would warrant criminal charges against any of the president’s associates, Circa has learned.
Widespread frustration

U.S. officials, who spoke only on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the information, said there is widespread frustration among intelligence professionals who have watched in horror as a normally secretive process has been distorted by media leaks and politicians uneducated about how counterintelligence operations actually work.

More @ CIRCA

"I shouldn't really say this, but Vietnam was fun... it was a fun time..........

 Nam Speak
Watch out for the 'reenactor' pictures inserted.  Bad idea.

Image result
I have the book and quite good.

..............We would go to the gun range, shoot M-60s out of helicopter doors and twin machine guns off the front of swift boats, smoke great opium and could get a cold beer. It was dangerous when you got fucking hit, you shat yourself and pissed yourself, but the rewards were quite reasonable. In terms of a place to have a war, Vietnam was a great place. If you look at Iraq, it's awful. Afghanistan is a beautiful place but what a horrible place to fight a war. Vietnam had good food and beautiful woman, [in Iraq or Afghanistan] you can't see the women or get a beer. Bosnia was worse... Unpronounceable people in unpronounceable places; freezing cold in the winter, hot as fuck in the summer and shit food."