Thursday, March 9, 2017


Via Cousin Dale


I have in the past been very critical and vastly unforgiving to television/newspaper media for not releasing pertinent information or manipulating news to create public bias. The Quebec mosque shooting was not any different as the media sources I was following all had roughly the same reports of two shooters of which at least one was middle eastern. Both men were reported to be yelling alah akbar. This was confirmed by media to be from actual witnesses to the incident using social media prior to most television reports. If you weren't watching closely you likely didn't notice the two completely different accounts of the shooting. The second account was verified by the Prime Minister of Canada himself in a lightning quick defensive phone call to Fox News. It was Trudeau's quickest and most passionate response since taking power in 2015. 

The corrected version was that the shooting was enacted by a single white man while a Muslim guy tried to help or assist in public safety somehow. It was amazingly discovered almost immediately that the white guy was a Trump "liker" and possibly an angry Conservative Canadian. All of a sudden we have evil right wing Canadian terrorists within our midst hell bent on attacking Muslims? We cannot jump to conclusions regarding a dangerous right wing contingent possibly being harmful to Muslims just as we are not to assume that all Muslims are islamic extremists full of hate. Based upon facts and recent events, one could easily conclude that the young impressionable Liberal Frenchman became radicalized into being a hybrid terrorist. The term hybrid terrorist has been a horrific realization for many countries as people have realized that recruitment of individuals native to their country is being attempted to incite violence and kill- for islam. I've never heard of a right wing or alt-right person yelling ahah akbar when attempting to kill many people in a shooting spree.....just islamic jihadist extremists or those that have been radicalized by them. Tough to tell what might have happened with the publication ban, two reported versions,  and censorship now concealing the events. 


  1. It would be nice to have a few million more foreign copperheads just like him.