Thursday, March 9, 2017

Blank book called ‘Reasons to vote for Democrats’ top seller on Amazon

Via Billy

Judging by the popularity of “Reasons to Vote for Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide,” one would think the party out of power were making a comeback.

There’s just one problem — the top-seller is completely blank.

Written by Michael J. Knowles, managing editor for the Daily Wire, the book is described as the “most exhaustively researched and coherently argued Democrat Party apologia to date” and “a political treatise sure to stand the test of time.”


  1. They saved on more ink than I would have. I would've simply written "1) So you aren't called a racist."

    1. :) Wish I had thought of this as they're getting $8.95 per book and selling like hotcakes. :)

  2. I guess they're are no reasons to vote for Democrats.
    The book speaks for its self.