Thursday, March 9, 2017

WikiLeaks Claims 99 Percent Of Its CIA Documents Not Yet Released

Via Billy

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Less than one percent of WikiLeaks’ CIA files were released in yesterday’s document dump, the anti-secrecy organization claimed Wednesday.

WikiLeaks has already indicated that its cache of stolen CIA files, which the group is calling “Vault 7,” will be dripped out over a series of releases.

milar methods in publishing emails stolen from the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta.

Tuesday’s release revealed a global covert hacking operation by the CIA, showing how CIA hackers convert smart phones, Samsung TVs and other electronics into covert microphones used for spying.


  1. This concerns me on a couple of levels. First, I think our surveillance services are out of control. There is no excuse for the unwarranted and I believe illegal surveilling of every American. Recording every phone call and email and storing them forever. This should have never been allowed and should immediately be stopped. Bringing these illegal abuses to light is needed.

    However, as a nation we do need to be able to surveil our enemies. I worry these disclosures will damage our ability to legitimately keep tabs on those wishing us harm. Saying that, these damages are as much the fault of the alphabet agencies that overstepped their authority as WikiLeaks’ is. Had they done their jobs as intended and not overreached to spy on every American I doubt we would be here today.

    Lastly, I am troubled with the fact WikiLeaks’ only seems to have collected and released American secrets. If they truly are the “anti-secrets” organization, they claim. Shouldn’t there be releases from other nations? I look at their site regularly and the US seems the only focus.


  2. Good points and I have no idea about other nations.